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Archive-name: Samesex/avenues.txt

Archive-author: Mark M. Forston

Archive-title: Avenues and Highways

     It was summer, mid-July, in the Arizona mountain country

where the thunderstorms come rolling across the sky, spilling

their liquid bounty over the most loveliest of gods country. The

smell of the wind before the storm, of pine and fur, surging

through the trees, filling the mind and body with an essence,

forever etched there. Then, the quiet sunsets, bold of orange and

gray, this is the experience that is timeless and unforgettable.

     For Eric Mclean, it was just another of his many experiences

being gathered, nurtured, then indelibly stamped forever in the

treasures of lifes memories. He had set out that summer, after

graduating from school, to see the country, the cheapest way he

know how, hitching rides, not exactly first class, but

economical, and educational. At 17 he'd seen most of the U.S. and

hardly spent a dime, outside of eating and personal items. It

certainly was a lesson in survival,  a one time chance, to be

really free, before he settled on any real objectives.

     He thought a lot, about that day he announced to his folks,

that he was leaving, going to California, try to be a model. You

know those boys...,the one next store, the all-American wholesome

look? That was Eric, but somehow much better, the kind of face

you'd carry around forever in your highschool graduation picture.

The kind of face you might see in those teenage advertisements,

on the verge of breaking out of the mold, becoming a handsome


     His smile was clean and even, a bright smile, not

pretentious, nor forced, rather honest and quite innocent.

Buoyant eyes, like a deep mediterranean sea, that you could see,

clearly, to the bottom, always calm and dreamy. His nose was

distinct, more european, a firm jaw and forehead, hair of flaxen,

that caught the sunlight, so it danced and sparkled. His body was

not tall, not average, but just right, and evenly distributed of

muscle and bone. Elegant curves of breast and buttocks, firm

contours where it counted. His skin always seemed moist, as if

he'd just taken a shower.

     Eric loved his faded levis, worn mostly, they hugged his

body sinfully, set the curves in motion, catching glances, of

envy from both men and women alike. He could toss a t-shirt over

that torso, look like he stepped out of GQ magazine. It seemed

quite out of context, a boy of 17, traveling this, but that's how

Eric wanted it, he find out what he'd set out to learn, perhaps

the hardway, but at least when he got to California, there

wouldn't be anymore doubts about his sexuality.

     Two days had passed, just waiting there in that small

mountain resort, waiting for a trucker going to California. He

sipped at his coffee, the warm liquid helping him to forget his

temporary plight. Eric tried to avoid the eyes staring at him,

but moment by moment, he was being drawn into them, by something


     The man had been there for over an hour, his eyes carefully

attempting to catch his, rolling around in his head, then

painfully burning right through him. He knew that look, what it

implied, it caused him to blush, Eric was not the flirting sort,

and was very inexperience at it. The man was better at it.

     Now it was certain that the man was more than curious, he

glanced, the compulsion was incredible, he held Eric, entranced,

then stood up, walked to his table.

     "Hi there, I hope you don't mind me interrupting, but I just

couldn't help noticing the concern in your eyes," the man said,

his hand was extended, his smile warm and sensitive.

     "My name's Dallas, for Texas you know," he laughed, his

accent was strong, no denying he'd come from that part of the


     "Hi..mines Eric," he said, Dallas still holding on, his

warmth was comforting, yet something more, he wasn't sure of.

     "Mind if I join you Eric," he said, taking the seat

opposite, looking directly into his eyes.

     "How long you been waiting for a ride Eric," said Dallas,

the concern was genuine, and kind.

     "Two days, all the trucks so far have been headed toward

Salt Lake City, others not going outside Arizona," he said, the

weariness beginning to show, the nerves taught. It was the

longest he ever had to wait for a ride.

     "So, I assume you're going to California eh!" said Dallas, a

thin smile, but growing, certain the boy was going that way.

     "Yes, I'm going to California, you headed that way?" said

Eric, his eyes flashed, hoping he was.

     "Just so happens that I am, but I gotta turn off at Barstow,

I can take you that far if that will help you out," said Dallas,

knowing it was cinched, the boy was going with him.

     "That's great, no problem, Barstow is just a hop and a skip

to L.A.., said Eric the great smile beaming now.

