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Archive-name: Samesex/campdall.txt


Archive-title: Camping in Dallas

I must have had my head examined for agreeing to campout this 

weekend with my younger stepbrothers.  Chad and Jamey were the 

sons of my dad's second wife and I wasn't that excited about 

coming to Dallas anyway over spring break.  I figured a Texas 

April would be warm but tonight, it was colder than I expected 

and the skies looked mighty threatening on the ranch's east 

range.  I think Dad and Roz were just trying to get rid of us and 

they decided I would babysit the boys.  


So we'd packed up the camping gear and taken Dad's pickup on the 

ten minute drive to the rolling hills that were his biggest 

cowpasture.  The boys knew it well for they'd always lived here 

but Dad married into ranching.  I'd known nothing about this and 

of course Dad didnt' either...but then when Roz has as much money 

as she does, he doesn't have to.


Chad's a quiet eleven year old and Jamey's fourteen.  Neither of 

the boys were as Texan as I'd always thought they should be but 

the did know the camping routine.  It was, after all, their 

camping stuff.  They drafted me to do the cooking tonight so we 

built your basic fire, ate steaks and potatoes and as darkness 

took the spring landscape, we sat around the fire.  It was nice 

but I wasn't all that impressed with making conversation with a 

couple of boys I didn't really know all that well.  So we talked 

about school, ranching, Texas--of course, and our parents.  They 

wanted to know about life with Dad before Roz so I told em about 

that and my mom, who I've lived with for most of my life.


Jamey was a pretty trendy kid.  He swore a lot and he was pretty 

impressed with the stories I told him about my life which wasn't 

nearly as expensive as his.  Actually, Jamey was a pretty kid 

too.  I guess he looked abit like Will Wheaton in his younger 

days.  Boyish, alittle sensitive.  Wishing he was bigger and 

maybe tougher than he was.  I told him about girls and my dating 

experiences.  When we eventually got around to talking about sex, 

I realized how little these two knew, other than what the cows 

do.  He was a wannabe kind of a kid.  "Wanna be" cool, "Wanna be" 

a hot dog with the girls.  He hadn't so much as had a finger in a 

girl's little pussy.


"Well, I didn't either, at your age, Jamey." I reassured him. 

"But I knew Rosie Palm and her five daughters real well," I added 

with a laugh.  I expected him to laugh too but he just had a 

questioned look.


"My hand!"  I curled my fingers around and 

motioned up and down between my legs.


Jamey finally got it.  He laughed.  Chad giggled.


"Course you guys...being from Texas..." I went on, entertaining 

them.  I made a big circle with my hands about a foot in diameter 

and pretended to jack off a two foot dick between my legs, "you 

boys from Texas are probably so BIG you have to help each other 



They roared at that one.  Jamey picked up the storyline.  "Yup, 

my dick's so big, Chad here has to get underneith and lift with 

both hands just so I can take a piss!"


More laughter.  "Yup," I said, turning to Chad.  "You probably 

get a workout jacking off your brother at night...BIG muscles."  

More laughter yet.  The subject changed and changed several times more innocent things.  Chad was the first to get tired 

and we decided to turn in.  The fire was down and it was getting 

chilly so we got up, went into the tent and laid out our sleeping 

bags.  I was grateful for a soft foam mat that would protect me 

from this Texas ground.  But it was cold.


Jamey unzipped his bag and laid down on it.  And he peeled off 

his shoes and socks and his jeans.  "You're gonna freeze your ass 

off, bro!" I said.  But I also took a long look at his spindly 



keep you warm." he answered, turning to me.  "Put your shoes and 

socks and your pants at the bottom of your bag and they'll stay 

warm for morning."  He sat cross legged in front of me and i 

gazed down at his basket.  He noticed.  I followed suit and 

removed my shoes and socks and I also took off my pants.  Chad 

had already slipped into his bag and he had removed his inside 

and had laid down and was even quieter than usual.  He was on the 

far side, Jamey was in the middle and I was next to him.


I sat facing him.  We talked a few minutes but very few for it 

was getting too chilly.  I followed his lead and slipped into my 

bag as he got into his own.  The opening of the two bags faced 

each other so we laid there face to face and talked.  I really 

was cold because I wasn't used to this and I told him I wasn't 

sure I was going to be able to survive.


