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Archive-name: Samesex/corey1.txt


Archive-title: Corey

   Corey was a hustler.  He was a rare one.  He was self-admitted

and happy in his work.  It was hard to guess his occupation from

his genial facial expression.  He stood out from all the other

solemn-faced hustlers like a bright new penny in a jar of old


     Corey probably could have been in the movies if he had the

drive or the inclination.  For he certainly had the looks and the

body.  He certainly was happy the way things were.

     "I'm doing all right," he always said with a grin like a

toothpaste commercial.  "I'm all right at what I'm doing."

     Yes, Corey had it made.  He had just turned twenty and had a

face that could turn crowds.  His hair was lemon blond with

golden highlights, and he wore it forward and let the curly locks

fall where they may.  He had the type of hair that always looked

sexy.  When it needed trimming, he cut it himself.

     "I do a better job than these trained sissies," he always

said, and he always did.

     Corey had lucky skin.  He always had a suntanned look.  No

matter what he ate or drank, he never broke out.  "I never had a

pimple in my life," he would say and quickly add, "and I'm just

plain addicted to cokes."

     Corey's eyes were bright and belied his actual intelligence.

They looked either an intense green or a vivid blue, depending on

what he was wearing.  When he wasn't wearing anything, which was

often, they were sort of a light aquamarine.

     Corey's teeth were light, even and very strong.  Sometimes

he would show off by uncapping coke bottles with them.  The only

imperfect thing about his face was his nose which was broken.  At

the age of ten, he had fallen off the back of a hay wagon and

nobody had bothered to have it reset.  Still it was a good nose,

a sexy nose that complemented the perfect features of his face.

It crinkled easy when he laughed and was spattered with a sprin-

kling of small red freckles.

     Corey would have looked a bit like the painting of Michael

the Archangel if it hadn't been for the strength and the struc-

ture of his jawline and chin.  It was a powerful feature and

hardened his otherwise angel-like face.

     "It's the only thing I got from my father," he always said,

and it was.  His beautiful handsome face topped one of the most

perfect bodies I've ever seen in New York City, in or out of the


     "I don't believe in exercise," he would boast.  "I just

screw -- that's why."  It was quite a way to grow.

     His neck was muscular and topped off a torso that seemed

chiseled out of golden marble.  He had what is called a washboard

stomach, flat and ridged with muscles.  His buttocks were high

and indented on each side like a dancer's.  His thighs were

sinuous and his knees wicked.  His calves were perfect.  They

were all covered with mist-fine, tiny, blond hairs.

     Corey walked slightly bow-legged, generally with his thumbs

hooked in his belt loops and his pelvis thrust forward as if he

were proud of what he had in his pants.  He was.  It almost

seemed sinful for the handsome boy to be also well hung, and well

hung he was.

     There was a blond trail of soft hair under his navel that

led the way to a beautiful piece of meat.  "It's pretty, all

right," he would say.  "I wouldn't part with it for the world."

He didn't have to.  The world -- that is, the buying world --

came to him.  It was a perfect cock; pink, fat and fleshy.  When

soft, it was five inches long; when it got hard, it measured

nearly ten inches of straight fat meat.  The head of his cock was

larger than the width of the shaft and was an intense pink color.

His balls were huge and prompted a trick to remark that they

looked like a couple of door knobs in a chamois bag.

     Corey never wore undies.  "When you got it, flaunt it," he

said.  He had it all right.

     Corey's dress or uniform was most often a pair of tight

wheat jeans, brown leather boots and a light blue or yellow torso

T-shirt and a wheat denim jacket.  Corey always wore a bandana of

blue or red or green loosely around his neck.  "It adds a bit of

class," he would tell his hustling cohorts.

     Corey averaged generally two or three hundred dollars a

week, depending upon his mood and the generosity of his tricks.

And out of that he only spent seventy-five dollars to pay for his

hotel, meals, movies and other minor needs.  The rest he socked

into the bank.  "You ain't going to catch me broke at thirty," he

would say.  "I'm building me a real nest egg."  And he would show

his fellow hustlers his savings account book, which as of this

day contained nine thousand one hundred and twenty-five dollars

and seventy-two cents.  And he had only been hustling about

eighteen months.

     Corey had come to New York City from a small college town in

West Virginia in April.  Corey's dad had been a miner, a drinking

one.  He had been killed in a mining accident when Corey was

three.  Corey's mother, Bell, didn't mind much because the old

man had been a prick of misery to live with.  She just kept on

having children by various miners and collected her welfare


     Her days were spent in front of the TV and her nights in the

United Mine Workers' Club, Local 328.  The eight kids didn't cost

much to feed or clothe, and she had plenty left over out of the

checks to buy herself new Saturday night pretties from Montgomery

Ward's to tempt the miners.  She had a good figure, when she

wasn't pregnant, and large breasts.  And a not unattractive face.

     She wore a dyed red page boy -- her trademark during the

various fashion changes of hair.  "When a body knows what looks

good on them, they keep it," she always said.  She was also

partial to open-toed silver shoes.  They go with everything in

the evening, like Paris perfume.  "It makes you feel like a real

class ass," she said.  She didn't take too much notice of her

children nor they of her.  Corey's older sister Karen ran the

household as she had done since she was eight.  Karen and Bell

rarely spoke.  They went their separate ways.

     Corey was the oldest boy and had worked hard since he was

six.  First as a newspaper boy, then a delivery boy and later, at

the age of sixteen, he quit school and went to work with a con-

struction company.

     He never had to go into the service.  His mother, Bell,

claimed he was the sole supporter of her and the other seven

children.  Corey's life was pretty dull in West Virginia when he

wasn't going to college.  He was excluded by the bouncing group

of young people who ran around the town.  His recreation consist-

ed of TV, pool and an occasional drive-in movie.

     Corey wasn't particularly interested in dating girls or

making friends.  He was a loner, and he liked it that way.  When

Corey turned eighteen, he began to get into the local college

hangout called The Cellar.  It wasn't until this time that he

began to realize that he was good looking.

