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Archive-name: Samesex/babysit.dis

Archive-author: Mitchell Knight

Archive-title: Babysitting Discovery

    This work of fiction may not be published in any form for

commercial purposes without my written consent.  You may distribute it as

you wish with the header intact, but don't change anything.

Babysitting Discovery

Part 1

    A cold November wind blew up from the north, catching me against

the right side as I left my house. I stuck my hands in the pockets of my

warm heavy coat and began walking through the thin carpet of white snow. 

It was the first snowfall of the year, and, living in the Midwest, I knew

it would be the first of many.

    I bowed my head against the unusually strong gusts of wind as I

walked across the street and down the sidewalk a few houses to the

Wallace's house.  The Wallace's were friends of my parents, and I had been

babysitting for the Wallace's son, Nick, for a couple of years now.

    I enjoyed babysitting for Nick.  The kid was really good, and it

earned me some spending money.  At 15, I wasn't old enough to drive or get

a regular job, so babysitting was an acceptable option to me.

    Mr. Wallace answered the door when I rang the bell.

    "Hi, there, Alex, come on in," he greeted me warmly.

    "Hi," I answered as I stepped into the warm house.

    "Let me hang up your coat for you," Mr. Wallace offered, shutting

the door.

    I shrugged out of the coat.  "Pretty cold out there," Mr. Wallace


    "Yeah," I said.

    "Hi, Alex," Nick said as he preceeded his mother into the entryway.

    "Hey, Nick," I returned, smiling at the boy.

    Nick was a cute little boy of eleven years with short black hair

and sparkling brown eyes.  He was an only child who was spoiled by his

parents, but luckily this treatment hadn't gone to his head and turned him

into a brat.

    "Hi, Alex.  We're going to probably be out until 1 or 2.  I've

left the numbers on the counter if you need to get a hold of us," Mrs.

Wallace informed me.

    "Okay," I acknowledged.

    Mr. Wallace helped his wife into her coat and then put on his own.

 Mrs. Wallace kissed her son good-bye and Mr. Wallace said good-bye.  Then

the couple left.

    Nick and I went to into the front room and watched TV.  After a

couple hours of this it was his bedtime.  He went obediently upstairs and

got ready for bed.  A few minutes later I went and checked on him and

found him snuggled under the covers.

    "Goodnight, Nick," I said and turned off the light.

    "Goodnight," he said.

    I went back downstairs and found a bag of chips in the kitchen.  I

went back to the front room munching on these and feeling pretty horny. 

Lately it seemed like I needed to masturbate at least once a day in order

to get rid of the incredible sexual tension I felt.

    I wondered whether Mr. Wallace might have some porno videos I

could watch.  I hadn't masturbated yet that day, and I looked forward to

doing it in the Wallace's house; it kind of gave it an added thrill doing

it in the house of my parents' best friends.

    There were cupboards on either side of the big screen TV, and I

started going through these.  I found some video tapes but all of them

were labelled with the titles to tame children's movies.

    When I reached the top shelf on the left side, I found a shoe box

tucked away in the corner.  I brought this out and opened it.  There was

on videotape in it.  It was marked "Tami's Birthday Surprise.  Love,

Steve."  Tami was Mrs. Wallace and Steve was her husband's first name.

    Disappointed but curious, I took out the tape and stuck it in the

VCR.  I couldn't understand why this tape wasn't with the others.  First I

would solve that little mystery and then maybe I would go upstairs and

look for some porn magazines in their bedroom.

    I pushed play and then grabbed the remote.  I sat down on the

couch and watched as the video unfolded.

    Steve sat on the bed in the master bedroom smiling into the

camcorder as it recorded his image and voice.

    "Hi, honey.  Happy 35th Birthday.  I've made a little video for

you.  I hope you enjoy it."

    Steve smiled into the camera and then got up and left the camera's

field of vision.  The lights in the room dimmed a little, and then I could

hear some mellow saxophone music begin to play.

    Mr. Wallace returned to stand in front of the camera.  He slowly

began to grind his hips in time with the music.  I felt a distinct

stirring my groin as I realized what was about to happen.  The butterflies

in my stomach woke up to flutter slightly as I became excited.

    My eyes were locked to the TV screen as I watched Steve peel of

his shirt and toss it off camera.  For the first time I noticed how

good-looking he was.  He had the same black hair as his son and those

seductive brown eyes also.  He was in his mid-thirties so he was still

young-looking, and he had a slim athletic body.  His chest was

well-defined without being bulky, and it was smooth and tanned.

    Up to this point my fantasies when I masturbated had been vaguely

about a couple of cute guys I'd seen in the shower.  A few times I'd

thought about touching their cocks or jacking off with them.  Recently I'd

fantasized about sucking on their cocks, but this video made it all more

real.  I was getting really hot and worked up.

    As Steve slid down his pants, I quickly stood up and frantically

tore off my clothes.  I wanted to be naked now! I wanted my body

completely bare with my raging, pulsing dick exposed.  It was just me and

Steve in the room and he was doing a sexy striptease for me.

    As his pants slid down, his firm white ass was exposed.  He was

wearing a red G-string that allowed me to see his full butt.  Tiny black

hairs peeked out around the strip of fabric running in the crack of his ass.

    I lay down naked on the couch while he stopped out of his pants. 

Then he turned slowly to show off the prominent bulge in his underwear.  I

couldn't stand it any longer.

    My hand slid slowly down my smooth hairless chest to my abdomen

and then to lightly brush the thick bush of curly brown pubic hair at the

base of my penis.  Then, in one swift motion, I lightly grabbed my

throbbing erection.  A soft sigh escaped my lips as my hand came in

contact with my highly sensitive member.

    I watched as Steve hooked his fingers in either side of the

G-string.  My hand went up and down slowly on my erection, sliding the

loose skin and bringing pleasure to my body.

    He slowly dragged them down, first revealing his black pubic hair,

and then the base of his penis, and then all of his big cock.  It wasn't

erect which disappointed me.  I had hoped I would get to see him erect,

but I was glad to see this anyway.

    His pubic hair seemed sparser than mine.  It looked as if he'd

trimmed it because there was only a small, short patch at the base of his

penis.  I had more hair.  His balls were bigger than mind though, and they

hung loose in the hairless sac.

    Once he kicked off the underwear, he smiled seductively at the

camera.  I felt like he was smiling right at me.  Then he approached the

camera.  He disappeared then, and I watched as the focus was adjusted to

center on the middle of the bed.  He came back into the camera's view as he

crawled onto the bed.  He held a bottle of a clear liquid in his hand.

    Sitting down on the bed, he opened the bottle and poured some on

his hand.  He began rubbing this onto his chest.  I realized the show

wasn't over yet, and I began to pick up the rhythm of my stroking.

    He spread what must have been baby oil all over his chest until it

glistened.  Then the next handful ended up on his cock.  Putting away the

oil, Steve began to stroke his flaccid member with two slick hands.

    I picked up the pace on my stroking as I became more excited by

the solo action on the screen.  Soon it was standing proud and shiny

between his legs.  It looked huge.  It was at least a couple inches longer

than my six inches, and it was also thicker.

    As Steve continued his two handed stroking, I realized he intended

to come for the camera.  This thought would have driven me over the edge

if I hadn't jerked my hand away from my erection at that point.  I

couldn't come here and make a mess of the room.  I would go in the

bathroom or somewhere where it would be easier to clean up, but right now

I had to finish this video.

    My whole body was trembling slightly in excitement and

frustration.  My penis begged me to finish it off, but through a

tremendous act of willpower, I kept my hand away.

    On the TV, Steve's pace was picking up.  His head began to snap

forward and back as his whole body got into his whacking off.  His

slippery hand moved quickly up and down his thick, hard cock.

    Soon all his body movements froze except for his hand.  His legs

and chest tensed and his head snapped back.  He let out a loud, audible

groan as a thick jet of white semen exploded from his purple cock head. 

This first thick glob landed on his tan, glistening chest.  Then spurt

after spurt erupted from his dick.  They rained down on his chest and legs

and on the bed.

    He lay there breathing heavily for a few seconds as his erection

slowly wilted.  Then he looked directly into the camera and smiled.  He

ran a finger through one of the white globs on his chest and brought this

to his mouth.  He licked the cum from his finger.

    "I bet you wish you were eating this," he said, smiling. 

"Tonight, honey."

    Then the tape ended.  I pressed stop on the remote.

    "You have a big dick," a familiar voice said from the shadows at

the doorway.

    "Nick!" I exclaimed, scrambling up from the couch while trying to

hide my erection with my hands.

    'Oh, shit!' I thought.  'What did he see? And what's he going to

tell his parents about seeing me like this?'

    		       Part 2

    "What are you doing up?" I asked, my fear turning to anger. 

    "I couldn't get to sleep.  I was cold," Nick complained. 

    I buttoned the top my pants and walked over to him.  It was a

little chilly in the house I now noticed.  The air was cool against my

naked torso.  I just didn't notice it before when I was getting so heated


    "What were you watching?" Nick asked.  I glanced at him and noticed

his pajama pants were sticking out in the crotch.  I wondered if seeing me

on the couch like that had excited him or if his erection was for another


    "You mean you didn't see?" I asked, feeling one of my concerns

dissolve away. 

