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Archive-name: Samesex/boysboys.txt


Archive-title: Boys will be Boys

                         Chapter 1: Beginings

     I guess that boys will be boys, but sometimes you can never be

quite sure. Take, for instance, the other day. I was minding my own

business, really I was. If you don't believe me, just ask Charley

here. Charley, wasn't I minding my own business? Well, don't you pay

no never mind to old Charley. Charley don't talk too much any more. At

least not since the day that some of the guys in Old Charley's class

in school was funning him, you know, ribbing him?

     Ya see, Old Charley is kind of shy sometimes, and other times,

there ain't nothin' shy about him. Well, Old Charley went through this

stage, like most of us kids, when he didn't want anyone else to see

him, well, you know, without any clothes on. So, Old Charley never

took showers at school. But Old Charley loves to play all of them

sports. He is real good at football, and when they all get in the

line, Old Charley is the one to stand right behind the guy in the

center and reach between the guys legs. Old Charley is also great at

tackling whoever has the ball. He jest wraps his big ole arms around

the the guys waist and he hangs a real bad bear hug on the guy. First

thing the guy knows, he has to give in and drop to the ground. Well,

with all that there sports playin' Old Charley can work up quite a

sweat. Now, all the guys in school like Old Charley 'cause he's a good

sport. But, they get real downright bothered about having to sit in

the  same classroom all afternoon with Old Charley who is beginning to

smell like a bull elephant in heat. So they start pesterin' Old

Charley 'cause he don't take showers like the rest of them.

     Then one of them gets the idea that Old Charley don't take

showers 'cause he ain't got no pecker. Now, I know that's a bunch of

shit! Old Charley, he got a pecker that's out of this world. His

pecker is bigger soft than mine is hard.

     Don't you know it ain't polite to interrupt me like that when I'm

tryin' to tell you about Old Charley? How do I know how big Old

Charley's pecker is? Well, I'll tell ya.

     One day, a while back, my old lady and old man were havin' a real

knock down, drag out fight. I got sick of lissenin' to that shit, and

I went over to Old Charley's house 'bout supper time. It sure didn't

look as if I was gonna get anything to eat at my place, 'less it was

bullshit. Well, Old Charley's mom invited me to stay for supper, and I

was real happy to. I hadn't had any-thing to eat since breakfast.

After supper we watched that ole TV for a while, and then Old Charley

and I wandered over to my place to see if the dust had settled at all.

Well, there was still a lot of crashing and banging and yellin' and

screamin' going on in there so we went back to Old Charley's and

watched some more TV. After it got kinda late his Mom asked me if I

wanted to spend the night. She said that she had asked my Mom and it

was all right. Must be Old Charley had told her about my folks yellin'

and screamin', and all. Well, Old Charley had a spare bed in his room,

don't ask me why, ask Old Charley, here. He waited until I had got

undressed and got into my bed, and then he turned off the lights and

then he got undressed and got into his bed. See, he didn't even want

me to see him undressed, and Old Charley and me are closer than any

brothers. I dozed off for a while, but I kept waking up, what with the

strange bed, and my folks fighting, and all. I was kinda worried that

they might split up, and then where would I go?

     Anyways, one time when I woke up, I looked over to the window to

see if it was close to daylight, yet. Old Charley, his bed was under

the window and the moonlight was streamin' in and I could see him

movin a lot. He had thrashed around and kicked all of the covers off

of him and he was bare-ass naked.

     I had never seen Old Charley without clothes on before. He was

layin' belly down and moving his ass up and down. As my eyes  adjusted

more, I could see that he had his pillow under him. I figgered he must

be havin' a hell of a nightmare, and figgered that I should save him.

I couldn't figger out what sort of night-mare Old Charley was havin'

to cause that kind of goin's on. I don't like nightmares when I have

them and it sure feels good when  somebody wakes me up from one, and I

thought I outta do that for him. I knew that you shouldn't wake up

sleep walkers, but I didn't know if that was so for nightmares. Old

Charley must have been at it for quite a while, 'cause he was really

breathin' hard.

     I crawled out of my bed, 'cause I didn't want him to hear me, and

moved over to his bed. Both of his hands had been holding onto the top

of the mattress. His head was facin' me, but his eyes were closed

tight. Old Charley had that bed jest a jumpin' up and down. I was

surprised it wasn't makin' more noise. I reached my hand up to the

back of his head, and very gently laid my finger on his ear. When I

did that, he let out a real loud groan. He never missed a beat. His

ole ass was jest a workin' up an down. As I started to rub the back of

his head and then work on down his neck, he opened his eyes and looked

right at me. I figgered he must be awake, since he could see me, but

he was still workin' his ass up and down like there was no end. He was

still groanin', too. I was there on my knees on the floor beside his

bed, rubbin' his back and he's goin' at it even more.

     Then I was shocked! Old Charley moved his hand from hangin' onto

the mattress, and I felt his fingers on my Jockey's playin' with my

pecker. Well, what the Hell was goin' on here? I mean, I would pull

that thing out, and water would come out of it, and then I put it

back. I never played with the thing. But, Old Charley, here, he was

jest sort of hangin' on to it and kind of rubbin' it a little. Must be

he'd figgered out another use for that thing. Now I didn't know what

to do. I thought Old Charley was awake, but his ass was still goin' up

and down, like he was sleepin' and I didn't know what he was doin'

with my pecker. His eyes were still starin' at me, his hand was still

movin' around on my pecker, and his ass was still whippin' around. -

     Then Old Charley really did sumthin' strange. He pulled down the

top of my Jockey's and my pecker flops out. I was shocked! I don't let

my pecker hang out. Mom always told me to keep it inside my pants, an'

not to let anyone else see it. I didn't play sports at school, so I

got away without havin to show my pecker in the shower room. Then I

figgered, Hell, it was dark and Old Charley wasn't lookin' at it. He

was lookin' at me. I guessed that was all right, as long as he didn't

look. Now he got his hand wrapped around my pecker, and I'm feelin

somethin' strange goin' on. I can't explain what I'm feelin' 'cause

I've never felt it before. But, Old Charley's hand is startin' to move

with  a back and forth motion that matches the up and down motion of

his ass. Now, I'm startin' to feel a really strange thing in my

pecker, and the damned thing is startin' to get big, and hard. And its

feelin' more and more strange. I've never felt anything like that

before and I'm startin' to get scared. I ask Old Charley to stop, but

he doesn't seem to hear me, 'cause he jest keeps on playin' around. My

pecker is startin' to feel really wild, and I'm afraid of what might

happen. I can feel my pecker throbbing and it feels like its gonna

explode! I look down at my pecker and I never seen it so big. Old

Charley's ass keeps movin' faster and faster, and his hand keeps movin

faster and faster. Then, I feel like I'm gonna die, and I'm afraid

that he will stop and I don't want him to. Jest let me die and feel


      Suddenly, my eyes are closed and I feel like I'm floatin'

through space and then I feel somethin' commin' out of my pecker. I'm

worried that I'm gonna make a mess. Piss is the only thing that's ever

come outta that pecker, but piss never felt like this! I figger theres

gonna be a Hell of a mess 'cause I think it's piss thats commin' out.

Somethin's commin' out, that's for sure. The way it feels, I hope it

never stops. This is even better that I felt that time I was fallin'

asleep just before they took my tonsils out.

     But, I'm embarrassed about pissin' on Old Charley's hand like

that. Finally, all of those feelin's goes away and Old Charley, he

stops playin' with my pecker, and his ass stops movin' and he jest

sort of lays there lookin' at me, and me lookin' at him. I asked him

if he was asleep, cause I can see now that he's sure enough awake. He

said that he hadn't been able to get to sleep yet that night. Well, he

could have fooled me. I thought he was havin' a nightmare. Then, he

told me that he liked to rub his pecker against the pillow, 'cause it

felt good. He did it almost every night. I told him that I had never

had anything like that happen to me before.

     He asked me, "Boy, you mean you ain't never come before?" I says,

"I come over here, and I come to school. What you mean?" Old Charley,

he says, "I mean when that stuff shoots out of your pecker." Now, I

was really mixed up. I thought I had pissed all over his hand, and I

was too ashamed to say anything, but he knew. I says I've been pissin'

all my life. He says, "Don't be dumb. That wasn't piss that came out,

that was come." Well,  I didn't want to seem to be too dumb, so I just

said "all right!" That was a new word to me. 'Come'. Come meant

somethin' lots different to me. I wondered if that was one of Old

Charley's made up words.

     Then I asked him if he had come on the pillow, and he said that

he had. He  had come the same time I did. Old Charley rolled over

then, and in the moonlight I got a good look at Old Charley. His

pecker was all floppy and wiggly and I looked down at mine. Mine was

still hanging out over my Jockey's and it was floppy and wiggly like

Old Charley's pecker. But his pecker seemed to be a whole lot bigger

than mine.