     Chic young college girls would ask him to dance.  College

boys in tweeds eyed Corey outright and Corey was quite a contrast

to the pale college types.  Corey always seemed to have a suntan

and his casual clothes appealed to the college girls.

     About this time, Corey also met several young men at the bar

looking at him with more interest than usual.  They were an

attractive group of boys.  They always seemed to be together.

They laughed a lot and drank a lot and paid a lot of attention to

him.  They were all sharply dressed.

     One of them was better dressed than the others.  His name

was B. J. Harrigan.  He was a senior English major.  BJ was tall,

dark and very handsome in sort of a Tyrone Power manner.  BJ

always talked to Corey when he had the chance and would buy him

beers.  Corey liked his company.  He was a sharp guy, witty and

worldly-wise, and he was from New York City, which seemed an

enchanted place to be from to Corey.

     One hot night in April Corey went to The Cellar and ran into

BJ who had been obviously drinking a bit.

     "How're you doing, kid?" greeted BJ.

     "Fine," replied Corey, "just fine."  BJ patted him on the


     "Let's get a table, Corey," said BJ.  And he led him off to

a far off table which was covered with a red and white checked

table cloth.  Ordinarily these tables were filled with young

couples drinking beer.  It was a hot night, and they seem to have

foregone the heat of The Cellar for a swim in the lake.  BJ got

the beer and settled down to talk.

     BJ talked about what he was going to do after graduation in

New York City.  And then he asked Corey what his plans were.

     "I didn't ask," said Corey.

     "Okay.  Do you want to go to New York City?  With your face

and body, you'd make a mint."

     "How?" asked Corey.

     "Sell it, baby.  Sell it," said BJ.

     "Sell what?" said Corey.

     "Oh come on" said BJ.  "What you've got in your pants.

You've got something down there, don't you?"

     "Sure I do," said Corey.  "I'm pretty well set up, at least

from what I've seen around the dressing rooms of the pool."

     "Oh yeh?" said BJ.  "How set up?  I mean hard?  I can see

you have a pretty well stuffed crotch."

     "I don't know.  I never measured it," said Corey.

     "You should, baby.  You should," said BJ, and he slipped his

hand under the table and squeezed Corey's thigh.

     Corey felt a moment of excitement pulse through his body at

BJ's touch.  He shuddered slightly and took a long drink of his


     BJ didn't remove his hand but watched Corey steadily for a

sign of an adverse reaction.  There was none.  With his other

hand, he drained his beer, and then from the inside of his jack-

et, he pulled out a flask.

     "Want a boiler maker?" said BJ.

     "Sure," said Corey.  "Why not."

     BJ poured a stiff bourbon into an extra glass and replaced

the flask.  All this time his hand still remained on Corey's

thigh.  He pushed the glass towards Corey.  Corey took a drink

and choked and grabbed his beer and drank it.  His eyes were

teary and he blinked.

     "Wow!  Did you make that yourself?" he said.

     "Hell, baby," said BJ.  "You're just not used to the good

stuff."  And he squeezed the muscular flesh of Corey's thigh.

They continued drinking and BJ's fingers trailed up and down

Corey's leg.  Corey didn't try to move away or say anything.

     Finally after the third or fourth drink, BJ allowed his

fingers to crawl upwards to Corey's well-stuffed crotch.  Corey

didn't flinch, but leaned back and spread his legs farther apart.

BJ could feel he wasn't wearing any underwear.  He ran his fin-

gers over the large balls under the shaft of Corey's cock.  He

could feel the cock stiffen slightly.  BJ was beginning to get

very excited.

     He looked around the bar cautiously, and nobody was paying

any attention to them, and the table cloth was long enough to

hide his actions.  He took another long swallow of booze and

deftly unzipped Corey's fly.

     Corey's fat cock fell out into his waiting hand.  It was so

hot to the touch, so velvety smooth that BJ gasped.  He squeezed

it for a moment.

     "Baby, you could make a million off of this." he said.

     He forced both of Corey's tight balls from the constrictions

of his tight pants and began playing with them.

     "Hot damn!" said BJ.  "They feel full of hot come."

     "I haven't jacked off for more than two weeks," said Corey.

"I just don't dig it anymore."

     "Oh yeh?" said BJ.  "I've got an idea.  Let's go for a ride.

I think I could do something for you you'd like better than

jacking off."

     "Okay," said Corey.  "I'm game."  And he stuffed his cock

back into his pants.

     They drained their beers and left.  On their way out one of

BJ's friends at the bar called out, "That's the way to go, Betty


     Corey looked at BJ and said, "What did he mean?"

     "Nothing, baby.  Nothing.  She's just jealous."

     They walked up the steps towards the sticky hot night air.

On the way up the steps, BJ watched Corey's ass.  It was beauti-

ful, young and muscular and nearly busting out of his tight wheat

jeans.  They were so tight that his backside looked almost naked

in the dim light of the stairwell.  BJ was so aroused that he bit

Corey lightly on the ass and muttered to himself, "Man, that's

the eatingest stuff!"

     The air was warm but refreshing.  Corey stretched his body

and sucked in the night air.

     "It's good to get some fresh air after all that smoke.

Where's your car?"

     "Over there," said BJ, pointing to a bright red MG of the

classic design.

     Corey hopped over a parking meter and jumped into the car.

     "Hey, I like this model," he said.

     BJ slipped behind the wheel and they zoomed off into the


     "Don't talk," said BJ.  "Just drink."  He handed him the

flask which was still half full.

     They drove for about twenty minutes through the hilly West

Virginia countryside.  Finally BJ turned off the blacktop road to

a side dirt road that finally ended in a large field of daisies.

BJ drove right into the center of the field.

     The moon was in its third quarter and shone brightly in the

mountains.  The daisies in the field picked up the moonlight and

seemed to give off a glow of their own.  BJ turned to Corey and

looked at him hungrily.

     "Okay, baby.  I'm going to give you the suck job of your


     "Well," Corey said, "I'm game if you are."

