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Archive-name: Samesex/boycamp.txt

Archive-author: le bang!

Archive-title: Boys Go Camping

     It all began when Mike called me and invited me to go camping with him

and another friend of his, Joey.  We were going to be entering sixth grade in

the following week, so he wanted to do this as sort of a last hurrah for

summer.  I immediately agreed.  After I got mom's ok, I packed my backpack and

tied my sleeping bag to the bottom, and headed over to Mike's house.

     Mike's house was a large ranch house at the end of the dirt road I lived

on.  Behind it, the trees and overgrown flora and wilderness seemed to stretch

on forever.  We had gone treking through the woods many times, and had camped

out there a couple of times previously, both times with parental supervision.

This time, Mike's dad decided it would be all right for us to go off by

ourselves, and we left.

     It was a hot summer evening, and by the time we lost sight of the house,

we were already hot and sweaty.  After talking about it, we decided to camp

by the large pond about two miles into the woods.  That way, once we got

camp set up, we could take a swim.

     The water of the pond looked cool and inviting when we first saw it, and

it took a lot for us to put the small tent up first, and spread the large

beach towels near the edge of the pond.

     As we started to take our clothes off, I watched Mike out of the corner

of my eye.  We had been friends since kindergarden, and there was very little

we didn't share.  Yet, for the first time, I began to notice how well-formed

Mike's body was.  He was a bit taller than me, and his chest was smooth and

tan.  He had a trim waistline, and his ass was small and delicate.

     I noticed that, as I took off my underwear, my dick was growing larger.

I remembered that Mike had told me about jacking off, earlier that summer,

and had told me how to do it.  I did, and the feeling was the most intense

pleasure I had yet felt in my young life.  I knew that if I kept looking at

Mike's ass, I'd have to jack off before long, so I jumped into the pond.

     Mike and Joey jumped in behind me, and we laughed and splashed each other

with the cool, clean pond water.  All the activity was just getting me harder,

and I knew I'd have to jack off soon or go crazy.

     Just then, Joey pushed me into Mike, and I felt my boner press into his

thigh.  I also felt his boner press into my abdomen.  My face must have turned

bright red, because Mike immediately said, "Hey!  Trent's got a boner!"

     "You do too!" I replied, grinning.  He splashed me with water, but


     "That makes three of us with boners," Joey said.  He stood with the water

just touching the bottom of his balls, his twelve-year-old cock standing at

attention.  Mike laughed and playfully grabbed at Joey's boner.  I groped

Mike's boner and Joey groped mine.

     After several seconds, we decided to get out of the water.  We sat down

on the beach towels, our erections still standing out.  We poked at each

others' boners for a few minutes.

     "Man, I have got to jack off," Mike said, saying what was on both my

mind and Joey's.  Joey, who had been groping Mike's balls, wrapped his hand

around Mike's six inch long meat and started pumping up and down.  Mike's

face turned red, but he didn't push Joey's hand away.  I watched, wondering

what they were going to do next.

     When Joey bent over Mike's lap and started licking Mike's dick, my own

boner got even harder.  Mike leaned back on the blanket, and Joey slid Mike's

cock into his mouth.  I watched, fascinated, as Joey went up and down,

slurping, on my best friend's dick.  Mike groaned loudly, his breath getting

shorter and shorter.  Joey made an almost purring sound as he sucked Mike,

and I knew what was going to happen next.

     Mike came in Joey's mouth, and he cried out loudly when the orgasm hit

him.  Joey kept sucking on Mike's meat, drinking down his adolescent fluids.

Some dribbled out of a corner of his mouth, and Joey licked it up, and kissed

Mike's cock as it started to soften.

     I suddenly realized that I had my own hand around my cock as I had been

watching them.  "Wow..." I managed to say.  "That looked great."

     "Do you want me to suck you?" Mike asked.  The thought of a hot mouth

around my cock sent a shiver of pleasure through me.

