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Archive-name: Samesex/boyscout.txt

Archive-author: Anonymous

Archive-title: Boy Scout

Chapter 1

     The year I turned thirteen, I had joined the Boy Scouts

earlier that year, and had already gone on some hikes, when the

big summer trip was scheduled.  This hike, two weeks in the

Sierras, would take us in a seventy-mile loop through the


     Because of the length of the trip, only six of us could go,

and only one of the scoutmasters, Mr. Amble, the youngest.  All

of us boys were between twelve and fifteen, and we were in good

shape, and well prepared for the hike ahead.

     The weather was warm, but not too hot, and the first few

days were very pleasant and we ascended into the high country.

The third day, however, was really hot, and we had only hiked a

few miles before we had to stop.  We were by a beautiful lake,

ringed by peaks and trees but with a southern exposure, letting

the summer sun warm the lake until well into early evening.  The

site was so beautiful that Mr. Amble decided we should stay here

for a couple days.

     We were all smelling pretty strong, since there'd been no

water for washing the last few days.  Once we'd set up camp, we

all went down to the shores of the crystal-clear lake, which had

a rare, small sand beach.

     We carried water up and washed our sweat-stained shirts and

shorts.  We stripped down to underpants as we washed those

clothes.  With a sly grin, Mark, the oldest, stripped off his

underpants and began washing them.  Soon, all of us had stripped.

I felt a thrill at seeing my mates nude, since I'd often imagined

their bodies while masturbating.

     Once we'd hung our clothes, we went to the lake for a swim.

We laughed and splashed under the high summer sun for several

hours, and roughhoused together.  I noticed that during this

play, some of the boys kept rubbing against me, in particular

Steve, the youngest at twelve, and Sean, who was a year older

than me.  Once, I even felt a hand against my cock, and when I

looked around, Steve quickly turned away.  Mr. Ambler for the

most part kept apart from this, much to my disappointment,

because I wanted badly to see his adult body.

     That night, although we slept in the open, Mr. Ambler

insisted we sleep in tents because of the heavy morning dew.  The

next morning, with a light frost on the tents, we were grateful

we'd done so.

     My tentmate that night was Sean.  He was athletic, and at 14

seemed much older than I.  We had flashlights, and played at

pointing them at the tent, shining them on our faces, and the

like.  Giggling, Sean pointed it at where my crotch would be in

the sleeping bag, and waved it around there.  I threw open my bag

several times, flashing my underpants-covered cock, which was

quickly becoming hard under this scrutiny.

     Sean's breathing was getting heavy.  "Here, you do it," he

said, handing me the flashlight; "Ok," I said, eager for

something, but I wasn't sure what.  I took the flashlight and ran

it up to his face, and then down his body. He slowly pulled down

the sleeping bag, as if the light were taking it off.  He was

only wearing underpants, and his chest, still hairless although

pretty well muscled, glinted in the reflected beam.  When the

light reached the waistband, he slowly tugged it down, too, with

a wicked look up at me.  I was fascinated, because although I'd

seen other boys in the shower, this was my first sexualized

contact with one.

     He continued pulling down his waistband, and my eyes widened

when the head of his cock appeared.  It was bigger than mine, and

it had a small brown bush at the base.  He pulled his underpants

out, and it popped up, evidently erect.  Then he suddenly snapped

it back.  "Your turn," he said.

     I handed him the flashlight and leaned back.  He played it

down my chest, already exposed, and slowly played it across my

underpants waistband.  I slowly pulled down my underpants, with

both hands this time, exposing more of my cock.  With one

movement, I pulled them down and off, and pulled the sleeping bag

over me.

     "Hey," he said, "show me."  "Ok," I said, and, teasingly, I

pulled my sleeping bag off of me, very slowly.  I was laying on

my side, facing him, and the flashlight beam lingered on my

crotch as it was slowly exposed to him.  My cock was really hard,

jutting from my almost hairless pube.  He looked at it long and


     "Your turn," he said, and handed me the light.  He fumbled

under his sleeping bag, and I played the beam down his body

again.  This time, though, he didn't have his underwear on, and

his hard cock jutted straight from his body.

