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Archive-name: Samesex/campeagl.txt

Archive-author: Best Fucking Little Boy...

Archive-title: Camping with Five, Horny, Young Eagle Scouts

-- a story of delisciouss, sslippery, conssenssual, homosekxsuall sex

among several salasciouss and insashiable adolescentss

(c) 1992 by the Best Fucking Little Boy in the Whole Goddam World

"Ok boys, in the water and on your mark."

      Five naked boys of various heights and hair colors, ranging in age from

16 to 18 dove off the pier and into the brown lake for the swimming match.

Their bodies varied in shade from red to brown from two weeks of camping

without clothes, two weeks totally bare out of doors. They had been laughing

and punching and wrestling while waiting for the whistle to blow for the

start. Now, in the water, they were quiet and intent, each thinking only of

winning this last important race. Their heads bobbed in the water.

      "On your mark...". Each stood back flat against the pier.

      "Set.." They put out their arms.

      "Go!" They all lurched out of the water and dove forward, their arms

and legs flapping with all the strength and energy their hard bodies could

muster. Their heads turned side to side and their compact little asses bobbed

up and down out of the water as they energetically swam the distance, kicked

off the wall twenty five yards away, and headed back the way they came. It was

a close race, but a darkly tanned Cuban boy named Luiz touched the rope in

his lane barely a second before the one favored to win, Steve, a tall, blonde,

muscular boy (and at 18, the oldest of the five). Third place was tied between

Will, the small, wiry, red head; and brown haired JR, the hairiest and

toughest of the bunch. (He had probably been hampered by his poor eye sight

since he had to wear glasses. It was well known that Will and Steve were

boyfriends and it was assumed that THEY would tie.) In fifth came Rick, the

most popular boy at camp. Rick was the smallest and youngest, but he had a

compact muscular body and an extremely sweet little dick nestled in a cute,

brown bush. Everyone agreed he had the best tasting gism.

      The boys struggled up out of the water, their bodies dripping and their

feet leaving wet prints all over the greyish brown wooden pier. They rubbed

their eyes and waited for the results to be announced.

      "And the winner is...". Being in the race, none of them knew who had

won. "Luiz Marcado! Congratulations Luiz!". The other boys applauded, then

patted him on the back or smacked his butt.

      "Ok boys. Free time until dinner."

      The Scout Master darted over to Luiz before he could follow the other

boys who were quickly dispersing into the woods or down the beach.

      "So you get to choose the recreation for our last night. What's your


      "I have some ideas but I'm not sure who might go along with it." Luiz

looked down. He had beautiful, dark brown eyes and could sometimes be very

shy. He stared at the Scout Master's bare feet.

      "Well let's hear your ideas. I'm sure no matter what it is I've heard


      "Ok, well, I thought maybe we could all of us get together tonight, you

know, just see what happens. All of us together on the mat, you know, with

maybe a little warm oil to lubricate things a little?"

      "Well, that sounds appropriate for the last night I guess. Do you think

somebody might not go along? We can't really make them of course, but it would

be more fun if every body did."

      "I'm not sure about Steve and Will. They keep to themselves pretty much


      The Scout Master smiled. "I think they'll go along." Steve and Will had

visited his tent last night together and the three of them had had a great

time. "So, I think you have a very good idea. What are you going to do now, by

the way?"

      Luiz looked up. The Scout Master's massive cock was sticking straight

out from his body and thickening and stiffening as Luiz watched. In no time

it pointed straight up. Luiz licked his lips. He knew it was a delicious

cock but he'd already made a date with Rick. If it weren't for Ricky's

delicious and abundant juice...

      Luiz looked up and gave a shy smile. "mmmmmm, I'd like to but Ricky

and I are ... going to do some stuff." Luiz's own cock had quickly risen to

attention from his thick, damp, black, bush. The councilor stroked the inside

of Luiz's leg and lightly fingered his balls.