     BJ started unbuttoning Corey's shirt.  His hand felt the

strong pectoral muscles.  He ran his fingers back and forth over

Corey's nipples.  They began to get hard.  He helped him out of

his shirt, and then he knelt down and pulled off Corey's shoes

and socks.

     He unhooked Corey's belt buckle and unzipped his pants and

pulled him out of his pants.

     "My God!" said BJ.  "I don't think I've ever seen such a

gorgeous body or piece of meat."

     BJ got on the floor of the small cramped car and put his

mouth on the head of Corey's cock.  Corey grinned and grabbed BJ

by the head and pushed him all the way down on it.  He never had

been sucked before, but he took to it like a fish takes to water.

BJ sucked wildly on Corey's hot cock which was throbbing in his

mouth so much that he thought it was going to shake out his


     BJ sucked wildly up and down on the stiff cock and then he

pulled his mouth off and began running his tongue over the cock

and down Corey's balls.  He managed to stuff both the balls in

his mouth and began sucking on them.  Corey leaned back and was

groaning loudly.

     "Get up on the back of the car," said BJ.

     Corey did.  He got up on the back of the car with his legs

spread apart.  BJ knelt on the car seat.  He continued sucking on

Corey's balls.

     "Spread your legs apart wider and lie back," BJ said.

     Corey lay back across the back of the car and spread his

legs as far apart as he could.  BJ put his hands under Corey's

legs and lifted his legs slightly in the air.  Then he put his

mouth to Corey's asshole and began to suck on it.  He ran his

tongue in and out of Corey's hot asshole.

     "That's great, baby.  That's great.  Do it some more.  Do it

deeper." Corey raved on.

     BJ plunged his tongue up as far as it could go.  In and out.

In and out of the soft juicy asshole.  BJ ate his ass for about

twenty minutes.  Corey thought he was going to go out of his mind

with passion.  Several times he had to sort of squeeze his cock

because he was afraid it was going to come.

     Finally BJ said, "Stand up."

     Corey stood up on the back of the car and BJ knelt on his

knees in front of him and began sucking on his cock wildly.  He

pulled off.

     "Turn around," BJ said.  Corey turned around, and BJ ran his

tongue up the back of his leg to his ass.  "Bend over, baby.

Bend over and pull your cheeks apart."  Corey did and BJ started

eating his ass again.

     BJ liked to eat ass as much as he liked to fuck.  Corey was

moaning loudly as BJ ran his tongue in and out of his ass, and he

pulled his cheeks farther apart.  BJ crawled between Corey's legs

and began to such his hot tool once again.

     Corey grabbed BJ by the back of his head and fucked his

mouth wildly, forcing his ten inches down BJ's throat.  BJ pulled

Corey down to his knees as he lay back on the trunk of the car.

BJ spit on his hands and stuck a finger into Corey's asshole.

     Corey grunted, but liked the feel of the finger in his ass,

keeping the same rhythm as his cock, thrusting his rod into BJ's

ravenous mouth.  With his other hand, BJ unzipped his own fly and

began to jerk himself off as he sucked Corey.

     He could feel the head of Corey's cock swelling inside of

his mouth, and he knew that Corey was getting ready to come.

     Corey cried, "I'm going to come.  I'm going to come.  I'm

going to....."

     Suddenly Corey's whole body stiffened as he unleashed great

jets of his come into BJ's mouth.  BJ groaned and worked on his

own prick.  He began shooting as he drank Corey's hot semen.  It

didn't seem to end.  BJ had never sucked off anyone who had shot

as much before.

     His foot hit the horn of the car which began blowing as BJ

swallowed the last drop of Corey's cream.  Corey was panting and

beads of perspiration were dripping off his chest onto BJ's face.

He moved off BJ and lay back on the trunk of the car.  "My God!

That felt great, BJ!" Corey exclaimed.

     "Beat's jacking off, doesn't it?"  BJ smiled, and he gave

Corey a cigarette.

     "It sure does," said Corey.

     The two of them lay there smoking their cigarettes for


     Finally BJ said, "This is the first time anything happened

to you like this, Corey?"

     "Yes," Corey replied, "it is."

     "Jesus," said BJ.  "I don't know whether to feel crummy or


     "Don't," said Corey.  "You fuck great.  Just great."

     "I'd like to give you something," said BJ.

     "Why," said Corey, puzzled.

     "Because you gave me something.  Hey, you're not wearing a

watch.  Do you own one?"

     "No," said Corey.

     "Well, here.  Take mine.  I insist.  It's a very good one.

Cost my dad a hundred fifty bucks."  Corey hesitated.  "Come on.

Take it."  And he handed it to him.

     Corey took it.  It was a magnificent watch.  Corey never had

anything so nice.  He put it on and held it up and admired it.

     "Thanks, BJ.  I'll always keep this."

     "Don't thank me, kid.  I thank you.  You know, Corey, I was

serious about what I said before.  You could make a million in

New York City."

     "How do you mean?"

     "Just do what you did for me.  Just lay back."

     "And," said Corey.

     "And guys would pay you very well."

     "Yeh?  They would?" said Corey.

     "Sure they would.  You got a great face, a beautiful body

and a tremendous piece of meat."

     "Well, I'll think about it," said Corey.  And they both got


     BJ started up the car, and they drove away, away from the

field of daisies, the moonlight and innocence.


     Corey did think about it.  First he had to get out of West

Virginia and secondly, he felt he could make a go of it because

he was everything BJ said he was.  He was handsome, he was built,

and he was well hung.  In fact, he enjoyed being fucked.

     Another month passed.  Corey saw BJ regularly.  Each time it

was exciting to him, and each time BJ gave him a present.  Some-

thing Corey wanted but could never buy for himself.  Then May

came and BJ graduated and Corey was once again alone.  Summer

came and passed uneventfully.

     Corey spent as much time away from home as possible.  From

the beginning of September, Corey had gone to the local swimming

pool, his usual weekend hangout.  He didn't like the lake.  He

like to see where he was swimming.