     Suddenly, there was movement at the tent flap, and a head

popped in.  Both of us quickly covered, but I think Mr. Ambler

caught a glimpse of us before saying, "Lights out."  We turned

off our flashlights and settled in to sleep.

     I lay there a while, too excited to sleep.  I heard rustling

next to me, and I knew Sean wasn't asleep, either.  "You asleep?"

he asked in a whisper.  "No," I answered.  "You want to mess

around?" he asked.  "Sure," I answered.  I heard some fumbling,

and the sound of his sleeping bag zipper being unzipped.  I lay

there in an agony of tension, and almost jumped straight up at

the touch of his hand.

     It was so exciting, feeling his hand on my bare chest.  He

scooted closer, and put a leg into my sleeping bag.  I turned on

my side to face him, and I could feel his breath against me.  His

hand stroked my side and my hip.  It felt like every square inch

of skin was sensitized, and his touch was extremely exciting.

When his other hand touched my hard cock, I almost came right

then.  "Wow, you really like this," he breathed.  "Uh huh" was

all I could say.  He guided my hand to his cock.

     I was so surprised at how soft the skin was over the rigid

shaft.  It was marvelously mobile, and I could feel the muscles

under the skin.  And it was so hot, especially the head, which

was silkiest of all.  "I want to put yours into my mouth," he

said, "Ok?"  I breathed assent, and held my breath.  He lay me

back, curled down and put his head on my thigh.  The feeling of

his hair against my skin was really exciting, but nothing

compared to the touch of his tongue against my cock.  "If you

want to come in my mouth it's Ok," he said.  I grunted in assent.

The feeling was incredible, nothing like masturbating, but

indescribably wonderful.  Holding my cock with one hand, he moved

his head up and down, grabbing the skin with his lips.  It only

took three or four pumps before I felt like my groin would

explode.  His tongue was wiping my cockhead, and that stimulation

finally relieved me of my tension, when my cock shot in his mouth

in what was, until then, the most intense orgasm of my life.  I

pumped and pumped, and he swallowed it all, apparently with

enjoyment.  When I'd finished, he drew his head back, and lay

back against my chest.  "Could you do me?" he asked.  I was

thinking, sure, absolutely, and I croaked so.

     He lay back, and my hands touched his body.  It was so soft,

the skin warm and very smooth.  His muscles lay just beneath the

surface, and they felt very good against my hands.  I moved my

head down his body, and as I approached his hard cock the faint

smell of him struck my nostrils.  It was a distinctive, musky

scent, and I found it a little exciting.  His cock was rock-hard

in my hand, a little moist with sweat.  I tentatively licked the

cock head and the taste, too, was distinctive.  It tasted a

little salty.  I took the head between my lips.  I liked it, it

felt somehow very safe, very good.  I slipped more of his hard

cock into my mouth, and it slid in easily.  I held the base of it

with my fingers, as he'd done, and I clumsily slid my head up and

down it.  It felt oddly mobile, yet stiff, and I soon found the

rhythm needed.  It only took a few strokes before he was moaning

in pleasure; I interrupted my actions to shush him.  A light

sweat broke out on his body, and his hands rested on my

shoulders.  I could feel his cock stiffen, and then, suddenly,

spasm in my mouth.  It was filled with a hot, salty, and faintly

sweet liquid, it seemed like a lot of it.  It surprised me, and a

bit escaped my lips, dripping onto his pubes.  Still, I pumped

it, swallowing all I could get.  He gently stroked my hair,

cradling my head in his hands.