"I need somebody to keep me company in warm me up," I 



"Well, Chad and I used to sleep IS warmer that 



The prospect of warming up next to Jamey warmed me for a couple 

reasons. "Well I sure don't mind if YOU don't....youre place or 



Jamey's eyes twinkled, innocently, I think.  "Your've 

got the bigger sleeper.  He unzipped and then I did and I opened 

up the sleeping bag for him.  Jamey opened his all the way and 

spread it out on top of us to make a top cover and then he 

crawled in.  There was plenty of room in this bag for me but when 

he got into it and zipped us up together, it was cozy.  We'd 

brought pillows from the house so we were comfortable enough but 

as we laid on your backs, we were touching and I admit to 

enjoying that touch.  I had told him earlier about my experiences 

with girls but I didn't tell him that I also enjoy boys too.


I hadn't had a lot of experience but I've sucked and been sucked 

and when I was his age, I jacked off with one of my friends and 

not just a few times.


We talked some more.  I hadn't really thought about doing 

anything with Jamey since he was living with my dad but as our 

legs sometimes touched, it certainly crossed my mind.  At first I 

wasn't comfortable talking about sex with a nearly naked fourteen 

year old in my sleeping bag but he brought it up.  He asked me 

when was the first time I'd had sex.


"You mean with a girl?" I didn't even think about the 

ramification of what I had said.  He paused.


"No...with anybody."


I thought about it for minute.  "Well, I fooled around when I was 

about nine with a girl but we didn't do much....When I was about 

your age...I'll admit it...I had a jack off friend.  He was my 

best friend.  It was better than doing it alone."


Jamey didn't say anything and that worried I was in a 

sleeping bag with him and both of us were in our underwear.  

"Does that bother you?"


"No...I have a friend who asked me if I wanted to watch him jack 

off...but I just didn't want to...I'm not sure why."


I prodded him.  "You WERE a little curious, tho, weren't you?"


"Yeah....I've thought about it some since then."


"Yeah...that's how we started out."


"You did it more than once?" Jamey asked.




"Did you guys ever suck each other?"  Jamey was getting pretty 

curious...more than just a little, I thought.


"Yeah...and this has making my dick hard...are you sure you wanna 

talk about this?"   My honesty sometimes even takes me by 



"Well we don't have to...I'm just curious," he answered.


"Well, if you're that curious, we can do more than talk...I don't 

mind at all."


"Well, I'm a little shy...that's okay."


I turned onto my side and faced him.  And I reached over and 

grabbed his outside arm and gently pulled him towards me so he 

then rolled over and we were face to face.


"I'm not so bashful," I whispered.  "But what about Chad?"


"Hey, he's out like a light...always is."


I moved my legs and slipped one between his calves just below the 

knees.  Jamey was much shorter than I.  And I reached my hand 

down, found his penis and gave him a little squeeze through his 

underwear.  He was hard.


"You're not're READY," I giggled quietly and then I 

massaged his dick some more.  It was sticking straight towards me 

under his shorts.  Then I reached for his hand which was still at 

his side and brought it down to my own hard cock.  He squeezed my 

meat and I went back to squeezing his.  He started jacking me 



"Go easy, pal" I said.  "Lets make this last."  I couldn't see 

his face in the darkness of the tent but I heard his exhale so I 

knew he grinned.  "I'm getting plenty warm in here now, Jamey"


"That's for sure," he agreed.  I stopped playing with his dick 

and ran my hand across the top of his hip and to his waist and 



"Let's get out of these...lift your hips up."  He did and with 

that, I reached down and slipped his underwear down onto his 

thighs.  He kicked them down and as he did so, I slipped my own 

jockeys off.  "Total body," I said and I pulled his shirt up 

towards his arms.  He took the cue and leaned away from me and 

slipped off his shirt.  When he finished, I did the same.


"Naked," I said slowly and I ran my hand from his shoulder, down 

his chest, across his bare hip and down his thigh.  I put his 

free hand on my chest and I put my hand back to his stiff dick.  

I felt a drop of precum on the end and I made circular motions 

with it on the head.  "You're gonna move too fast, I can tell." I 

said, "let me just rub you all over."  I turned him again so he 

was laying on his belly. He had to raise up because while the 

sleeping bag was roomy, it wasn't that big.  I remained on my 

side and drew one leg up across the back of his legs and then i 

proceeded to rub his back and his fourteen year old ass, which 

was very firm and very smooth.  As my fingers found their way to 

the bottom of his crack, he spread his legs out further.  I 

reached with my fingertips down and tickled the back of his 

ballsac.  He lifted his hips and arched his back so to give me 

more reach and I took advantage and played with his balls from 

behind him.  He laid there passively feeling every touch, which I 

made sure was light and tender.  I lowered myself as much as the 

bag would allow and managed to get under the covers...and I put 

my head on the small of his back and while I played with his 

scrotum, I pushed my face further down, trying to get the cheek 

of my face to the cheek of his fanny.


