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Archive-name: Samesex/bradyfan.txt


Archive-title: Brady -  A Fantasy


     Ray opened the front door to his home and there stood Brady.

He stood about six feet four inches and weighed about 200 pounds.

He was solid muscle.  Brady's handsome face and boyish smile was

enough to melt metal.


     "Come on in Brady."  Brady entered and walked into the

living room.  "Have a seat."  Brady sat on the chair just oppo-

site the couch where Ray sat.  Brady completely engulfed the

chair as he sat there in a slouched, spread legged position.

Brady's tight white T-shirt looked wonderful as it stretched over

his perfect chest and teased as it showed his firm nipples.  Ray

couldn't take his eyes off of Brady's tight fitting 501's.  Brady

was showing a basket that could probably be seen for miles with

the naked eye.


     The two men had several beers and were feeling light headed.

They began talking about people who they knew.  Brady mentioned

that he was having some problems with his latest girlfriend.

After talking about it for a while Ray got up, took Brady by the

hand and took him into the bedroom.


     "Brady, have you ever had sex with another man before?"

Ray's voice was shaky as he asked Brady the question.


     "No...well not really.  I guess I played a little when I was

in school, but it wasn't really 'sex'."


     Ray stood Brady at the edge of the bed and began unbuttoning

Brady's 501's.  Brady was caught off guard.  "Hey Ray, what are

you doing?"


     "You'll see," Ray answered.  Brady knew what this was lead-

ing up to but somehow he was willing to relax and enjoy the

moment.  He was not afraid of what was going on probably because

he knew that Ray would never hurt him.  He trusted Ray and that's

all that mattered to him at this point.


     As Ray began to pull Brady's tight fitting 501's down the

massive legs, Brady removed the tight T-shirt that he was wearing

and tossed it on the floor.  Ray untied Brady's shoes and removed

them.  Then he slipped the 501's off of Brady's legs and laid

them on the floor next to the T-shirt.


     Brady's cock had started to get hard while Ray removed the

501's.  It was just hard enough to push out firmly on Brady's

white briefs.  Ray could even see the outline of Brady's cockhead

through the soft cotton material.  Ray reached up and cupped

Brady's basket in his hand and massaged his balls and cock

through the soft material.  Brady looked down to watch Ray mas-

saging and squeezing his balls and cock through the briefs.  "Oh

that feels good."  Brady whispered in a low voice.


     Then Ray reached up and took a hold of the elastic waistband

and slowly pulled Brady's briefs down.  Brady's cock bounced up

hard and throbbing as Ray pulled the briefs past it and released

it from it's white cotton barrier.  Ray continued to pull Brady's

briefs down to his ankles, and Brady lifted his legs out of them.


     "Brady, lay back on the bed, face down and make yourself

comfortable, I'm going to give you a really good massage."


     There was a sense of confusion in Brady's face.  He somehow

was expecting Ray to begin pawing at his cock, which was getting

harder in anticipation.  Brady laid face down on the bed.  It was

difficult for him to situate his hard cock so that he could lay

comfortably.  Ray reached into the bedstand and took out a bottle

of massaging oil.


     Ray began pouring the oil onto Brady's back.  As Ray began

rubbing the oil into the beautiful skin, Brady moaned sighs of

delight.  Ray massaged Brady's back and then his muscular legs.

Ray had never seen legs so well developed before.  Then Ray began

massaging Brady's cute bulbous ass.  The oil dripped down between

the crack and Brady could feel Ray's hands as they massaged down

the crack as if trying to catch the drops of oil.  "Spread your

legs a little Brady," Ray spoke softly, almost in a whisper.


     Brady spread his legs just wide enough for Ray to reach down

between them and massage the bottom of his balls.  "Oh, that

feels great Ray."  Brady was totally relaxed now and really

enjoying the massage.


     "Ok, you hot looking dude, turn over so I can massage your

front side."


     Brady lazily turned over on his back, face up.  His cock had

gotten flaccid, but was still firm enough to stand at a half

erect state.  Brady looked down to watch as Ray poured more

massage oil onto his chest and legs.  Then Ray began massaging

Brady's chest and pecs and arms.  Brady continued to moan his

sighs of approval as Ray masterfully kneaded Brady's beautiful

well-developed muscles.


     As Ray began to massage Brady's abdomen and inch closer to

Brady's pubic hair line, he noticed that there was obvious antic-

ipation, as Brady's cock began to get fully hard again.  In

seconds, Brady's cock was standing up hard, erect, and throbbing.