     "Come here," he said, and he drew me to his lips.  He kissed

me deeply, probing my salty mouth with his tongue.  I could smell

and taste me on his lips, and he could probably smell himself on

my lips.  The sensuous feeling of kissing, and the smooth rubbing

of our bodies, made me immediately hard again.  "When we get

back, I'll show you more stuff," he said, "since I've got the

house to myself every afternoon."  "Ok," I said, pleased that we

were now going to be close friends.  Suddenly tired, we lay back

and slept soundly.

     The next morning, we all set out for a small hike, and when

we returned in the afternoon, we once again splashed in the lake,

whose waters were warmed in the sun.  We all stripped off our

clothes, and I examined the other boys as closely as I could and

still be discreet.  Sean and I splashed closest, with numerous

"accidental" rubbings, and several mutual grabs.  The other boys

drifted off to nap in their tents, leaving Steve, the youngest of

us at 12, and Sean and I.

     "Come over here," called Sean, directing us to a hidden cove

still lit in the sun but not easily accessable from the shore.

To my annoyance, Steve tagged along -- I'd wanted to be alone

with Sean -- but Sean said it was OK for him to come.

     Steve was a cute boy, but since he was so much younger than

I (a year's difference then felt like a lifetime), I found him a

little annoying.  Still, he seemed to find me irresistable, and

that was flattering, so I conceded that he could come.

     We played in the cove.  I felt newly emboldened by our

isolation, and I stroked Sean more openly.  I saw Steve's eyes

widen the first time this happened, but soon he, too, was happily

brushing against us.  I enjoyed the contact, too, since he was a

very pretty boy.  His smooth flanks, smoothly rounded butt, and

thin, fine chest all appealed to me.  His body was completely


     Sean lay back on a smooth rock, sunning himself.  His

slender body shone with drops of water, and its beauty made my

heart beat faster.  Meanwhile, Sean and I were still in the

water, racing each other and playing splashing games.  One game I

found exciting was to pick him up and throw him into the water,

enjoying especially the feeling of his smooth skin and his happy

screams.  More than once my hands "accidentally" stroked some of

his body, his behind, penis, or chest, or allowing his body to

rub against mine.  Each time, he squealed in delight, coming back

for more.

     "Steve, Bill, come here," said Sean, sitting up.  We came

over.  With a significant look at me, he said, "Steve, wanna do

something neat?"  I looked at him in surprise, but I knew what he

was going to ask and I wanted to do it, too, with Steve.  "Sure,"

said Steve.  He clambered on the rock, and I followed, looking at

his cute ass.

     We lay back on the sun-warmed rock, which was large and

smooth enough for all of us to lay side by side on our towels.

"So what do you wanna do?" asked Steve.  "Just lay back," said

Sean, "and warm up."  We lay back on the rock, the sun heating

our bodies.  As our bodies dried, Steve's and my balls slowly

relaxed from their exposure to cold water, and I surreptiously

watched the other boy's bodies, trying to not get too hard doing


     "Just lay back," Sean said finally, "and let me do this."

He sat up, and began stroking Steve's slim body.  The boy giggled

with every touch.  "Now, you're going to have to try to lay

still," Sean said in mock seriousness.  He ran a fingertip around

the boy's nipples, which each stiffened in turn, and down his

flat stomach.  He inserted the tip into his belly button.  With

each new touch Steve giggled, but I noticed his breathing quicken

as Sean's finger neared his groin.  Sean ran his fingertips

across the tan line from Steve's suit, and down the boy's gently

coved thighs.  He ran his hand across his smooth upper thigh, and

down to his inner thigh.  Here, Steve giggled loudly, and Sean

shushed him.  "You're gonna haveta lay still here," he said.  I

was watching, fascinated, wishing it were my hand and loving the

sight of this pretty young boy so completely entranced.

     Sean's fingers stroked the smooth, hairless thighs,

lingering at each kneecap.  He then ran his hand in one movement

up each thigh.  Steve's hips twitched each time.  Then, in light

movements, he encircled the hairless cock with stroking fingers.