      "Too bad. Guess I'll have to take care of myself. Ok, go have a good

time with Rick."

      Luiz trotted off, his erect organ smacking against his stomach as he

ran into the woods to find Rick. There was no one in sight now. Oh well, the

Scout Master decided to save himself for tonight. Even though he himself was

only a few years older than they were, he wasn't able to keep up with these

boys even as well as he could last year.

      After the dinner things were cleared up and washed all the boys gathered

around the fire to hear what tonight's treat was. Everyone was sporting an

iron-like erection in anticipation. They were chatting and giggling and

playing around with each other; not too seriously though lest they waste some

of their juice (though they all had plenty to spare). The Scout Master

went to his tent to get the gymnastics mat they had brought for their

evening's entertainments. Steve helped him spread it out, then the Scout

Master sat on the picnic table to get everyone quiet and start the


      "Well Eagle Scouts, have you all had a good time these past two weeks?"

      "Yeah!" they all yelled.

      "Tonight's our last night. Tomorrow it's back to school or your summer

jobs and wearing those uncomfortable clothes."


      "Well, Luiz, the winner of today's event, has thought up a special

treat for us to say goodbye to each other. You want to tell them Luiz?"

      Luiz stood up and went over to the mess area. One of the large sauce

pans had been sitting near the fire to warm. He took off the lid and brought

it over to the group, walking carefully in his bare feet so as not to

spill anything.

      "This is just to get things started," he said. "Would everyone stand


      The boys stood up in a row; five boys, five hard young bodies, five

unquenchable sexual appetites, and five erected cocks, ripe to bursting with

untold gallons of cream.

      Luiz went from boy to boy and had them dip their hands in the warm

oil. Each smeared it on his neighbor's back, chest, or legs. (They avoided

touching the other's (or their own) cocks for fear of premature explosions.)

Luiz made the round several times until the pan was almost empty and

everyone's naked body was shining and gleaming in the firelight. He put the

pan back near the fire.

      "Let's go!" he said. They all rushed together and collapsed on the mat,

five slick naked boys, grinding and rubbing against each other. In a few

minutes they had desolved into a mountain of heaving and grunting bodies. Some

of them were already ejaculating thick, wads of cum from slipping and slidding

their pricks against whatever they could find. Some made it feel good for

those grunting and groaning with pleasure while protecting their own cocks.

Then those that had lost their first load rubbed themselves against whatever

they could find that was still hard until warm stuff spurted out. They

continued oozing around against each other. Some boys stayed stiff after

cumming and were soon ready to shoot again. Others had to wait to harden back

up after ten or fifteen minutes, but were soon enjoying it once more. All of

the pleasure was given and received by the mutual slipping and sliding

together of their slick bodies. (Steve, however, succeeding in finding Will in

the mound of flesh, slid himself into his boyfriend and enjoyed himself for

awhile. A little later Will got the opportunity to return the fuck.) After

about an hour and a half and several pints of cream, they were reduced to a

heap of tired but satisfied boys, all tangled together and piled against one

another; shiny, slick, and slimy with oil and semen. Little white flecks of jiz

clung to their skin and hair. The mat was so slick they couldn't have stood on

two legs if they tried.

      Luiz, when he came back to his senses, decided his idea was a success.

The real test would be JR's cock. He'd never seen it totally flacid. One night

he and Rick had tried to suck JR soft. JR had a couple of orgasms right off,

but they had to give up on him after an hour or two. His meat stayed stiff

no matter what they did. Luiz slid around through the heap, tickling whoever

he happened to encounter until he found a familiar hairy leg, the hairs all

plastered down by the oil. He followed the leg up until he encountered a

large, sumptuous, pair of balls and an extended but definitely soft dick.

