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Archive-name: Samesex/angie.ff

Archive-author: Oogle Bird Enterprises

Archive-title: Angie

Copyright (c) 1993

All rights reserved, permission granted for a single printed copy for

personal use only. Transmission of this story in electronic form is

permitted provided no alterations are made to text, and this message

is included in its entirety.


Angie was my first friend away from home.

We shared an apartment on the east side of campus. It was a dingy 

little one bedroom affair, with too little light to really grow house 

plants. But we made the best of it, my bed on one side of the room, 

hers on the other, and in the middle, two ragged looking dressers.

Our bras and other unmentionables drying side by side over the tub

in the bathroom.

We got a bunch of fluorescent lamps to make the place brighter and 

managed to grow a hand full of homely looking green things that we 

called plants. The cats, we had two, would occasionally attack the 

stringy shoots, doing mild damage. Yet they grew anyway, sickly though

they might seem.

Angie was in the Chemistry program, I was in English literature. We 

shared few classes, and our schedules were different enough for 

the first three months we hardly tripped over each other running to 

and from lectures. It started out like that anyway.

I met her when I was looking for apartments. We'd both showed up at

the same place. Neither of us wanted it, even making the same

disparaging remarks about the condition of the place. After we

finished laughing at assessments we shared, we hit a local coffee


Angie is tall, well, taller than me. I'm only 5'2", and I feel short. 

She easily tops 5'10". She took up more of the table than I, but it 

didn't matter. We simply spread our notes out and started to talk 

about where we'd looked. 

By the time we finished discussing advantageous areas about campus,

we concluded that together we could afford more than twice the apartment

for the same amount, if we both lived there. Set about to find a

place we could share.

As I said, this worked for several months pretty well. We even started

to go together to parties, and sometimes hit the bars in each other's

company. We had one of those tacit little agreements college roomies

make about bringing someone home, who would sleep where and when.

Somehow it hadn't yet happened though.

One day, everything changed. We'd been in studying for too long. The 

evening shadows had stretched into continuous darkness and we had 

skipped dinner.

Suddenly Sambo, our gray stray, spent a period being sprayed with the

kitty discipline bottle. I'd gotten him once, Angie got him once,

then we both reached for the water at the same time. It caused a bit

of a chuckle.

"We should go do something," Angie told me. "Something to get out of 

the walled in mind set.

"What did you have in mind?"

"I'd like to raid one of the Frats..."

"Raid? I don't know what you mean."

"We'll break in and swipe something. Like their letters banner or 


"That's not such a great idea, Angie."

"It's okay, we just won't get caught. Come on," and taking me by the 

hand, she hauled me away from my studies, Sambo, and any real social 

event we might have attended that night.

Now I won't bore you with the details of how we got up to the Tau 

Delta Chi's banner, hanging over their front door. Suffice it to say 

we were on our way down, when one of the guys shouted about two girls 

stealing their flag. It was a bit of a fright, soon the entire frat 

was scrambling about the campus searching for us. 

Okay, it was a stupid stunt, and I was scared. What happened next is

what really shocked me. And the shock, yes, even the surprise, was

inside me.

We ran in front of the administration building, down the steps towards

the park behind. We saw a bunch of the frat hanging out in the open 

area ahead of us, and more in pursuit behind. The only hiding place 

we could find was amid the bushes behind Hickory's statue.

Hickory was some kind of founding father, sitting atop a large horse

with the feet firmly planted. I hadn't gotten the story yet about the

purpose of this chunk of bronze, but the bushes had grown up against

the pedestal, a perfect hiding place.

Unfortunately, the frat search party thought so too. So to escape 

notice as they approached, we climbed the statue. Me first, then 

Angie. I know this doesn't sound too reasonable as a course of action.

But over the years, the university had allowed the trees about Hickory

to grow freely. Now the leaves and thin branches afforded a certain 

amount of concealment.

We got up on good ol' Hickory's horse, me right behind him, and Angie

clutching at me in turn directly behind. That's when it really 

started. The rustling in the bushes below soon subsided.

"Hsst," Angie's warm breath whispered into my ear. "I'll try to 

stretch, see if I still see them in the field below."

My view was obstructed both by tree and statue alike, so I simply

nodded. She humped herself up a bit, her hands on my hips. She soon 

found a hole she could peek through, and dropped back down again.

Her breath was hot, not warm, as she breathed against the back of my 

neck. I could feel the small hairs stiffen there in response.

"They're still out there, Jane." She held on to my hips. I felt very 

unusual, trapped on top of a statue with my roomie, a stolen Frat 

banner in my hands. Fear had vanished, a certain conspiratorial 

sensation drew me closer to Angie in that moment. A sense of 

comradery, perhaps a sense of close affection.