With each circuit, he "accidentally" touched the little cockhead,

which began stiffening.  Soon, he was in firm contact with the

cock, which stood out from the boy's hairless pube in rigid

attention.  Steve's breathing was now rapid, and a light sweat

had broken out over his body.  His hands clutched the towel he

was laying on.

     Sean now grasped the cock in a firm grip, with only two

fingers and thumb since it was only about 4" long.  He began

pumping it, alternately looking at it and then Steve's face,

which was a study in love and ecstasty, obviously enjoying every

part of it.  His hard little cockhead was purple, and one of his

hands was now resting on Sean's bare thigh.  I was hard, and my

hands wanted to touch the smooth boy's bare skin.  I reached out

and placed a hand on his firm chest, and he looked over in

gratitude.  With a questioning look, he moved hand toward my hard

cock, and I nodded approval.  His other hand had found Sean's

hard cock.  He began pumping our cocks in one rhythm, Sean's hand

still attentive to his hard little cock.

     I looked at Sean, and he was more excited than I'd ever seen

him, even in the tent the night before.  We leaned together, and

I kissed him full on the lips, our tongues joining in a dance of

joy.  Steve's warm hands on our cocks, our faces joined, my cock

ragingly hard, and suddenly I had to explode, my cock pumping and

pumping, spraying come all over Steve's smooth stomach, his

pumping hand, Sean's hot body, even spray landing on our faces;

Sean's cock, at this, his come spewing across the eager boy,

landing on me, covering Steve's other hand, and then even Steve

came, his cock pumping a few drops of his first come.  Sean and I

sat back on our thighs, and I looked down.  Sean was smiling at

us, his smooth stomach and chest covered with globs and drops of

come, all the way up to his chin, some come leaking out of his

small and now-soft cock.  I reached out and slid some come around

with my fingertip, tickling his nipple, touching his little cock.

"Did you like that?" I asked him, and he could only nod

vigorously in response.  "When we get home, we can do a lot

more," Sean said.

Chapter 2

     We had a number of other encounters during that hike, all of

which were transcendent and wonderful.  Since we lived very near

each other, Sean, Steve and I all determined to get together once

we got home.

     Since it was summer, we had long hours alone.  The day after

getting back, I went over to Sean's house.  My little sister was

at my house, and he had a pool, and a big rec room in the

basement.  Since both his parents worked we could spend a lot of

private time there.  We swam for hours in the pool, playing games

and sunning ourselves.  When we were finally tired of being

outside, we went into the dark and cool basement rec room.

     "Let's do something I learned from a guy last summer," Sean

said, "it's really neat.  First, let's take a shower."  "Why?" I

asked.  "Because it'll feel neat, and we can get cleaner."  "Oh,"

I said, and we stripped.  The rec room had a full bathroom, and

we closed the door, exchanging conspirative looks.

     He got in, and, grabbing the soap, began sudsing his body.

"Come on in," he said, and I stepped into the shower.  We both

fit well, not too snugly.  He reached out and began soaping my

cock, which, true to form, immediately sprang to hardness.

Grabbing another bar of soap, I started on him.  Soon we were

both covered in rich lather, and he pulled me close.  He rubbed

our bodies together, our rigid cocks slipping against each other.

His hands encircled me, rubbing my ass, and I did the same,

reveling in the feeling of his firm, smooth muscles and finely

rounded behind.  One of his fingers slipped between my ass cheeks

and slid down to my asshole.  I'd never been touched there that

way, and I sort of jumped when his fingertip easily slid in.  "Do

you like that?" he asked.  "Uh, yea, I think so," I said.  "Do it

to me, too" he said, and I pushed my finger toward his puckered

hole.  It felt really funny to be doing this, but the smooth ass

chute felt good against my finger.  I was finding that his finger

was stimulating me in a really different way, and I was liking it

a lot.  He, too, seemed to be liking it.  "Put another finger

inside me," he breathed in my ear, and I pushed another fingertip

into him.  "Ok, now gently move it in and out," he asked.  I

pushed my soap-lubed fingers in and out of him.  He seemed to be

melting in my arms.  "Ok," he gasped, "let's stop for now."  I

pulled out of him.  "Let's rinse off," and he began doing so, and

helped me in turn.