    "No.  You turned it off before I could look.  I was...I was looking

at you," Nick answered. 

    'Did he blush?' I wondered.  The lighting was dim in the hall we

were talking through, but I could have sworn I saw faint coloration in his

cheeks as he made his admission. 

    "I was watching something that little kids shouldn't watch," I told

him.  We were on the stairs now. 

    "I'm not a little kid," Nick protested.  "I want to watch it."

    "You can't," I argued once we were in his room.  "Look, let me see

if I can find an extra blanket.  Get back in bed."

    Nick crawled slowly under the covers while I went into the hall

closet.  I found a thick quilt and brought this back.  I threw it on the

bed and carefully tucked it in around Nick. 

    "There, are you warmer now?" I asked. 


    "Okay, now go back to sleep," I said.  I started to leave. 

    "Can I see you dick again?" Nick asked. 


    "I don't get to see hairy ones.  Please?" Nick pleaded.  "I'll show

you mine."

    Nick pushed off the blankets and quickly pulled down his loose

pants to expose his cute little boy penis to my eyes.  It had gone limp

which I was disappointed with, but it was an interesting change from the

large hairy ones I always saw in the showers at school. 

    "Okay, now ya gotta show me yours," Nick said, sliding his pants up

after giving me that quick peek. 

    I decided to go along with it.  I guess it had something to do

with playing fair, and I was also excited by the idea of intentionally

showing him my penis. 

    I undid my pants and pulled them down to midthigh.  My penis was

semihard so it looked fairly impressive. 

    "I can't wait 'til my dick gets that big and has hair," Nick

commented wistfully. 

    I pulled up my pants and buttoned them.  "Not too long now."

    "Really?" Nick asked hopefully, his eyes returning to my face now

that the show was over. 

    "Yeah.  I started growing hair when I was twelve," I answered. 

    "I can get a hardon, but I can't shoot.  You can shoot, right?"

Nick asked. 


    "If I show you my hardon, will you show me yours?" Nick asked. 

    This was getting a little out of hand, I began to realize.  I

didn't want to stop it thought because all of this talk was exciting me

again, and I was still horny.  I began to wonder how far he would go.  I

hoped he would take it to a point where I could get off. 

    "Yeah, I'll show mine," I answered. 

    Nick got up out of bed and went to his dresser. 

    "What are you doing?" I asked. 

    He opened a drawer and pulled out a sock. 

    "This feels good.  I gives me a hardon," he explained. 

    Nick pulled off his pajama shirt and pants.  I could see he

already was a little stiff.  He jumped back in bed and laid down.  I

slipped out of my pants and went to the other side and sat down next to


    He slowly rubbed the sock against his penis.  Watching him do this

made me completely hard again.  Nick looked over at me and stopped his

rubbing.  He pulled the sock away to reveal about four inches of slim

eleven-year-old cock.  His size surprised me, but then I remembered his

father's impressive erection, and I realized Nick was just following in

his father's footsteps. 

    "Can I touch it?" Nick asked, sitting up. 


    He reached out and lightly touched the head of my cock with his

soft hand.  Then he ran it down the front of my shaft without lifting it. 

I shivered at the pleasure this gave me. 

    "It's so big," he said as he tried to wrap his small hand around

the shaft. 

    I just chuckled.  If he thought mine was big, he should have seen

his dad's. 

    "Touch mine," Nick suggested. 

    My index finger lightly touched the slit and then circled around

the top.  I ran it down the back of his penis and then took the small,

loose scrotal sac into my hand.  I stroked along the inner sides of the

sac with my thumb and index finger. 

    'So smooth!' I thought. 

    Then I began to slide the loose skin around his penis up and down

with my thumb and first two fingers.  His own hand began imitating my

motions.  As I stroked his cock, I realized the opportunity to fulfill one

of my fantasies was here in my hand. 

    "Can I suck on your dick?" I asked. 

    This request seemed to leave him speechless, but after his shocked

look passed, he nodded. 

    I knelt between his legs and slowly lowered my mouth onto his

small cock.  I was exciting, but I couldn't say it was doing anything for

me.  I sucked on it a little bit, but still couldn't figure out why I'd

fantasized about this. 

    Not willing to give up, I took first one and then the other

testicle into my mouth.  They weren't any bigger than jellybeans, and the

skin felt so smooth. 

    A new idea came to mind: I wondered if I could make him come.  I

ran my tongue around the head of his cock. 

    "How does that feel?" I asked. 


    Then I took his cock into my mouth, taking it all the way to the

hilt.  I clamped my mouth firmly around his erection and quickly drew back

2to the head.  Then I plunged down again.  I slowly picked up speed.  Nick

seemed to like it because soon his hips started bucking to meet my mouth. 

    Suddenly his body tensed and his penis twitched in my mouth.  I

removed my mouth and looked at him. 

    "Did that feel good?" I asked. 

    "Yeah! That felt really great.  I want to see you shoot," Nick


    Truthfully, I wanted to come really bad at that point too. 

Pre-cum had dribbled out my dick and was running down the shaft. 

    "Okay, but let's go in the bathroom," I answered.  I didn't want to

make a mess in his bed. 

    Nick got up, and we went to the bathroom. 

    "Wait here," I told him. 

    I left and hurried into the master bedroom.  On one of the shelves

in their bathroom I found the baby oil Steve must have used in the video. 

I ran back to the bathroom with this in hand, my near-bursting erection

slapping against my stomach as I ran. 

     Nick sat on the toilet seat waiting.  He still had an erection.  I

stepped into the tub and unscrewed the bottle. 

    After pouring a generous amount of oil into my hand, I slathered

it on my eager cock.  I screwed back on the cap and then began stroking my


    I slid my hand over the purple engorged head and felt a tremor of

pleasure in response.  Then I began jerking off in earnest with my

slippery hand gliding easily over my well-oiled shaft. 

    The pressure in my groin built and my balls contracted against my

body.  Soon my whole body was envelopped in the stimulating, mind-numbing


    I gasped as the orgasm sent a shudder through my body.  The first

spurt splattered against the far wall of the shower.  The following ones

landed in the tub itself.

    "Wow!" Nick exclaimed.

    He got up and collected some of the cum in his hand.  I rested

against the wall of the shower, exhausted after that sensational orgasm.

    "You better get to bed," I said, without much conviction.

    "Okay.  Will you sleep with me?" he asked.

    "Sure, just let me clean this up," I answered.  

    He washed his hands and scurried off to bed.  I cleaned up the

mess in the tub and returned the oil.  The I climbed into bed with Nick. 

He snuggled up against my naked body.

    I ended up falling asleep.  When I woke I got an adrenaline rush

as I realized the Wallace's would be home soon.  I got out of bed, careful

not to disturb Nick.  I grabbed my pants and raced downstairs.

    Throwing on my clothes, I scrambled over to the VCR and ejected

the tape.  I put it back in the box and returned it to its hiding spot. 

Then I sat down in front of the TV and found something suitable to watch. 

It turned out I rushed for no reason; they arrived a half hour later.

    "How was Nick?" Mrs. Wallace asked.

    "Great," I answered.  "No problems."


    "That's good to hear," Mr. Wallace (or Steve, as I now thought of

him) said as he entered the house.  "Here you go."

    He handed me a twenty dollar bill.  I tried to avoid looking at

his crotch, but with my new knowledge it was difficult.  I noticed it did

bulge slightly.  I wanted to rip off his pants and feast my eyes on that

huge piece of meant.

    "Are you available to babysit next weekend?" Mrs. Wallace asked.


    "Good.  I'm going to be out of town and, although Steve denies it,

I think he'll need to get away from Nick for a few hours."

    I nodded.

    "I'll give you a call," Steve said, smiling.

    I left their house and headed back to my own.  I hoped he would

call me again.  I couldn't wait until I saw that tape again.

    			Part 3

    Steve did end up calling me on Thursday.  Apparently he had made

some plans for Saturday night, so he wanted me to come over and sit for a

few hours.  He planned on making it an early night.

    The weather had cleared up a little by Saturday.  Most of the snow

had melted away and the sun had just set as I walked over to the Wallace's.

    "Hi, Alex," Steve greeted me.

    "Hi," I answered, mentally adding 'Steve.'

    My eyes surreptitiously found his crotch while he took my coat

from me.  He was wearing very tight pants and I could almost make out

every curve of his cock.

    When he turned to hang up my coat, I stared unabashedly at his

ass.  I could see the lines of his jockey shorts through his tight pants. 

In a brief flash, my mind's eye conjured up the image of his firm, white,

naked butt cheeks as he had shown them off in the video.  I flushed bright


    "Is something wrong? Are you sick?" Steve asked, turning around

and noticing my condition.

    "No, I'm okay."

    "All right.  Nick is in the kitchen with a friend.  I told them he

could sleep over, but make sure they're in bed by 10:30.  I don't care if

they don't go to sleep right away, but get them in bed.  If you have any

problems, just give me a call."

    We had moved into the kitchen where Nick and his friend were

contentedly munching on popcorn at the table.  I recognized his friend,

he'd been over before when I had babysat.  His name was Chris, and he was

a year or two older than Nick.