     "So, what you got planned to do in L.A. Eric, gonna try to

get in the movies?" said Dallas, pumping him, trying to figure

out if the boy was bisexual or all out in the open. "Damn, the

last kid was really decent, nice and clean, real sweet, put a

hand on him, and he freaked!," though Dallas, he didn't want

anymore of those kind, almost a complete loss outside of a bj.

     "Most guys who go into modeling, usually get laid by the

photographer, the advertising agent or some joker who doesn't

deserve such beauty," thought Dallas, his blood and temperature

was heating up, just staring into Eric's green eyes.

     "He's not bad, muscular arms, he can't be over 30, nice

eyes, looks like he works out, with all those muscles," thought

Eric, but why was he thinking about this mine this way, he'd

never noticed a man for his looks that much, the little

experience he had," he thought, staring at his big chest, he

liked that, snuggling next to warm, strong men. Not like the

soft, girls, who offered no such comfort. He like the security of

men, bonded to them, identified with their bodies, womens were

foreign, he never liked sex with them at all.

     "You know Eric, Hollywood is a terrible town, pimps, whores,

addicts, and those people who will take advantage of you for your

looks, and I'm not talking just about women," said Dallas,

speaking as if he'd know Eric forever, concerned for this boy

more than he cared to admit.

     "I know, my mother ranted about that before I left, warned

me to watch out for perverts, especially hitch-hiking!" he said,

then a slight curve of his mouth, set a mischievousness about his


     "Yeah, I guess you just can't be too careful these day, with

all the nuts out there," said Dallas, thinking about all the boys

he'd screwed and got screwed in his sleeper, great fun but he was

getting tired of it, then gazed into those wondrous eyes,

wondering if this was the one!

     "How about some dinner Eric, I'm buying," said Dallas

suddenly, his generosity overflowed, there was nothing ulterior

now, he just wanted to help Eric.

     "I can't let you do that Dallas, I can pay for my food,"

said Eric, blushed a little at the sudden and kind generosity of

this pleasing man, who'd taken him by surprise, growing ever

better by the moment.

     "Look! I'm a single guy...I got no one to support, I make

great money, let me buy you dinner, make me happy," he smiled,

patting Erics hand.

     "Well, if you really want to Dallas, then it's ok, maybe I

can make it up to you with some good conversation on the trip,"

said Eric, but he hoped, that for something more, he didn't know

what was happening, but he just wanted to be held in that man's


     The highway was dark and rainy, the storm had not abated,

They'd been driving over two hours, the rain poured over the

windshield, only occasional streams of lights, like ghosts,

searching in the blackness. The road had leveled now, they were

descending into the desert area, had left the tall mountains


     "I think there's a rest stop up ahead, gonna pull of until

this damn storm lets up," said Dallas, his strong arms clutched

the steering wheel, the lights of the dash, lent a strange light

on his rugged features, a most admirable face, that drew great

respect from Eric, who watched with awe, the way he handled the

big rig, like a small sports car.

     "Don't know how you do it Dallas, a lot of road, and

loneliness," said Eric, feeling empathy, and concern for his

newly found friend who was growing on him by the minute. "Was it

fascination? or just the unknown? what was his body like, warm

and sweet, would he hold him, take him in his arms, like his

mother used to do, that's what Eric wanted, someone warm and


     "There it is, just up ahead," said Dallas, applying the

breaks, the big truck pulling of the road and into the large rest

stop, already bulging with other trucks, escaping the wrath of

the storm.

     "Not too smart, some of those drivers trying to make up

time, driving in this crap, not me, no sir!" he said, guiding the

big rig expertly into a spot, seemingly reserved.

     The breaks hissed and screeched, the a final whooshing

sound, the truck had stopped. "Gotta put the blocks under her

kid, I'll be right back. He jumped out of the truck, the door

opened the cool wind and rain lashed inside, the smell of the

desert was now the new perfume.

     Eric watched Dallas dashing around the truck in the lights,

oh how nice his body looked now, really a well built man, the

jeans wrapped tightly around his well-rounded buttocks, the way

he moved was so masculine, he liked that, admired it so much in a


     The door flew open, Dallas hopped back up into the seat,

"got a real soaking," he said, his hair was dripping wet, his

sweat shirt soaked, sticking to his skin, outlining his muscles,

his nipples, hard and protruding through the material.