     It was late afternoon and he had fallen asleep on one of the

lounges.  Everybody had gone.  Corey was the last person there,

but he didn't know it.  He had fallen asleep.  He had gotten a

golden tan.  His pair of white tight swim trunks emphasized his

beautiful body and fallen basket.

     He lay sleeping lightly.  He was not aware that he was being

watched by the lifeguard, Rick.  He was a handsome Italian boy.

His thick black hair and very, very dark tan and very bright blue

eyes made him strikingly handsome.

     Rick had been watching Corey for some time.  He'd noticed

him before.  Rick was muscular and looked very straight.  He

couldn't help noticing Corey's large basket, and he was wondering

what it would be like to suck him off.

     Rick got up from watching Corey and walked toward him.  He

admired Corey's beautiful body.  He couldn't take his eyes off

the bulging crotch.  As he approached Corey he allowed his hand

to brush lightly across Corey's crotch.  Corey's cock bounced

inside his trunks and he stirred slightly in his sleep.  Rick was

determined to have Corey before the afternoon was out.

     "Hey," he said, "wake up."

     "What...huh?" Corey said, and slowly opened his eyes.  He

smiled and said, "Have I slept past closing time?"

     Rick smiled back and said, "just about.  You're the only one

here except me."

     Corey got up and stretched, and as he did, his white swim

trunks pulled off slightly over his buttocks, and Rick could see

the fine blonde hairs that trailed down Corey's ass.

     "Are you in a hurry?" said Rick.

     "No, I'm not," said Corey.  "I don't have any place to go."

     "Why don't you give me a hand in closing up, and I'll take

you for a beer afterwards."

     "Fine," said Corey.

     Corey and Rick locked up the place, put the chains across

the fences and straightened up all the deck chairs.

     "You feel like a shower?" said Rick.

     "Sure," said Corey.  "I feel sort of sticky.  I guess I'll

take one."

     They went into the men's shower room.  Corey was out of his

tight pants in no time.  Rick almost gasped when he say Corey's

free-hanging large cock.  Rick stepped out of his own trunks.  He

was very well built too.  He had a fine muscular tan body, small

tight attractive ass and a rather fat uncircumcised piece of


     Rick couldn't contain himself and started to get an erection

and turned away from Corey and pretended that he was beginning to

soap himself up.  Corey smiled to himself.  He knew he was making

Rick very nervous.  And he began to run the water and began to

elaborately soap his own body.  He ran his hand all over his own

body and got it covered with soap and then he began to soap his

cock.  He could see Rick watching him.

     As he continued soaping it, his cock started to get hard.

It was starting to stick out stiff and Rick was beginning to

breath heavy.  Corey stepped under the shower and washed off all

the soap.  He turned his back to Rick to tease him a little bit

more.  He could hear Rick breathing heavily.  His cock was just

about fully hard now, and he turned around and revealed himself

to Rick.

     Rick gasped at the sight of his stiff ten inches and immedi-

ately fell to his knees and began sucking it.  Rick tried to

force the entire thing into his mouth but he just couldn't take

it, and he choked and pulled off for a minute.  He looked up at

Corey with tearing eyes.

     "My God!  That's the biggest cock I've ever seen!" he said.

     Corey said, "You like it?  Suck on it some more."

     Rick ran his tongue back and forth across Corey's cock.

Corey made his cock twitch and jump in mid-air.

     Rick worked his tongue rapidly up and down Corey's giant

shaft and began to circle the huge pink head of it with his

tongue.  A drop of glistening liquid appeared in the hole of

Corey's cockhead.  Rick lapped on it and began to run his tongue

back and forth across the cockhole.

     Corey stared down at the handsome fellow and watched the

frantic movements.

     He ran his tongue under Corey's cock and onto Corey's balls.

He lapped at Corey's balls like a thirsty dog, and he began to

run his tongue under the balls.

     Rick lay down on the tile floor oblivious to the running

water and said to Corey, "Sit on my face."

     Corey squatted over Rick's face so that Rick could tongue

fuck his ass.  Corey rolled his ass in a circular motion as Rick,

panting, ran his wet, hard tongue as far up Corey's ass as he

could get it.

     Rick said, "Jack yourself off while I eat your asshole."

     "Okay," said Corey.

     Corey was hot as an August sun and in no time at all he felt

the come begin to make its way towards its destination.

     "I'm going to come," said Corey.  "You want to take it?"

     "Come in your hand," said Rick and continued sucking Corey's


     Corey cupped his hand as his giant cock began to spurt

cream.  His large hand filled up with the juice and overflowed a

bit.  Rick scooted around to the front of Corey and said, "Let me

eat it out of your hand."

     "Okay," said Corey.  "It's all yours."

     Rick now fell on his knees and lapped Corey's hot come out

of his hand.  Rick finished and licked off Corey's fingers until

there wasn't a drop of juice left.

     "Man, that was tasty stuff," said Rick to Corey.  "It was a

real hot juicy load.  I hope you let me eat you often."

     "Sure," said Corey, "any time you want."

     Rick said, "Will you sit on my face again while I jack

myself off?  I'm so hot I can't stand it."

     "Sure," said Corey.

     Rick laid out on the floor again and Corey sat over his

face, and while Rick ate his ass, he jacked himself off.  Rick

came in no time.  Just as he shot, he rammed his whole face into

Corey's ass and gave Corey's asshole a slight, tender little bit.

     "Jesus," said Rick, "I feel better.  Let's continue our


     Both boys showered.  Rick dried off Corey's back for him and

they got dressed.  Corey noticed the gold chain that Rick was

wearing around his neck.

     "What's that for?" he asked.

     "That's my zodiac sign," said Rick.  "I'm Aries, the ram."

     "Oh yeah," said Corey.

     "When were you born?" asked Rick.

     "April 9th," said Corey.

     "Hey, you're a ram too.  Figures.  Hey, I'll tell you what.

I'll give you this for a present for letting me have your cock."