    "Hi, Alex," Nick said, waving.

    "Hi," I answered with a smile.

    "The number where you can reach me is right here," Steve showed me.

    I nodded.

    "Okay, you guys, be good for Alex.  I'll see you guys tomorrow

morning for breakfast.  I'll make some jumbo pancakes," Steve promised.

    The boys cheered.

    "I should be back by midnight," Steve told me before he left.

    The boys kept to themselves while I was there.  They went up to

Nick's room after finishing their popcorn, and when I went up to check on

them later I found the door closed.  Nick explained that they were getting

changed for bed.  I glanced at my watch and saw that it was only a quarter

to ten.

    I checked back a half hour later, and they let me in.  They were

both in bed.  I said goodnight, shut off the light, and left, closing the

door behind me.

    I went downstairs and watched a little TV.  I was eager to watch

the tape, but I wanted to make sure the boys were up there to stay for the

night.  Having Nick catch me had turned out okay, but I didn't know if I

would be so lucky with his friend Chris.

    After I'd decided a suitable amount of time had passed, I went to

the tape's hiding place.  I got down the shoebox and opened it.  Inside

there was a white piece of paper with the tape.  Curious, since the paper

hadn't been there the last time, I opened it.

    I nearly dropped the box when I read it.



    	   Wait until I get back tonight, and I'll give 

    	you your own private show.


    My trembling hand crumpled up the note.

    'How did he find out?' I wondered.

    I returned the tape to its spot and sat down.  I was in a very

nervous state.  I didn't know what to think.  I just couldn't believe that

he had found out.

    My nervousness was also tinged with a bit of excitement and sexual

tension.  I considered the offer described in the note, and my dick

stiffened immediately.  I wanted to know now what was going on.

    I didn't have to wait very long.  I heard the garage door open

about a half hour later.  I waited on the couch, trying to keep my knees

from shaking.  I shut off the TV and turned to watch as Steve entered the

house.  In the background, the garage door was automatically closing.

    "Hi, Alex.  Did you get my note?" Steve asked, with a big grin.

    I nodded.  In my highly excited and nervous state, I was worried

that my voice might crack and betray me, so I didn't answer his question


    "So, are you interested?" he asked, coming into the room.

    "How did you find out?" I got up the courage to ask.  Luckily my

voice came out strong and normal sounding.

    "You forgot to rewind the tape," Steve answered, smiling again.

    'Stupid, stupid!  Of course, that was it!' I realized.  I had been

in such a rush the last time I hadn't even bothered to think about that. 

    "Do you want to go up to my room?" Steve asked.

    "What are you going to do?" I asked, wanting to race right up

those stairs right now, but holding back because of doubts in my mind.

    "Nothing you don't want to do.  I thought we could pleasure each

other.  I promise you, if you come upstairs with me, you will have the

best time of your life.  Don't worry, I won't hurt you," Steve responded

soothingly, his deep masculine voice massaging away my worries.

    "Okay," I answered, getting up.

    I followed him up the stairs and into his bedroom.  He closed and

locked the door behind him.  He dimmed the lights.

    "How are you feeling?" he asked.

    "Fine," I answered.

    "Would you like to take off my clothes?" he asked.

    I swallowed and nodded.

    "Go ahead," he said, moving in closer.

    I took off his coat first.  In our rush, he still hadn't removed that.

    "What should I do with it?" I asked.

    "Just throw it on the floor," Steve replied.

    I let it drop and then I began unbuttoning his shirt.  I did this

slowly so as to enjoy each part of his chest that was revealed.  Since the

video, he had lost much of his tan, but he was still darker than I was. 

With his black hair and brown eyes, he had a slightly darker complexion

than I.

    The final button came undone once I pulled his shirt out of his

pants.  I slid it off his shoulders, and then tried to pull it off, but it

got caught on his wrists.  

    "You have to undo those buttons too," Steve told me.

    Going to his right hand, I undid the button at that wrist first. 

I pulled the shirt off his right hand and ran my hand over the black hairs

that curled on his arm.  Then I undid the left and pulled the shirt

completely off and let it fall to the floor.

    I went to his pants and undid the button and slowly unzipped him. 

I pulled the tight pants down over his ass and then they fell to his

ankles on their own.  He wore white jockeys which I had glimpsed earlier

in the night through his tight pants.  The head of his large erection

poked out the top of the waistband of his underwear.

    Steve took off his shoes and socks and then stepped out of his

pants.  I pulled down his underwear and gazed on the erection that I had

engraved in my memory.  It excited me even more in person.  My erection

throbbed painfully within the confines of my pants.

    Now completely naked, Steve wrapped his arms around me and pressed

himself against my body.  He dipped his head to mine and gave me a long

gentle kiss.  I tasted willingly of his open mouth.  I felt his strong

hands lightly grip my buttocks.

    Then he ran his hands up under my shirt along the smooth flesh of my

chest.  He pulled the shirt off over my head and then darted forward and

took my right nipple in his mouth.  He bit it lightly.

    "Oh!" I exclaimed lightly, partly in surprise and partly because I

enjoyed the feeling that came with it.

    He smiled and bit the left one.  I ran my hands along his back and

down to his ass.  I felt the smooth flesh there and then ran a finger

along his crack, feeling the short hairs that grew there as he pulled down

my pants.

    We went over to the bed where I sat down.  He knelt before me and

pulled off my socks and then he buried his head in my crotch.  He lightly

bit my erection through the thin cotton of my jockey shorts.  Then his

hands were gripping the waistband of my underwear.

    He looked deep into my eyes as he slowly tugged at them.  I lifted

my hips to allow him to slowly slip them off.  I could see his concern and

lust for me within those deep brown eyes of his.  Impulsively I leaned

forward and kissed him.

    "Lay back on the pillow," he urged.

    I lay down on the bed with my head on the pillow.  He crawled onto

the bed and knelt between my legs.  He spread them apart a little further

so he had enough room.  Then his head came down, and he lightly kissed the

head of my erection.

    Steve's tongue flicked out and swirled around the head of my

penis.  It felt incredible.  This was so much better than using my hand. 

I now understood the mystery behind oral sex.

    His tongue traveled down the length of my erection and then he

licked at my balls.  There was a place on my left nut where the hair was

worn away, and he slowly stroked this with his tongue.  It felt great!

    Then he started licking the skin behind my balls and working his

way back.  When his tongue touched my anus, at first I thought I'd been

mistaken, but then he licked it again.  As his tongue shallowly probed my

hole, I realized this was no mistake.  I began to squirm as he drove his

tongue deeper, driving me wild.  I pushed my bottom into his face, losing

myself in the experience and the feelings.

    His finger replaced his tongue in my well-lubed anus.  It didn't

feel as good, but it was still welcome.  He kept it just at the opening,

with only about a half inch inserted.  This changed as his mouth engulfed

my erection to the base.  As he bobbed up and down on my cock, his finger

echoed his head motions, going in and out of my hole.

    As he pushed deeper into me, it began to hurt a little, but the

sensations his mouth was giving me counteracted the minor discomfort.  I

clutched at the material of the comforter as my entire body began to

tense.  My hands froze in this position as my climax built within me.

    His movements sped up as I reached the brink.  I felt myself reach

the point of orgasm, but I didn't come.  This climax continued to build,

surpassing any I'd ever had before.

    I felt Steve's finger thrust forward quickly as his head came down

on my dick.  The head of my penis scraped against the back of his throat,

and all of this sent me over the edge.  My entire body became rigid and I

came in his mouth.  It seemed like this went on forever as I shot spurt

after spurt of my semen into his mouth, but I finally came down from this

new height of ecstasy, and my body went limp.

    I ached all over from the prolonged tensing of my muscles; my

knuckles cracked as I released the comforter from my grip.  A deep calm

descended over me, soothing away the soreness in my muscles.

    "Judging from your reaction, I'd guess you liked that," Steve

said, grinning.

    "I did," I replied softly.

    He laid down beside me, putting his arm around me.  I laid my head

on his chest.

    "I'm glad."

    I ran my hand down his abdomen to his small patch of pubic hair.

    "Did you cut this?" I asked.

    Steve chuckled.  "Yes.  It's something Tami likes.  She usually

trims it every once in a while.  Do you like it?"

    "Yes," I answered.  His black pubic hair seemed so neat and

controlled in its trimmed state.  Much different from my unruly thick

pubic hair.

    I began running my hand over his penis.  It slowly began to

inflate as I touched it.

    "Are you gay?" I asked.

    "Maybe.  Sort of.  I enjoy sex with my wife, but there's just some

things she can't do for me that I need a guy for," he answered.

    "Like what?" I asked.

    Steve shook his head.  "That's for later.  Right now I'd like you

to suck my dick."

    I stared at his large member at that point.  It was fully erect

and stood at attention impressively between his legs.

    "I don't think I can take it all--" I protested.

    "I know you can't.  That's okay.  Just suck on the end.  That's

all that matters," Steve explained.

    I nodded, realizing this was true.  I moved out of his embrace and

got down between his legs.

    "You don't have to eat my cum if you don't want to," Steve said.

    "No.  I want to," I realized.


