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Archive-name: Samesex/cindy.txt

Archive-author: FTC

Archive-title: Cindy

     Hi, my name is Cindy.  Until recently I've always considered myself 

pretty normal as far as sexual preferences go.  I mean, I'm 24 years old, 

married, and consider myself to be a very attractive blonde, 5 foot 3,

35-23-34 woman.  I had only had fleeting thoughts about being with another

woman sexually.  I was curious as to what it would be like but had never

made any efforts to find out.  I'm very open minded where sex is concerned 

though and have always loved to try new and interesting things.  Recently I

had the opportunity to find out what I was missing.

     I work as a secretary at a local law firm.  I went in to work as usual

on a Friday morning and found that a new girl, Tara had been hired as an

addition to the secretarial pool.  She had just moved into town and didn't 

know anyone and had just started to learn her way around town.  My boss

tasked me with the job of teaching her what she needed to know and making

her feel at home.

     Tara was a very intelligent woman, 23, brown hair, hazel eyes, and a

trim, athletic body.  She learned quickly and we got along wonderfully.

Before the day was over we were good friends.  As the workday drew to an

end I asked her if she would like to drop in for dinner, as my husband was

away until the following evening.  She agreed since she didn't know anyone 

else anyway.  We made arrangements, I told her where I lived and we parted.

     Tara arrived around 7:30.  It was the middle of summer and she was

dresses to season in a crop top baring her slim, well tanned tummy and

black spandex shorts.  She had a wonderful shape...nice, well toned legs,

firm backside, and I would guess about a 36 inch bust.  I could tell she

exercised to stay in shape because I couldn't see a wrinkle or flabby spot 

anywhere.  I invited her in and we made a couple of drinks as we tried to

decide what to do for dinner.  We didn't feel like making anything and 

finally settled on ordering Chinese.  We talked and listened to the radio

as we waited for our orders to arrive.  I sat next to her to show her some

of my old high school pictures and noticed the perfume she was wearing.  It

was a very light scent, sweet but musky at the same time, and mixed

wonderfully with her own natural scent.  We had a few more drinks and

continued talking.  By the time the food had arrived we were both beginning

to feel the effects of drinking on an empty stomach.  The saki we ordered

with the food didn't help matters either. 

     Around 11:00 or so we were almost to the point of being completely

drunk.  I was in a silly mood brought on by the alcohol and so was Tara.

We would giggle at every little thing.  I laughed at something Tara had

said and rolled off the sofa onto the floor, knocking the coffee table

several feet in the process.  This threw us into an uncontrollable fit of

laughing that didn't stop for several minutes.  Once we finally settled 

down I told Tara that I had struck my back on the edge of the coffee table.

Tara asked if I would like for her to massage my back, telling me I would

feel better if I got the soreness out now instead of waiting.  It sounded

logical to me so I said OK.  She disappeared into the bathroom and came out

a few seconds later with a bottle of lotion.  She told me to lay on the

floor on my stomach.  I did as she said.

     Once down there I found that I couldn't tilt my head back far enough 

to drink.  This struck me as being funny and I started giggling again.

Tara, paying no attention to my giggling fit, straddled me and began

applying lotion to my back.  I was wearing a cut-off shirt with no bra so

she had easy access to my back.  She began rubbing my back and in no time

her wonderful hands had my full attention.  I'd never received a massage 

from another woman before and was surprised at how good it felt.  After a

few minutes she suggested I take off my top so she wouldn't ruin it if she 

got lotion on it.  I said OK, it sounded like a reasonable thing to me.  I

sat up and quickly took my shirt off, baring my perfectly shaped breasts

for her inspection.  I giggled and told her I  had never had this done by a

woman before.  She flashed a confident smile and told me to just enjoy it.

I lay back down and she continued to massage lotion onto my back, every so

often wrapping her hands around my sided and brushing them lightly over the

sides of my breasts.  Her hands had a certain strength but her touch was

light and sensual.  I had to admit I was beginning to get turned on.  We

were both silent.  I could hear her breathing becoming slightly faster and

noticed mine was also, in perfect unison with Tara.