She started to pop up and down, peering out through the branches, 

pushing down on my hips. Every time she did this, I found myself being

pushed into a ridge on the back of the horse statue, my crotch 

rubbing against the fabric of my jeans. After the first few times, her

hot breath on my neck in combination with the rubbing, I was beginning

to feel weak, I tucked my head against my chest while I held onto 

Hickory tightly.

"I still see them," she whispered, her lips right up against my neck. 

Goose bumps shivered down my spine. I could feel her holding herself 

along the length of my back, her chest an interesting and soft 

pressure from behind. My breath caught once, a red haze of warmth 

flowing up my back, and down from my neck.

A few more movements on her part and I was panting. I tried to cover

it up, but I felt sure she must hear it. She must know, my body was

adding it's own motions, grinding the statue against my crotch. But I

bite down, suppressing the sounds trying to escape from my throat. I

fought to hide, not only from the pursuing frat members, but from the

girl who had quietly become my best friend.

Her fingers rested on my waist, and moved to my hips as she continued

to check for our victims. For myself, every touch she made brought

more heat to my cheeks. I could even imagine feeling her nipples

rubbing against my back. I prayed to myself for a soft gentle orgasm,

that she not know how her body had aroused me.

"I think they're gone, roomie." She quickly started to slide down the 

back of the horse, apparently unaware of the effect she'd had on me. I 

rejoiced I hadn't betrayed us with an orgasm while hiding out. I also 

rejoiced she hadn't found out she was arousing me. Our friendship 

would be over, and I wouldn't have that.

I managed to settle myself down before dropping to the ground. It was 

good the darkness concealed my face. I had to have been flushed red 

from the excitement contact with Angie's body had given me.

I felt my body calm itself, and Angie apparently believed my panting

on the statue was from fear. She became very protective of me for the

rest of our little jaunt, making me hide while she stood watch

whenever she suspected the frat search parties were near.

We slipped into the apartment an hour later, our trophy in our hands. 

Relief washed over us. I gave her a roomie hug, and dropped the trophy

into her dresser drawer. It was really her prize. She should keep it 

to remember our fun.

After that night though, my view of Angie changed. I knew she aroused 

me, even if she didn't. I could no longer look at her without seeing 

the tender fingers which had brought the tingling arousal through my 

hips, the breasts that rolled against my back, and the lips that had 

brushed so softly along my neck. Sometimes, just looking at her 

lovely face brought the goose bumps back.

I longed to hold her close, the feeling was eating away at me so 

strongly. But I dared not say anything. She would turn on me 

immediately, I felt sure.

The next week she went out with some guy she knew from Organic. A

chemistry class of some sort. This brought the entire sensation into a

sharper focus. I watched her dress, putting on a very sexy blouse I'd

helped her pick out. I watched as she put on her makeup, a few simple

touches to accent her already beautiful face. Then I saw her smile at

him, hold his hand and leave.

I sat and cried for an hour. I knew she wouldn't be mine. I wanted to 

hold her hand and have her smiling at me. I would have to settle on 

knowing she would be my friend, as long as she never learned how I 

really felt about her.

I cleaned up, fed the cats, and went to bed. There wasn't anything 

else to do, no place to go, no way to fix it so I didn't feel this 


I hid it pretty well the next day, she couldn't know what I was 

looking for in her. Just one clue she'd return the feelings I had. It 

was all I really wanted to see.

We decided two days later on a shopping trip. Neither of us had a

car, so this meant riding the bus. It turned out we'd picked the worst

possible hour to leave, and the bus was packed. After we had paid our

fare and worked our way in, we found ourselves stuck between a large

guy looking for all the world like the epitome of a Hell's Angel, and

some fat fellow neither one of us wanted to get close to.

We tried to face each other to chat, but soon we were bumped so close

together we were looking over each other's shoulder. Well, not quite.

My head was leaned against Angie's shoulder. If I were to let my chin

drop, I would have my face buried between her breasts.

Leg room was cramped too. Angie being larger than myself had her knee 

almost in my crotch. On top of this her moist breath was once again 

raising goose bumps along my neck. I felt my chest tighten, a sharp 

breath come into my lungs, and soon my body was moving on it's own 

again from proximity to this creature of my desire.

I don't know how best to explain it other than to say the potholes in 

the road are bad, and the suspension of the bus were equally bad. I 

could feel each bump thrust Angie's knee into my crotch, and my body 

was a glowing flame in response.

I couldn't swear it happened but I thought she was almost kissing my 

neck. The noise of the bus barely covered my moans. I still don't know

if she heard me. My weak knees dropped me lower, almost certainly into

her large soft bosom. Well not quite, but I could no longer tell. 

Her knee wasn't grinding against me. But it might as well have been,

for shortly I shuddered, a small orgasm whose sounds I squelched to

the best of my ability. I had to have been flushed into a fresh red

tint, but no one other than Angie would have seen it. And she was

still looking over my shoulder.