    He spread his legs further apart, and I went to work.

    I opened my mouth wide and took in as much of his cock as I could.

 I filled my mouth with his dick.  I held it steady with my hand while I

went down on it.  My hand couldn't reach all the way around.  My other

hand tickled his huge hairless balls.

    He put his hands on my shoulders and squeezed when he started to

reach orgasm.  I increased my rhythm at this signal and used my hand to

provide more friction lower on his cock.

    He came after a minute tensing in his legs.  His cum spilled into

my mouth.  I swallowed as fast as I could because there was so much, and I

wanted to make sure I got it all.  What I did taste as it rushed past my

tongue was salty and delicious.  Even with all my efforts to not let it

escape, some of his cum slid from my mouth onto his erection.  I licked

this up after he finished.

    "Was that the first blowjob you've ever given?" he asked.

    "Yes," I lied.  I didn't want to tell him about his son and I.

    "That wasn't too bad.  Next time I'll teach you some things that

will make it even better," Steve promised.

    I realized that there would be other times, and I looked forward

to them.  Before I left that night, Steve gave me a picture of himself

completely naked with his juicy exciting cock fully erect.  His body was

very tan and oily in the picture.  I didn't bother to ask how the picture

had been taken, or who had taken it, I was just happy to have this secret


    The picture found a hiding spot in one of my Isaac Asimov books on

my book shelves.  I took it out to look at often.

    		         Part 4

    A couple of weeks went by before I got a call from the Wallace's

to babysit.  I was going crazy waiting for them to call again.  I couldn't

get my encounter with Steve out of my mind.  Every time I would masturbate

I would think about him and what we had done together.  Of course I would

have his picture out to look at to fuel my fantasy.

    Sometimes when I masturbated now I would stick a finger up my ass

to stimulate myself that way.  I was so glad that Steve had shown me that

new delight.  It didn't hurt any more, and I pushed my finger as far in as

it would go while I masturbated.  I had some pretty amazing orgasms doing

this, but none of them matched the one Steve had given me.

    In the showers at school I would still look at the others boys,

but none of them could really measure up to the object of my desire.  They

all had that thick patch of pubic hair.  None of them were daring enough

to trim it.  Their cocks just didn't measure up to Steve's either.  He

stood alone compared to these boys.

    Often though I would find myself staring at certain boys in the

shower with black or dark hair and build their proportions into Steve's,

but this became a dangerous use of my imagination.  This would always lead

to a stiffening of my cock which would have been embarrassing in those

surroundings, so I would quickly turn away from whatever guy I was looking at.

    Toward the end of my second week without Steve, my fantasies

took a turn to the outrageous.  I was staring at Steve's picture and

heartily stroking myself with a finger buried deep in my anus when my

encounter with Nick sprang to mind.  This led to my picturing Nick, Steve,

and I together in the master bedroom.

    I pictured all three of us on the bed naked and sucking on each

other.  I saw myself sticking my pinky up Nick's asshole--he was the one I

was sucking--and watching Nick suck on his father's large erection.  I

came, excited and worried about this image.  My cum spurted up onto my

chest and onto my hand.  So involved had I become with the fantasy, I

hadn't grabbed a tissue in time to catch the semen.

    As I was cleaning up, I thought about the direction this latest

fantasy had taken me.  I wondered whether it was wrong for me to get

excited about seeing a father and son have sex.  The phone rang and

interrupted these thoughts.

    I put away the picture and began to get dressed when my mom

knocked on the door.

    "What?" I called.

    "It's Mrs. Wallace on the phone," my mother called through the

door.  "She wants to know if you can babysit Saturday night."

    The word 'yes' flew out of my mouth almost before she even

finished the sentence.  Yes, I had to return to that house for some more

excitement.  Two weeks was far too long for me to wait to see Steve.

    The two days I had to wait were almost unbearable, but I kept on

telling myself that I had waited two weeks already, I could wait a little

longer.  During those two days I abstained from any masturbating, but it

was difficult.  I wanted to wait until I was back in that house because

there was that chance that I would have sex.  I knew that with Mrs.

Wallace around, there was only a slim chance of getting together with

Steve, but there was always that tape that I could masturbate to, and

there was also Nick.  He was a poor substitute for his father, but he was

still better than doing it by myself.

    Saturday night finally arrived, and I hurried over to their house.

 Steve greeted me at the door.  Mrs. Wallace entered the entryway right

after I got there.

    "Hello, Alex," she said as Steve took my coat.

    "Hi," I answered.  I kept in check the surprising amount of

dislike I suddenly felt for her.  If it wasn't for her, Steve and I

wouldn't have had any problem having sex that night.  As it stood right

now, I didn't see any possible way that we could, but I still hoped that

maybe Steve had some plan.

    "We'll be back around 1 or 2, like usual," Mrs. Wallace began to

explain.  "Nick's friend Chris is here, and he can sleep over, but if they

misbehave, just send him home."

    I nodded.  I wished Steve were explaining this.  I loved to hear

his deep, husky voice.

    They left after the regular string of instructions.  I joined the

boys as they watched TV.  After the first show got over, they both got up.

    "We're going to go play upstairs," Nick explained to me.

    "Okay," I said.

    They left the room and trotted upstairs.  I decided to watch the

next sitcom, but I got up and went into the kitchen for a soda.  While I

was out there, I heard the sound of water being run upstairs.  I wondered

what they could possibly being doing.

    Concerned that they might be up to something that I could get in

trouble for, I went upstairs to investigate.  

    The sounds were coming from behind the bathroom door.  It sounded

like someone was drawing water for a bath.  I put my ear up against the

door to see if I could hear what was going on.

    "Can you shoot?" I heard Nick ask.

    "Yeah," Chris answered.

    "You don't have any hair though," Nick observed.

    "No, but I can still shoot.  I'll show you.  I just rub my dick

when I'm taking a bath and it comes out.  It's kinda sticky," Chris said.

    "Yeah, I know," Nick said.

    "How do you know?  You can't do it yet."

    "No, but--"

    At this point I tried the knob on the door, and finding it

unlocked, I opened the door.

    "What are you guys doing in here?" I asked, feigning surprise.

    Both boys tried to cover up their erections, and started blushing

at the embarrassment at having been caught.  I got a good look at Chris

though, and I noticed that he was really cute.  He had blond hair and

light blue eyes.  He had a very trim, husky build.  I think that he was

twelve or thirteen.  I decided on twelve since he didn't have any pubic

hair, but I could have been wrong.  He had a shorter penis than Nick's. 

It was only about three inches long, and very thin.

    "Nothin'," Nick answered in that way kids have of denying

everything even when it's obvious what was going on.

    "Can I do nothin' with you?" I asked, smiling.  I felt my erection

penis began to stiffen in my pants.

    Nick brightened.  "Yeah."  He turned to Chris and said, "It's

okay.  Alex is really cool.  He showed me something neat."

    I calmly started to undress, feeling very confident that this

situation wouldn't lead to any problems for me.  Chris seemed as

interested in watching me take off my clothes as Nick was.

    Once I was naked, I wasn't quite sure what to do.  Before it had

been either Steve or Nick who had really guided the sexual encounter for

the most part.  It seemed as if I had put myself in the dominant role in

this situation.  Now I had to figure out where I was going to take this.

    "You have cum?" I asked Chris.

    He nodded.

    "Let's get in the tub together and then I'll show you something

that feels really good," I suggested.

    Nick hopped in immediately, and then Chris and I followed.  I sat

down in the warm water against the end of the tub.  I had Chris stand

before me and Nick sat on the edge of the tub watching us.  Chris' stature

was perfect for me to reach his penis while I sat.

    I took the thin three-incher in my mouth.  It fit quite

comfortably.  I felt his balls and noticed that these were bigger than

Nick's even if his cock wasn't.  I pulled back slowly on his erection

keeping my lips firmly clamped on the smooth flesh of his penis.

    Bringing my lips to the tip of his erection, I slid my tongue

around the top of his penis a few times like Steve had done to me.

    "Doesn't it feel good?" Nick asked his friend.

    "Yeah," Chris mumbled, caught up in the new, delightful sensations.

    "Alex did that to me before," Nick bragged.

    I ignored their idle chatter as I concentrated on making the boy

come.  I slid my mouth slowly down the length of his cock once again, and

then came back up.  I began to pick up the pace of the blowjob, and Chris

got into it, bringing his hips forward to meet my mouth as I slid to the

base of his erection.

    He leaned forward a little bit just as I felt his body begin to

tense up with the onslaught of his climax.  He put his hands on my

shoulders and rested his weight against me as the first spurt of semen

shot into my mouth.  

    "Ahhhh," he groaned in release.

    After a couple more spurts, he slumped against me.  I drew him

into my lap and he rested his head against my shoulder.

    "You ate his stuff?" Nick asked, his face screwed up in disgust.

    "Yeah," I answered.

    "Did it taste good?" he asked.

    "It tasted very good," I answered.

    "What does it taste like?"

    I just chuckled.  "I can't really describe it.  You have to try it

for yourself to find out."

    "I want to eat yours," Nick said.

    "Okay," I answered.