     "Might as well get in the sleeper, plenty of room for the

both of us, might have to stay here all night," said Dallas,

pulling back the curtains, revealing the modern sleep area.

     "Gotta get out of these wet clothes, can't afford to get

sick," he said, then quickly suggested that Eric go in first.

     He slid back the panels, leaving enough room to crawl

through, instead entering the outside door. "You go ahead kid,

I'm right behind you."

     Dallas really wanted to get a handful of Erics ass, just

wanted to feel it, make sure it was real, not a dream. He was

perched halfway, when he took both hands, cupping them on the

firm buns, then gently pushing him through.

     "Weee! there we go fella," you okay in there, I'll turn on

the lamps," he said hitting the switch. The small but luxurious

area was padded with leather, nice firm mattress, cabinets of

walnut, storage and stereo, and miscellaneous items.

     "This is great, real nice Dallas, you sleep in here?" said

Eric, relaxing back on the soft billowing cushions.

     "Yep, all the comforts of home," he said, pulling the

sweatshirt over his head, his fine upper torso now fully exposed

in the softened light. A nice tuff of soft blond hair on his

chests, but smooth, a washboard stomach and an in belie button.

     "You work out regularly," said Eric, fascinated at the tone,

the muscular curves, the solid arms.

     "Yep, most the time when I'm off, catching up, sometimes on

the road when I can find a gym," he said, reaching in a door,

pulling out white briefs, a clean pair of jeans, and sweatshirt.

     "Eric hoped that he wouldn't get fully dressed, that somehow

he wouldn't put his jeans back on, damn he was wishing!"

     Somehow Dallas didn't put his shirt back on, in fact he

deliberately left it lay, then unbuttoned the soaked jeans, lay

sideways, his back to Eric, slipped them off.

     "Damn what a nice ass," he thought, of what he could see

through the briefs," he thought, never looked at a mans ass

before, but he was sure looking now, something churned inside,

awakened, a brand new sense had opened his eyes.

     "Shorts are all wet too, dammit, gotta change em," said

Dallas, no modesty here, he slipped them down, and off his

ankles, taking his time to put the fresh ones one, he towled

away the dampness.

     Eric was even more taken by his nakedness, always

embarrassed in the presence of a well made man,  he somehow felt

comfortable, and willfully studied the milky smooth buns, the way

the tan line contrasted against their smooth outline, "very sexy,

he wanted to touch them, to explore them, and thought of

something he's never dreamed of before.

     "Here catch! said Dallas suddenly, tossing a plastic

container, filled with body moisturizer. "You can pay me back for

the dinner by giving me a rub down, sound like a plan," said

Dallas, his eyes seeking Eric's quick approval.

     "Sure, but I'm not a very good massager, but I can put

suntan oil on real good!" said Eric, eager to do the job.

     "Dallas rolled over on his stomach, "Okay boy, do your

stuff, I'm pretty stiff right now," he said, and he was, but he

had to hide it.

     "Why don't you get comfortable, get lose, take your jeans

off, I don't like them sandpapering against my skin," said Dallas


     "Eric eagerly complied, bashfully loosening the buttons,

slipping of the t-shirt, his body glowed, with a golden hue, soft

blond hair, sparkling, his short hair slightly tossed. His body

was smooth from head to toe, being admired warmly by Dallas'

empassioned glances.

     He knelt next to Dallas, clad only in the white briefs,

emptied some lotion in his hands, then began to smear it on

Dallas' backside. "All over, legs and all," said Eric, his hands

shaking nervously, frightened that Dallas could feel his

awkwardness, ruin the moment, he still had no idea, only

fragmented notions, innocent and entirely unsuspecting of what

this man wanted from him.

     "Yeah, rug it all over me, it feels real nice, relaxing,"

said Dallas, dreamily. "You've got nice hands, real smooth,

sensual," he said, reeling at his next touch.

     "Eric tried desperately to suppress his thoughts, if he

didn't he'd be really embarrassed his cock was getting hard, and

h couldn't control it.

     "Use your hands, pretend your making bread, knead the

muscles, Ahhh! that's it, you got it, yeah, keep it up, keep it

up," sighed Dallas, enjoying the young hands, traversing his

body. He moved sensuously to his every touch, expectant, sending

a message, of compliance, of welcome response.

