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Archive-name: Samesex/anton.txt


Archive-title: Anton

Chapter One


    After going to bed, showered and, of course, naked, Anton had lain

awake for  some time.  Then he got up again and fetched the hand towel

from the  wash-station. He  placed this  by his hips when he lay down.

His intention  was obvious.  He was  lying on  his back, with his left

hand caressing  the inside  of his  thigh, and nuzzling up against his

balls. His  forefinger began stroking the adjacent testicle. His other

hand was  flat on his stomach. His penis lay where it had flopped, the

glans between the other ball and his thigh. It was clearly stirring.

    The upper hand began to migrate south, stroking the sensitive skin

of the  smooth area  between the  navel and  the pubic  hair. He had a

thick forest,  but low  down and  with a  clean upper  line. When they

reached the  root of  his phallus, he parted his forefinger and second

finger, and  ran this  vee down to embrace the thickening shank. A few

pushes, with  the fingers  curving down to engage with the upper scro-

tum, and the glans looked distinctly heavy.

    He transferred  his forefinger to the other side of the shaft, and

hooked it below it, supporting it so that the glans, by now doubled in

size, was  raised up. His thumb rubbed the upper surface of the shank,

and more  fingers joined in the support. He took the hand away, to re-

assure himself  of the  presence of  the towel, to catch the sperm and

perhaps to  cover himself in case of an intrusion. When he removed his

hand, the shaft supported itself.

    He switched  on the bedlight, and lay admiring the growing weapon.

By now it was no mere stiffy, but a tree in full flare. He watched the

taut skin  pulling slowly  back across  the glistening plum-surface of

his close textured glans. There was no quick flick of the fingers this

time: he  was taking  his time. When the skin finally caught up on the

flaring corona,  the upturned  rim of  his glorious helmet, he pressed

down with  both hands  on his  pubic lawn,  stretching the skin on the

shaft enough to clear the rim.

    The first  stage of erection was complete, the ridge of skin below

the corona  disappearing into  smoothness as  the penis  filled to its

last inch. He used the towel to remove some of the stickiness from his

plum, wincing a little at the touch of the rough cloth.

    Still Anton  just lay there, admiring what was certainly very much

to be admired. Then he reached up for a picture book, the stiff member

wobbling in  its weak rooting as his upper body arched. He brought the

picture of  one beauty  to the surface of the bed beside his loins. He

held the  open book above his midriff for a long time, look at it, but

making no  attempt to stimulate his organ. Apart from the occasionally

pulsing which is natural in an unattended erection, there was no obvi-

ous reaction in his tool.

    He closed the book, laid it flat on his stomach, and passed a hand

down to grasp his shaft, then he began the work of the hand on the rod

of iron.  His technique  was obviously practised, but unsophisticated.

Writhing; delicious:  he was a toe wiggler. The thigh muscles filled -

full buns  with deep  side hollows  and a  clean division  between the

curve of  the bun  and the straighter convexity of the under-thigh. As

the knees came up, the deep top grooves were clear, and most inviting.

    Relaxed - pumping not stopped, but much slowed, and the hand pres-

sure minimal.  The he  slipped the hand up higher, and began to caress

the point  below the glans with the side of his finger. Some fluid had

formed at  the eye  of his shaft and he slicked it down over the point

as a lubricant.

    He began  to pump  once more  in this  higher position. His sweat-

dewed face,  mouth wide open in rictus of excitement; between the tun-

nel of  his legs,  the balls,  now pulled  high and  close  as  orgasm

neared. His  shaft was  indeed now  bending back  over his belly as he

left the plateau for the summit.

    Then again  he relaxed.  He reached  a hand  up to  move the book,

placing it upright on the bed, propped against the side mirror wall of

the alcove  and turned  the upper  part of  his body  so that he could

stare at it.

    And his eyes thus engaged, he resumed the pumping action. A looser

grip at  first, his hand sliding farther up and down the shaft, then a

tighter grip  at the top, the side of his finger digging into the sen-

sitive point. He meant to complete the job this time.

    His other  hand was cupped to his bollocks, the forefinger digging

into the  root of the shaft beneath the taut skin. Did he mean to halt

the flowing? His hips and thigh reared up once more, his toes and feet

twisting the sheet into knots beneath them. The sheen on his glans was

lost as  the pores  open up  with the  climactic blood  flow. He would

come! He would come!