    Chris got up and took Nick's place on the edge of the tub.  I

stood up and Nick knelt before me in the water.  He opened his mouth and

fed the glans of my limp penis into it.  At the first touch of his lips

and the inside of his hot little mouth, I became erect.

    I had to admire the kid.  He did his best to take as much of my

erection as he could, but he was too small.  He just couldn't take it all.

 His mouth felt really great on my dick though.  He began to imitate the

motion of the blowjob, bobbing up and down the length of my dick.  It felt

good, but not good enough to get me off.

    I suggested he increase the tempo, but even that didn't really

work.  He just didn't have the experience and knowledge of his father.  I

gently lifted his head from my cock after a few minutes of the blowjob.

    "It's just not going to work.  Here, I'll jerk off and then you

can eat what comes out," I said.

    "I'll stand right here and catch it," Nick said.

    "I want to catch some too," Chris said.  "I want to taste it."

    He got up and stood by Nick's side in the water.  The idea of

shooting my cum all over these two boys was really getting me excited. 

This was going to turn out better than if I had come in Nick's mouth.

    I lathered my cock up with the soap and then steadily began to

stroke myself.  Jacking off for my enraputred audience brought out the

showman in me.  I started off slow so as to build the sense of

anticipation.  I ran my hand around the head of my erection and then

brought it slowly down the shaft.

    Grabbing it in my first, I began to slide the loose skin up and

down the length of the shaft.  With my other hand, I poked a finger slowly

up my anus and thrust this in and out.  Both hands began to pick up speed

so that my stroking grew faster as my finger went in faster and deeper.

    The pressure in my groin began to build until finally I passed the

breaking point.  As I came, shooting a huge load built up over two days, I

took aim.  I tried to spray equal globs of my sticky white semen over both


    Once I finished, I collapsed into the tub, sitting down in the

water to flush away the soap suds.  I watched as Nick eagerly wiped off a

thick glob of cum from his chest and brought it to his mouth to taste. 

Chris took a more tentative approach.  He watched as his friend ate it,

before he cautiously tried it himself.

    "It's good," Nick told me, wiping some more off his body and

bringing it to his mouth.

    "Okay, you guys, get cleaned up.  I'm going to go back

downstairs," I said.

    I had gotten my rocks off so most of the excitement with being

with the two kids had left me.  I got out of the tub and dried off while

they began to wash.  I got dressed and left them.

    Watching TV kept me entertained for the next couple of hours.  I

went upstairs once to check and make sure the boys were in bed before I

came back downstairs.  I was starting to feel horny again, so I decided I

would take out the tape and watch that and then maybe masturbate again.  

    When I opened the box I found another note on top of the tape.



    	   Sorry, tonight just won't work out.  (The wife and

    	all you know)  Don't worry, we'll get back together

    	again soon if you want to.  Here's another picture

    	for you to keep.  Watch the video again if you want.

    		           I look forward to our next time,


    The picture was of him.  It must have been taken about the same

time as the last one.  His tan body was all oiled up, but in this one he

was rubbing newly expelled semen from his cock all over his chest.  I

could see a drop of cum hanging from his thick cock and cum on his hands

and chest as he rubbed it in.

    'Next time,' I told myself.

    I watched the tape and did end up masturbating as I fantasized

about what the next time would be like.

    			     Part 5

    Christmas was fast approaching, and I was looking forward to it

this time of the year for different reasons than I usually did.  Sure the

presents and the good cheer that came with the holiday were nice, but this

year I was really looking forward to it because of all the parties that

the Wallace's would be going to.  This would get me over to their house a

lot in the next few weeks, and hopefully Steve would make good on his

promise and we would get together again soon, so he could show me

everything he had hinted about.

    At first I thought my dreams of this season were crushed when my

mother started talking at dinner one night about the Wallace's.

    "I talked to Tami today," my mom was saying to my dad, "and you'll

never guess what they're doing for Christmas."

    "What?" he asked.

    "They're going to Florida for the week that Nick has off of

school," my mom answered.

    'Oh no!' I thought.

    "Doesn't that sound like fun?" she asked.

    "Yes it does.  I'm sure it will be a nice change for them to be

some place warm for Christmas."

    "She also asked me something that you and I will have to talk

about," my mom continued.

    "What's that?" he asked.

    "She asked if Alex could go along and watch Nick for the week,"

she answered.

    'Florida? With Steve? For a week?' 

    "Oh, mom, can I?" I pleaded.  "Please let me go."

    "No fair," my little sister protested.  "Why does he get to go to

Florida?  I want to go too."

    "That would be nice," my dad commented.

    "Can I go, Dad?  Please," I asked.

    "We have been invited to go along.  They're staying in a house some

friends of theirs own.  Their friends are going to be out of town for

that week visiting relatives." my mom added.

    "Really? Hmm...why don't we all go then?" he suggested.

    "Yah!" my sister cheered.  "Disneyworld!"

    I breathed an internal sigh of relief.  Christmas was going to

turn out even better than I had thought.

    The week before we left seemed to go quickly since we were

involved in preparations for the trip.  I also found that being able to

spend a whole week with Steve was much better than just one night, and I

could wait for something like that.

    We all loaded into our van on the day of our flight and headed for

the airport.  The airplane ride was kind of fun since I'd only been on an

airplane once before when I was very young.

    When we landed in Florida we were all quite glad we had come to

this state of warmth and sunshine.  Our families picked up our rental

cars, packed them up, and drove out to the house.

    It was a beautiful, large house on the beach.  We unpacked and

then went out to the beach to relax.  That night we went out to eat.

    The next morning I slept in.  When I woke up I went into Nick's

room which was connected to mine by a bathroom.  His bed was empty.  I

looked out his window and could see that they were all out on the beach.

    I returned to our bathroom, slipped out of my boxer shorts, and

stepped into the shower.  As I was washing my crotch, I started to tease

myself.  I had worked my cock into an erection when Steve suddenly stuck

his head in, nearly scaring the shit out of me.

    "Hurry up and meet me in your room," he said.  Then he pulled the

curtain closed.

    Like I was going to keep him waiting!

    I shut off the water and quickly dried off, my excitement

distracting me from drying off very well.  Water droplets still spotted my

body, but I wrapped the towel around my waist, not caring.

    In my room, Steve lay on the bed completely naked with his swollen

erection in his hand.  To my eyes it seemed shiny.  On the nightstand was

an open jar of Vaseline.

    'Did he put that on it?' I wondered.

    Dropping the towel, I crawled into bed with him.

    "I want you to fuck me," he whispered in my ear.

    "Huh?" I asked.

    "This is something only a guy can do for me," Steve said.  "Bring

that nice dick of yours over here."

    I scooted up closer to the head of the bed.  He dipped his fingers

into the Vaseline and spread this over my dick.  The butterflies started

up in my stomach as I wondered what he was up to.

    Once my penis was fully covered in it, Steve turned over onto his

hands and knees.  He dipped his fingers into the jar again and spread it

generously over his anus.  I watched as he slid one and then two fingers

into his hole.

    "You're going to stick this," he said, stroking my cock, "into

here."  He pushed a finger into his hole again.

    "Put it in there?" I asked, shocked.


    "Won't it hurt?" I asked.  I'd gotten used to a finger, but

something like a cock would surely hurt.

    "No, it'll feel really good.  Especially one your size.  Trust

me," Steve soothed.


    I knelt behind him, putting my hands on his waist and lining up my

cock with his hole.

    "Go slow.  I'll tell you what to do," he said.

    I pressed the head of my erection against the outside of his anus.

 I pushed forward gently, but my penis slipped down between his legs in

front.  His hand grabbed my dick and guided it back to his anus.  He put

the head just inside him.

    "Now push forward slowly," he ordered, removing his hand.

    I followed this instruction, inserting my erection bit by bit into

him.  It was so tight and hot inside.  It felt great against my erection. 

Once I was completely in, his muscles squeezed me a couple times in greeting.

    "Okay, just hold it there.  How does it feel?"

    "Oh, it's great," I answered.

    "It feels good from this end too.  Now, slowly pull out, but not

all the way.  Then push in again.  Keep doing this slowly, but then go

faster when it feels right."

    I withdrew until just the head rested inside him.  Then I plunged

back in him.  I realized as I continued this pumping action that this

might be what it feels like to fuck a girl.

    When my orgasm began to build, I pumped him harder and faster. 

The pressure in my groin grew as I continued.  I slipped out at one point

when I became a little too eager, but I quickly pushed back in without any

trouble and regained my momentum.

    Beneath me Steve was grunting and moaning at each of my thrusts. 

He even started shoving his butt back into my pelvis to meet my thrusts.

    This physical exertion caused me to sweat and I started breathing

heavily as I thrust faster and faster.  Just as I was about to come

anyway, I felt tiny muscle contractions within his anus.  These caused me

to climax.

    I let out a loud groan and fell forward onto his back as I spurted

forcefully in his ass.  I lay there for a while unable to move, my slick

chest against his sweaty back, and my cock still buried inside him.

    When I regained some strength, I pulled out and wondered where all

that cum had gone.  I wondered if it would just stay inside or if it fell out.

    "I better get going," Steve said, getting up off the bed.

    "Aren't you going to do that to me?" I asked.

