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Archive-name: Samesex/cheryl2.ff


Archive-title: Cheryl and the Shower - 2

        PART ONE : Cheryl and main character had taken a very involved shower

together after the football game and were leaving for a cheerleader slumber


	PART TWO : The Slumber Party

	Cheryl and I dressed quickly, both of us grinning like fools. I nearly

cleaned out my locker with my extra outfits that I always kept around and my

toiletries. We left for her house in her VW Rabbit. At stoplights, she'd caress

my knees and twice she ventured a quick kiss on the lips. My mind was racing

with the questions I was having. Was I in love with lesbian sex or with Cheryl?

	We arrived at her house and she parked her car in the garage. The other

space was empty, further evidence of her parent's absence. We came into the

kitchen from the garage and met the rest of the cheerleaders that Cheryl had

invited, Jamie, Becky, and Michelle. They were sitting around the kitchen

table talking about what pizza to get that night. We talked for nearly half

an hour about the game and stuff from school earlier that day. Then, with a

signal from Cheryl, everyone got their drinks (Coke, 7up etc) and tromped into

the living room. The room was pretty spacious and the TV was against the wall

in a sunken area. Around the 'Pit' were chairs and a couch, and there were a

few pillows lying at the bottom. 

	We all sat down and got comfortable, innocently apart until Cheryl got

done starting the VCR and snuggled up to me, her arm around my shoulders and

her breast against my arm. The rest of the girls smiled, but directed their

attention to the TV.

	Very quickly, I realized that we were going to watch some porn movies,

and unless I guessed wrongly, I wouldn't be seeing many men. In fact, it turned

out that they had gotten a hold of some all-girl films. Within in minutes,

the room was practically steaming with desire.

	Cheryl began to nuzzle my ear, washing my cheek with her tongue. Becky

reached over from her chair and held my hand as I watched the action on the

screen. I also noticed that Jamie and Michelle had already disappeared.

	Just as an intense kissing scene came on, Cheryl froze the picture, 

the two stars in a hot embrace. Cheryl drew my head around until our mouths 

met, my horniness apparent from my hot and eager kisses. Becky began to caress

my legs, her hands soft and gentle on my pantyhose.

	Soon, Cheryl's hands began to wander, unbuttoning my blouse and 

slipping between me and the couch to undo the catch on my brassiere. She was

very adept and I felt the straps go loose on my shoulders instantly, my chest

expanding with the freedom she had given my breasts.

	Again I closed my eyes and concentrated on the sensations of kissing

my best friend, another girl. The soft lips, the sweet lipstick, her slick

tongue, the heat of our breaths mingling. 

	Cheryl slipped her hand under my loose bra and rubbed my breasts, 

pinching my nipples until they were hard and big. Meanwhile, Becky had knelt

in front of me. She pushed my legs apart, brought her face up to my crotch

and breathed in deeply. From the look on her face, my white cotton shorts did

nothing to hide my state of arousal. She grabbed the snap on the shorts,

popping it quickly and then began to draw my shorts down my legs.

	My attention was brought from Becky's attentions when Cheryl moved to

hold me closely, our kisses becoming more passionate than I had imagined. Too

soon, she broke away and helped me take my shirt and bra off, leaving my 

throbbing nipples in the air-conditioned cool of her living room. Becky pulled

Cheryl's pull-over off and deftly removed her bra. Cheryl returned to our tight

torso embrace, our breasts now rubbing each other. Becky slipped a finger under

either side of my panties and pantyhose and pulled them off quickly, leaving 

me naked to our desires. Becky pulled my legs apart again and returned her 

face to my crotch. I could feel her long hair against my thighs and her head 

was pressed to Cheryl's side.

	With a few agile flicks of her tongue on my aching clit and some active

French kisses from Cheryl, I went over the edge, grabbing Becky's head with

my thighs as my pussy clenched up, and hugging Cheryl tightly as I moaned

with release. Becky was making deep slurping noises, her nose lips and tongue

making love to my throbbing pussy.

	"We wouldn't want pussy stains on the couch, would we?" said Cheryl,

as if in response to my thoughts about Becky. We held each other for the 

minute it took me to calm down.

	They helped my off the couch and laid me down on the bottom of the Pit

with a soft, fluffy towel under my naked ass. Cheryl and Becky finished getting

each other undressed, taking a few seconds out for a couple deep 'hello' 


	"Anne has such a lovely body, don't you think, Becky?", asked Cheryl

as she stood over me.

	"Oh yes," replied sandy-haired, athletic Becky as she ran her hands

over my body, cupping my breasts, pinching my nipples, and finally tracing my

lips with her fingertips. I raised my head slightly, and began to suck on them.

Becky sighed with a smile.

	"We'll get to that, but first you must learn the most important rule

about the Club. We always try to give more than we receive." She sat back

between my legs and rubbed my thighs gently, not heading for my pussy, just

exploring in a very slow, and loving way. Cheryl knelt above my head, her

pussy sitting invitingly close. She then moved her knees to my shoulders and 

put enough pillows under my shoulders and head to give me perfect access to her

damp pussy.

	I tried to remember what Cheryl had done to me, and hoped that my

eagerness, would make up for me inexperience. I explored her lips and found

her clit, hiding away. I lapped like Becky had done, tasting Cheryl's juices.

	"No, no, Anne. Just do what you feel like. We all do it different ways

and that is what makes us each special when we give pleasure. Try again." 

Cheryl's tone didn't seem to dis-pleased, but I took her advice and just did

what seemed best. I sucked on her clit, I nuzzled her hair and lips, and I 

dove deeply into her with my tongue.

	After awhile, I realized that the sounds I was hearing were from Becky

and Cheryl necking above me. I didn't mind, as they both seemed able to pay a 

little attention to my breasts. Just enough to keep them tingling and my pussy


	I concentrated at my task as hand and began to do anything I could 

think of, nuzzling, licking, nibbling, bucking. Cheryl began moving up and

down, moans escaping her lips as she kissed Becky. I worked harder, faster, 

anything to give Cheryl the best sensations. Within seconds, I heard her

exhale loudly with an 'Ooh' and begin to 'fuck' my face, moving up and down

faster and faster. I kept my tongue out and licked anything I could. I could

feel her juices on my face.

	She finally came, her pussy hard against my face. Cheryl came for about

twenty seconds, her body tense, her breathing coming out in short gasps.

	"Can you do that again, Anne?" She asked me as she lifted herself from

my face about a foot.

        "Remember the rule, Cheryl," admonished Becky. They both got off of me

and helped me to my feet.

        "We've got so much to show you before our other guest arrives."

        My mind raced with questions about this other guest, but I stayed

silent as they led back to Cheryl's parents' bedroom and the big bed with

white satin sheets...


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