     We stepped out of the shower and dried each other off.  I

was still entranced by his body and I did my best not to

obsessively touch it.  "Let's go upstairs," he said, and,

giggling, we ran upstairs to his room, only barely covering

ourselves with our towels.

     He jumped on the bed, and drew me to him.  I loved the

feeling of his smooth, clean skin, and I snuggled against him.

His fingers found my cock and pulled gently on it.  He then moved

down the bed and took my cock into his mouth.  I loved the

feeling, and rolled onto my back, enjoying every touch.

     "Here, let's do something else," he said.  He lay on his

back and pulled out a jar of vasoline he kept in his side table.

He gestured me closer, and I kneeled between his upraised knees.

He took a small glob of the stuff and rubbed my hard cockhead

with it.  "Now, slowly put it in me," he instructed.  I knelt

down and pushed the hard head -- now purple with excitement --

slowly into him.  As I pushed, the tightness enclosing it made me

feel incredible.  He moaned, and I stopped, scared that I was

hurting him.  "No, keep going," he said, and I pushed a little

more.  "Yes, you're doing fine," he said, gently drawing me

towards him, hands on my hips.  His legs were folded up against

his belly, his cute cock completely exposed, not hard now, his

eyes closed in concentration.

     I pushed harder, and stopped when I was completely buried in

him, my belly rubbing against his balls.  He opened his eyes and

said, "You in?" and I knodded.  He leaned back, relaxing in the

intense feeling of my cock filling him.  "Now, go really slowly

in and out," he said, and I began slowly pumping him.  "Yes,

uhmmmm, oh, man," he said, his cock stiffening.  His hands roamed

across my butt, down to my thighs, across my chest, tweaking my

nipples.  I quickened my pace, pushing in and out, the feeling

against my cock so great.  He moaned, helping me push, his hand

on his cock, pumping away.  I felt my come pushing from deep

inside, and I said, "oh, man, I'm gonna come inside you," and he

moans, "yes," and my cock pumps and pumps its come deep inside

him, his asshole squeezing every drop from my shaft.  Moments

later, his cock came, the most intense come I'd seen, spraying

everywhere, his stomach and chest, my face, his chin, and his

hands rubbing it all over him.

Chapter 3

     The next day we invited Steve over.  Both of us were totally

attracted to this smart, cute boy, and we were excited to share

what we'd discovered with him.  He came dressed only in his suit

and carrying a towel, his towsled brown hair only just staying

out of his eyes.

     We swam as before, playing games, and soon we'd shed our

suits.  I admired both he and Sean's taught bodies, and I was

looking forward to teaching him what we'd done the day before.

Steve was eager to learn, and when we'd explained what we wanted

to do, he looked a bit apprehensive but was game for it.

     We went up to Sean's room.  It was a large, beautiful room

facing the back yard with its own bathroom.  Its south-facing

windows were bright with light and were screened from the

neighbors, allowing us to revel in the sunlight.

     We were all still naked, and I marveled at how pretty the

other boys' tanned bodies were.  Steve was still only covered

with a fine, sun-bleached fuzz, which shone when in direct sun.

He was in fine shape, with taught, smooth skin, finely formed

legs and a cute, rounded ass.

     Sean sat on the bed, and beckoned Steve to come.  As Steve

stood next to him, Sean's hand fondled the boy's cock, which

quickly stiffened.  The cute, stiff shaft glinted in the

sunlight.  Sean drew Steve to him, and they kissed tenderly,

their tongues dancing together, their cocks sliding together.

     Sean reached behind him and got the vasoline.  He took a

small glob and rubbed it onto Steve's hard cockhead.  Steve

giggled at the slippery sensation as Sean slowly stroked his


     He slid back onto the bed, drawing the younger boy to him.