     Old Charley had black hair that started as a thin line at his

belly and then widened out to a large black patch around his pecker. I

just had a little blonde hair that was growing around the base of

mine. It was so light that you had to look close or you'd miss the

stuff, but I could feel it. They said in school that as I grew up I

would get a lot of hair on my body. And in the locker room I had seen

the other guys runnin' around without any clothes on, and I jest hadta

look at them. I was careful when I looked, but I really wanted to see

if their pecker was bigger, or smaller than mine. I watched a lot and

saw a lot of them that was bigger than mine, but there was a lot that

was smaller than mine. So I didn't feel too bad. Everybody else seemed

to have lots more hair 'round their pecker than I did, and that

bothered me. Some of them had some hair on their chest, specially

'round their tits. I lay in bed nights and would feel the fuzz that

was growin' 'round my pecker and hopin' it would get thicker. I

wondered if'n there was any kind of fertilizer, or somethin' that

would make it grow faster. But Old Charley here already had lots of

it. He hadn't started growin' any on his chest, but that black hair

'round his pecker was neat.

     I really wondered how our pecker's stacked up. I put my thumb and

forefinger around mine and my finger came to the joint in my thumb. I

tried holding my hand up to his pecker to guess the size. Then Old

Charley took my hand and slid it down over his pecker. It felt funny.

I had never touched anybody elses pecker before. I'd never even given

it a thought. It still had all of that white stuff around it, and on

the pillow, but Old  Charley had my stuff on him. I could only get my

finger to touch my thumb when I tried to measure his pecker. Then as I

held it, I could feel it GROW! It was getting bigger, and it was

forcing my finger away from my thumb. Then Old Charley reached down

and did the same thing to my pecker. I could feel my pecker grow

inside Old Charley's hand, just like his pecker had  grown inside my

hand. Then I realized that his pecker was rigid, and I  reached down

to feel of mine, and mine was rigid, too.

     I felt a pull on my  pecker and then I realized that Old Charley

was trying to pull me up into bed with him. I slid in beside him.

Neither of us lost our grip on the other. Then I could put my hard

pecker side of his. His was just about twice as long as mine, and just

about twice as big around. It felt good to lay there with Old Charley,

but I was afraid that we would get caught. When I told him that, he

told me not to worry. His mother never came in the room. I could get

easier after that. Old Charley and I slept that way the rest of the

night with our peckers rubbing each other.

     That's how I know that Old Charley's pecker is a lot bigger than


     But your interruption has gotten me away from what I was telling

ya. So, the guys, they's givin' Old Charley a hard time 'cause he

don't take showers and saying it's 'cause he ain't got no pecker. (He

told me once that he don't take showers 'cause his pecker is so big.

He's embarrassed 'bout it.) Anyways, after that night that I played

with his pecker, he wasn't so shy about it any more. He told me that

he had never touched another guys pecker before he had touched mine.

He said he had never let anyone else see him rubbing his pecker

against the pillow before, but he couldn't stop by the time he knew I

was seein' him. After that, it seemed to be all right, 'cause I wasn't

makin' fun of him.

     So, the guys is funnin' Old Charley about havin' no pecker. Well,

Old Charley decided not to be shy no more. He unzipped his pants, and

he grabbed old Henry (that's what he calls his pecker - can you

believe that?) and he pulled Henry out of his sleeping spot, and he

got his balls out there too. Old Charley went running round and round

that locker room with old Henry hanging out there. When he started for

the door, I tried to grab him but he just kept on goin'. Three of the

other football players tackled him in the main hallway there at


     He lay there on the floor with them on top and a bunch of girls

watchin'. They got off him just as I was catchin' up. Old Charley was

still layin' there on that floor, with his face down and his ole body

was shakin'. I thought he was cryin', and it scared me. Then he looked

around and he saw me and he gave me that same look I seen that night

at his house after he had come. He whispered to me, "Come here." I

bent down, and he whispered to me, "I just came. Please help me up."

     I grabbed his shoulders and lifted him up, and the other football

players had made a huddle around him. When he stood up, there was Old

Henry, still standing tall, and hard as a rock. The other players must

have known what the mess was, but they didn't say nothin'. We all

walked back to the locker room with Old Charley in the middle. He had

gotten old Henry put back in his locker, and back to sleep. A whole

bunch of the guys told Old Charley that they were sorry that they had

made fun of him for not having a pecker. Now they knew that he did

have a pecker.

     I asked him later what he meant when he said that he had come. I

hadn't seen him wigglin' his ass like had had that other night. He

said that havin' all of those guys on top of him had made him come. I

asked him why. He said he didn't know but he always came while he was

playin' football. In a good game with lots of tacklin' he could come 5

or 6 times.

     Old Charley's been awful quiet since that day.

                        *   *   *   *

                       Chapter 2:  Mortimer Shows Up

     Anyways, I started to tell ya about what happened to me the other

day when you started interruptin'.

     I was mindin' my own business, really I was. If you don't believe

me, just ask Old Charley here. No, never mind doin' that. Thats where

we got screwed up before.

     Anyways, we'd just gotten home from school and we was sittin' on

the front steps, just sorta hangin' around. We was just sort of

bullshittin' back and forth when Mortimer walks by. Well, this poor

kid, let me tell ya, no mother should ever name her son Mortimer.

Anyways, this guys like what you'd expect from a Mortimer. I made the

mistake of hollerin' 'Hi' to him. So he came up to see what we was

bullshittin about.

     Mortimer got kinda quiet and shy and finally he spoke up to Old

Charley, and said that he had heard about Old Charleys demonsration at

school. Mortimer had heard that Old Charley had a pecker like a bull,

and Mortimer wanted to know if he could see it.

     Well, maybe Old Charley's pecker looked like a bull's pecker, but

Old Charley was like a pissed-off bull. I thought that Old Charley was

gonna punch Mortimer out. But Mortimer started talkin' fast to get him

calmed down. Mortimer thought he had the biggest pecker in school, and

now they was sayin' that Old Charley's was bigger. Mortimer wanted to

find out fer hisself. Well, since Old Charley likes contests, no

matter whether its seein' who can spit the furthest, or chew the

biggest chaw of tobacca, so we all went up to my bedroom.

     My old lady and old man was both workin' and my sister was off

baby sittin' somewheres. So, we had the house to ourselves. I jest

stood there watchin' as Mortimer and Old Charley both started

unbucklin' their belts, and then they unbuttoned their pants, and let

them ker chunk on the floor. They weren't wearin' any Jockey's, so's

soon that the pants dropped both of them peckers came out danglin'.

     They both looked about the same to me, and I says so. Mortimer

says ya can't tell when they's soft, that they had to get them hard

first. Old Charley started playing with Henry, and he woke up a

little, but not much. Mortimer says he gets hard best with a blow job.

Old Charley and I both asked Mortimer 'What's a blow-job?' So Mortimer

says that I gotta put his pecker in my mouth and suck on it like a

calf on its mothers tits. Already I think this is kinda bad. I've

never had a pecker in my mouth, and I don't even know this guy.

Mortimer sees that I'm not too good with that idea, but he knows that

Old Charley and I are buddies, so he thinks maybe I should try it out

on Old Charley and he can tell us how to do it. Well, I'm still not

gettin' into that. Then Old Charley reaches over and undoes my pants

and drops them to the floor and gets my Jockey's down. Next thing I

know he's put his mouth around my pecker and his tongue, or something,

is sending shivers all through my body. Mortimer looks this all over

and he allows as how we're doin' somethin' right. I open my eyes and

my pecker is rock hard and stickin' straight out. Nobody made fun of

my small pecker and not much hair. Mortimer had red hair around his

pecker. He had more'n me, but less than Old Charley. But we wasn't

measurin' hair, we was measurin' peckers.

     Then Mortimer stuck Old Charley's pecker in his mouth and he

started suckin'. Then I could see Old Charley's pecker gettin' real

big. Mortimer's pecker was gettin' just 'bout as big as Old Charley's.

They stood up and it looked like a tie to me. Mortimer wanted me to

find a ruler, but I couldn't. Then Mortimer says, 'I know how to find

out.' He told me to go downstairs and get some Crisco. I didn't

understand how Crisco was gonna help them find out whose pecker was

the biggest, but I got it.

     When I got back upstairs, Mortimer 'n Old Charley had just kinda

been playin' with each others peckers. Both of 'em was still standin'

out there right hard. Then Mortimer turned me so I was facin' the bed

and then he pushed me down on the bed. Then I could feel his finger

movin' around where the shit comes out. Nobody and played with that

hole since Mom quit givin' me enemas. I didn't understand what was

happenin'. Then it seemed like Mortimer was puttin' somethin in there.

I looked around but he turned my head back. In the sight that I got I

could see that he was tryin' to put his finger in there.