    Too late did his ball hand clutch for the towel, for the first wad

was already airborne, flying to land above his navel. The twist of his

body sent  the second jetting to a splatter on the side mirror. He was

obviously very  full, for  the third  spasm also  sent a glob into the

air, landing on his still pumping wrist. He spasm again and again, but

this time  producing floods  of more  liquid spunk which flowed warmly

down onto  the top of his hand. He spasmed a six and seventh time too,

but this  time nearly  dry - just a wide working of the glistening eye

of his dick. Then the pent-up breath was released.

    Completely still,  with his  eyes closed, for about a minute, then

wiping the  spunk from  his stomach and hand. He began to milk the re-

maining juices  from his  dying cock,  pulling upwards with the tip of

his forefinger  pressed hard into the underside of his organ. He wiped

the gland  carefully, so that the foreskin, now beginning to bunch be-

low his  glans, wouldn't stick too painfully when it had return to the

protection position. Finally he cleaned the mirror, before folding the

towel under his prick's tip to mop up any last weeping.

    Then he closed his eyes, flicked the light switch, and rolled over

on his side to sleep.

Chapter Two


    Anton looked  towards the  door at  the sound, then dropped a hand

quickly to  his crotch, to flatten his erection and to conceal it? His

hand gripped  his weapon.  Feverishly he pulled at the unfamiliar zip,

but by  the time Klaudio had entered, his penis was still exposed. An-

ton froze.

    Klaudio stood  facing the bed, and smiled. With an exaggerated ex-

pression of  delight, he  started to point to the various parts of the

prick, repeating  their names.  His pointing  finger  got  closer  and

closer, but  still he  did not touch it. As he got very close, Anton's

hands clutched  at the surface of the bed. How long would he bear this

language lesson, before grabbing his tool and stuffing it hastily away

inside his trousers?

    But Klaudio  knew what he was doing. He had become a doctor with a

friendly but  detached beside  manner. He  looked at Anton's face more

than his organ, obviously concentrating hard on his pronunciation.

    Then he decided to go for it. With one hand he made the unmistake-

able gesture  on the forefinger of his other of frigging, and repeated

the word for wank three times. He looked expectantly at Anton. "Do you

want me  to wank  you." It  was a neutral request - still the friendly

doctor offering  treatment. Anton  froze. Klaudio  looked at  him  pa-

tiently, and was just at the point of asking again, when Anton grabbed

at his  hand and  pulled it into the general vicinity of his groin. He

closed his  eyes, flung  his head back and gripped the sheets. The pa-

tient was tensed for the cut of the knife!

    But Klaudio  gave the merest touch with the side of his bent fore-

finger to  the underside of the glans. The corona of the penis flared.

He moved  his other hand to cup above the shaft, as if warming himself

at its heat. Then slowly he began a two hand movement - the lower hand

a gentle  fist the lower joints of whose fingers formed a knobbly flat

platform moving along the underside of the penis, while the other hand

formed a  coving arched  over the  fist, gently trapping the shaft be-

tween them.  Slowly it  moved up and down the tool, sometimes gripping

enough to  move the skin over the hard shaft, sometimes barely grazing

it. Sometimes  the hands  would move  at different speeds, chafing the

surface; sometimes  the knuckles  or the  joints of  the fist would be

brought into play, their harder knobbles kneading the surface.

    Anton's eyes  were still  firmly clenched,  as if he were gripping

his courage  with the lids. His lips were pulled into a rictus, like a

smile but  clearly not one. He needed to relax if he were to enjoy it.

Klaudio quietly changed his grip, and moved up the bed to kneel beside

his loins. Then with his free hand he gently stroked Anton's forehead.

At the  unexpected contact,  his eyes  sprang open. Klaudio cupped his

hand beneath  his neck, casually grazing the erogenous zone behind his

ear, and  raised his head so that they could look at each other. Klau-

dio raised  his eyebrows and nodded slightly: a clear gesture meaning,

"Am I doing it right? Are you enjoying it?"

    Klaudio changed  hands, so that he had a one free to stimulate his

balls and  upper inside  thighs. He knew how far he could go with this

at this  stage. There  must be no hint of a movement towards the anus;

even the  sensitive point at the root of the scrotum was out of bounds

at this stage. It must be purely penile, this orgasm.