Brady's cockhead was so hard from the excitement that it was

almost purple.  The skin around it was pulled tight.  Ray contin-

ued to massage Brady's abdomen, then he slowly worked his way

down to the base of Brady's giant, hard cock.  As Ray teased with

the pubic area around the base of Brady's cock, he could see a

few drops of clear pre-cum emerge from the crown of Brady's

cockhead.  The drops of liquid gently ran down the cockhead and

then ran down the long, throbbing shaft of Brady's cock.


     Ray then moved his attention to Brady's firm balls.  He

poured a few drops of lubricant onto Brady's balls and then began

to massage them gently.  As Ray kneaded and tugged at Brady's

balls, it caused his cock to bounce about in response.  Brady

clasped both of his hands together and put them behind his head.

He was obviously enjoying this part of the massage best of all.


     Soon Ray began to massage Brady's muscular thighs and power-

ful legs.  Brady sighed a deep breath of relief.  He realized

that he was actually hoping that Ray would get on with the busi-

ness of massaging his aching cock.  Ray continued to tease the

hunky man by moving his attention back up Brady's legs and

slightly caress his balls and the base of his cock.  Then he

would move his massaging hands back down Brady's legs.


     After fifteen minutes of this teasing massage, Brady began

to relax and enjoy the feeling that his body was experiencing.

Brady knew he was in "good hands" literally.  Finally Ray moved

his hands back to the base of Brady's hard, throbbing cock, but

this time instead of going back down Brady's legs, Ray began to

slowly inch his way up Brady's cock shaft.


     The sensations sent chills up Brady's back and he opened his

eyes and looked down to watch Ray as he began to massage the huge

throbbing cock.  "Oh, my god, that feels fantastic."  Brady

moaned.  The diameter of Brady's hard cock was so big around that

Ray could hardly place his fist completely around it.


     "Oh Brady, you can't imagine how long I've wanted to do this

to you.  I've fantasized about this moment for years.  Hoping I'd

get the chance to really give you the most exciting pleasure

you've ever experienced."


     Ray dripped more oil onto Brady's dick as he continued to

slowly stroke up and down the shaft.  "Oh, wait, stop you're

getting me too close."  Ray moved his stroking attention down to

Brady's nice, firm balls to give Brady's dick a chance to cool

down a bit.  Ray didn't want Brady to cum too soon.  He wanted

Brady to enjoy this for a nice long time.


     After about a minute Ray gripped Brady's cock again and

began the stroking action that almost sent Brady over the edge.

"I'm really gonna make your big cock feel good Brady," Ray whis-

pered.  "How does it feel to have another man whippin' on your

big hard dick Brady?"


     "Oh, Ray, it feels great, but you'd better stop or I'm gonna

shoot real soon man," Brady answered in a breathless voice.


     Ray continued working on Brady's big dick, stroking the

good-looking dude almost to an orgasm then moving his attention

the Brady's balls.  Brady was squirming from side to side as Ray

stroked him closer and closer to the explosion point.  "Oh,

Brady, look at your big cock gettin' creamed man."  Brady looked

down at his dick as Ray pumped it at a nice even pace.


     Soon Brady's body began to writhe on the bed as his climax

was too close to stop.  "Alright Brady, shoot it for me man.

Shoot that hot load of cum man.  Let me pump that hot juice outa

your big dick man."  Ray began pumping Brady's cock at a furious

pace as Brady began to moan and then scream in ecstasy.  Brady's

cock began to shoot his hot thick cum out.  The first shot of

Brady's cum hit Ray's chest.  The ecstatic sensations sent

Brady's body into spasms of delight as Ray continued to pump the

hot, white cum out of Brady's throbbing cock.


     The ecstasy lasted at least fifteen minutes.  When the

sensations died down Brady breathed a sigh of relief.  "Whew,

that was great Ray," Brady said in an exhausted voice.


     "Are you ready for another session dude?"  Ray asked.


     "Oh, I don't think so, not just yet," Brady answered.


     "'Not just yet'?  Does that mean you'd be willing to do it

again sometime?"


     "Well, Yeah, I guess I'd let you do that I need

to make an appointment?"


     "You have an open appointment Brady.  I really enjoyed doing

that to you as much as you enjoyed it."


     Brady and Ray rested for several minutes, then Ray suggested

that they both go take a shower and clean up.  Brady agreed.

"Hey you didn't cum yet.  I think we'd better do something about

that," Brady said as the two stepped into the shower.


     "That sounds like a great idea to me," Ray said, grinning.

"You can work on my dick and I'll give your cock another pumping

just to make sure we got it all out.  OK?"


     "Sounds like a deal to me," Brady said, returning the grin.


         Ah!  What a fantasy...



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