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Archive-name: Samesex/babysitt.txt

Archive-author: Debbie-Hoe Hanson

Archive-title: Babysitter, The

         Dear Diary,

         There was nothing on TV but the news, and it was boring. I turned

    it off and went to check on Leanne. She was tucked into her  crib  and

    was fast asleep. I sat on the bed and looked at her. She  was  such  a

    cute little girl. Her mother, Jessica, needed me to babysit last night

    because she was going to a special meeting they  were  having  at  her

    work and she couldn't miss it.

         Jessica was a nice, friendly person, a 32 year old single mother.

    She had gotten pregnant on a one night stand and  just  had  Leanne  7

    months ago. I had 11 years before I hit 32 and I hoped that I would be

    married in a few years. I am of the belief that you should be  married

    before you get pregnant, and made sure that all of the men I  went  to

    bed with used those latex condoms. I  had  no  intention  of  becoming

    pregnant whatsoever. Not only that, I  still  lived  at  home  and  my

    parents would kill me.

         Jessica was our neighbour next door. We had known each other  for

    about 3 years, and I had babysat for her a few times. She  was  blond,

    about 5'8, well built and big boned. Not chubby or plump at all,  just

    hefty. I am 5'3, very short brown hair, slim, with  small  breasts.  I

    wish I was as endowed as Jessica.

         My boredome and curiosity got the better of me and contrary to my

    own caution not to, I opened her  dresser  draws  and  looked  through

    them. Just curiousty, mind you. I knew it was wrong. In the top drawer

    were her shirts and sweaters, which I felt and admired. They were high

    quality and very expensive. I opened the second drawer and saw that it

    contained all of her underthings. I ran my hand through her  bras  and

    panties and felt a strange stirring in my stomach. I  pulled  out  one

    pair and held it. It was soft white cotton. For no reason I  held  the

    item up to my face and rubbed the crotch against my nose.  I  regained

    myself and gave myself shit. What I was doing was wrong.

         I quickly replaced the panties and pushed them under her bras. My

    hand hit something hard and I grabbed it and took it  out.  It  was  a

    video cassette. It had no lable on it so I didn't  know  what  it  was

    about. I decided to see what it was and walked back  into  the  living

    room and popped it into the player.

         I sat on the couch and waited to see what movie  it  was.  I  was

    shocked when I saw two naked women sitting up in bed, sharing a joint.

    I was about to get up and turn it off when suddenly  they  started  to

    neck. I sat back down to watch it and got mildly  interested.  Quickly

    they bagan to feel each other up,  squeezing  each  other's  tits  and

    fingering each other's cunts.

         As I watched them do this I realized that I  was  rubbing  myself

    through my jeans. Being wet, alone, and knowing that Jessica  wouldn't

    be home for about an hour, I decided to watch it and enjoy it. I stood

    up and took off all my clothes. Naked, I sat back down  on  the  couch

    and fingered my pussy.

         One girl pushed the other onto her back and started  sucking  her

    tits. I took one of  my  little  boobs  and  started  sucking  on  it,

    pretending that I was both girls. One sucking, and one being sucked. I

    popped my tit out as my mouth opened wide. The  girl  ran  her  tongue

    down from the other girl's tits and was now licking her pussy.  I  got

    really horny and fingered my own pussy harder.

         As I watched the girl eat, I wondered what a pussy tasted like. I

    decided to find out and withdrew my finger and put it in my mouth. The

    salty, acidic taste and smell really got me going. My  pussy  throbbed

    and my little nipples became harder than ever. I put my hand back down

    and really started pinching my clit and fingering  my  cunt  and  lips

    hard. The one girl being eaten suddenly bucked her  hips  against  the

    other's face. I bucked my hips into the air and stuck my  tongue  out,

    licking the air, pretending I was licking a pussy.

         I collapsed on the couch and blushed,  instictively  covering  my

    parts as I notice Jessica standing there looking at me  with  a  funny

    look on her face. I was too embarrased to even say something and  just

    hung my head in shame.

         "What do you think you doing, Dianne?" Jessica demanded.

         I was too frightened to say anything.

         "Where did you get that tape?"

         I started to pout.

         She grabbed my hair and  lifted  my  head  up.  Some  tears  were

    forming in my eyes.

         "Where did you get that tape? Answer me!"

         I started to cry and blurted out, "From your dresser drawer.  I'm

    sorry. I really am. I'm sorry. Please  don't  tell  my  mom,  Jessica,

    please. I'll do anything. I'm sorry."

         "I'll teach you to go  through  my  dresser,"  she  shouted  and,

    throwing down her purse, lifted me up, sat on the couch, and  laid  me

    face down over her lap.

         The first crack of her hand against my naked bum hurt.  She  kept

    wailing at me and my ass stung. I cried like had never  cried  before.

    Here I was, 21, being spanked for misbehaving. After about  20  or  so

    hits, she stopped. My ass stung and pulsated from the beating. She lay

    her hand on my cheeks and squeezed and rubbed. The pain intesified and

    then died down from her carressing.

         "I'm not going to tell your folks, but you WILL be punished!"

         She commanded me to kneel on the floor, facing the couch, with my

    eyes closed and head down. I was not to look up until she told me  to.

    She said she was going to check on Leanne and would be  back  to  give

    more punishment.

         I knelt there and sobbed. I felt that I couldn't take any more of

    her spanking, but I was too afraid and ashamed to do anything. Shorty,

    I heard her come back and she sat down on the couch in  front  of  me.

    She told me to open my eyes and look up. I freaked out when I saw  her

    sitting there, naked with her legs spread. I started to back away  but

    she grabbed my head and pulled it against her cunt.  My  nose  slammed

    into her hairy pubic area and she screamed at me to eat her  pussy.  I

    cried No, and tried to pull away but the rap of her hand  against  the

    side of my head told me otherwise.

         The smell of her cunt got to me and I started to lick it. Soon  I

    was sucking, licking, and slurping her lips, clit, and hole. Her pussy

    juice tasted so good. She humped my  face  and  quickly  came.  A  big

    splash of cum hit my face and she cried as I felt her cunt throb  with

    her orgasm. She pulled me up and we  started  kissing  as  our  cunts,

    bellies, and boobs rubbed together. She slipped a finger into  my  wet

    hole and fucked me with it while pinching my clit hard. I soon  had  a

    powerful orgasm and shot cum all over her  stomach,  thighs,  and  the


         We necked more passionately and Jessica whispered, "You're a  bad

    girl, Dianne."

         Well, Diary, I have to finish now. Just had to write  this  down,

    not only to remeber it but also to kill time. I  was  supposed  to  be

    over at Jessica's 15 minutes ago, and now I'm late.  I'm  supposed  to

    help her with some housework. I guess that when I get there I'll  have

    to take off my clothes and have sex with her as my punishment. I  love

    being bad. It feels so good.


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