     I asked what he was doin' and he said that I was gonna judge

which was bigger by feelin' each pecker in my ass. I hollered no, I

wasn't. Old Charley, he piped up and said that he wasn't stickin' his

pecker in anybodys shit hole, let alone his buddy's. That made me feel

good, that he had said that. Just for that, I turned around and got

Old Charley's pecker in my mouth. I tried to do the same thing to him

that he had done to me. I hadn't done it very long and I felt his

pecker gettin' bigger and bigger, and I was afraid that he was gonna

put that white stuff in my mouth so I pulled my mouth away and moved

my hand on his pecker a little, and sure 'nuff he did.  Old Charley

had thrown his head back, and his hands were fists. He'd closed his

eyes an' was makin' lots of noise. Old Charley started shootin' that

white stuff all over the place. I had it all over my hand, 'n it was

on the floor, 'n everything. Mortimer decided that there couldn't be

any contest then, since Old Charley was soft, now. Mortimer pulled up

his pants and went away.

     Old Charley and I lay there on the bed talkin' after Mortimer

left. Then Old Charley gave me a blow job. I tried to pull my pecker

outta his mouth, but he wouldn't let me. I don't know what he did with

all of that stuff.

     Then he started talkin' about what Mortimer was tryin' to do to

me, and he wants to try it. I think it's gonna hurt, but I'll find out


                      *  *  *  *

                Chapter 3: Old Charley Sleeps Over

     I was tellin' ya the other day about Old Charley and Morti-mer

and me. I told ya how we was sittin' on the porch just mindin' our own

business and bullshittin' 'bout this 'n that when Mortimer come by and

challenged Old Charley to a contest ta see who had the biggest pecker.

     Anyways, after Mortimer left that day, Old Charley got ta

thinkin' 'bout some of the things that Mortimer had been talkin'

'bout, and he b'gun ta think that mebbe we oughta try them out. Now,

ya gotta' unnerstand that I never knew that anything came outta my

pecker 'sides piss b'fore a few nights ago.

     So, that night, I got my old lady to let Old Charley spend the

night with me. Our house is small. Its really only got two bedrooms.

My old man and old lady sleep in one, and my sister sleeps in the

other. Ya see, the basement has been fixed up real neat and that's

where I sleep. Everybody else sleeps on the 2nd floor so they don't

hear much of what goes on in my room. So, I get to play my radio and

watch that ole TV without anybody knowin'. I can bring a good ole six

pack in too and nobody knows about it. Of course, I have to get the

empties out without the rest of them findin' out about them. But since

I take care of the trash cans, that's no problem. Whats a real pain in

the ass, though, is that the bathroom is way upstairs next to the


     Old Charley brought in two six packs for us. He used his gymn bag

and my folks thought that it was his clothes for overnight. I only

have one bed in my room, but its a big bed so we had lotsa room.

Anyways, we went downstairs to watch that ole TV and do some

bullshittin' while we was waitin' fer everbody to go to bed. We each

had a couple cans of beer while we was shootin' the shit.

     About when we finished those two we heard everybody goin'

upstairs to go to bed. Old Charley said that he had to pee. I told him

that he was gonna have to go upstairs to do it. Old Charley didn't

like that idea. Next thing I know, Old Charley takes out Henry and

grabs an empty beer can and pees in that beer can. He filled the first

one, and part of the second one. I damned near shit when I see that! I

told Old Charley that I wasn't chicken to go upstairs and pee and

started to go. Old Charley told me that I was chicken to pee in the

can like he did. Well, maybe Old Charley's pecker is lots bigger than

mine, but I can still do anything he can do. So, I grabbed an empty

can and I let loose and filled it full, and started on another. I peed

just 'bout as much as he did.

     We opened another can of beer and started undressing. As I got my

Jockey's off, I noticed that Old Charley wasn't wearing any underwear.

I don't think that Old Charley ever wore underwear. I think he always

let Henry just kinda hang down his leg. By now both of us was feelin'

a buzz from the beer. Old Charley reached over and picked up his can

of beer from the table and tipped it up and chugged down a big load of

that. Then he looked at me and he says that the beer didn't taste

right. I looked and he had been drinkin' from the can I had been

peein' in. I started laughin'. His face looked strange when he

realized what he had done. He got real mad at me for laughin' so hard.

I jest couldn' help it. I was buzzin' and he looked so funny. Then he

found his real can of beer and drunk down at least half the can.

     We was both laying on the bed. Old Charley reached over and took

my hand and moved it to his pecker, and told me to play with it. I put

my hand around his pecker and just kind of flopped it around a bit.

Since I'd never played with anybodys pecker before, I wasn't sure wht

to do. Then I felt his hand grab my pecker and so I just kinda did the

same thing to his that he did to mine. We pulled our hands up and down

those peckers, and I could feel his pecker gettin' harder and harder.

Mine was gettin' pretty stiff, too. I felt Old Charley feel around my

nuts and I thought I was in heaven. Christ! That felt good.

     Then Old Charley put his hand under my head and I felt him

lifting my head and moving it down toward his pecker. Next thing I

knew, his pecker was aimed right at my mouth. I put my mouth around

it, like I did earlier when Mortimer was showin' us how. I was kinda

gettin' the hang of it, and Old Charley was doin' quite a bit of

moanin'. The moans sounded like moans of pleasure, so I figgered I was

doin' somethin' right. Then Old Charley says to just lay there and

hold his pecker in my mouth for a couple minutes. So, I lay there.

First thing I know I feel somethin' wet in my mouth. Then I come to

that Old Charley's pissin'! I can't let go 'cause there'll be a mess

in the bed. I let out a hell of a groan, and Old Charley just laughs

and keeps on pissin'. My mouth is full of Old Charley's piss and

there's more comin'. I hadda swallow or I'da made a mess in the bed.

That bastard finally quit pissin' and I really bitched him out. He

said that I thought it was so funny when he'd drunk a bunch of my piss

that he just wanted to give some back to me. I opened 'nother can of

beer to flush it down, but deep down I thought it was kinda fun.

     Then Old Charley reaches inta his gymn bag and he pulls out a jar

of somethin'. He tells me to roll over, 'cause he wants to try what

Mortimer wanted to do to me. I told him I was afraid it would hurt,

and he said that he'd be careful. He kinda pulled my ass up in the air

and took some of that stuff outa the jar and I could feel him

spreadin' it around my shit hole, and then I could feel somethin'

tryin to go into my shit hole. I squeezed my hole and told him that it

hurt. He says to relax. I tried, and I could feel his finger tryin' to

go in. Then he got some more stuff and worked on my shit hole some

more. I started gettin' used to it, and then I could his finger

wigglin' around. I asked him how far he had his finger in, and he says

he's got it all the way in. He wiggled it a little and I felt a wild

feelin' in my pecker. I thought I was gonna explode right then.

     After some more of that, I could feel it gettin' comfortable in

there. Then he pulled it out, and I felt him move around and then

somethin' big went in that shit hole. I started to scream, but he put

his hand over my mouth, and then I felt my shit hole filled full to

burstin' and severe pain. Old Charley held still and held his hand

over my mouth. Then he took it away and asked if it still hurt. I

sobbed that it did a little. He asked if I wanted him to take it out.

I wasn't gonna let him think I was that weak. I told him to keep it

in, but to just hold it a minute. The pain was goin' away, an' I

figgered that if I stayed like that a little more, it'd be all right.

     When I felt it goin' away, I laid down on my stomach and he laid

on top of me for a while. Then I felt him start to move around a

little and then he moved some more. I finally realized that he was

wigglin' his ass in me just like he was that night I had seen him with

his pillow. I could feel my pecker gettin' harder and harder, and just

when I begun to think I couldn't take it any more, he started movin'

faster and breathin' real hard and heavy. I could feel him sweatin'

all over me. Then he moaned real hard, and then he lay real still on

top of me. I could feel his arms come around me, and he was holdin' me

real tight. He laid his head down next to mine. I moved my head around

to look at him, and he brought his lips to mine and we kissed. I

didn't know what to think. I never heard of two guys kissin',

especially on the lips. But, it felt good. I liked feelin' Old Charley

have his arms around me. It felt neat to have him close like that, and

kiss me. It felt good to have his bare body layin' on my bare body. It

felt good to have his pecker inside my body.

     We stayed like that a couple minutes and then Old Charley pulled

his pecker out. Then that son of a bitch picked up my T-shirt and

wiped off his pecker with it. Then I could feel him wipe my ass with

it. My T-Shirt! How's I gonna explain that?

     We laid down on the bed beside each other. His pecker was kinda

floppy. My pecker was like a pitch fork handle. I told Old Charley to

roll over. He asked why, and I told him, 'cause I was gonna do to him

what he did to me. I found the jar of stuff and played with his ass

for a while and got it all loose. I spread that stuff all around down

there, and then I got some more of it, and I could feel my finger

findin' that shit hole. As I started pushin' on it some I could feel

my finger start to go inside of Old Charley. I thought this was

amazing. I didn't know this could happen. I worked it around in there

and that was a real wierd feelin'. I could feel him relaxin' and my

finger moved a lot easier.