     After another few minutes she asked if I would like for her to massage

the rest of me.  She said she loved to give a good massage and didn't mind 

at all.  I was getting more turned on, hell I was down right horny, so I

agreed.  She said I would have to remove my shorts so she wouldn't get 

lotion on them and I agreed.  I started to get up and she said not to

bother.  She repositioned herself to my side and began to slide my shorts

down and off my legs.  Next she removed my panties so that I lay bare assed

on the floor.  I could feel my nipples growing hard as she began squirting

lotion on first one leg, then the other.  She messaged my legs starting at

my feet and working her way up.  She was using long, slow strokes as she

moved her way up toward my bare ass.  As she rubbed my upper legs and ass

she would occasionally let a hand slip down between my legs and brush

against my crotch, which by now was getting moist from my turned on

condition.  Shivers would go up and down my spine every time she traced the

crack of my ass with those loving fingers, each time getting a little

closer to my aching pussy.  My breathing was hard now and I was curious as

to where this would lead.  Was Tara getting as turned on as I was?

     About 10 or 15 minutes passed as she continued to tease me.  I

hungered to have Tara's fingers inside me, finding those little secret 

places that drove me into a frenzy of passion and orgasm.  I was moaning

softly and was almost to the point of orgasm from her constant teasing when

she stopped.  "Roll over and I can get the other side if you want me to."

Hell yes I wanted her to.  I rolled over quickly, almost scared to look her

in the face and yet yearning to look deep into those beautiful hazel eyes

to see what she was thinking.

     She asked me if I was uncomfortable being naked in front of her and to

my surprise, I wasn't.  It felt wonderful.  I told her I was a tiny bit 

nervous anyway, but I didn't care because she gave a wonderful massage and 

I didn't want her to stop.  She laughed and said she would even the odds a 

bit.  I asked how.  "Easy, I'll strip and then we'll both be in the nude."

The drinks we had earlier were still affecting me and I giggled at her

logic.  She pulled off her top revealing her firm, tan-all-over breasts.

Now I knew she was turned on too.  Her nipples were swollen and hard.  She

had large, dark nipples that must have stuck out a good half inch when they

were hard.  I thought they were beautiful.  My nipples were smaller and

more pink in comparison but they were just as hard.  As she took off her

spandex shorts I watched, admiring the neatly trimmed triangle of pubic

hair.  She tossed her clothes on the sofa and again turned her attention to

me.  She straddled my abdomen and I could feel the warm wetness of her

pussy.  She was sitting with her crotch against the skin between my bush

and my navel.  She applied the lotion and expertly began to massage my

stomach and tits.  My nipples got even harder, which I didn't think they 

could do.  I was emitting little moans of pleasure and avidly watching her

every move.  Her hair hung down over her shoulders, framing her lovely face

as she bent forward, then back, making long slow strokes from my belly to my

shoulders, giving my erect nipples a little attention in between.  I

noticed that as she stroked down toward my belly she would point her thumbs

backward and rub them between her legs.  This brought my attention back to

my own searing, hot cunt, longing for her to return her attention to it and

make me explode in wonderful orgasmic delight.  I looked and could see

little droplets of moisture collecting on her mound, glittering in the soft

light, looking almost magical.  Her hands were making my body feel so good,

better than any man could make me feel.  The though crossed my mind that I

was thinking lesbian thoughts and I mentally said "Fuck it!" and tossed the

idea out.  I didn't care, Tara's touch felt too good to be something wicked

or evil.  I was enjoying every second of her loving caresses.