     Rick took the gold chain off and put it around Corey's neck.

     "Thanks," said Corey.  "Thanks a lot for the chain.  I

really like it.  I've never had anything like this."

     Rick said, "Do you need a lift into town?  I've got my motor

scooter here."

     Corey said, "Sure.  I'd appreciate it if you'd drop me off."

     The two boys hopped on the motor scooter and sped into town.

Rick dropped Corey off at the corner of the main street.

     "Thanks for the chain," said Corey again.  "I'll see you


     "Sure," said Rick, "Any time.  It was my pleasure," and he

sped off.

     It was a nice evening and Corey decided to walk home instead

of taking the bus.  He got into the house around seven o'clock.

He was very tired from the sun and from his activity in the

shower.  He went to the refrigerator and poured himself a glass

of orange juice and then he made himself a peanut butter and dill

pickle sandwich.

     After Corey ate his peanut butter sandwich and drank his

orange juice, he went upstairs to his attic room for a nap.  It

was clouding up outside.  It looked like they were going to have

a summer rain.  Cool breezes began to flow through the attic room

which was generally very hot.

     Corey took off his clothes and laid down on his bed naked

except for the medal that was around his neck.  He looked at it

once again and he got up, went over to the dresser and opened up

a cigar box in which he kept several of his favorite possessions.

     In there was the watch that BJ had given him, a pair of cuff

links and a ring, all gifts from BJ.  He took the medal off and

dropped it into the cigar box and went back to the bed and laid

down again.

     Cool air was rushing through the room, and it was comfort-

able lying there as the air caressed his beautiful body.

     Corey's tan was a deep, golden brown and the line of his

bathing suit emphasized the largeness of his cock.  He ran his

hand down over his body and played with his cock a little while.

He thought about what had just happened to him and how much he

had enjoyed it.  He also thought about going to New York City.

     He stood up again and went over to the broken full length

mirror beside his bed.  He examined his face and body in the

mirror.  He could make it as a hustler, he thought to himself,

and he made up his mind then and there to go to New York City.

     Corey had saved about ninety dollars out of his money, and

he figured that was probably enough to get him there.

     He laid back down on the bed thinking about New York City

and dropped off to a sound sleep.

     That Friday after pay day he took thirty more dollars and

added it to his New York City kitty.  It now came to one hundred

and twenty dollars.  He put the rest in an envelope and sealed

it.  Everybody in the house was out.  It was the perfect time for

him to leave.  He had no feeling of connection for the rest of

his family except perhaps for his older sister.

     He wrote a note on the envelope saying, "I'm going to New

York City.  I'll write soon.  Corey."

     He packed a few clothes in a small leather suitcase that BJ

had given him and then he rolled his money in a handkerchief and

pinned it inside of his shirt and walked out the door, never

looking back.

     He headed for the north bound highway.  He decided to hitch-

hike to New York City to save money.  He got a ride in about

fifteen minutes.  An elderly couple picked him up and took him as

far as the north side of Pittsburgh.  After getting out and

thanking the couple for the ride, he crossed the highway to a

filling station and treated himself to a coke.  After he drank

his coke he asked the filling station attendant if he could use

the rest room.

     He went and peed, washed off his face and went back out.  He

asked the young attendant which is the best direction to go to

New York City.  The attendant pointed to a northbound highway and

Corey got down, sat on his suitcase and waited.

     He didn't wait long until a long, white Eldorado pulled up.

Inside were two guys in their thirties.

     "Hi!  Jump in," said the one nearest Corey.  "Where are you


     "I'm trying to get to New York City," explained Corey.

     "Great," said the guy.  "We're going as far as New Jersey."

     Corey got in.  Both the men were fairly attractive and they

gave Corey an appreciative look.

     "My name's Eric," said the driver.  "This is my friend

Danny.  We both live in New Jersey.  We've been visiting my


     "My name's Corey," said Corey, "and I'm going to New York

City to work."

     "Oh," said Danny.  "What do you work at?"

     "Nothing yet," said Corey, "but I think I can get a job

doing something."

     Danny nudged Eric and winked at him and said, "I'm sure

you'll make out."

     The three of them drove along for about two hours swapping

jokes, smoking, and skirting the subject of sex.

     "You hungry, Corey?" asked Eric.

     "Sort of," said Corey.

     "We'll turn off at the next Howard Johnsons."

     They drove for about a half hour more, and they turned off

the Pennsylvania Turnpike to one of the Howard Johnson's restau-

rants.  They went inside and had a hamburger and a cup of coffee.

It was about ten o'clock in the evening.

     As they started to go, Eric grabbed Corey's check and said,

"No, that's okay.  It's on me.  You'll need all the money you can

get when you get to New York."

     When they got back to the car they decided to put the top

up.  Corey got back in the back and stretched out.  Driving

always tired him out.  He closed his eyes for a moment and was

soon fast asleep.

     Eric looked over at his sleeping and noticed for the first

time how really big Corey's basket was.  He nudged his friend

Danny and said, "Take a glance back there and I'll hold the wheel

for you.  It looks like he's got a real piece of meat on him,

this kid."

     Danny looked back and said, "Wow.  I'd love to suck on


     Eric says, "I think he can be had.  What say I give it a


     "Okay, baby.  It's your funeral if he starts a fight."

     They let Corey sleep for about half an hour.  As he was

sleeping, Eric ran his hand back and forth over Corey's leg, not

quite daring to feel his basket.  He noticed that his cock was

jumping in his pants every time he came close to it with his


     Finally, Eric let his hand grope Corey's crotch.  He felt it

and rubbed his hand back and forth over it as Corey opened his

eyes and smiled at him.

     "You want some of this?" said Corey, and he began to undo

his pants.

     Corey unzipped his pants and pulled them down so that his

cock flopped free and also released his balls.

     "Jesus," said Eric.

     Danny glanced back and almost wrecked the car.

     Eric crawled in the back and helped Corey out of his pants.