Lifting his legs, he put another glob onto his asshole, and he

pulled Steve atop him.  With an experienced hand, he guided the

boy's hard cock into his asshole.  "Slowly," he said, and Steve

gently inserted his cock into him.  However, Sean easily adapted

to the small cock, and Steve was quickly able to plunge in him.

Sean guided him, hands on the boy's slim ass, enjoying every

stroke.  I came over and ran my hands across Steve's flexing

back, his hard ass, and Sean's smooth body.  Quickly, Steve

moaningly deposited his come deep inside Sean's ass.

     "You like that?" Sean asked; "Sure!" Steve said

enthusiastically, and we cleaned Steve up in the shower.  We all

went back to the bed, and we lay down.  Sean and I lay with Steve

between us, and we all kissed each other.  Soon Steve's randy

little cock was hard again as our hands caressed each others'

bodies.  I gently stroked Sean's beautiful cock, and he mine;

Steve enjoyed the touch of our older bodies.

     Sean's hand explored down Steve's silky thighs.  With gentle

urging, he slid his hand under the boy's legs, and he moved his

leg up, exposing his pretty balls and asshole.  Steve held both

his legs up, pressed against his stomach and chest, as Sean's

fingers tickled his puckered asshole.

     Sean reached for some lube, and put it directly against the

boy's asshole.  Steve was eager, arching his butt upward at the

touch of the lube and Steve's fingers, and gasping slightly when

Sean's finger slid inside him.

     Sean pushed his finger in and out of him for a few minutes

before adding another finger.  Steve was so relaxed that his

asshole easily stretched for a second, then third finger.

"Please put your cock inside me," gasped the boy, his cock once

again impossibly rigid against my hand.  Sean happily complied.

     Kneeling on the bed, he grasped his cock, which was rigid in

excitement, and pressed the head against Steve's yielding

asshole.  Slowly, gently, he pushed it in.  Steve's asshole was

so well lubed, so relaxed, that the hard cock easily slid in.

Steve encouraged Sean with smiles, and eagerly kissed the older

boy when he leaned forward, their tongues dancing together.

     I moved upward, and pushed my hard cock near Steve's face.

The boy grabbed it and began pumping it hard.  He turned his face

toward me and pulled my cock close.  His pretty lips opened, and

he eagerly swallowed my hard cock.  The feeling was incredible,

so soft and wet; the boy was a natural.  My hand continued

pumping his hard little cock.

     Sean began pumping in and out of Steve's tight asshole, and

Steve happily received the hard cock, lifting his thighs, moving

with the older boy's pumping.  I slid my cock in and out of his

mouth, watching his lips grasp my cock, enjoying the slick

feeling of his saliva on my cock's shaft.  I grabbed it and began

pumping my shaft, his sweet tongue licking the cockhead as it

came close.  From Sean's moans, I could tell he was almost ready

to spurt his come into Steve's virgin ass, and I, too was almost

ready to come.

     Steve's cock began pumping in my hand, and I looked down at

it as its pretty four inches sprayed yet again onto the boy's

stomach.  I tickled his bellybutton, full of his come, and drew

my finger to my mouth, tasting his salty sperm.  At that moment,

I felt that familiar tickling in my shaft, and as I pumped my

cock, I sprayed come all over his mouth and face, his tongue

working to lick my sperm.  And, with a moan, Sean grabbed Steve

close to him, and with a gasp, shot deep inside the boy.  Steve

smiled up at Sean, his hands on the boy's pretty butt.

Chapter 4

     Steve had a sister, Sandy.  She was thirteen, like me, and I

liked her, mainly because she was a buddy of a sort.  She was

blonde, and very pretty in a cute way, although she was pretty

much of a tomboy and I just hadn't noticed it.  She always wore

pants and t-shirts, and played with us a lot just as hard as we

did.  We hadn't, though, introduced her to our secret world; we

worked hard to ditch her before getting naked.  We just didn't

think she'd be interested, and frankly we were intimitaded by her

because she was a girl; after all, we'd been taught that they

wouldn't like anything sexual.