     Before long she moved from her position atop me and began stroking my

legs.  I ran my hands over the wet spot she had left on my abdomen and

brought my fingers to my lips.  The scent of her love juices on my fingers

was great.  I licked the moisture off my fingers, loving the almost sweet

taste of the juices from her steaming pussy.  I was squirming and moaning

aloud as she worked her way slowly up my legs toward my crotch.  Finally

she took one hand and placed it on my wet mound and started gently rubbing

my pussy and playing with my pubic hair.  "Oh yes" I groaned lightly,

"Please don't stop now !"  She parted my pussy lips carefully and began to 

rub her fingers across my swollen clitoris and dip the tip of her fingers

into my burning pussy.  I was going crazy.  I couldn't believe this was 

actually happening to me.  I did know that, above all else, I didn't ever 

want her to stop.  Tara was really doing a good job.  I was moaning loudly

now and shivers of ecstasy were going up and down my spine.  I spread my

legs wider to give Tara full access and she immediately took advantage of

it.  Deftly she inserted two fingers of her other hand into my steaming box,

still using the other hand to pinch and massage my clit.  Soon I felt my

muscles tensing as I prepared to release the orgasm that had been held back

too long.  Tara noticed and stopped what she was doing, moving quickly to

position her head between my thighs.  Using her tongue on my clit, still

pumping her fingers in and out of my dripping pussy, she brought me to a

screaming orgasm.  She lapped up the juices as I came for what seemed like


     When my orgasm was over she kissed my pussy, and continued kissing her

way up my body, stopping only momentarily to circle her tongue around my

nipples.  I was still extremely turned on and wanted more, much more.  She

left my nipples and kissed my neck, then my cheeks, then, finally paused

with her lips poised just barely above mine.  I could feel her breath on my

lips and smell my own juices as she licked my lips, circling them gently

with the tip of her tongue.  I reached up and pulled her hard to me.  I

could taste my own cum as she explored my mouth.  We kissed long and hard,

greedy in our passion for each other.

     After a few minutes Tara broke the kiss and took my hands, guiding

them over her breasts.  Her large, swollen nipples felt wonderful.  I began

playing with them, rolling and pinching them between my fingers, squeezing

lightly.  She moaned softly, almost purring, as she again took my hands and

guided them down, down, toward her crotch.  Her pubic hair was wet as I

parted her pussy lips.  She gasped as I rammed my fingers into her hot cunt

and started pumping, rubbing her clitoris with my thumbs as I explored her

wetness.  After a few minutes she stopped me.  I soon found out why.  Tara

had positioned us so that we each had one leg over and one leg under the

other's, our pussies able to rub against each other.  Tara began to 

methodically rub her cunt against mine as I rubbed my pussy against hers in

rhythm.  Slowly at first, then building up to a feverish pace, we banged

away at each other, cumming a couple of times each.

     After Tara came the third time we untangled ourselves.  I wanted to

repay Tara for the service she had given me and I told her to lay down.  I

began by kissing inside her thighs, working my way up to her soaking wet

cunt.  I could smell the musky odor of our mixed cum as I got closer and

closer to her love tunnel, enjoying the wonderful new taste of her as I

went.  Finally I parted her pussy lips with my fingers so I could get at

her enlarged clitoris.  I began nibbling at it and flicking my tongue over

it, side to side and up and down.  Tara was going crazy and I was enjoying

the hell out of being able to experience the taste of her cunt and please

her like she'd pleased me.  I darted my tongue in and out of her pussy and 

continued nibbling and licking her clit, stopping occasionally just long

enough to tease her asshole with the tip of my tongue.  She was bucking her

hips and shoving my face hard into her cunt, almost screaming in pleasure.

I could feel her tensing, building up to a tremendous orgasm.  I wanted to

drink every bit of her cum.  She came hard, bucking her hips madly against

my face as I lapped up every last drop of her precious love juice.  When

she was finished, we kissed a long, slow, passionate kiss and fell asleep in

each other's arms. 

     The next morning we made breakfast and ate, each of us quietly

replaying the night's love making in our minds.  After breakfast Tara 

headed home.  As she was heading out the door I told her that Dave would be

away next weekend and asked her if she'd like to keep me company.  She       

smiled devilishly and said she would love to.  I can't wait to see what 

happens next.  I've discovered a new joy and new passion I never knew I 

could have, especially with another woman.

-- FTC -

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