     Then I put some of it on my pecker and started working my pecker

into his shit hole. He started to scream a little, but I held his

mouth, just like he held mine. I never felt anything like that before!

I almost came right then. I held real still. I asked Old Charley if it

was still hurtin' and he said it was goin' away. I waited a couple

more minutes, and then I tried workin' it around in there a little.

Oh, that feelin'! I never felt anything like it. I started workin' it

up and down a little. My pecker got harder and harder and I felt like

I was gonna explode. I felt myself gettin' all sweaty and then I felt

like I was passin' out.

     When I realized what was happenin' I was layin' on top of Old

Charley, my pecker still in his shit hole. I was feelin' as if I had

been to the end of the world and was comin' back. Then I knew I had to

piss, real bad. All of that beer and piss was startin' to catch up

with me. I figgered that we'd been havin' fun back and forth with

piss, so I'd have some more fun. I started lettin' the piss out. Then

Old Charley started moanin' like he does when he's comin'. Then he

started makin' noises like he's gettin' ready to scream. I put my hand

over his mouth, an' kept right on pissin'. Then it hit me that when I

finished pissin' he was gonna let all that piss out as soon as I

pulled my pecker out. I didn't know what he would do with it, so I

left my pecker in. I took my hand away from his mouth. He was pantin'.

He asked me what did I do. I told him I pissed. 'In my shit hole?' he

says. I says yup. He says he come 3 times when I did that. I didn'

believe him. He says he's gotta shit now. I says he's gotta go

upstairs to do that. He says he can't make it. Its only cause he's got

his shit hole squeezed tight round my pecker that he's not shittin'

now. He's got it squeezed so tight that my pecker is startin' to get

hard again. I asked him what he thinks he can do about takin' a shit.

It was his idea to piss in the beer can. Maybe Old Charley can figger

out somethin' now.

     While Old Charley's layin' there tryin' to figger out what to do,

my pecker's gettin' harder and harder. I start wigglin' around a

little tryin' to get comfortable. Then I feel my pecker in his shit

hole. My pecker is kinda floatin' in my hot piss and the more I

wiggle, the better it feels. First thing I know I'm feelin' that

feelin' again, and Old Charley's squeezin' his shit hole tighter and

tighter 'cause he doesn't wanna leak, but my wigglin' around is makin'

him come. I start movin' my pecker up and down in his shit hole, and I

kin feel the head of my pecker sloshin' around in my piss. He's

squeezin' harder and that's makin' my pecker get harder, and then I

feel an explosion like I haven't felt since that old mule of Grandpa's

kicked me up agin the side of the barn when I tried to feel his nuts.

I pass into outer space, and as I lay there comin' back around, I

asked Old Charley if he was all right. He allows as how that's the

best yet. He says he come 3 more times whenst I did that. Now he's

gotta shit worse than ever, and I gotta piss again. He tells me not to

piss in his shit hole again, he can't hold anymore. I knda wonder if

that's really true.

     So, I asks Old Charley what he figgers he's gonna do with all

that piss and white stuff in his shit hole. I'm 'fraid if I'm not

careful he's gonna try to get it in my mouth, or somethin' just to get

even. Old Charley says he hasn't figgered that out, yet. I start to

pull my pecker out, and he tells me to leave it in to keep the hole

plugged. I asked him about the empty beer cans, but he figgers he

can't get it through that small hole, and he's sure that the can won't

hold it, and I figger he's right. Old Charley, he's hangin' on tight

to my pecker, and damned if he isn't gettin' it hard agin! I still

gotta piss, real bad, and when I tell Old Charley this, he gets all

upset. He says he can't hold anymore. Well, I can't hold it anymore,

either. I'm tryin' to hold it back, but it won't hold. My pecker's

gettin' harder an' harder, and we're still tryin' to figger out what

to do. Old Charley's moanin' agin, and says he's comin' again, and

when he does, his shit hole is squeezed so tight that I feel my own


     When it's over, we lay there again. Old Charley's got a shit hole

full of piss and that white stuff and hes' bitchin' that his guts are

hurtin'. I know that feelin' from when my Dad used to give me enemas.

He'd get a so much hot water up my shit hole and make me hold it, that

I would hurt bad in my guts. I figgered that was what Old Charley was


     Then, I remember a big bowl that I had popcorn in that's under

the bed. I tell Old Charley about it, and he's all excited. He and I

swing around on the bed so that our feet get on the floor together

with my pecker still in his shit hole. I grabbed the T-Shirt he used

to wipe his pecker with and pulled my pecker out of his shit hole and

then held his shit hole with the shirt. I reached under the bed and

got the bowl out. Old Charley squatted down and let loose with a hell

of a splatter and ker-chunks. Old Charley's pecker was standin'

straight out, and so was mine. I wiped mine off with the T-Shirt. I

figgered it was already messed up, so what the hell. I looked at the

bed where Old Charley had been layin' and there was a hell of a big

wet spot. I wasn't sure how I was gonna explain that, either. I guess

I'd hafta to a laundry when no one was home.

     So, Old Charley's squattin' over that bowl and he says it feels

like his guts are comin' out. I look in the bowl, an' he's got it

'bout half full. I keep hearin' a few more drips and plops, and I know

that he is still shittin' it out. He says his ass is awful sore. I

allow as to how mine is pretty sore, too. I tell him I've gotta piss

real bad. He reaches up and grabs my butt and forces my pecker in his

mouth and I let loose with all of that beer piss I've been holdin' in.

He takes it all down, and when I'm done, he lets loose and allows as

how thats not bad.

     Finally, Old Charley stands up and uses that T-Shirt to wipe out

his shit hole. We stand there lookin' at each other, and both of us

have hard peckers. He wraps his arms around me and pulls me to him,

and then his lips are on mine and my arms around him. After a long

kiss, he whispers in my ear that he wants to piss in my shit hole. I

tell him that my ass is sore, and I don't think I can. He says he'll

be gentle, and he bends me down over the bed and starts greasing my

shit hole. Then I feel his pecker sliding in, and it isn't hurting at

all. Then we are both down on the bed and as we lay there I feel a

stinging inside my ass and then I feel the first explosion and my

pecker is throbbing and I can feel it coming out. The stinging keeps

coming and I feel another explosion coming on. I must have made some

noise that time, 'cause Old Charley tells me to be quiet, 'cause I'll

wake up the house. The next time, I try to be quiet, but that old mule

has just kicked me again. Now I feel my shit hole is so packed that

its gonna explode. I can feel cramps in my gut, and I squeeze my shit

hole tight, just like Old Charley did, tryin' to keep it all in. Then

I felt Old Charley doin' the same thing I did. His pecker was gettin'

harder 'cause of my squeezin', and then I felt him wigglin' his ass up

and down again, and then after he sweated a lot and moaned, he just

lay down real quiet on top of me, and lay there. I'm still squeezin'

tryin' to keep that all in. Then he lets me up, and its my turn to get

over that bowl. He wipes himself off with that old T-Shirt. His pecker

isn't hard any more. Mine isn't hard, either. My ass hurts, and he

says his does too.

     Finally, it feels like I've got my guts emptied, and I get up and

wipe my shit hole with that shirt.

     We sit on the edge of the bed and share a can of beer. We

figgered that it was a lot of fun. Our shit holes hurt, and we may

never shit right again, and our peckers ache, too. But it was all

great fun. After we finish the can of beer, we fill some more beer

cans with piss, and crawl into bed. I gave Old Charley one hell of a

kiss, and then we both went to sleep.

                            *  *  *  *  *

                 Chapter 4: The Morning After

     When  I  woke  up the next mornin' Old Charley  and  I  were

facin' each other. He was still sleepin'. He had his arm over my body

and I had mine over his.

     My pecker was hard as a rock. Then I realized that the bed was

wet. I didn't feel like I was gonna piss, so I figgered must be I had

an accident. I sometimes sleep so hard that I don't hold it and the

bed gets wet. My old lady keeps a plastic sheet on the bed, just

'cause of that. She knows I do it sometimes, but I always wash the

sheets when she ain't home, so's she don't know how often. After all

of that beer and drinkin' piss from each other last night, must be I

couldn't hold it.

     I was ashamed that Old Charley would find out that I wet the bed

sometimes. I didn't know how to hide it, since he was sleepin' in it.

My hand kinda wandered down to feel my pecker, and it brushed agin Old

Charley's pecker, and damned if his'n wasn't just as hard as mine. At

that, Old Charley's eyes opened, and he whispered "oh shit, I did it

agin!" I asked him what he was talkin' about. He said that sometimes

he wet the bed at home. 'Specially when he had drunk a few beers the

night before. I asked him if he was sure he'd pissed the bed, and told

him that sometimes I did too. Then he grinned at me, and says "You do

too?" Then he leaned over and kissed me. We decided that we'd both

pissed durin' the night, 'cause the bed was wet all over, not just on

one side or 'tother.