The remaining bush was light brown and thin so it must be JR's. In fact, the

shaved balls proved it was (Luiz had helped Will shave them one night.) So

his idea WAS a success. He was exhausted anyway and slid back down into the

pile. Come to think of it though, he hadn't seen the Scout Master anywhere. In

fact, he didn't remember seeing, feeling, or tasting the Scout Master at all

tonight. He tried to raise up to find the picnic table where he'd last seen

him sitting, but Will was feeling him out and massaging his meat and someone

else (Steve?) was running his leg over his chest. He moved the leg away

and succeeded in getting up on his knees. Before someone pulled him back into

the heap, he caught a glimpse of the Scout Master, his rock hard cock

towering up past his navel from between his strong, hairy thighs. But he

was just sitting back and enjoying the show.

      Luiz lay back down and whispered into the nearest ear (it turned out

to be Steve's). "Hey, we gotta get the S.M. in on this!"

      "Yeah, where's his moby dick been?"

      "Let's go get'im!"

      Luiz and Steve extracted themselves from the tangle of greased flesh

and walked over towards the Scout Master. "I'm just going to watch tonight,"

he said smiling. All the boys loved the Scout Master. He was one in a million

to them. He was a hard, muscular guy with a smooth upper body and a military

style hair cut. (All the boys agreed he looked a lot like Marky Mark.) He had

only a little thin patch of hair between his well defined pectorals. Below the

waste he possessed an enormous cock, more than nine inches when fully hard.

(Last Tuesday night everybody had to get measured, soft and stiff both.) The

Scout Master was an avid nudist and so his body was a uniform brown. He was

good at just about all sports, knew all about nature and the environment, knew

how to carve things out of wood, in short, a real man's man and the perfect

Scout Master. This troop thought he was anyway.

      Steve and Luiz approached him. "Really, tonight it's you boys turn

to have fun. I'm just going to supervise." Each one took an arm. They pulled

him off the table and he made a feeble attempt to free himself, laughing and

protesting. They dragged him towards the other boys who, distracted from their

play, made a space for him on the shiny, slick mat.

      Luiz and Steve held the S.M.'s hands behind his back while JR and Rick

held his feet so he couldn't get away. Will ran to get the pan of oil, still

warming near the fire, and poured what was left over the S.M.'s shoulders and

down his back and chest. They they pushed him on to the mat and the boys

piled on to him, greasing him up and covering him with the oil and cum they

themselves were coated with. The Scout Master could hardly breathe, he was

almost suffocated by these hard young bodies slipping and rubbing and grinding

against him on all sides and all over him.

      "Let's show the S.M. our appreciation guys!", shouted JR.

      "Yeah!.. Yeah!" they all called enthusiastically.