    Steve smiled.  "No, I think I'm just a little too big for someone

your size.  It would probably hurt if I stuck this thing in you."

    "Oh.  But you didn't come.  Don't--"

    "Yes I did," Steve said, pointing to the bed.  Thick white tiny

pools of semen covered the sheets.  Those muscle contractions I felt in

his anus must have been his climax.  "It felt really good, Alex.  We'll

definitely have to do that again."


    "They're probably missing me.  Can you clean that up?" he asked.

    "Sure," I answered.

    "Thanks."  He pulled on his swim trunks.  He gave me a quick, but

passionate, kiss before he left.

    I jumped on the bed in sheer joy and rolled around in his semen. 

I got up and went to take another shower.

    			   Part 6

    Christmas day came and went in a fairly typical manner.  The only

differences were that we were in a warm climate, and my family was

spending this special holiday with the Wallaces.

    I received lots of great presents.  The Wallaces gave me a

babysitting bonus which they'd done for me last year also.  That was nice,

but the only real bonus I wanted was another night alone with Steve.

    It was decided that we would go to Disneyworld the next day.  My

little sister had been bugging my parents to go there ever since we'd

arrived.  I looked forward to going there also, but I knew I would miss

the day spent in the house or no the beach since that was when Steve and I

had last had the opportunity to get together.

    The sound of the shower, coming from the bathroom Nick and I

shared, woke me that morning.  I got up and entered the bathroom.  It was

fairly warm in there and a light mist was forming on the mirror.

    Pulling my half-hard cock from my jockeys, I relieved my bladder. 

Once I was finished, I went to the shower curtain and pulled it aside a

bit to stick my head in (reminiscent of what Steve had done to me.)  Nick

was facing that end of the shower with his back to the water.  His crotch

was a soapy mass with only his engorged cock head peeking through as his

hands worked away on his erection.

    "Hey, Nick.  Looks like you're havin' fun," I said.

    "I am.  Come in," he said.

    My cock slowly stiffened within my shorts at this suggestion.  I

was feeling really horny after having just woken up, so I was only too

happy to jump in the shower with him.

    After slipping out of my jockeys, I hopped in and closed the

curtain behind me.  My hand reached out and replaced his on his slippery

erection.  I stroked him for a while until he started playing with my cock.

    "Hold on, let me get wet," I said.

    I walked under the nozzle and let the water coat my body.  Then I

soaped up my crotch as Nick had done and we got into some pretty intense

jerking off.  Nick came a few times during this, but it wasn't working for me.

    As I continued to stroke his cock and slide the loose skin up and

down, I wondered what it would feel like to have Nick's erection up my

butt.  Steve said he couldn't do it to me, but I wondered how Nick's would

feel.  He was much smaller, so maybe his would be okay.  I also remembered

that Steve had come while I was in his ass, so maybe I could come that way


    "Nick, I want you to try something," I said.

    "What?" he asked.

    I grabbed the soap and rubbed a good lather into my crack as I

explained what I wanted.  Nick was fairly agreeable.

    Once it felt slippery enough, I turned around and bent over, my

ass directly in front of Nick.  I spread my cheeks for his little hard

cock and waited in this position as his cock lined up. 

    His first thrust was good.  I had made a good target.  The head of

his cock slid in easily but then got caught in the unyielding muscle band.

    "Push a little," I urged as I tried to get some control over those

muscles in my anus.

    Through a combination of both our efforts, he slid his erection

all the way in.  I could feel his hairless pubis against my butt.  It felt

good having his dick in me, even better than my finger.

    "Okay, now push in and out," I told him.  "Be careful not to slip out."

    He followed these instructions perfectly.  I grabbed my cock and

began pumping on it fast and furious.  The whole experience felt so good.

    I went wild as I felt my orgasm approach.  I shoved my ass against

Nick to hurry his thrusting and my hand moved in a blur on my soapy

erection.  With a low moan I came, spurting semen straight down the drain

to be quickly washed away by the water.

    "Thanks," I told Nick as he slipped out.  I turned and hugged him.

    We finished the shower and then got out and dressed for our trip

to Disneyworld.  The day was a lot of fun.  We all really enjoyed ourselves.

    Sometime during the day it was decided that the Wallaces and my

parents would go out to the bar that night.  The Wallaces asked me to

babysit and my parents asked me too, but I wouldn't be earning any money

from my parents.

    That night Nick, my sister, and I were playing a board game after

our parents left when someone knocked at the front door.  I answered it

and found out that it was Aaron, the boy from next door.

    Aaron and Nick had met on the first day and had gotten along well

since they were fairly close in age.  Aaron was thirteen with red hair and

cute freckles dotting his face.  He didn't have the fair complexion most

red heads have which allowed him to tan, and his skin was fairly dark from

being out in the sun.

    Nick asked Aaron to join us which he did.  After playing for a

while, I had to take my sister up to bed.  As I was waiting for her to get

ready for bed, Nick and Aaron came upstairs.  They went to Nick's room.

    Once my sister was asleep, I went back downstairs and watched TV. 

I hadn't gotten very far into the program when Nick came down, his face a

little flushed.

    "Hey, Alex, do you want to fool around?" he asked.

    "Huh?" I asked although I had a pretty good idea what he meant.

    "Like this morning.  You know," Nick insisted.

    "But Aaron's here."

    "That's okay.  He said he fools around with his cousin sometimes. 

He wants to see your dick."

    'Cool!' I thought.  I wouldn't mind seeing his either.  I knew he

was older than Nick, so I hoped he had some hair around his cock.  I was

really curious as to what color his pubic hair would be if he had any.

    Nick and I ran upstairs, both of us eager to begin the show.  When

we entered the room, I saw Aaron laying on the bed with his shirt off. 

Only the bedside lamp was on, casting light over his sleek, defined chest.

    I went to the bed and ran my hand over his chest, pausing to tweak

a nipple.  I put my hand on his crotch and could feel a distinct bulge there.

    "Can I take off your clothes?" Aaron asked in a low voice.  I

heard his tongue click audibly in his mouth as he spoke.  He was nervous. 

This excited me even more.  My cock was pushing at the confines of my


    "Sure," I answered.

    He removed my shirt and then pulled down my shorts.  He paused at

my briefs, looking up at me.

    "Go ahead," I urged.

    Eagerly he pulled them down, catching my erection in the process. 

It snapped free, slapping my abdomen on the rebound.  I was really hard. 

I wanted to see this kid's cock.

    Nick and Aaron both started playing with my erection in the light

from the lamp as I stood naked before them.  While they pleasured my penis

with their feather touches, I pulled off Aaron's socks.

    "Okay, it's Nick's turn now," I announced.  I really wanted to see

Aaron's cock, hoping he had hair, but I also wanted to postpone the

inevitable, so I could relish the anticipation.

    Aaron and I both stripped Nick who began playing with his four

inch hard on once he was naked.  I knelt before Nick and swirled my tongue

around the head of his cock before I got up again to concentrate on Aaron.

    At my urging, he laid down on the bed.  I slowly undid his shorts

and pulled these down his tan legs which were lightly coated with reddish

blond hairs.  Then I put my nose in his crotch, taking in the odor of

laundry detergent, coconut oil, and his own scent: a sweet, milky odor.

    I put a hand on either side of his waist and slowly drew down his

undershorts, careful not to catch his erection in the elastic.  My eyes

were fixed on the flesh that I slowly revealed.

    The white flesh, that he obviously covered when in the sun, was

soon broken by a small collection of rust hairs at the base of his penis. 

I pulled off his undershorts and then quickly returned to these.

    There were only a few of them, but I loved them all.  They weren't

very long, and they were straight and silky to the touch.  I ran my hand

over these silky pubic hairs and then ran my fingers over the length of

his erection which was only a little smaller than mine.

    "I put my dick in his butt," Nick told Aaron then, grinning.

    "Yeah, me and my cousin did that once," Aaron answered.

    "Do you want to do it now?" I asked.

    "No, it kinda hurt."

    I nodded and brought my mouth down on the head of his cock.  I

sucked at just the tip before moving down his length.  I removed my mouth

and sucked in each of his hairless balls.

    "Hey, Nick, help me out here," I said.  "Lick his nuts."

    Nick joined us on the bed and went to work, lightly flicking

Aaron's ball sack with his little tongue.  I went to work on giving Aaron

a great blow job.

    As we licked and sucked, I continued to stroke his silky rust

pubic hair.  As Aaron was about to come, I removed my mouth and finished

him off by hand.  His come splattered across his belly and chest.  I

licked off the semen that dribbled onto my hand.  Nick quickly lapped off

the semen on Aaron's body.

    "My turn," I announced.

    We repositioned ourselves with me in Aaron's spot.  The two boys

eagerly started in on their task.  I watched as Aaron's red head bobbed up

and down on my cock.  Nick licked at my balls.  Aaron had a number of

tricks including slipping his tongue into the slit at the end of my penis.

    With all this activity I felt myself begin to come.

    "Nick, stick your finger in my hole," I gasped.

    His little finger immediately wormed its way into my anus.  With

this I came, shooting into Aaron's willing mouth.  He swallowed it all

without any problems.

    "Wow, you were really good," I told him.