     I played with Old Charley's pecker a little bit, and he played

with mine. We was just gettin' ready to try to do somethin' about them

bein' so stiff when that old clock-radio went off. We had ta go to

school, so we got up to get dressed. My pecker got over bein' so

stiff, at least enough so's I could get it in my pants. Old Charley,

he had more trouble gettin' his in his pants.

     My old man had already left for work when we went upstairs, and

my old lady was puttin' our breakfast on the table. Soon's she did

that, she left for work. My sister had already left for school. Soon's

my mother left, I got that bowl from downstairs and emptied it and

cleaned it up. I got the sheets offa the bed and stuck them in the

washer and started 'em. After we finished breakfast, Old Charley and I

went to school.


     Old Charley an' I kept lookin' at each other durin' classes.

After gymn, we kinda hung around puttin' balls away and coolin' it

until the rest of the guys had left the locker room. We had study hall

next period, and we knew what we wanted ta study. We both felt sticky

from sleepin' in that piss and we wanted ta take a shower. We had the

shower room all to ourselves and we stripped and went in.

     After we got the water just right, I grabbed the soap and reached

over and started latherin' Old Charley up. I started with his neck,

and then went down his back with that old soap and then I got the

crack of his ass real good. I rached between his legs and soaped his

nuts real good, and got in a wipe on that old pecker of his that was

just hangin' down there. Then I got his legs soaped up real good with

lotsa white, foamy lather. As I worked up the front of him, I looked

up at his face, and he gave me a real great grin. I soaped his balls

and his pecker some more, and by this time, his pecker was stiff

again. As I soaped his chest, he looked at me and then his lips were

on mine, and we was kissin'.

     Then he grabbed the soap away from me and he started latherin'

me. I felt his strong, gentle hands rubbin' around on my back, and

then down around my ass. Then, I could feel his soapy finger find my

shit hole and he put it in a little. He wiggled it around a little and

then he pulled it out. I felt some stirrings in my pecker. He put his

hand on my back and bent me over. I put my hands on my knees for

support. Then I felt some more soapy lather, and then I felt his

pecker goin' in my shit hole. As he started wigglin' his ass back

forth in my ass, both of his arms came around me and he started

playin' with my pecker.

     I could feel him start to move his ass back 'n forth, movin' his

pecker in and out of my shit hole. At the same time, he was strokin'

my pecker back and forth. I kinda stood up and put my hands on the

wall to brace myself. Then he stopped wigglin' an' I thought mebbe

he'd finished, but he just kinda stayed there. I looked around at him

and we started kissin'. Then I felt the stream of piss stingin' in my

ass and could feel my guts fillin' up like they was gonna bust. Then

he went back to movin' and we's still kissin'. I'm holdin' on tight

with my ass to keep it all in, and he's movin' faster an faster. He's

got his hand on my pecker and he's workin' it back an' forth real

fast. I kin feel myself gettin' closer an' closer. Then just as I'm

shootin' all over the place, he stops movin' too 'cause he did it the

same time I did.

     Then I forgot about holdin' it in, and all that piss and shit

just hadta come flyin' out. It pushed Old Charley's pecker out of the

way and all that piss and shit went all over him. He turned me around

and held me real close and I pushed out the rest of it. The showers

was still runnin' and it all got washed down the drain. We lathered

ourselves up, and finished our showers and went to class.

                            *  *  *  *  *

              Chapter 5: Visiting With Mortimer

     I didn't see Old Charley for a few days 'cause it was the

weekend. I just sorta hung around the house on Saturday, kinda

screwin' around in my room. I missed Old Charley and my pecker got

hard just thinkin' 'bout the fun we'd had the other night.

     It was Saturday in the late afternoon, 'n I was jest settin' on

the porch. Mortimer come wanderin' by the house 'n he seen me settin'

there on the porch. Mortimer, he come up the walk and set down aside

me there. We talked 'bout the weather, and Mortimer, he likes

baseball, so he was tryin' to talk about baseball. I don't like

baseball, much, so Mortimer tried to find somethin' else to talk

'bout. When he sees that he's not havin' much success with that

Mortimer started talkin' 'bout the day he tried to see if his pecker

was bigger 'n Old Charley's.

     Mortimer asked if I'd thought about what happened that day. I

fibbed and told him I hadn't. I asked Mortimer if he liked to do that

shit. He allowed as how he did. I asked him why. He says its fun an'

it feels good. I told him I didn't unnerstan' what he meant. He asked

me if I'd never tried it, and I told him I hadn't. He started tellin'

me how good it felt and he'd like to show me. I told him I wasn't

'bout to do anything like that right here on the front porch. He

laughed and said he wouldn't do it here on the porch, anyways. He told

me to come on over to his house after supper. His folks was goin' out

for the evening and we'd be there all alone. I told him I'd think

'bout it, but I didn't think I'd do it. We bullshitted some more and

he finally went away. He told me again, to come on over that evenin'.

I told him that I didn't go for that shit. (I lied.)

     After supper I watched that old TV for a while, but I couldn't

stop thinkin' 'bout Old Charley and Mortimer and my stiff pecker.

Finally I told my folks I was goin' out for a while, and I walked over

to Mortimers house.

     Mortimer was there, watchin' TV. His face really lighted up when

he saw me. We sat down on the sofa and watched TV for a while.

Mortimer brought out some beer and we drunk those and then Mortimer

reached over and just kinda rubbed my knee and then he moved his hand

up my leg a little. Then the first thing I knew, he was undoin' my

pants and helpin' me outta them. I hadn't worn my Jockey's that night,

and as soon as he got my pants down, my old pecker came flyin' out,

real happy to be loose and free. Mortimer put my pecker in his mouth

and I felt a chill go up my back, and I let out a hell of a moan. Then

I felt his hand just kinda tickle my nuts a little, and I felt another

chill. I don't know what Mortimer was doin' but it shore felt good!

Then Mortimer let go of my pecker and he took off my shoes and got my

pants off. He pulled me up off of the sofa and we stood there facin'

each other.

     Mortimer was just 'bout as tall as me, 'n I guess he weighs just

'bout the same. Since he'd gotten my pants off, I reached down and

undid his jeans. His pants fell to the floor and his pecker came

poppin' out, just 'bout like mine had. Mortimer had red hair on his

head, but I didn't think he'd have red hair 'round his pecker, too,

but he did. I don't know what I thought I'd see, but I guess I thought

it'd be black, or blonde. As we took our shirts off, I looked at the

thin line of red hair that started at his belly button and made a path

down to his pecker. That red hair spread out all over 'round his

pecker and on his balls. I was used to Old Charley's black hair, and

thought everybody's was black. I knew mine was blonde, but I hadn't

really looked at it.

     So I was just kinda standin' there starin' at Mortimer's red

hair, 'n then I felt his hand grab my pecker, and he pulled on it a

little. It had started to soften a little, but as soon as he grabbed

it, it got hard again. Mortimer says, 'You like this, don't you?' I

told him I didn't know. He says, 'As stiff as this cock is, I know you

like it!' I'd never heard it called a cock before, but I didn't want

Mortimer to think I was dumb, so I didn't say anything. Mortimer put

his lips on mine and we started kissin'. Then I felt his tongue in my

mouth. I didn't know what to think of that, but it kinda felt good.

     Next thing I knew, we was on the floor, side by side, and we was

still kissin'. He took his tongue out of my mouth and I started kinda

tryin' to put my tongue in his mouth. He opened his mouth, and it went

right in. I started explorin' the inside of his mouth, and I found my

cock gettin' harder. Of course, his hand on my pecker didn't make it

get any softer.

     Then he pulled away from my mouth, and then his tongue started

licking my tit. Now, I'd seen babies suckin' on their mother's tits,

but I'd never heard of a guys tits bein' sucked on. I felt a chill go

through me, but it felt good. Then he moved over to the other tit, and

he licked on that for a while. Then he had his tongue in my belly

button lickin' that. Then, before I knew it, he had his tongue down on

my nuts, and my pecker was gettin' harder and harder. His tongue moved

over to the inside of my legs and was licking around there on each

leg. One hand was rubbin' my nuts, and the other hand was just

touchin' my tits, first one and then the other.