    Slowly Klaudio  worked. This  had to  be a good one - a better one

than a  quick hand  job -  but he could use only limited resources for

fear of  spooking his  charge. A short burst of speed had Anton groan-

ing, and  the feet  started working. His hands, which had released the

grip on the sheets now clutched them again, but from ecstasy not fear.

His body  began to arch up, but Klaudio knew how to change his grip at

the right  moment, holding him there for a full minute before reducing

the stimulation  to allow  him to  get his  breath. Anton's  face  now

looked very  different. The  strain that  showed there  now was from a

different stable, and the open mouthed smile was real.

    Five times  did Klaudio make his loins rear up and hold him there,

until he was crying out to be allowed to come. Then he came - shooting

high to  land on  his taut,  flat belly.  Klaudio risked  trapping the

later spurts with his lips pressed to the eye of Anton's glans: he was

too far  gone to  notice even  if he had bitten the end off. He reeled

back, practically  in a faint. By the time he was taking notice again,

Klaudio had cleaned him up and zipped his flaccid weapon back into his

fly, and began the language lesson as if nothing had happened.

Chapter Three


    As Anton  entered, the  lithe figure that had been lying on one of

the bunks  arose to  a relaxed  position of attention to greet him. He

was about  a year  older than Anton, though he looked perhaps a little

younger than  him. In  many ways  he was  similar, a little lighter in

build, but  clearly athletic.  He was black haired, with a light olive

skin -  the hair  thick on his head and brows, but his body clear, ex-

cept for  the inevitable  dusting on his legs and lower arms. The per-

fect tan  of him was the product of hours under the sun, with due care

to the  arrangement of  lighter and  darker shadings  to emphasise his

good looks.  He had  chosen to  keep his  sexual midriff white, always

wearing briefs,  because he  liked the  bright contrast  of the darker

stomach and  thighs and  the dramatic shock of thick black pubic hair.

He answered  to Jag,  or `Lightning Loins'. His voice was as smooth as

his skin and as dark as his hair.

    Jag had  then taken  his clothes off and had lain on his bed read-

ing. After  a while he expressed surprise that Anton was still dressed

and asked  him if  he were feeling cold. He explained that the heating

in the  rooms was automatically increased in the later evenings. Anton

had then removed all but his underpants.

    It was  fairly obvious  that Anton  had been observing Jag's body,

and Jag  had been  trying his  best to  show his best features without

making it too obvious that he know he was been examined. Clearly Anton

was too virginal to make any overtures, so Jag took the initiative. He

asked Anton  if he  had had sexual release that day. He stated that he

would be obtaining relief himself with a friend later, but stated that

he would be happy to assist Anton if he required it, and that he would

try to  have the another friend fetched so that Anton could have some-

one to sleep with himself if he desired.

    Anton was indignant at first, but the idea had been planted in his

mind, and  soon spread to his loins. Though his mouth refused, his pe-

nis showed  a different  opinion. It  soon became  clear that he would

have to  allow Jag to help him for there was to be no privacy for self

relief. And  the painful  hardness showed  relief was necessary. Anton

submitted to  Jag's hands. Jag expressed a wish to help him enjoy him-

self as  much as  possible. When  the act was thoroughly underway, and

his hands  were controlling  Anton to  a near climax, he had suggested

that Anton  allow him to use his mouth to make the act even more plea-

surable. Anton, who if in a less excited state who most certainly have

recoiled from the suggestion, gave a silent acquiescence to Jag, whose

warm mouth soon enclosed his shaft.

    Jag's hands,  freed from  duty ion  the cock, slid easily over An-

ton's body,  massaging, pressing,  brushing, tickling.  He knew all of

the right spots to give attention to. When his mouth had carried Anton

beyond any  chance of  refusing, his fingers explored his anus - tick-

ling the  puckered hole  till it relaxed. Then an exploring finger en-

tered, searching  for the  walnut shape  that was the prostate gland -

the seat  of orgasm. When the shattering, shuddering climax came, that

gland was  stimulated from  inside and outside. The other hand wrested

the last  ounce from  the balls as the flood of seminal fluid exploded

from the  spunk store,  crashing through the prostate, to fly in spas-

modic wads  up through  the straining,  surging shaft,  filling  Jag's

mouth and  throat faster  than he could cope with it, and flooding out

down the  sides of  the pulsing,  dying rod. Later Jag licked him com-

pletely clean - ready for the companion whom Anton would certainly now

accept to share his bed for the night...


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