    "Thanks.  My cousin taught me," Aaron answered.

    "How old's your cousin?"


    'I wouldn't mind meeting his cousin,' I thought.

    			 Part 7


    The next day was another one spent at the beach.  I got a lot of

sun that day playing out on the sand with Aaron and Nick.  Later in the

day my mom and Tami took my sister and they went out.  I guess they went

shopping, but I wasn't sure.

    When they returned, we all went out for dinner.  Then we went out

to a movie theater together.  My sister, mom, and Tami went to a Disney

picture at my sister's insistence while us guys went to an action flick. 

It was an okay movie.    I got to sit next to Steve so that was really the

best part of it.

    After getting back, I went to my room and read for a while.  I

ended up falling asleep, but woke up a little later feeling very thirsty.

    I undressed, put on boxer shorts, and creeped quietly downstairs

to get something to drink.  As I passed the family room, I saw my dad

drinking with Steve.  I crept quietly past this room and went to the kitchen.

    Beer cans were piled up in the recycling bin.  I realized they must

have been drinking for quite a while.  I got my water and then crept back

to the family room.  I was curious as to what they were talking about.

    Kneeling in the dark recesses of the doorway, I had a clear view

of them as they continued to drink.

    "Yeah, those were some fun times," my dad said.

    "We sure were a couple of studs," Steve commented.

    "I had my share, but you--you had more than enough women," my dad said.

    "Aw, c'mon, Dan.  Not that many," Steve chuckled.

    Their words were slightly slurred as they spoke, and I could see

they were really drunk, but it was a mellow drunk.

    "Oh, yeah, too many.  And what about guys?" my dad asked with a grin.

    "Guys?" Steve asked.  "What are ya talkin' 'bout?"

    "I heard you fucked some guys too," he answered.

    I was shocked to hear my dad swear.  He never swore in my

presence, not even when he got hurt.


    "Did ya?" my dad asked, smiling broadly and leaning forward.

    "Yeah, I did," Steve admitted.

    "Really?" my dad asked, a little skeptical as he sat back.  "What

was it like?" He took a swig of beer.

    "It was good."

    "Ya liked it?"	


    "Have you done it since you were married?" my dad asked. 

    "No," Steve lied.  At least he wasn't so drunk to reveal what he

and I had done. 

    "Do you want to?" he asked so softly I barely caught what he said. 

    "I think about it sometimes," Steve admitted. 

    "What about right now?"

    "You mean you and me?" Steve asked. 

    My dad thought for a while and answered. "Yeah."

    My cock immediately sprang to life.  Would they do it together,

right here, right now?  My erection poked through the loose fly of my

boxer shorts and my fingers began to tease the head.

    Steve reached across the back of the couch and stroked my dad's

neck.  My dad put his hand on Steve's thigh and tentatively began

caressing his thigh.  Then Steve's hand moved to my dad's shirt front

where he began to unbutton the shirt.

    Surprisingly enough for me, I was becoming excited by the idea of

seeing my dad naked.  I'd only seen him nude when I was a kid and those

memories were really fuzzy as I looked back.  I felt weird about getting

excited about my dad's naked body, so I tried to tell myself I was excited

about seeing Steve naked again and having sex with my dad.

    My dad's shirt came off and I could see his broad chest.  It was

lightly tanned from the days out in the sun.  His pectorals were covered

in curly brown hair, and I could see his pink nipples poking up from this

hair.  He also had a line of hair running down between his pecs over his

abdomen and then disappearing under his shorts.

    Steve was already at work revealing this hidden hair to my eyes. 

Steve had undone his shorts and was unzipping them.  My dad stood up to

let Steve finish undressing him. 

    My dad's cock began to thicken and elongate once exposed to the

air.  His penis looked a lot like mine and seemed t be about the same

size.  Steve was kneeling before him, having just removed my dad's

clothes.  He brought his mouth to my dad's crotch and began to blow him.

    "Oh, Steve, that feels so good," my dad groaned.  His hands were

running through Steve's thick, black hair, ruffling it as Steve sucked on

my dad's erection.

    My hand began to work a little faster on my erection as Steve

continued the blowjob.  I saw him reach under my dad's hairy balls and

figured he was going to slip a finger up my dad's ass.  I really liked

that; I wondered how my dad would feel about it.

    "Oh yeah," he sighed.  He spread his legs a little to allow Steve

easier access.

    I sat down then.  Kneeling on the hardwood floor for that long was

tough on my knees.  I could still see just fine and continue my private

stroking while the show continued.

    "Hold on," my dad said, pushing Steve's head away.

    "What?" Steve asked.

    "I really want you to fuck me.  You better do it now, too, before

I change my mind," my dad explained.

    Steve smiled. "Okay."

    He quickly undressed.  The two men stood naked before each other:

my dad with his cock hard and glistening from Steve's saliva, and Steve

with his impressive prick at half mast.

    "You're really hung," my dad complimented.  He touched Steve's



    "Will it hurt? You're so big..."

    "Don't worry.  I know what I'm doing," Steve answered with a smile

of reassurance.  "Now get on all fours with your ass in the air."

    My dad went doggie style before Steve, and Steve knelt behind him.

    "Shouldn't we have some kinda lube or somethin'?" my dad asked,

trying to look back at Steve.

    "I'll take care of that," Steve answered.

    He spread my dad's ass cheeks and put his mouth to the crack.  I

didn't have a very good view since this was mostly profile, but I figured

he was tonguing my dad's anus.

    "Oh yeah.  That feels great," my dad told him, pushing his ass

into Steve's face for more.

    Then Steve spit on his hands and rubbed these over his erection. 

It was not stiff and at full size.  He lined it up and began inserting it

inch by inch into my dad.

    "How's that?" he asked when it was half way in.


    Steve went ahead and pushed it all the way home.  Then he started

thrusting slowly in and out of my dad's ass.  I could hear my dad grunt at

each thrust.  I couldn't tell if he was enjoying it or not.  I hope he was

even though I was a little jealous that he got to have sex with Steve

instead of me getting Steve to myself.  Still, it was fun to watch.

    The sight of Steve's thick cock driving in and out of my dad's

butt really excited me.  I increased the pumping action on my cock as I

watched Steve's firm, smooth buttocks clench as he thrust.

    Steve spit on his hand and reached under my dad to grab his

erection.  He began stroking as he thrust.

    "Fuck me, Steve.  Oh, that feels so good," my dad said, his body

moving in tandem with Steve.  I couldn't believe my dad was talking so


    "You're so tight, Dan.  I love fucking your ass," Steve answered. 

    I began pumping faster on my erection, my hips thrusting in time

as I watched this intense fucking.  Steve thrust faster and faster, a

sweat coming to his brow.  His hand on my dad's cock picked up speed too. 

Suddenly he thrust forward hard and let out a loud moan as his entire body


    Then he collapsed on my dad for a few moments.  I stopped jacking

off and watched as Steve removed his cock and bent to lick at my dad's


    "We need to finish you off," Steve told him.  "Go sit on the


    My dad got up and went to the couch.  Steve knelt between his legs

and began sucking him off again.  It was all I could do to keep from

running in there and joining them.  I picked up the speed on my cock once

again while I watched. 

    Steve's hair was being ruffled once again by my dad as he was

being blown.  My dad sat with his head thrown back, eyes closed in

ecstasy, and legs spread wide.  I could see the back of Steve's head as it

went up and down my dad's shaft. 

    "Suck my cock!  Suck that big fucker," my dad ordered. 

    Steve picked up the pace, and I worked my cock in time to his head

motions.  I imagined I was in my dad's spot. 

    Soon my dad's legs tensed, and he let out a low groan.  Steve

stopped his head motions to catch my dad's semen as it pumped into his

mouth.  As my dad came, I realized I was about to come also.  I removed my

hand as soon as I felt it, but it was too late.  Semen shot out from my

penis and splattered all over my chest.  I heard glob hit the floor next to



    I quickly slipped out of my boxers and cleaned up the floor with

them and then ran it over my chest to catch most of the semen there.  My

hand was still sticky with semen, but I would take care of that once I got

back to my room.  I couldn't let them catch me watching.  I quickly ran

upstairs and into my room where I was safe.

    Once I had cleaned up, and was laying in bed, I knew that I now

had some new material to replay in my mind when I was masturbating.

    	                 Part 8

    Our vacation was coming to an end.   I woke up the morning of our

last day in Florida and felt a tremendous sense of loss.  Looking back on

the past week, I realized that there had been some really good times, many

of which included sexual encounters.  I met a boy who knew some great

tongue tricks, explored a new sexual avenue with Steve, and seen my dad

and Steve fuck.  I really couldn't ask for much more except for the week

to never end so that I could have these adventures forever.  Unfortunately

all good things come to an end.

    The morning started out beautiful, warm, and sunny just as every

other morning that week had been.  I went out and played with Aaron and

Nick for a while on the beach.  I asked Aaron about his cousin and found

out that his cousin lived in Illinois, near Chicago.  That two state

distance wasn't very encouraging to me.  I had hoped that I could meet him

some day.  Aaron had shown me a picture, and the guy was really cute. 