     Which is why it was a surprise when, one afternoon that

summer when Steve and I were at his house, just about to lick and

suck each other to come-splashing orgasms, we were surprised by


     We'd gone over there without Sean, who had to do something

that day, and, giggling, had closed ourselves into his room.  I

happily pulled his shirt off, and he mine, and we embraced, our

little nipples stroked by our soft chests.  Sean was a little

shorter than I, maybe four inches.  I knelt and undid his pants,

sliding them with his underpants down his smooth, hard legs and

round ass.  I gently took his cock, now getting hard, and licked

its cute head.  I then took it into my mouth.

     It was at that moment that Sandy burst in -- me, shirt off,

cock in mouth, Steve obviously enjoying it, naked.  Both Steve

and I gasped in shock, and jerked apart.

     "What you guys doing?" asked Sandy with a malicious smile,

"huh?"  "Uhhh...nothing," said Steve, intelligently, sitting on

the edge of the bed with one hand covering his crotch and now

thoroughly deflated cock.  "Looks like fun," said Sandy.  We sat,

in tableau, all looking at each other.  "So what are you going to

do?" I asked, "tell?"  "Maybe," said Sandy, saucily, "maybe not."

     We thought about that.  "So...what would it take," I asked. 

"Oh, maybe we can think of something," said Sandy, and for the

first time, I swear, I started to think of her as a girl.  I also

noticed, to my surprise, that her nipples were standing through

her t-shirt.  Her breasts were not much more than little cones,

and they'd only recently been even that noticable.

     "So...what?" I asked.  "Hmmm..." she said, a wicked little

gleam in her eye, "well, what were you guys doing, really?" 

Before Steve could say anything else stupid, I said, "something

that's pretty cool.  But I think it's only for boys," as if that

were smarter.  "Well, maybe you could let me watch," she said. 

Steve started to object but she continued, "or maybe I could tell

mom and dad."  We both thought about that for a minute, me

looking at Steve, a realization dawning that maybe this could be

something fun.  "Well, Ok," I said, "but only if you're pretty

quiet."  She nodded.

     I went over and gently pulled Steve's knees apart.  Then I

pulled his hand away from his hairless crotch.  His cock was

completely shrunken, its little head cute above his small balls. 

Glancing over to Sandy, I leaned down and began licking it.  I

explained to her that this was something boys did with each

other, and that it felt really good.  Steve leaned back on the

bed, and I took his entire cock into my mouth.  It got stiffer

and stiffer, and my cock, now stiff in the excitement of doing

Steve and knowing Sandy was watching my every move, pressed

against my pants.

     With one hand I pumped Steve's cock up and down, sucking it

with wet, slurpy kisses.  Steve began moaning in pleasure, and

his body became shiny with sweat.  His back arcing, he pushed his

cock hard into my mouth, and I could taste the first of his boy-

come.  Given Sandy's presence, that I wanted her to see what

happened, I pulled back and allowed Steve's hard cock to spray

come all over him.  I looked over at Sandy, and she was obviously

fascinated, her breathing heavy, her hard nipples obvious through

her shirt.  I explained what just happened.  "Do you want to

touch it?" I asked her, and she mutely nodded.  I drew her hand

to her brother's now-soft penis and she gently handled it.  Steve

was watching all this with interest.  I pulled her hand away.

     "Do you want to join in with us?" I asked her.  "Yes!" she

answered.  "Well, if you do, you'll have to do some things." 

"Ok," she said, "what?"

     "First, you've got to undress," I said.  "But you're not, at

least totally," she pointed out.  "Ok," I said, and I stood up. 

Her eyes devoured me as I slowly, coyly unbuckled my belt.  This

was the first time I'd ever shown myself before a girl.  I

unbuttoned my pants, and then undid the zipper.  All the time

looking into here eager eyes, I slowly lowered my pants, leaving

my underpants on.  Her eyes were riveted on my cock, which I

tried to not get too hard too fast.  I then drew my white

underpants down, slowly.  I pulled them off my butt first, then

slowly down my penis.  When I reached my cockhead, it popped out. 

