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Archive-name: Samesex/chain1.txt

Archive-author: Ms. Suzan Sager

Archive-title: Amazon Chain

It was around midnight, when I heard all the laughting and giggling going 

on in the next room. That's why  didn't think anything of it when I burst 

into Lacy room. Boy was I in for a "Big Surprise," I had no idea that I 

would catch three of my biggest, and closest friends down on the floor

licking and sucking each others pussies.

   The three of them were in a large circle on the floor. An "Amazon Chain" 

is what it's called. Lacy in position to suck Satin's big pussy, while Satin 

sucked Scarlet's large cunt, and Scarlet sucked Lacys.

   I tried to turn quietly away to leave, but someone strong grabbed my 

ankle. It was Lacy. Now I'm six feet three inches tall in my heels, but I

had to look up at my Giant friend. She stood six feet eight inches tall in 

her barefeet, and weighted over 295 pounds. 

   "You're involed now," the mammoth woman said as she looked down on me. 

"Yea, we'd like it very much if you would join us down here," they all said 

together, laughting and giggling.

   All at once, before I could answer I had three massive sized naked women 

pulling me out of my clothes. (They are all six feet five and taller, and 

belong to the private "Amazon Club", where you have to be at least six-four 

inches tall to become a member). I might as well confess that I cooperated 


   "Nice size body." Scarlet, who stands six feet six inches tall said. 

I blushed because I'm kind of embarrassed by the size of my tits. They are 44-DDs 

which is a bit much for some people.

"Yea, and not enought for others," the amazonic Satin said, smiling at my 

extra-large tits.

   The three of them spread me out on Lacy's massive size bed. Scarlet parted

my strong thighs, while Satin sucked my large right boob, and Lacy sucked 

my left one. I was trembling as Scarlet squatted between my large knees, 

and pressed her large hot wet tongue against my burning clit. Scarlet's 

large tongue knew just where to go and what to do. 

   "I've never done anything like this before with other women," I said.

   "You just relax that large body of yours. You don't have to do a thing."

 Scarlet said. "We'll do all the doing, and you can do all the enjoying."

   Before I knew it, she turned me over onto my stomach, brought her 

large wet lips down unto the crack of my butt, and gently kissed my anus, 

as Lacy held my big buns open for Scarlet. Scarlet kissed all over the 

taut skin of my asshole. I began to quiver and softly sigh. 

   "Ooooooh Yea, feels sooo good." I moaned.....

   My large roomate, Lacy, could tell that I was excited beyond belief. 

   "You have such a big hot ass," Scarlet said. "I'm going to kiss it, and 

lick it, and finger it, and if you really like it, I'm going to fuck it 

and make you cum, liking it.

   She dug her large tongue into my crack and really began to eat out my big 

ass. She was giving my ass a complete tongue-bath. "Do you like it as much 

as I like doing it to you?" she asked. "Ooooh Yesssss!" I moaned. "It's been 

like one of my biggest fantasy, having another women play with my ass like 

you're doing."

   She pumped two of her large fingers in and out of my ass, and when I was 

loose enough she strapped on this monsterous, ten inch didlo to fuck me 

with. "Fuck her Doggy-Style," Satin said. "That way, I'll be able to lick 

her big swollen clit while you fuck her."

   Smacking my butt with her large hand, she told me to get up on all fours,

which I did gladly.

   Satin wiggled her large nasty body beneath me, while Lacy helped Scarlet 

strap on the ten-inch didlo. Damm what a feeling it was to look up at 

Scarlet towering over me with the big ten-inch didlo, strapped onto her 

massive body. I'd never had my pussy eaten out while getting fucked at the 

same time. It was a most exciting encounter.                         

    While Scarlet fucked me with the Big ten-inch dildo, Satin tongued

my hot wet pussy, while Lacy tongued Satin. The feeling of a big dildo 

sliding slowly and carefully in and out of my pussy, was more than I could 

take. The erotic sensation of it all was very overwhelming . . .

    They didn't give me a chance to rest after I came, suddenly Lacy was the 

one fucking me with the big strap on dildo. But she wasn't fucking me in my 

cunt; she was fucking me up my big tight ass. This was while Scarlet fucked 

her in her big tight ass at the same time.

    This went on for hours. They all switch off and on with me, they all got 

a chance to fuck me any way they wanted. I yowled in delight as I was taken 

one by one in their "Amazon Chain.".....

                   THE AMAZON'S ARENA BBS   714-840-1145

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