     Then he took his hands and lifted my legs way up. I felt my ass

bein' lifted off the floor. Then I felt his tongue lickin' my balls,

and then it went down to my shit hole. I thought that was terrible, to

lick my shit hole, but it sure felt good. My pecker was gettin' harder

'n harder. He hadn't touched it in a long while, but it was hard. He

licked my shit hole for quite a while, and then he moved back to my

balls, and the first thing I knew, his tongue was runnin' up the

bottom of my pecker. That was more than I could handle. I was groanin'

and it was drivin' me out of my mind. Mortimer was runnin' his tongue

around my pecker, and his finger was playin' with my shit hole. I

could feel it comin' and it was gettin' worse 'n worse. I don't know

what Mortimer was doin' down there, and I didn't care! Then I felt the

mule kick me outta that stable. When I came to, I just knew I had put

a whole bunch of that white stuff in Mortimer's mouth, and I felt

kinda bad about it. I looked down at Mortimer, and he was lookin' up

at me and he was grinnin'. He told me that my come was the best he'd

tasted in a long time. I asked him if he liked to eat that, and he

said that he did. I asked him if it wasn't bad for you, and he said

that he didn't think so. He had eaten lots of it, and it hadn't hurt

him. Then he laid back beside me and kissed me. We laid there for a

while, and I decided to see what it was like.

     I didn't pay much attention to his tits. I was more interested in

that red hair of his. I had already sucked on Old Charleys cock, so I

knew what that was like, but I tried lickin' his nuts, and he started

moanin'. I found that I could suck one of his nuts in my mouth, and he

starts hollerin' that it was sooo good, and not to stop. I sucked on

that one and then I got the other one in my mouth. I looked up at him

an' he was layin' there with his eyes closed, an' his mouth wide open,

and he was breathin' funny. I let his nuts outta my mouth and raised

his legs up, like he had raised mine.

     Then I saw it! I'd never looked at anybody's shit hole before.

But there was Mortimers! His red hair came down along his legs and

then down around that shit hole. There wasn't much, but enough so's I

could see that it was red, but I could also see that puckered little

thing lookin' at me with one eye. I stuck my tongue out and touched

it, and then pulled my tongue back. Mortimer groaned a lot and that

shit hole did a lot of movin' around, and then it settled down. I put

my tongue back on it again, and I could feel it movin' as my tongue

moved around on it. Mortimer groaned and moaned, and I could feel him

tryin' to move around. I had his legs held up there, and there weren't

much he could do. I could see his pecker gettin' harder and harder,

and doin' a lot of floppin' around up there. Then Mortimer hollers

'Suck on my cock, you cocksucker! Hurry!' I let his legs down and put

my mouth around his cock. I wiggled my tongue around the head of his

cock and then Mortimer screamed. I was scared! But, just as he

screamed he exploded and he filled my mouth with the white stuff.

Almost as much as when Old Charley had peed in my mouth. I swallowed

real hard and it tasted kinda good. I'd just gotten that swallowed and

he shot a bunch more in my mouth. When his pecker quit throbbin' I

swallowed again. It tasted kinda sweet, and was good. Then I felt his

pecker gettin' smaller and smaller. I let loose of it and then I slid

up beside Mortimer and he leaned over and we kissed again.

     He went and got some more beer, and we sat on the sofa, bare

assed naked watchin' TV and drinkin' beer. When I finished my beer I

see that it was almost 11, so I got my clothes on, and kissed Mortimer

good-night and walked on home. When I got there, I was beat, and I

flopped into that old bed and went right to sleep. I dreamt about

Mortimer that night.

                            *  *  *  *  *

                   Chapter 6: The Camping Trip

     Old Charley 'n I we seen each other in class during the week, but

what with one thing 'n another, we didn't get to talk about our

peckers, and I didn't mention what'd happened with Mortimer.

     At least, not 'til long about Thursday. Old Charley called me up

on the phone Thursday night and asked me if I wanted to go campin'

with him over the weekend. I asked him where he was plannin' on goin'.

He says he's gonna go up ta Millers Falls. I been campin' up there

before. It's a nice quiet spot way back in the woods. There's this

creek that runs down through the woods and then it just makes this big

drop. I reckon its 'bout 20 foot that it drops.

     I asked him who all's goin' 'n he says its just him 'n me. When's

he goin'. He figgered on goin' up Saturday mornin', doin' some fishin'

up there, mebbe wanderin' 'round the woods for a while, then we'd

spend the night, and come back on Sunday.

     Well, this sounds kinda interestin'. I asked him how we're gettin

up there, and he said he figgered on hikin'. I told him I liked that

idea, and he says he'd be over on Saturday mornin' about 9 to get me.

     So Friday after school, I got my tent out and got it all looked

over and ready to go, and dug out some blankets to take. I don't have

a sleepin' bag. My folks haven't been able to afford one. So I always

use about 4 blankets. Its OK. I got some clean underwear an' stuff an'

put it all in a knapsack. Then, it took me a couple of hours to find

my fishin' pole. I hadn't seen it since last fall and I had to look

over the damned place for it. I finally found it way over in the back

of my closet. My tackle box was there with it. I went all through my

tackle box and found shit that I'd forgot about. When I got that all

finished, I like to died when I looked at that blessed clock! It was

near midnight. I hit the sack and was asleep in 'bout a minute.

     Next mornin', Old Charley's there, just like he said he would,

right at 9. I was almost ready, and just put a few more things in my

knapsack, and got my good walkin' shoes on and we started out.

     After we left the house, we stopped at the store to get some food

for lunch, supper and breakfast. Old Charley, he wanted to get lots of

candy 'n stuff, but I talked him into some hamburg 'n potatoes 'n

stuff. I know how to cook that stuff on a campfire so's it comes out

pretty good. Then we started walkin' out of town, an' after a few

blocks, we was startin' to get into the country. When we got out past

the old haunted house, we turned off on a trail that started back up

into the woods. We walked for quite a while. There weren't any other

people around. We talked about school, and we tried to tell what the

different trees were. Old Charley and I got into an argument over this

one tree. I said it was an aspen, an' he said it was an oak. We took

some leaves so's we could ask our teacher at school.

     We walked a ways further and had a couple a piss stops and took a

break to catch our breath. Old Charley was talkin' about why he don't

wanna driver's license. He says its too dangerous out there on them

highways. He's 'fraid he'll get killt if'n he gets behind the wheel.

I'd like a drivers license, but my folks can't afford no car, so we

always take the bus or whatever we kin find. Since there ain't no car

for me to learn to drive in, I guess it'll be a long time 'fore I


     It was 'bout the middle of the afternoon when we finally reached

the creek. I'd forgotten that Millers Falls was so far away. We turned

and walked alongside the creek for about an hour and then we found the

falls. Just as we rounded the bend to where we could see the falls, we

looked where we camp, and there was a deer standin' right in the

middle of where we put the tent. We both stopped and watched that old

deer for quite a while. She didn't know we was there. She was eatin'

the grass. We watched her for quite a while and then she went back in

the woods. It was fun watchin' her.

     After she left, we went on to the clearing where the deer had

been and we started unpackin'. We was gettin' the tent set up and then

we got the food unpacked. That was when Old Charley got out the two

six packs of beer he'd brung with him. He put them in the pool right

there at the bottom of the falls so's they'd get good and cold. I was

gettin' my blankets spread out while Old Charley was messin' around

with the firewood an' a place to cook. After I got my bed fixed up, he

started workin' on his bed. First thing I know, Old Charley, he's

making his bed outta blankets, just like I did. Now, Old Charley's

always used a sleepin' bag before. So I asks him where it is. He tells

me that he knows that I don't have no sleepin' bag, and he thinks it'd

be fun to try it like I do this time. Well, I guess so. It might be

kinda fun after all, but who knows.

     We got out the fish poles and went back down the creek aways, and

did some fishin'. There wasn't much bitin' but we each got a couple of

small ones. It was beginnin' to get dark so we went back to the

campsite. We got the fire started 'n I started to cook some supper. We

cooked those fish we caught, and I cooked some of that hamburg we'd

bought. Old Charley got the beer outta the pool and opened one up for

me and then he got one for hisself. So, I was feelin' pretty good for

cookin' supper. It was pretty dark when supper was finally ready. Old

Charley had brought an old light with him, an' I had some candles.

Supper tasted real great. Maybe it was I had cooked it my self, or

just cause we was out there in the fresh air, and all.

     After supper we got the pot of water offa the fire that I had put

on there when we started to eat and we washed our dishes. Old Charley

'n me hadn't been talkin' 'bout too much. Mostly the other people in

school and some of the dumb things that had been goin' on. While we

was doin' the dishes, we had some more beer. After we got the dishes

done, we sat down by the fire and we was drinkin' beer and just sort

of lookin' at the fire. After a little bit of that, Old Charley says,

"C'mon, let's go swimmin'." I told him I didn't have my swimmin'

trunks with me. He told me I didn't need them, to just get my clothes

off, and jump in. We'd go skinny dippin'. I'd never tried that before,

but it was dark, and was just me 'n Old Charley, so what the Hell.