      One by one they attached themselves to the Scout Master. JR slid around

and worked his perpetually stiff meat into the Scout Master's hairy ass. JR

had fond memories of those days last week when he and the Scout Master had

done this over and over again. What a great feeling it was. (JR had won the

fucking contest that they had the very first night in camp.) Luiz leaned

over and took the Scout Master's huge cock into his mouth, sucking off the

pre-cum and at the same time jerking the slick shaft up and down violently

with his hand. (As best he could anyway, his hand wouldn't go all the way

around it.) Ricky's jiz tasted the best, there was no argument there, but

Luiz liked the Scout Master's dick the best with it's big fleshy head and

3/4 inch cumslit and never ending fountain of cream. Ricky, knowing he was the

favorite in the blow job department, straddled the Scout Master's neck and

pushed his taut little cock into the S.M's face. The Scout Master gobbled it

up, shiny little balls and all. Ricky knew the Scout Master liked to have his

face fucked hard so he started bucking in and out, his smooth, red butt

bumping up and down on the Scout Master's chest as he rammed himself in and

out, tip to balls. Steve and Will contented themselves by sliding around all

over the rest of the group. They watched anxiously though so as to immediately

take the place of the first boy who lost his load. They soon heard the

unmistakable rhythmic grunts and whispered obscenities as JR shot his stuff

deep into the Scout Master's ass. "Fuck it! fuck it off! shiiit, fuck the

bastard!", JR was hissing with each wad he ejaculated, his arms and legs

flailing in rhythm. (JR was the most entertaining to watch while having an

orgasm they had voted last Thursday.) As soon as JR's cock slid out, Steve was

there ready to take his place. Jiz was already leaking in anticipation from

his throbbing prick. Jiz was oozing as well from the Scout Master's cum soaked

crack. Steve eagerly thrust himself in and started pumping. Next to reach

orgasm was the Scout Master who couldn't take much of Luiz's technique.

(Saturday Luiz had won the badge for giving the best blow job, though Will

had come a very close second.) Since the Scout Master hadn't had an orgasm in

several hours he shot huge thick wads down Luiz's throat. Luiz almost

choked on it but eagerly swallowed as much as he could, squeezing out more and

more with his hand. In the meantime Ricky had timed himself perfectly as

usual. (Monday it was determined he had the best control over his erections

and orgasms and could use them to best advantage with his partner (or

partners.)) When he felt the Scout Master sucking on him for all he was worth

and turned his head and saw the muscles in the S.M.'s body hard and straining,

he let himself go. The sweet, concentrated, pearly white jiz his sixteen year

old balls produced squirted into the Scout Master's throat. He let himself

escape the Scout Master's mouth for one shot so he could smear some of it

around on the S.M.'s face, but he plunged his dick back in to finish off. When

Rick was through, Will quickly pulled him away and rammed his own cock into

the Scout Master's face. (The Scout Master could tell it was Will because of

the beautiful red bush gleaming just inches from his eyes.) The Scout Master

gobbled Will up just as eagerly as he had Ricky. JR, the first to cum, was by

now feeling a little left out of the action. He looked around to see how he

could make himself useful. Luiz was still working on the Scout Master's

dick, so JR moved around to give Luiz a little relief. Up to now Luiz had

been trying to jerk himself off while keeping the Scout Master cumming. JR

shoved his face into Luiz's sweating crotch, chewed his balls, then took the

shaft deep in his mouth. (JR prefered Luiz's cream to Ricky's, perhaps because

it was more exotic, but he hadn't yet confided this to Luiz.) Luiz must

have been close to satisfying himself because JR felt the delicious, warm

liquid flood his mouth on the first suck. He reached around and plunged his

finger into Luiz's hole and was rewarded with a tidal wave of thick semen.

Luiz eagerly forced the Scout Master's cum slick dick as far back in his

throat as he could when he felt his own balls shoot their stuff. Even before

he was done though, bodies were collapsing all around, empty and exhausted.

After Luiz finished JR wanted to continue to chew on his flacid cock. Luiz

had to pry him away. He and JR collapsed on top of each other. A quick

inspection revealed that everyone's cock was totally soft, even the Scout

Master's and JR's.

      After a few minutes more of slopping around in the mess they'd generated

there was a general exodus to the lake to wash and take a moonlight swim. It

was getting late though and they had a four mile hike out to the van in the


      "Ok boys, time for bed" said the S.M. finally.

      All the boys were tired out and so they made no complaints. For the

first time in two weeks, though, they all slept alone in their own tent;

except for Steve and Will who were going to miss being together terribly

and couldn't bear to waste this last opportunity to sleep together; and the

Scout Master, who wanted  one more chance to chew Ricky's delicious meat

(and Ricky was happy to turn himself over to so gentle and satisfying a man

as the Scout Master); and Luiz and JR, who had decided the last few days they

wanted to get to know each other a little better, and anyway, JR had something

very important to tell Luiz.

Camping with Five, Horny, Young Eagle Scouts -- a story of delisciouss,

sslippery, conssenssual, homosekxsuall sex among several salasciouss

and insashiable adolescentss

(c) 1992 by the Best Fucking Little Boy in the Whole Goddam World


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