     "That feel good," said Eric, moving his hands more

skillfully now, anticipating Dallas' body, he felt the muscles

respond to his touch, like magic.

     "Why don't you straddle me, that way you can do it better,

just swing your leg over and sit on my but," said Dallas, his

voice had deepened, more sultry, inviting.

     He took Erics leg, pulling it quickly over him, them began

to caress it, feeling it deliberately, sending out obvious

signals, body language, telling Eric the door was wide open.

     Eric soared, his heart quickened at the hand on his leg,

sent his temperature spiraling at the mere thoughts of this

revelation, his cock swelled, pressed against Dallas' ass.

     "Here, let me help you with that," said Dallas, seizing his

hand, placing it at the stretch band, then slipping it under the

material, and over the warm, full buns. He moved Eric's hand,

squeezed it in between the crease, into the warm, moist anus,

holding it there, manipulating Eric's shaking hand, to explore


     "Oh yeah, yeah! right there, hmmmm...that's good, little

further, oh baby, yeah...! He crooned with such delight, it sent

shivers all over Eric's body, he was quickly getting the idea,

that Dallas wanted to be screwed, he'd never fucked a man before,

it was new brand new, but it was wildly arousing, he wanted to,

but stumbled, awkwardly.

     "Never fucked a guy before huh Eric?" said Dallas, his body

was feverish, he wanted Eric, bad, like nothing ever before, only

a few ever got this far, only a special few, Eric was special.

     Dallas nearly ripped the shorts from his body, his eagerness

was passionate, he moved, pressed deliriously against Eric,

taking his large cock, filling his large hands, shocked at the

size, but didn't stop, "When I tell you, push," Dallas held the

entire ten inches of throbbing flesh, of eager manhood, then

guided it into him. "Hold it, there, now push somemore," he

pushed back, rearing his ass, taking the huge cock, "Oh god, oh

damn, damn, whew!!! Oh it hurts, it hurts..hmmmmm!!

     "Am I hurting you Dallas, I don't want to hurt," said Eric,

unaware of his great size, having never put it in another body

before, he was a novice, on the verge of a great new chapter.

     "Dallas heaved and swayed, bucked, arched his back, writhed,

to take the heavy, thick mass into his pulsing anus. Slowly it

opened, stretched to accommodate the thickness, then the length.

His cries became deep, empassioned as the mass moved deeper and

deeper, he expertly guided it's movement, savoring every inch, he

wanted it to last, this heated penetration set him on fire, the

next stage was paradise.

     "It's in baby, it's in, hold on tight, he reached back,

caught Eric's thighs, pulled like hell, then fell forward, all

ten inches went deep, fully swallowed.

     "Move your body, roll, up and down Eric, yeah, that's it

baby, pump me, pump me hard!" he begged, held this gorgeous boy

inside him like a prisoner, tightened his anus, moved his body in

such a way, that brought the ultimate sexual power. He'd know

when Eric was ready, young boys, can cum time and time again,

he'd hold him back then let him go like a hot cannon.

     Eric move and swayed with his encouragement, like waves

dashing against rocks on a stormy night, their bodies heaved and

met, in orgasmic pleasure, skin slapping raw, moving in and out,

he gained with every stroke, deeper, the softer, harder, then

slower, the tide built to a crescendo. Suddenly Dallas felt Eric

jerk, a spasm, knew that he was about to explode, and wouldn't

hold back, his own anus was being massaged, the gland was

swelling an ejaculation was near.

     "Oh god, oh god, I'm gonna go off Dallas, I'm gonna shoot,

he said , his voice muffled, I'm going, I'm going, his body

pounded into Dallas, he panted, slammed harder into the ten

inches, " too!...I'm cumming baby..I'm

cumming...he crooned, grunting, growling, the hot liquid blew,

filling his ass, with hot steamy fluid, he raged and twisted,

pulsing, squeezing every drop from Eric, the shooting wildly

himself.."Oh godammn....screw me...fuck me! fuck me hard..oh god!


     Eric fell face down on Dallas backside, licked the salty

sweat from his skin, kissed him all over, they glistened, like

silky manikins, dowsed with water.

     Eric didn't pull out, his cock still enlarged, Dallas

squirmed his but, took the gentle kisses, only moments had passed

and the boy was ready again.