     We both went runnin and jumped into that pool about the same

time. We didn't know how cold that water was gonna be. I bet they

heard me holler clear back in town. After a little bit of gettin' used

to it, it wasn't so bad. Old Charley, he was swimmin' around, and

first thing I knew he was swimmin' between my legs. Then he went

through them again, 'n he grabbed my pecker on his way through. Then I

tried it with him. I grabbed his pecker 'n his nuts 'n hung on 'till I

couldn't hold my breath no more. I let go and come up for air. We

played around in that pool for a while. Me grabbin' him, 'n him

grabbin' me. I started gettin' cold, so I got out and grabbed my towel

and sat by the fire for a while. Old Charley, he come out right after

I did. We put some more wood on the fire and sat there with another

beer and the towels around us.

     I was still cold, and told Old Charley that I was cold. He went

in the tent and grabbed a blanket. He come back out and set down a

side of me and got the blanket around both of us. Then he wrapped his

arm around my shoulder and held me tight. I put my arm around his

shoulder and we sat there. Then I told Old Charley how Mortimer had

invited me over to his house last week, 'n I told him all of the

things that Mortimer and me had done. Old Charley kept holdin' me

tighter 'n tighter while I was tellin' him. I could feel my pecker

gettin' harder 'n harder from thinkin' 'bout it. My hand kinda started

feelin' over to Old Charley's pecker, 'n I could feel that his pecker

was just 'bout as hard as mine. Then I felt his hand nudge my pecker.

I looked over at him, and then his lips met mine, 'n we kissed. I

could feel his tongue come into my mouth, and then when he moved his

tongue back, my tongue went in his mouth an' explored around. His hand

moved to my tit and it sent a wild thrill through my body. My kiss got

even stronger.

     Then I felt us goin' backward and we was layin' on the ground

with the blanket under us. We was still hangin' on to each other and

kissin'. Then Old Charley broke the kiss, and his lips started movin'

'round on my body. As his tongue got down near my pecker, I told him

to wait that I had to piss before he got too far. At that, he says,

'Go ahead', an' I felt his mouth get wrapped around my pecker and my

pecker felt good. Old Charley just sort of held his mouth there, and

then I started lettin' loose all of that beer. Old Charley, he sucked

it all up, an' swallowed every last drop. Then I felt him start movin'

his mouth 'round on my pecker. I felt myself gettin' higher and

higher. Then before I was ready shoot, Old Charley pulled away, 'n he

started movin' his tongue back up my body, and the next thing I knew,

his lips were on mine again and we was back to kissin'.

     I broke the kiss and then I started down his body with my tongue.

When I got to his belly button, I worked my tongue around real good in

there, and he got to gigglin'. Then I followed that thin line of black

hair from his belly button down to his pecker. Just as I was startin'

to work my tongue around the head of his pecker, he says, 'Hold still

a minute. It's my turn, now.' I knew just what he meant, and I grabbed

his pecker with my mouth, and I had just clamped down on it when I

felt that hot stream hit the back of my mouth. It seemed like it was

comin' forever, but I kept swallowin' an' I got it all down. When it

stopped comin' Old Charley told me to turn around. I didn't know what

he meant, but I finally got around so's my pecker was even with his

mouth, and the first thing I knew, he had my pecker in his mouth, 'n I

had his pecker in my mouth. It felt so good, I had trouble rememberin'

to pay attention to his pecker. Then I felt his pecker gettin' real

hard an' stiff, an' I knew that he was 'bout ready to shoot. But, I

could feel me gettin' ready to blast off, too. An' then I felt his hot

load hit my tongue just as I felt my load headin' out into his waitin'

mouth. After I finished, I was too beat to move. I lay my head on his

leg and just laid there with his pecker still in my mouth.

     I got turned around after a while and Old Charley got up an' got

a couple more beers for us. We was warm enough by now and didn't need

the blanket around us. The fire was kinda dyin' down now, and so was

we. We both sat there kinda watchin' the fire, not sayin' much, 'n not

thinkin' much. Just watchin' the fire, 'n drinkin our beer.

     When we'd finished the beer, Old Charley said he was tired, and

ready to hit the sack. I was that way myself. I mentioned that we'd

had quite a few beers and was wonderin' if I was gonna wet the bed.

Old Charley says that he had figgered that might happen. Then he

reached in his knapsack and I was sure shocked when I saw what Old

Charley had. He had drug out some diapers. I asked him what he was

gonna do. He said that his older sister had a baby that was wearin'

toddler diapers now. He'd been lookin' at them and wonderin' what

would happen if he wore them on the nights when he'd been drinkin' a

lot. I couldn't believe it. Old Charley looked a little old to be

wearin' diapers, but he had a point. He asked me if I would help him

get them on.

     This was a little embarassin', but if that's what he wanted, what

the Hell. So, I unfolded one, and as he stood there with his legs

spread, I managed to get it on him. It didn't really go all of the way

around him, like they do on a baby, but it did pretty good. I could

see his pecker gettin' harder 'n harder as I put it on. Finally when I

was all finished, He leaned over and kissed me.

     Then Old Charley asked me if I was gonna wear one. I told him no

way. He says, but you wet the bed when you've had too much to drink,

don't you? And, I had to agree that he was right. So, Old Charley put

one of those diapers on me, and by the time he was finished, my pecker

was pretty stiff. I reached over and felt of his diaper, and I could

feel his stiff pecker through it.

     We went in the tent and messed around with the blankets so that

we had like a double bed there. We crawled down between the blankets.

Old Charley and I were facing each other. We gave each other a hug and

a kiss. Wearing our diapers, we went to sleep.

                            *  *  *  *  *

                     Chapter 7: Sunday Morning

     When I woke up, it was still dark out. I could feel my pecker as

hard as a baseball bat. Then I could feel the wet around my body. Then

I 'membered where I was and I 'membered that Old Charley had put a

diaper on me before we went to bed. I looked over and seen Old Charley

layin' there. His face was facin' me, 'n it looked like he was

sleepin'. I reached over to find his pecker. I found it through the

diaper he was wearin' 'n his pecker was just as hard as mine. I stuck

my finger down inside the diaper, 'n his was wet, too. Then Old

Charley says, 'I wet it. Did you wet yours?' I told him I did.

     Old Charley rolled over and grabbed me, and our peckers were

rubbin' each other through the diapers. Then he pulled the diaper open

and my stiff pecker came flyin' out. Old Charley was on that pecker

like flies on shit. He licked my pecker, 'n he licked my nuts, and he

run his tongue all over down there, gettin' alla that piss up. I

couldn't stand it. It was drivin' me crazy. I was already half way up

the wall when I woke, an' his foolin' around down there was makin' it

worse. I couldn't hold it any more and shot all over the place.

     As my pecker was gettin' soft, Old Charley stretched out beside

me. I reached down and pulled his diaper off, and started lickin' up

all of that piss he'd left down there. He shot just about as fast as I

had. I pulled the diaper off the rest of the way, an' Old Charley

pulled his off. Damned if Old Charley didn't have some more of them

diapers. He pulled out two more an' put them on 'n went back to bed.

Old Charley gave me a kiss an' we went back to sleep.

     When I woke up the next time, it was daylight. My diaper was dry,

but I had to pee real bad. I stuck my finger down inside Old Charley's

diaper an' it was wet again. He was layin' on his back an' snorin' up

a storm. I took off my diaper, an' then I got straddle of Old

Charley's belly and stuck my pecker down in Old Charley's diaper. I

felt my pecker's head hit the head of Old Charley's pecker. It was no

sooner in there than I started to pee. It was right then that Old

Charley woke up. Old Charley started makin' all kinds of noises. I

felt my pecker gettin' covered with somethin' an' I could tell by his

noises that he had just shot off.

     I pulled my pecker out of his diaper, and stuck my hand down in

there, 'n shore 'nuff he'd shot off. I turned 'round on his belly, and

aimed my pecker at his mouth. He looked up at me and let a lot of air

out of his mouth in a whoosh. He says that was sumthin' else! I asks

why he come. He says the feel of my hot piss hittin' his pecker and

his nuts like that just set him off.

     I says, 'Well, set me off.' Then I shoved my pecker in his face

and I reached down and grabbed the back of his head and pulled it up

so that my pecker had to go in his mouth. He wrapped his mouth 'round

my pecker like an all day lollipop, 'n he started workin' on it. I sat

there on his chest, holdin' his head up on my pecker, an' I'm all bent

over him. Its feelin' sooo damned good! I try to keep from shootin'

but I can't hold it no more, and I kin feel it building up way down

deep in back of my nuts an' then comin' through my nuts and they it

went all over the place. When it was over, I let go of Old Charley's

head, 'n he lay back down. 'Damn! That tastes good!' That was the

first time Old Charley'd said anything like that. Then he says, 'What

a way to wake up in the mornin'. I'd like to wake up every mornin'

that way.' I told him that it sure was a good way.

     So, we gets out of bed, an' Old Charley takes off his diaper. We

went out and started a fire so's we could cook us some breakfast. That

was a real sight. Both of us was running around there in the woods,

naked as a jaybird, workin' on gettin' some breakfast goin'.