Corey laid back and Eric started running his tongue across

Corey's chest sucking on the chest hairs.  Then he ran his tongue

down toward his navel.

     He French-kissed his navel for a while and then kissed him

all over his stomach and crotch, finally letting his mouth down

on the end of it and began to suck on it hungrily.

     Danny was watching the whole business in the mirror while he

was driving, and he was getting hotter and hotter.

     They approached a truck stop, and he pulled off the road,

and he too climbed in the back.  They got Corey up on his knees

and, while Eric was sucking on Corey's cock, Danny was on the

floor with his face in Corey's ass rimming him.

     They were both sucking at him like mad and groping each

other while they were doing it.

     Corey spread his legs, and both of them put their mouths on

one of his balls and began to each suck one.  Eric pulled off of

Corey's balls and began sucking him again.  They took turns

sucking him.

     Corey said, "I'm coming close to coming," just as Danny was

now on him.

     All of a sudden the whole back of the car shook and Corey

shot his hot load into Danny's mouth.  Danny gobbled at it and

let it fill his mouth, but he didn't swallow it.  He held it in

his mouth.  It was quite a mouthful.  Some of it dribbled out of

the corner of his mouth and he grabbed Eric and kissed him and

shared the come with Eric.

     Eric French kissed Danny hungrily drinking in some of

Corey's cum while he did it.

     Corey laid back and watched them.  He had never seen any-

thing like this happen before, but it didn't turn off.  The two

of them finally stopped necking and smiled at Corey.

     Danny says, "Man, that's one of the biggest cocks I've ever

sucked in my whole life.  I'm sure you'll do all right in New

York, kid.  I don't think you have anything to worry about


     "With a piece like that, kid, you'll make a million, a

million.  If you play your cards right you'll become one of New

York's top hustlers in no time.  I'll tell you what.  I'll give

you a little bit of advice.  Two things.  Save your money and

don't fuck back, and you'll make a mint."

     "Thanks," said Corey.  "I'll take your advice.  I save my

money anyway, and I don't think I'd dig sucking anybody's cock."

     The guys got back in the front of the car and Corey got

dressed, just in time, as a truck pulled into the truck stop.  It

had been blinking its lights and was followed in by a man in a

sports car.

     The two guys looked at each other and winked and said, "It

must be the atmosphere of the place.  I think somebody else is

going to get sucked off here too."

     Then they started the car and drove off.

     It was about two-thirty in the morning when the boys reached

their destination where they had to turn off from the New Jersey

Turnpike.  They stopped the car.

     They said to Corey, "You'll be able to get a bus here into

New York if you don't get a ride.  They come along about every

twenty minutes."

     "Thanks a lot," said Corey as he got out.

     One of the two reached into his pockets and pushed a twenty

dollar bill into Corey's hand.

     "Good luck," he said.  "Take this.  You may need it."

     "Thanks a lot," said Corey.

     "See you around, I hope."

     And the two guys drove off.


     Corey waited for a few minutes and a bus approached.  He

waved it down and got on.

     "Does this take me into New York City?" he asked the driver.

     "Sure, Mack.  We get into the Port Authority Bus Station in

about forty minutes."

     Corey went to the back of the bus and sat down in one of the

available seats.  He could hardly control his excitement.  He was

almost in New York City.

     As they were driving in, he could see the lights of the city

and all the tall buildings he had read about and seen in the

movies.  He was like a small child staring out the window, almost

gasping at the sights.

     He was very disappointed when they finally had to go through

the tunnel.  But all of a sudden the bus drove out and they were

in the city itself.

     The bus pulled into the Port Authority about three-thirty in

the morning.  Corey got out with the rest of the people.  He

wasn't sure exactly where he was going but he didn't care.  He

was in New York City at last.

     He walked through Port Authority, stopping to buy himself a

pack of Juicy Fruit gum and go to the rest room.  He came out

into the night air.

     Immediately he spotted a buy who looked like a fellow co-

hustler.  He went over to the young kid and asked him where 42nd

Street was.  The boy looked at him rather incredulously.

     He said, "It's up that way, man.  It's a little late to make


     Corey said, "I'm not going to make out.  I'm going to try to

get myself a place to stay."

     "Try the Hotel Dixie," said the boy.  "It's not too expen-

sive and it's right on 42nd Street."

     "Thanks," said Corey, and he threw his bag over his shoulder

and took off.

     42nd Street late in the morning is a pretty dreary sight.

These people were faggots that don't make out, hustlers and

whores who have, and quite a few cops.  But to Corey's eyes it

was a magic street.  He marveled at all the movies.

     He had never seen so many movie theatres in his life before.

They only had two in West Virginia.  Corey was quite a movie fan.

     He walked down the street and stopped to look in the store

windows and see the jazzy clothes.  He made a mental note that

he'd have to buy himself a few new things when he started making

some money.

     He looked briefly into the porno shops.  That sort of thing

didn't turn him on.  He was curious about how much the males got

paid for posing in the nude.  He knew that he had more meat soft

than most of them had hard.  He vowed that he was going to find

out and see if he could break into the business.

     After strolling up and down 42nd Street for about twenty

minutes, he thought perhaps he'd better go get his hotel room.

So he went into the lobby of the Hotel Dixie.

     Behind the desk was a large, tough looking blonde about


     "What do you want, honey?" she said.

     "I need a room," said Corey.

     "You got money, kid?" she said.

     "Sure, I've got money.  I brought some with me."

     "Are you new in town?" asked the woman.  "You look new."

     "I just got in tonight from West Virginia," said Corey.  "A

friend of mine recommended the hotel."

     "Hmmm," she grunted.  "It couldn't have been much of a

friend.  Well, sure, kid, we've got rooms, plenty of rooms.  I'll

give you a good rate.  You want to stay here permanent?"

     "Probably, for the time being," said Corey.

     "Fine.  It's nice to have a good-looking young kid around.

You a hustler?"

     "What?" said Corey.

     "Come on, honey.  Are you a hustler?"

     Corey just looked at her.