     "Yes!" I replied, opening my legs and moving my hand from my cock.  Mike

leaned over and touched my cock, stroking it gently.  He wrapped his hand

around the five and three quarter inch shaft and squeezed gently as he leaned

forward.  I could feel his breath hot on my boner, and I moaned with low


     Mike's tongue touched my cock tip, and the electric heat made me groan

louder.  He licked around the head in a clockwise spiral, then trailed down

the shaft to my smooth, hairless balls.  He took one, then both in his mouth,

and I squirmed where I lay, amazed at how good it felt to have my balls in

another boy's mouth.  Then, he let them out and licked his way back up to

the tip, and took the head in his mouth.

     Slowly, my temperature rose as my cock slid further into his mouth.  I

was in ecstasy when he got it all in his mouth, and my meat was fully

encased in his hot, wet mouth.  "Suck me..." I moaned, and Mike started to

bob up and down on me like Joey had bobbed on Mike earlier.  His strokes

were long and slow, and each one produced a wave of pleasure that rolled

through me.

     He increased the pace, and I started to feel my balls tingle.  The

slurping, smacking sounds he made sounded like music to my ears, and I

started to moan louder and louder.

     I stiffened, and knew I was about to come.  When my orgasm arrived, it

was a blast of pure passion that tore through me, as my salty load shot out

into Mike's waiting mouth.  Mike gulped down the cum, and still kept sucking

me, as I squeezed more out.  A wave of pleasure, greater than any I'd ever

had while jacking off, had me riding high for minutes.

     Finally, I started coming down, and my dick started to lose it's

hardness.  Mike got up, leaned over, and kissed me.  I opened my mouth, and

his tongue slipped inside, and I tasted my own cum.  I kissed Mike back,

realizing that our friendship had taken a further step into love.

     When we finally broke away, I said, "That was wonderful, Mike.  Can we

do it again?"

     "Sure," Mike replied.  "But not right away.  It'll take you a while to

be able to get another boner.  Same with me."

     "Have you done this before?" I asked.

     "Only with Joey," Mike said.  "He taught me what to do, and now he's

going to teach you.  Come over here."  Mike took my hand and guided it over

to Joey's cock, which was standing up from where he had been watching.  I

gripped the cock, feeling the warmth and the gentle pulsing under my hand.

I squeezed, feeling it's thickness.

     "Don't squeeze so hard," Joey said.  "Nice and gentle...that's it."  I

squeezed it less hard and started to stroke his cock, all the while leaning

closer and closer to it.  "That's it, go ahead and lick it."  Hesitantly,

I put out my tongue and touched the tip, and was surprised when it jumped.

I licked it again, trying to imitate the circular motion on the head that

Mike had done for me.

     "Okay, now take the head into your mouth," Joey instructed.  It slid in

gently, a warm presence inside my mouth.  "Okay, now slide it in slowly...

watch the teeth...that's it...oh, god, yes..."  As he sank further into my

mouth, I marveled that a boy's cock could taste so good.

     When the cock tip touched my throat, I gagged.  "Just relax your throat,"

Joey said.  "Let it slide past."  I closed my eyes and let it slide further

in.  The impulse to gag returned breifly, then went away, and soon, I had his

whole six inch cock in my mouth.

     As I started going up and down on his cock, Mike head ducked under mine

and I could see his tongue licking Joey's balls.  I shifted around to the

side, to give Mike more room, and kept sucking on Joey.

     Joey moaned loudly, and I knew that we were starting to make him feel

good.  Mike had Joey's balls in his mouth, and he was fondling my soft cock

with his left hand.  I shivered, knowing that I'd have another boner before

the night was through.

     "I'm gonna cum!" Joey called, and soon enough, his cum started shooting

out of his cock and into my waiting mouth.  Mike lifted his head up and

started licking the corner of my mouth, which had started to leak cum.  I

took my mouth partially off Joey's head and Mike took the other part, our

lips meeting as we drank Joey's delicious boy juices.  He tasted so good!

     Finally, Joey was drained, and he laid back, a big smile on his face.

Mike and I shared a cum-laced kiss, then snuggled up to Joey on the blanket,

both of us taking turns in exchanging long french kisses with him.

to be continued....!!!


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