     It was kinda thrillin' runnin' around there with nuthin' on. Free

from the clothes. Just lettin' our peckers hang out. As we'd pass each

other, we'd make a grab at his pecker, but nuthin' serious. The smell

of the bacon fryin' was goin' all through the woods, and it shore

smelled good! When the bacon was done real good, Old Charley surprised

me an' started cookin' some eggs. I didn't know he knew how to cook

eggs. The toast got burned a little, but it was good.

     We put our towels down on a old log and we sat there on the

towel, side by side, bare-assed naked, eatin' breakfast. I think it

was the best breakfast I ever et.

     After we was through with the breakfast, we washed up our cookin'

stuff, and got it put away. Then we figgered enough time had gone, so

we jumped in the pool. We wanted to get alla that piss and come offa

ourselves 'fore we got dressed. We wasn't sure how long it'd be 'fore

somebody was to come wanderin' through our campsite. It was hard 'nuff

for us to be naked in front of each other, but it'd be ten times worse

for someone else to see us. We splashed 'round for a while. We grabbed

each others peckers for a bit, and then we got out and got dried off.

I went in the tent to get some clothes to put on.

     I had flopped down on the blankets so's I could reach my knapsack

at the other end. All of a sudden I felt Old Charley land on top of

me. I could feel Old Charley's pecker against my back. It felt big and

hard. Old Charley put his arms around me, 'n he laid his head down

side of mine. He started to run his tongue around on my ear, 'n then

it felt as if he was tryin' to put that tongue in my ear. I could feel

my pecker gettin' harder. I could feel his pecker pokin' me in the

back, 'n it seemed to be gettin' harder. Old Charley was huggin' me

tight, like he'd never let me go. I turned my head around 'n I looked

right into those blues eyes. Old Charley looked back at me, 'n then he

brought his lips down on mine. I could feel his tongue start to feel

around in my mouth. It sent a thrill through my body, and I could feel

my pecker gettin' even harder. Old charley's pecker was really stiff

now. Then I felt Old Charley movin' his hand around. In a couple of

seconds I could feel his hand messin' around my shit hole. It was

beginnin' to feel slippery down there. I knew what was gonna happen,

'n I couldn't wait. Then Old Charley just kinda raised his ass up a

little 'n then I couldn't feel his pecker in my back anymore. Then I

could feel the head of that monstrous pecker pokin' at my shit hole,

tryin' to get in. Suddenly, I felt a snap, an' I felt Old Charley's

pecker reachin' way up inside me. I don't know what he hit when he

went in, but I almost shot when it went in.

     We was still kissin'. He started movin' his ass up and down and I

could feel that pecker movin' back n' forth. I felt Old Charley's

tongue leave my mouth, and my tongue followed it into his mouth. Old

Charley started suckin' on my tongue just like I had sucked on his

pecker. I think he was tryin' to make my tongue shoot. His ass was

just a movin' that pecker of his in 'n out of my ass. It was movin' my

pecker back 'n forth on those blankets. The blankets was really

gettin' my pecker stirred up. I was gettin' close to shootin'. Then I

felt Old Charley suck even harder on my tongue. He was movin' faster

'n faster with his pecker. My tongue was movin' faster 'n faster in

his mouth. I was gettin' sweaty from all this exceitement. I could

feel Old Charley sweatin' 'n a lot of it was fallin' on me. I could

feel myself gettin' ready to shoot. I squeezed my shit hole to try to

keep from doin' it. That made Old Charley shoot. When he did, he bit

down on my tongue. I thought he was gonna bite it off. I pulled my

tongue back just as soon as he let loose, I finally felt his pecker

stop throbbing. I felt the sticky mess between my belly 'n the

blankets. I knew we had both shot a whoppin' big load.

     Old Charley pulled his pecker out, 'n we both jumped in the pool

agin to get all that sweat off'n us. Now we put some clothes on. The

we started gettin' our stuff packed up so's we'd be ready to leave.

     We took the tent down, 'n packed that away. When we got it all

done, we started back down the trail. We stopped along the creek in

lotsa places and did some fishin' We didn't catch anything worth

keepin'. But, we kept tryin'.

     When we got down to where the trail took off from the creek, we

put the fishin' poles away, and headed back into town. I said good bye

to Old Charley at my house, 'n he went on home.

                            *  *  *  *  *

                     Chapter 8: Three's Company

     The camping trip had been lot's of fun, but I was beat when I got

home. I went to bed early and slept real good.

     I had a real wild dream that night. I was dreamin' 'bout Old

Charley 'n me. I'm not sure where we was, but it was in a house,

somewheres. It was in a cellar. I could see the boards for the floor

upstairs. The walls was cement and so was the floor. There wasn't

nothin' else in the room, 'ceptin' an old mattres, just Old Charley 'n


     Old Charley and me was on the mattress, just lyin' there next to

each other. Our bodies was touchin' a lot, an' we had our arms 'round

each other. I don't remember whether we was kissin' or we was

sleepin'. I felt good just bein' so close to Old Charley. Then I

looked up, 'n here comes Mortimer down the steps to the cellar.

Mortimer didn't have any clothes on, either. He was just as maked as

we were. I looked at Mortimer and thought that I didn't remember that

his pecker was as big as that. But it was swingin' back 'n forth

between his legs as he come down those stairs. Each time he stepped

down onta another step that pecker would slap up against his leg. I

really liked that thick red hair that was growin' 'round his pecker.

He had a lot of it.

     Old Charley woke up and looked at me. Then he saw that I was

lookin' at somethin' an' he turned to look. That's when he saw

Mortimer, and he turned onto his tummy real quick. Old Charley was

bein' shy, again. Mortimer says 'Hi' to both of us, 'n we 'Hi' him

back. Mortimer asks what we was doin' 'n we told him we was restin'. I

don't think he believed that, 'cause he give us a funny look.

     Mortimer comes over to the mattress 'n he sits down on the edge

of it, side of Old Charley. Old Charley stays on his tummy with his

pecker boring into that mattress. Mortimer starts rubbin' Old

Charley's back, 'n then while he's doin' that, we all's  talkin'

'bout  what  Mortimer wanted to do  when  we  was together the last

time. Mortimer's tellin' us that it don't hurt an' its lotsa fun. Then

while's he's rubbin' Old Charley's back, he reaches over and starts

messin' with my pecker. Old Charley's watchin' all this. Mortimer is

workin' his hand lower on Old Charley, an' first thing I knew, he's

got his finger tryin' to get into Old Charley's shit hole. Old

Charley's grinnin. He likes that. Then Mortimer hops over between us,

and just kinda pushes me onto my tummy, an' then he's doin' the same

thing to me. I'm feelin' his finger goin' in an' outta my shit hole,

and it really feels wild. I look over at Old Charley 'n he's grinnin'

an' I'm grinnin' right back at him. Old Charley's got his ass goin' up

an' down with Mortimer's finger. I start doin' the same 'n its feelin'

really wild. Mortimer's finger is feelin' good, 'n its not hurtin' at

all, an' then I realize that there's more'n a finger in that hole. I

look aroun' an' he's got three fingers in each of our shit holes.

     Old Charley 'n I are both gettin' into this. Then I feel Mortimer

pull his finger out. He's tellin Old Charley to get up on top of me,

'n he's helpin' Old Charley get his pecker into my shit hole. I feel

that old pecker of his slip right in to my shit hole. Then Mortimer

got his pecker all slicked up with spit, and he was rammin' it into

Old Charley's shit hole. When it went in, I felt Old Charley's pecker

come slammin' down into my shit hole. Then I felt it go out and them

come whompin' back down in, 'n then it bounced. That was when Mortimer

had slammed into Old Charley. After a few more times we all got things

arranged and just as Mortimer would get his pecker shoved all the way

in to Old Charley's shit hole, Old Charley would have his pecker

'n he's helpin' Old Charley get his pecker into my shit hole. I feel

that old pecker of his slip right in to my shit hole. Then Mortimer

got his pecker all slicked up with spit, and he was rammin' it into

Old Charley's shit hole. When it went in, I felt Old Charley's pecker

come slammin' down into my shit hole. Then I felt it go out and them

come whompin' back down in, 'n then it bounced. That was when Mortimer

had slammed into Old Charley. After a few more times we all got things

arranged and just as Mortimer would get his pecker shoved all the way

in to Old Charley's shit hole, Old Charley would have his pecker

almost all out of my shit hole. Then when Mortimer pushed in, the

force rammed Old Charley's pecker way down deep in my hole. It was


     I heard Old Charley start to breath hard, an' then I heard

Mortimer start to breath hard. Then I could tell that they had both

come. As they lay on top of me, I felt myself shootin deep down into

that mattress.

     I woke up then. My pecker was getting soft and I could feel where

I had come all over myself. I looked around and it was getin'

daylight. I lay there and started wipin' myself off, just as the

clock-radio went off.

                     *   *   *   *   *


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