     "Well, it don't matter if you don't want to tell me.  All I

can say is, keep your nose clean.  Don't have any trouble in the

room, and we'll get along just fine.  I hear no evil, see no evil

and speak no evil.  By the way, my name is Roberta, but you can

call me Bobbie."

     "My name's Corey."

     "Corey.  Hmmm," grunted Roberta.  "That's a catchy name.

I'll tell you what.  I'll give you a room on the twenty-second

floor.  Suit you fine?"

     "Twenty-second!  Jesus," said Corey.  "I don't think I've

ever been up that high before."

     "Well," said Roberta.  "It's a lot cooler up that high.

Here's the key.  Just show it to the elevator operator and he'll

show you which direction to go to your room."

     "Thanks.  Thanks a lot, Bobbie," said Corey.  "I'll see you


     "Sure, kid.  Sure."

     She went back to her National Inquirer.

     The elevator operator was an aged man, probably about seven-

ty-five, who insisted on wearing a Beatles' style cheap wig.  You

could see the line of grey hair in the back of his neck.  It was

very obvious that it was a wig, and Corey could hardly keep from

laughing outloud.

     He reached the twenty-second floor and the elevator operator

leaned out, grunted something, and pointed down the hall.  Corey

assumed that that was the direction of his room.  He got out,

looked around him.

     It was sort of shoddy, with a jungle-like wall paper on the

walls, which was coming down in many places.  Corey walked down

the hall.  As he passed on room he could hear moans on the in-

side.  Obviously somebody was having sex.

     He listened for a minute.

     He could hear the woman sighing, "Take me, fuck me, fuck

me," and he could hear the sound of a cock going in and out of

her cunt.

     It didn't interest him, so he walked on down and found his

room, which was number 227.  He put the key in the door and

opened the room.  The room was small, but comfortable enough.  It

had a twin bed in it,m a dresser, and a sink in the corner of the

room.  It had one large window.

     Corey went over to the window.  It had a fairly good view.

He looked out.  He got dizzy.  He had never been that high before

in his life.

     He looked around and noticed on the wall that there was a

sign saying the bathroom and shower were down the hall.  He

decided to himself that as soon as he started making good money

he would move into a room that had a private bath.


     Corey was tired and hot from the ride and decided that he

needed a shower.  A paper-wrapped piece of soap was lying on the

dresser.  He went down the hall to find the shower.

     He found the bathroom in no time.  He was a little annoyed

to find a note on the door saying, "The door doesn't lock.

Please knock before entering."

     He knocked.  Nobody said anything, so he went in.  The room

was empty.  Corey stripped down and climbed into the shower.  He

turned it on fairly hot and began to wash himself.

     After he finished taking a shower, he stepped out and was

drying himself with a towel when the door opened.

     "Oh, I'm sorry," said the man.

     His eyes were glued to Corey's crotch.

     Corey said, "That's okay.  They should have a lock on the


     The man said, "I just have to take a quick piss.  Do you


     "Go right ahead," said Corey, and continued to dry himself.

     The man went over to the john and began pissing.  He was

about forty-five years old and was beginning to get bald in the

front.  After he finished, he shook himself off and flushed the


     The man turned back and watched Corey drying himself.  He

just stood there.  His eyes were fixed on Corey.

     Corey was rubbing his skin vigorously with a towel and

looked up and noticed the man staring at him.  The man was admir-

ing Corey's large cock.

     "How would you like to get that thing sucked off?" said the


     Corey smiled to himself.  He thought, I might as well start

off in New York on the right foot.

     He said, "I only do it for money."

     The man said, "That's okay, baby.  I've got fifteen bucks on

me.  That's all I got.  You can have that.

     "Fine," said Corey.

     The man gave him the fifteen bucks and Corey put it into the

pocket of his pants that were hanging on the back of the door.

     The man said to Corey, "Come over here near the door, and

keep your hand on it so that nobody comes in."

     Corey did.  He stood there with his legs spread apart, with

his huge cock hanging halfway down his thigh.  The man knelt

down.  He took both of Corey's balls in his hands and began to

lick them.

     After he had covered Corey's balls with moisture, he took

the half hard prick and jammed it into his mouth.  He groaned as

he tasted the firm young flesh of Corey's juicy cock.

     The man began to suck on Corey, rhythmically.  Corey's cock

bounced hard in no time.  Corey kept his left foot jammed against

the door in case anybody might try to get in.

     The man went to Corey's cock hungrily.  He groaned as he

sucked on the big joint.  His hands played with Corey's huge

balls as his mouth worked back and forth on his joint.

     Corey thought to himself that he would come quickly and get

it over with.  He didn't care too much for the man, and besides,

the man had only given him fifteen dollars.  He stiffened his

legs slightly and began to concentrate on coming.

     The man was a very good cock sucker.  He was able to take

most of Corey's cock in his mouth, and he was going at it like a

hungry man.  The man took his head off Corey's cock and looked at


     He said, "Oh, baby, what a great cock you have.  I want you

to come in my mouth, come real quick.  I want you to come and

shoot in my mouth, and I'm going to eat it."

     Corey said, "Fine, if that's what you want."

     The man went back on it and started sucking wildly.  Corey

tensed his muscles.  He could feel the come starting to build up.

His whole cock swelled up inside the man's mouth.

     Corey grabbed the guy by the ears and said, "Take it.  I'm

going to shoot.  I'm going to shoot."

     Corey shot again, his second time for the night.  He pumped

his cock wildly into the man's hungry mouth.  The man swallowed

his cum eagerly.  He swallowed every last drop of it.  He kept

sucking on Corey's cock, trying to get more cum out of it.

     "That's all there is," said Corey.  "Ain't no more.  "

     The guy got up, brushed off his knees and smiled.  He said,

"That's the best piece of meat I've ever had in my life, baby.

I'd give you more than fifteen bucks, but that's all I've got.  I

live down in 734.  Any time you want to get rid of a load and

make a few bucks, knock on my door.  My name's Ed.  What yours?"

