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Archive-name: Samesex/carolbi.ff

Archive-author: Carol

Archive-title: Bi Experience with an Old Friend

Five years ago, I was carrying my groceries to the car in the parkinglot when

I crashed into another woman loaded down with the same.  We both started to

apologize, then shrieked with delight and embraced.

Connie had been my best friend.  We grew up together and had known each other

for nearly twenty years, even though we'd sort of lost touch a couple of years

back.  We went to high school together and even lost our cherries to the same

guy!  Boy, those were the days.

She and her husband had moved just a few blocks from where my husband, Eddie,

and I lived, so I followed her back to their place.  She got out a bottle of

Harvey's Bristol Cream to celebrate, and soon we were sitting on the settee,

drinking and giggling, carrying on just like it used to be.

Suddenly, Connie leaned forward and asked,  "Is Eddie any good, you know, in

bed?  I mean, do you have an orgasm when you fuck?"

It wasn't like Connie to be so bold, but I answered her anyway."Sure," I said,

"most times.  How about you and Frank?"

"Oh," gushed Connie, "Frank is a

sex maniac and wants it all the time.  "She giggled.  "Do you want to know

what he does?"


"He does this," she continued and put her hand to my lap, pressing into my

pubes.  I felt her finger rubbling my slit through my skirt and both of us

burst out laughing.  She continued her demonstration of Frank's tactics by

squeezing my now swelling pussy lips.

I didn't protest and asked, "Does it always feel this good when he does it to


"Oh, yes," she responded,  "He always does it to me in public knowing quite

well the kick I get out of it."

"It sure feels nice when you do it to me."

"Does it?" she asked, her hand under my skirt now and creeping up my thighs

reaching for my panties.

I felt tremors rolling up from my pussy, "What are you doing?" I asked huskily.

"Do you mind?"

I opened my legs wider in response and felt her finger creep under the elastic

band on my panties.  She probed about carefully at first, getting the lay of

my moist cunt, and then she stuffed her fingers deep in my wet hole.

She kept fingering me until our lips met across one another's and we fell into

a hot embrace on the couch.  I never felt so inflamed and hot before and

suddenly I wanted to eat her!

Pushing her back and pulling her legs wide apart, I began to feed hungrily at

her pink gash.  I'd never eaten pussy before, but I loved it, especially the

way her excitement drooled out to cover my nose.  Her clit was marvelously

meaty and I chewed it gently between my teeth all the while fingering her

juicing hole.

Connie arched to allow me better access to her throbbing cunt and I lunged

into it licking, chewing and sucking like I'd never be satisfied.  I didn't

know it could be this pleasurable, the taste and feel of another woman's body,

so I sucked her harder and harder, finally bringing that pussy off to a creamy


In the hours that followed,  Connie made love to me and showed me another

whole side of my sexual self.  No longer would I be strictly a man's woman,

I remember thinking to myself, and that's how it is to this day.


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