Plus he seemed to know a lot about sex, and he was my own age.  I

desperately wanted to have sex with him, but right now I didn't see a way

to do it.

    After finding this out, I felt a little depressed about the

situation until lunch.  Steve pulled me aside and said that he would meet

me tonight in my room.  He wanted to celebrate our last night there with a

special surprise for me.  That really perked up my spirits.  I wondered

what he could have in mind.

    That night I ended up going to bed early, hoping that it would

speed Steve's arrival.  It didn't really work; it made the time go slower

as I constantly looked up from my book to check the clock.  I wore only a

pair of boxer shorts so Steve could undress me faster.

    Finally a soft knock came at the door, and Steve entered.  He was

fully dressed and looked as sexy as ever.  I couldn't wait to strip off

his clothes and feast my eyes on that cock of his.

    "Hi, Alex," he said, coming to the bed.

    "Hi," I whispered back.

    He leaned over and kissed me passionately on the lips.  

    "Are you ready for your surprise?" he asked as we broke.


    Steve smiled and took a pair of scissors from his pocket.  

    "I think it's time we trimmed that pubic hair of yours," he stated.

    My heart beat picked up speed at the thought of him trimming me. 

I would look just like him, so every time I was naked I would be reminded

of him.  

    "Yes," I answered.

    He tugged at my boxer shorts, and I lifted my hips to allow him to

slip them off.  

    "I'll get the waste basket," he explained as he moved away and

over to the corner where it was.

    "Take off your clothes," I whispered.  I needed to see his naked

body now!

    He grinned.  As he walked over to the wastebasket he slowly pulled

up his shirt and tossed it off.  Then he sat down on the chair and took

off his socks.  He picked up the can and returned to my side with it.  At

my bedside, he slowly peeled off his shorts and his underwear.  His cock

was hardening slowly as it became exposed.

    I slowly stroked his cock and it became hard, extending and

thickening to its full size.  I kissed its head before lying back to let

him trim my crotch.

    He brought the scissors down and snipped away at my pubic hair. 

He took away a lot of the length and then trimmed it into a neat little

mound at the base of my cock.  Then he carefully clipped off the hair on

my balls until they were smooth.  I stroked them after he was done.  I

liked the new look.

    "Let's go look in the mirror," I suggested.

    He willingly followed me into the bathroom.  We stood side by side

with our arms around each other looking into the mirror.  Our hair was

almost a perfect match.  I wished I had a camera at that moment to record

this scene, but I realized as I thought that that I would never forget

this image.

    We left the bathroom and I went and laid down on the bed at

Steve's suggestion.  He crawled between my legs and brought his mouth down

slowly on my cock.  He took it all the way in once and then removed his

lips.  He then began licking at my now hairless ball sac.

    "Dad," a new, but familiar voice whispered from the foot of the bed.

    Steve spun around and came face to face with his son.  Nick stood

at the foot of the bed in the dimly lit room wearing only his white jockey

undershorts.  I could see he had an erection and knew he was excited by

what was happening before him, but I wasn't sure what Steve was going to

do now.  Here his own son had caught him sucking on my dick.  What would

he say?

    "Nick, son, what--"  Steve began, at a loss for words.

    "You have a really big dick," Nick observed, staring at his dad's

erection which was starting to go down.

    "Uh...Nick, why don't you and I go back into your room and I'll

explain what's going--"

    "I know what you're doing.  I didn't think you did this though.  I

thought just us kids did this stuff," Nick said.

    "Well, no, not just kids.  Adults do it too," Steve answered.

    "Can I do it with you?" Nick asked.

    "No, Nick, I don't think that would be a good idea..."

    "Can I do it with Alex?" he asked.

    Steve just looked at me.  I didn't want to give away the fact that

Nick and I had already had sex since I wasn't sure how he would react.  I

hoped that Nick would have enough sense to keep quiet about it too.  I

just nodded and shrugged my shoulders in response.

    "I guess that it's okay with Alex, but there's something you have

to understand, Nick," Steve said.


    "You can't tell anybody about what happens in this room tonight. 

Do you understand.  Nobody.  Not even your mom," Steve said.

    Nick nodded.  "I won't tell anyone.  It's a secret."

    Steve nodded.  Then he turned back to me and as he looked at me, I

could see a light twinkle in his eye.  

    "I have an idea," Steve said.

    "What?" I asked.

    "Would you like him to do your ass?" Steve asked.

    "Sure," I answered, pretending that this would be the first time,

since I knew that was what Steve would expect.

    Steve turned to Nick.  "How does this sound?  Some boys like it

when another boy sticks their dick into his butt hole.  Would you like to

do that to Alex?"

    "Yeah," Nick nodded.

    Steve got off the bed and I immediately rolled over onto my

stomach.  I didn't want to chance having Nick see my clipped new look and

saying something about that.  

    "Okay, Nick, take off your underwear," Steve said.

    His son eagerly tore them off and climbed onto the bed.  Steve

brought out the Vaseline and began lubing up my anus with it.

    "Okay, Nick, now what you're going to do is stick your dick into there

and push it in and out.  Do you understand?" Steve asked.

    "Yeah," Nick answered.

    Steve put some Vaseline on Nick's erection and really noticed its

size for the first time.

    "Yep, you're my son all right.  Your dick is going to be just as

big as mine when you grow up," he said.

    "I hope so, Dad."

    Steve guided Nick's erection into my anus.

    "We're going to do this real slow at first.  Let me know if it

starts to hurt, Alex," Steve told me.


    Steve slipped Nick's erection into me very easily.  I was already

accustomed to its small size, relatively speaking, so I didn't have any

problems.  Then Nick was given free reign as Steve moved back and let Nick

thrust in and out of my ass.

    "How does that feel, Nick?" Steve asked.

    "It's all slippery and my dick feels tingly," Nick answered.

    I could see that Steve was excited by the display.  He stood just

off the side of the bed with his huge erection in hand, slowly stroking it

and watching us intently.  

    Matching Nick's rhythm, I began to push back as he came forward,

trying to push him even deeper into me.  I felt an orgasm begin to build

within me and let myself go.  Nick's rhythm began to speed up and soon I

felt his cock twitch a little inside of me; I knew he had cum, but he kept

on pumping into me like a little trooper.  From experience, I knew that he

could come many times without losing his erection because he wasn't

producing semen yet.  I guess an orgasm changed once semen was involved.

    Steve couldn't stand being apart from the action and soon joined

us on the bed.  He put his head under me as I crouched on all fours with

Nick pounding into me.  His mouth found my erection and he began giving me

a blowjob.  I couldn't believe the sensations I was feeling.

    With this treatment on both ends, my orgasm came quickly.  I

erupted into Steve's mouth, pouring out the semen from my fantastic orgasm.

Steve swallowed it all up and then removed his mouth.

    "Okay, Nick, you can stop now," he told him.  I was happy he said

something because Nick's movements in my ass weren't doing as much for me

any more, and I just wanted to lay down for a little while and get back my


    Nick joined us on the bed.  We laid down with Steve between us. 

He put his arms around us both and hugged us to him.

    "Can I suck your dick, Dad?" Nick asked.

    Although Steve had gotten over some of his inhibitions about his

son and sex, I could see he wasn't going to go that far.

    "No, Nick, but you can watch Alex do it," Steve answered.

    "Okay," Nick sighed.  His little hand lightly touched his dad's

penis before we got up and moved into position.

    Nick got off the bed and stood next to it watching while Steve lay

back with me between his legs.  I brought my mouth down on his limp penis

and worked at it bringing it to an erection quickly using some of the new

tricks that Aaron had taught me.

    "Unh, Alex, that feels really good.  You've learned..." Steve noticed.

    I continued to work on his erection, attacking it with all my

energy.  I was determined to give him a great climax.  I slipped a finger

into his anus and felt him loosen the muscles there to allow it.  I wormed

this deep into him and continued to probe as I sucked.

    He came, his muscles contracting around my finger, and his semen

shooting in large jets into my mouth.  This time I swallowed it all.  I

was quite proud of myself.

    "That was great," Steve gasped right after.  He sat up and kissed

me with his mouth open.  I returned it.  I could feel his tongue inside my

mouth, tasting his own semen.

    "Nick, go back to your room.  I'll come in there in a little bit

and tuck you in," Steve said.

    Nick nodded and then left.

    "You know that tape of me that you found?" Steve asked.

    'How could I forget it?' I wondered.


    "I had always hoped that you would find it," Steve said.

    "You did?" 

    "Yeah.  I put it there just for you.  I used to check it every

night after you babysat.  You can't imagine how excited I was when I saw

that you had finally found it."

    "I'm glad I did."

    "Me too."

    He kissed me again and then got up and got dressed.  He said

good night and then went into Nick's room.

    I lay there for quite a while after he left thinking about

everything that I had done since I'd found that tape.  I was very happy

about it all, but I knew that my time with Steve would have to come to an

end some time.  I needed to find someone my own age to fool around with. 

My time with Steve had been great, but it could become a problem if anyone

else found out about it, and the same went for what Nick and I had done. 

I needed someone like Aaron's cousin.

    Once I came to this conclusion, I knew that the journey for a sex

partner my own age would be a fun one.  I looked forward to it.

The End


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