     "My name is Corey."

     "Well, Corey," said Ed, squeezing Corey's cock, "I hope I

can have it again.  And he turned and walked out the door.

     Corey went over to the sink and washed off his cock and

balls.  He dried himself and got dressed.  He went back to his

room.  He sat down on the edge of the bed and began figuring out

his money.  He added the fifteen dollars that he had just make to

the hundred and twenty that he had when he left West Virginia,

and the twenty he made off the buys on the road.

     That made one hundred and fifty-five dollars.  And he hadn't

spent a cent of his own money yet.  He wrapped the money back up

into the handkerchief and looked around the room for a good place

to hide it.

     He looked in the closet.  It had been papered with oil

cloth, and at one corner the oil cloth was coming loose.  Corey

stuck his money on the inside of that and figured nobody could

find that.

     He went back to the bed and laid down, happy that he was in

New York and on his way to making a mint.  He fell quickly



     It was about two in the afternoon when Corey woke up.

"Jesus," he said when he looked at his watch.  "I slept the

entire day away."

     He quickly dressed, brushed his teeth and washed up.  He got

his money out of the closet and took out five dollars and put it

back.  Then he went out and got the elevator.  There was a dif-

ferent man on now, a rather far, sweaty looking man.

     He went down to the lobby of the hotel.

     "Slept a little late, honey," said Roberta, who was still

sitting there reading the same National Inquirer.

     "Yes, I was tired."

     He told her that he would like to change rooms, that he

would like to have a better room one with a private bath.  The

woman grinned.

     "Well, kid," she said.  "You must be doing okay.  Sure.

I'll fix you up.  I'll fix you up in a real nice room.  I'll have

it ready for you when you get back.  Going out and making a

little more money, kid?"

     "No, ma'am," said Corey.  "I'm going out to relax a while.

There's a movie down the street I'd like to see.  It's the latest

Walt Disney film."

   "Have fun, honey," she said.  "Have fun, and I'll see you when

you get back."

     Corey walked through the door and out into the bright sun-

light.  He was happy, happy with himself and happy with New York


     "Yes, sir," he said.  "I'm going to make it in New York

City.  I'll just remember the motto:  Save money and don't fuck


     He walked down the street through the carnival-like mob of

infamous 42nd Street of New York City.  He was an outstanding

looking boy in a city of handsome boy, a confident boy in a city

of indifference, an innocent boy in an atmosphere of perversion.

     Corey walked on sort of aimlessly, lost in the heat of the

mob.  He almost walked by the theater that was showing the Disney

film, which he anxiously wanted to see.

     The man in the ticket booth smiled gingerly at Corey as he


     "What time is the next show?" asked Corey.

     "Well, just went on twenty minutes ago.  You're a

little late.  The next show starts two hours from now."

     Corey frowned and glanced up and down the block.  He decided

to forget the Disney film and started towards the corner.

     "Er, sir, can I suggest something?  Perhaps a little relief

from the sticky weather would be nice?  Er, the theater is air

conditioned," said the man in the booth.

     "Hmm, that's true.  But I hate walking in on a movie,"

replied Corey.

     "Well, er, if I may be so forward, I'd like to offer you our

hospitality suite where you can sit and relax before the next

show.  I, er, myself am off work in a couple of minutes and, er,

I'd be happy to engage you in a little company."

     Corey had sensed the man's growing interest long before this

obvious pitch and enjoyed watching the man sweat under his meek


     "Well, why not?  I guess I could use some relaxation."

     He and the cashier entered the theater through a side door.

They walked along a narrow hallway and stopped at a door marked


     "You, er, live nearby?" asked the seemingly awkward man.

     "Yes.  Just in from West Virginia.  My first trip to New

York.  Say, thanks for the free entrance."

     The man eyed Corey's bulge and while glaring at it, muttered

in a trance-like voice, "You can have free entrance to my theater

whenever you allow me a little free entrance to your asshole."

     Corey pretended shock and brought the poor, embarrassed man

back to his senses.

     "This is your theater?"

     "Yes.  And, er, as a matter of fact, it's not only that, er,

it's a front for a male, er, whorehouse."

     It was difficult for him to say it and he gulped the last

words, looking every bit the moron.

     Corey was very excited by the discovery and thought of how

very, very lucky he had been so far.

     "Well, Mr..."

     "Pandy.  And yours?" He smacked his lips and his wet tongue

slid out.

     "Corey.  I'm interested in your other business, Pandy.  I

was just thinking about doing a little of that stuff for some

good bread.  What's the deal?"

     Pandy's eyes were all over Corey's body and he edged his way

closer.  Finally, a trembling extended hand fumbled its way onto

Corey's cock.  He rubbed it for a while without looking at Corey.

The cock grew, and the hand on it relaxed.

     "Why don't we see, Corey, if, er, you're all you look to be.

Er, okay?"

     Corey smiled sweetly at Pandy and showed him pearly whites

and two dimples to boot.

     "Lie down, darling, on the sofa and unzip your pants."

     Corey followed instructions and made sure the blond hairs of

his shaft grew out of the opening in his pants.

     Pandy knelt down and cupped the organ between his hands.  He

face pressed down on it, and his tongue darted out.

     Corey felt his cock going into the wide, wet mouth.  He was

thinking of how easy things turned out and how easy they would

still be.

     Pandy's slurps were loud and Corey felt that the entire area

of his shaft was submerged in hot, soapy water.

     Corey was about to come and began to spew forth his juice.

Pandy watched and sucked and watched.  His eyes bulged out and

his mouth went from the cock to a big wide grin.

     "You'll find a very pleasant career here with us, Corey.

All the contacts are here to be made.  All the hustling you can

handle with top paying, er, faggots.  Welcome, Corey, to the

House of Cockamania!"

     Indeed, Corey stood erect and with head held high grasped

the man's hand and said, "I shall do my best, Pandy, and for the


     Yes, New York smiled down at Corey's bulge and provided well

with the lucky breaks and good shakes.


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