I thought so anyway.

"Are you all right, Jane?" She sounded concerned as I gasped for 


"I'll be fine as soon as I can get some air...," I managed, just

barely in control now. I feared her reaction if she knew how she had

come to affect me.

"We'll get off here then, I don't want you to faint on the bus."

"No, No," I faintly decried the idea, "I'll be fine, really."

"I'll judge that after I have you out of this terrible crowd."

She dragged me out into cooler air, holding me up in case I fainted.

I wasn't going to, but by then I knew I'd rather she thought I would,

than she really know what had happened.

We abandoned the shopping trip and started home. I had really wanted a 

new dress, but I agreed with her about the crowds being too much. So 

we stopped at the corner deli, bought sandwiches and had a picnic in 

our company room.

I settled in on the couch. She turned on the TV and sat down with me.

We laughed a bit at a Soap Opera, picking out our favorite actors or

actresses, finding we had lost track of who was sleeping with who.

All the time in classes had kept us from staying current with the

plot twists.

After a few moments Angie turned to me, took my shoulders and pulled 

me towards her. She leaned in herself, and gave me a tender, 

unquestionably sexual, kiss. Then she pulled back again.

"How do you feel about that?," she whispered, a twinge of fear in her 

voice. I was startled. Here I was terrified she'd find out about my 

desire for her, she was screwing up her courage to come on to me.

I wondered for a moment just how accidental her knee in my crotch was 

on the bus ride, and then, if she knew how I'd reacted on the statue. 

It took seconds to realize I didn't care. I could find out later.

I put my arms around her neck and pulled her to me. I explored her 

lips, those same lips she'd excited me with on the statue and the bus.

I found behind them the soft tongue, and in moments I was lost to the 

passion of holding her tightly, her breasts against mine.

She took the next step. It was Angie's fingers playing along the tips 

of my nipples bringing them sharply to attention. I felt the cupping 

grasp she used, and her delicate rubbing with thumbs to excite me.

I couldn't help moaning. She stopped our embrace and unbuttoned my 

blouse. I wouldn't stop her, she was taking charge of our lovemaking, 

something I found strangely exciting. 

I'd never had a woman at my breasts before. It was delightful to see 

her, eyes closed, worshiping my chest with her lips. I watched as her

eyelids fluttered open momentarily, only to shut again in total 

pleasure. I'd never felt so sensual and aroused before.

She undressed me as much as possible with her free hands as she

suckled. After a few moments, her red lips released my breasts, and

her hands pulled away my jeans.

Not allowing her to simply strip me and be done, I began to pull her 

buttons open. She simply sat. She submitted willingly to my peeling 

off her clothing, pulling my fingers to her lips from time to time.

Naked, we sat together, side by side. I carefully explored her body 

with my fingers, trying to elicit the moans from her to match the 

moans I couldn't hold in. After what felt like moments, but must have 

been an eternity, I heard a low tone escape from her lungs. 

Inside I rejoiced.

Her tongue had discovered my neck though, and she was certainly in

charge. After a few moments of nibbling and kissing my skin below the

hairline on the back of my neck, she pushed me to my back. Her tongue

traced a slow and ever so sensitive trail along my chest and tummy.

When she reached my legs, she very gently worked back and forth from 

one leg to the other until she had worked down to my toes, sucking 

them, and back to my crotch. I was by now writhing, bucking up 

whenever I sensed her near my sex. Her breath tingled in the tiny 

hairs, drawing me towards her.

She flitted her little pink tongue across my outer lips, sending a

tingling heat radiating outward wherever she touched. Soon she touched

the hot spot, and a jolt of sensation sent me into a humping wave 

motion, now making so much noise the neighbors must hear. I shoved a 

hand into my mouth, hoping to suppress the sounds sex brings out.

Her tongue did lazy circles at my sex. It jolted me into stronger and 

stronger motions. And she found a way to get those wonderful soft 

fingers up to my nipples, rolling them softly, bringing out 

surprisingly sharp sensual feelings there too.

A moment later I came. The bus had been a gentle ride. This was 

violently rough. I screamed into my fist, still in my mouth. My hair 

tossed from side to side as I rolled my head in total sublimation to 

the act. Angie had pulled my orgasm from me and it was a strong force,

bouncing me against her face.

Then I started to come down. Breathing deeply to recover my 

equilibrium, I could sense I was on the verge of unconsciousness. Angie

moved up to kiss me, and held me. I clung to her, but soon my grip 

relaxed and I dropped into a light sleep. 

When I awoke, she'd been holding me for almost two hours. She smiled 

at me, a smile of deep affection. Her needs had waited, I smiled as 

she stroked back my hair and kissed me again.

I wasn't going to let her just sit there. Inside my heart was bursting

with joy, it was my turn to please her.


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