outside the sleeping bag but then I easily was able to put my 

face on his ass.  His legs were wide apart, one between my legs 

and the other on the far side of our double wide sleeping bag.  I 

rubbed my cheek against his asscheek and continued playing with 

is balls and inner thighs and fanny with my hand.  How I loved 

the soft but firm skin of his hairless ass.  I turned my mouth to 

his fanny now and just made playful nibbles over the round sides 

and even at the middle.  He was not totally relaxed.  He kept his 

cheekmuscles tightened so I just licked the crack lightly up and 

down but I must have grazed his bumhole for he stuck his ass 

straight up in the air, deciding he liked that.  I was breathing 

heavily and the air in the sleeping bag was getting stale.  So I 

just gave him one long deep lick, paused for afew seconds on his 

asshole and then came up for air.


"I don't believe you're doing that."  Jamey said.  "But it does 

feel mighty good!"


"I figured you liked that, little stepbrother," I said.  "But I 

ran out of air."


He made a larger opening at the top and then kicked the inside of 

the bag, effectively sucking in a fresh air supply.  Up and down 

he expanded the bag so there was an exchange of cool Texas night 

air in the bag.


"More?"  I asked.


"Yeah, alot more please."  With his answer, I went back down to 

service him.  I carressed his back, and his backside.  Then I 

motioned for him to turn over and he did, eagerly.  I put my 

cheek on his belly with my mouth just inches way from his rock 

hard fourteen year old dick which was plenty moist by this time.  

I massaged the shaft of his dick with my hand and slid my face 

down the inch or two required to meet the end of his cock with my 

lips.  I danced my tongue across him and the muscles in his groin 

flexed as if he were trying to make his boyhood even longer.  

Then I went down on him, making him wet all around and I sucked 

on it.  I could tell he was enjoying it for he moved his hips so 

as to stroke into my mouth.  In almost no time, his penis 

throbbed and he ejaculated in two or three grand spurts.  I 

hungrily swallowed his semen and sucked on it and squeezed his 

dick as if milking it to get it all.  Boyjuice.


Jamey was almost panting...being as quiet as he could but his 

chest heaved up and down.  I got the lad off good!  For the next 

minute or two, I attended to his private places...just kissing 

his softening dick and his balls and his slender thighs.  Making 

him warm all over with my lips and my fingers.  Finally I 

straightened up in the sleeping bag, slipped my leg back between 

his and put my arm around him.  Face to face, I said. "That pal, 

is what they call a good blow job."


"Well that was good.  I never came so hard as I did just then.


"Big brother knows how to treat you, Jamey...its our private 

little gift to you," I whispered and then held him 



"I...I dont think I can do that to you."  Jamey felt obviously 

badly that he wasn't ready to reciprocate.


"It's okay, pal." I reassured him.  "I'd like you to jack me off 

if you would...but you don't have to."


"No, I can do least THAT."


With that, Jamey's young hand reached down and he worked my dick 

as he usually worked his own.  I snuggled my face into his brown 

hair and thought about his lovely body.  When the time came, I 

fished up my shirt with my feet and prepared for what was a very 

intense orgasm into his hands.





We awoke well after dawn broke.  Chad got up before us, opened 

the tent to bright sunlight and this day was obviously warmer.  

The sun had warmed the tent's interior so it was nothing like the 

chill we'd felt when we got into our sleeping bags the night 

before.  But it was a very warm and cozy night.


My morning hard on was bigger than usual for my dick was up 

against my naked Jamey's backside.  I reached around and squeezed 

him several times...whispering for him to wake up.  As he did, he 

came to the consciousness of where he was, who he was with, and 

what we had done.  He grinded his bottom into my hardness and his 

dick sprang to erection.  We just laid there for awhile while I 

stroked him and rubbed my hands over his belly and across the top 

of his hip which was next to mine.


Chad came in the tent and I stopped abruptly.  He sat down in 

front of us with a smug look on him.  "I know what you did last 

night," he said, matter-of-factly.


I didn't move.  Jamey tensed.  I could feel his heart starting to 

pound.  I wasn't sure what to think but I knew I needed to keep 

my composure.


"And what was that??" I questioned.


"You sucked him...I heard you.  I even saw you."  Chad grinned.  

Jamey was thinking about dying.  "Supposed I would tell dad??"