     "I know you wanna fuck me again, don't you?" said Dallas,

swooning, still reeling from that glorious fucking, it was wild,

outrageous, even though he's always been deathly afraid of large

cocks, it was heaven now, so beautiful with Eric. He moved

slowly, gently squirming, raising his thighs, so the large cock

moved and tightened even more inside him.

     Eric moved like a pro now, his arms around Dallas' waist,

pulled hard.

     "Wait! said Dallas, I want you to fuck me another way, he

turned, face him, laid his head back into the pillows. "Now put

my legs over your shoulders," he said, lifting them. He raised

his buttocks, so that Eric could get a good shot, them pushed his

body into the hard shaft, he groaned at the wonderful pleasure,

it went in easily and deeply. "Kiss me while you're fucking me,"

said Dallas," pulling his face down, their lips met in a sparked

fury, wet and delicious, he pumped hard, "Unnh..Unnh..Oh...yeah,

He stared into those fluid green eyes, caught the heat of

innocent passion and something else reflected there, he hadn't

seen in a long time.

     It was beautiful, being screwed, not raw sex, but

beauty,something they both wanted, nothing held back, he lavished

the wonder of the moment, freely allowing Eric to take him time

and time again.

     Finally Eric tired, or wanted something more, perhaps sensed

he was being greedy, he laid back, taking Dallas hand, running it

over his body, freely and lovingly. Dallas crawled next to him,

took the initiative, kissed him hard, "I know you want it," he

said, his fingers already sought out the smooth opening, it

yielded gladly, his fingers plunging in, "Oh yes, yes, I want it,

I want you to screw me," his breathing was heavy and labored,

indicating his sexual wants,

     Dallas gently turned him on his stomach then lay on him, his

cock quickly, spontaneously fit, like hand in glove, their bodies

molded neatly, as if the gods had designed it that way. "Put it

in, right there, oh yes! you got it...go for it Dallas," he cried

softly, taking Dallas large cock, not at all ten inches, but

thick, and adequate, his anus pulsed to take the thickness, it

hesitated at first, then burst inward, sending shivers up and

down Eric's body.

     "You let guys fuck you all the time baby?" said Dallas, his

curiosity was turning more possessive now," he wanted to know,

but really didn't, however he said it, too late to take it back.

     "Not really, only once, mostly suck dicks, your the first I

ever fucked," said Eric softly he was confessing the truth.

     "Don't worry, I was just a little jealous, hate to think any

old bastard pawing you, that's all," said Dallas, satisfied now,

he went for it, drove into the boy, exploding in a fury, sending

a flood, a current of hot cum up his ass, he writhed and arched,

moved his ass, taking it all, softly wooing, churning with some

wild ecstacy.

     "You really screw good, feels so good! do it,

harder, deeper Dallas...oh....god..I'm cumming, I'm cumming.

Like some internal clockwork, they'd found something unique, the

wonderful ability to climax together, a very rare and scarce


     The night was filled with lovemaking and pleasure, and

falling in love, which both would reckon with in the morning


     "Good morning Eric," said Dallas, still wrapped tightly

together, kissing him warmly, falling into those lovely eyes.

     Eric's eyes moistened, then tears ran down his face, he

shuddered fearfully, shook violently, "He babe, what's the

matter, come on now, don't cry on me please!" he begged gently.

     "I Love you Dallas, I don't know what happened or why, I

just know that I love," he sobbed, thinking only about the coming

separation now.

     "Hey, don't cry, I'm a terrible one for emotions, It's

really difficult for me to say it, but I'm going to, "I wanted to

tell you last night, I fell in love with you the minute I saw

you, I wasn't about to let you get away," said Dallas, kissing

the tear stained face, watching the eyes change like a stormy see

to sudden calm.

     "Dammit you do don't you, I can see it, I thought so, but I

was so damn frightened, didn't know how I was gonna say it," he

flung himself into Dallas' arms, kissed him hard and long, they

love again, then set out to build their new lives together.

     Dallas and Eric finally settled in Denver, Colorado. Eric

went back to school, finished got a job with a big advertising

firm, Dallas opened a trucking firm and never went back on the

road again. They live happily, on a small ranch, just outside

Denver.    END

  by Mark M. Forston



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