"Ah!" she gasped, looking at my hard cock standing perpendicular

from my body.  I could tell that she was really turned on.

     "Ok, your turn," I said.  She stood up and slowly drew her

shirt off.  Her breasts were bare under it, and they were very

pretty, small cones topped with fine small nipples.  Her skin

looked very soft, but her slim frame showed it off well.  With a

small smile, she unbuttoned her pants, and drew them off.  She

then lowered her cotton panties, until she stood naked before us. 

Her body was very cute, with a firm, finely rounded ass, only the

slightest shading of pubic hair, and long, lean legs.  Steve sat

up on the bed, his penis hardening.  We stood, looking, for a

long moment.

     "Do you want to touch me?" I asked.  She nodded.  Her hand

moved forward and grasped my cock.  Her hand was very smooth, and

its warmth moved me; my cock began swelling.  She gently moved

her hand on my cock, and her tender touch turned me on immensely.

     She knelt in order to look closer to this miracle.  I looked

down onto her blonde head, and her sweet back.  If I leaned back

slightly, I could see her small breasts and down to her smooth

slit.  I was fascinated by this angle, and with this stimulus, I

got even harder.

     She looked up at me.  "Can I kiss it like you did with

Steve?" she asked.  I could only nod in response.  I could feel

her hot breath as she leaned forward.

     Her lips touched the tip, and I started in pleasure.  Her

tongue lapped at my cockhead, and her warm saliva bathed it.  I'd

never had a girl touch me sexually, and this was incredible, even

more exciting that with the boys.  My hand rested on her soft,

blonde hair, and she drew herself closer, pulling more of my

rigid cock into her mouth.  I looked up at Steve, and he was

attentive, on the edge of the bed, his cock hard in his hand.

     I began slowly drawing my hips back and pushing them

forward, sliding my cock into and out of her mouth.  She

instintively rounded her lips, and my cock slid against her wet

tongue.  One of her hands rested on my thigh, stroking my skin. 

My hand stroked her shoulder.  She stopped.  "Do you want to

shoot your stuff?" she asked, looking up at me.  Her blue eyes

were shining in excitement.  "Can I?" I said, and she nodded,

saying, "yes, but warn me 'cause I don't want to eat it this

time, Ok?"  I nodded.

     She resumed, and I took a more stable stance, pushing my

cock in and out her eager mouth.  Both her warm hands grasped my

ass, and she, too, directed me.  I felt my cock twitch and only

was just able to say "I'm...uhhhh," and she pulled back, her hand

grasping my shaft, when my cock sprayed its come all over her

face, chest, and stomach.  She looked surprised but smiled up at

me when I was done and had dribbled the last onto her thighs.  I

looked down at her sweet face, covered now with come, and her

breasts, which had droplets of rapidly liquifying come sliding

down them.

     I knelt next to her and kissed her, my come lubricating our

faces.  My hands closed around her body, my fingers touching her

fine, small breasts.

     Steve made a small noise, and we broke our reverie.  Sandy

looked up and smiled, and then down at his hard little cock. 

"What's the matter -- you want some, too?" she asked, teasingly. 

He looked at us and smiled.

     In subsequent weeks, we began our career in sex.  Sandy,

Steve and I would have many happy hours together, and Sean and I

would join her in a glorious pile of bodies.

     As the years went by, we slowly drifted apart.  Sandy went

to college and earned a doctorate in Literature; now, she

deconstructs Emily Dickinson.  Sean joined the military, was

highly decorated in Desert Storm, and eventually came out gay. 

His case is still pending.  And Steve founded his own company,

creating and selling computer software.  We get together on a

yearly camping trip with our families, but rarely talk of the

past.  Those memories are best lived in our imaginations...


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