I leaned up on one elbow.  "Well if you tell, I'll personally 

kick your ass."  I paused.  "And if you DON'T tell, I might do to 

you what I did to your brother...that is if you want it."


The eleven year old thought about it.  "Well, not in front of 

Jamey," he said, looking at his brother who wasnt believing this 



"Why NOT in front of guys might want to learn this 

together for when I'm not here...I guarantee you'll like it!"


"Sounds pretty interesting."  Chad was playing it pretty 



"So agreed?...Chad?...Jamey?"  Both boys nodded.  Jamey relaxed.


"Unzip the bag Jamey...he got us...lets come clean."  

Reluctantly, Jamey unzipped the bag and I motioned for him to sit 

up.  Chad could see Jamey and I weren't wearing shirts and he 

could see Jamey's bare hips, although the fourteen year old kept 

the rest of himself covered.


"Come here stud...we can't do anything until we're all three of 

us are naked to each other."


Chad walked slowly forward, stepped over the sleeping bag and 

stood over me.  I undid his belt, unbuttoned his jeans and stuck 

my hand into his crotch.  He was small but he was firm.


"Shoes and socks" I said and he kicked them off easily for they 

were untied.  With that, I pulled his jeans down, revealing a 

pair of oversized underpants and a stiff pecker underneith.  Chad 

wasnt totally sure he wanted in on this I shoved down 

our covers, revealing Jamey's and my dicks.  Jamey was totally 

soft for he'd had the shit scared out of him but I was hot at the 

prospect of seducing his little brother.


"Come on...lets see that pecker...I wanna make it feel good."


Chad slipped his underpants down to reveal a hairless eleven year 

old dick...still not yet through puberty.  What it didn't have in 

size, it had in intention for he was hard and purple.

"Come here little man..." I told him as I reached over and coaxed 

him over onto the sleeping bag and i put my hand on his boydick 

and squeezed it several times.  Our sleeping bag was big enough 

for two but it was crowded for three as he slipped in between us.  

Since it was warmer now, we left it unzipped and down.


"Watch carefully,'s how you give head."


I got down and put Chad's babydick in my mouth and started the up 

and down motions.  He responded by grinding his hips. Chad was up 

for it...there was no question about it.  I worked him pretty 

well and used my hand to gently massage his boyballs and inner 

thighs to make him aware of his nakedness.


"Now he's probably not gonna cum, Jamey," I said, "you willing to 

try this?"


Jamey had watched long enough and said he would.  His dick was 

plenty firm now.  I told the boys we'd try it alittle bit 

differently this time.  I told Jamey to scoot down and lay on his 

back.  I had Chad get up on his hands and knees and spread his 

legs right over Jamey's face.  That gave me the younger boy's ass 

to myself.  The boys were in the sixty nine position. 


"Play with your brother while he sucks you, Chad...go ahead, 

you'll like it."  Chad took Jamey's bigger rod in his hands and 

played with it.  Jamey started sucking his little brother and I 

noticed that Chad pressed his lips to Jamey's dick and then 

started to suck on him similarly.


Watching my stepbrothers sixtynine each other really got me hot.  

I leaned down and proceeded to lick Chad's ass...not playing 

around with it, mind you.  I went for his little asshole and 

started licking it like there was no tomorrow.  Jamey's face was 

right below my chin and he had his brother's pencil pecker and he 

was giving an amateur, but an acceptable blow job.  


I got up and rubbed my hard dick up and down Chad's fleshy ass as 

I watched Jamey below.  In a short time, I came all over both 

boys but most of it landed in Chad's opened asscheeks...and some 

dribbled down onto Jamey's forehead.  It was one of the best 

orgasms I'd ever had...for the visual stimulation of the three of 

us in this tent was downright inspiring.  As I rubbed my spent 

cock on Chad, I saw him stop sucking Jamey....he grinded his hips 

in Jamey's mouth and had what was probably his first orgasm, dry 

as it evidentally was.  His asshole puckered and opened with it 

and I knew he had enjoyed himself.  I rubbed the slippery head of 

my dick right across his asshole to stimulate him further until 

he relaxed.


With that, I went around and finished Jamey off, giving him a 

right side up, more seasoned cocksucking.  Jamey got off in my 

mouth in no time...for that's what adolescents do.


"So..ya gonna tell on anybody, Chad?" I asked as I cleaned up my 

mess from his cute boybottom?


"Uh, no...and certainly not if we do this some more."


"Well, we can when I'm around...and when I'm not, you boys have 

learned how to take care of each other."


Chad and Jamey looked at each other...smiled and nodded...and now 

they knew very well how brothers take care of each other.



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