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Archive-name: Samesex/anfirst.txt


Archive-title: Another First Time

    It was a cold grey day, I was walking through the park towards the

town centre  when the first drops of rain started. It soon turned into

a downpour,  I rushed  towards the nearest shelter, the doorway of the

disused gasworks building just outside the park gates.

    I was  not the only one who had made for shelter. As I entered the

doorway I saw that someone else was standing just inside.

    "Hi!" he  said, "You  smoke?" offering  me a cigarette. I shook my

head, "No thanks." He was probably about 20 years old (I was 14 at the

time), dressed  in jeans, T-shirt and a denim type jacket. We stood in

the doorway  watching the  rain bouncing off the street outside. I was

conscious of him looking at me sideways as he smoked his cigarette.

    "How would  you like  to make  some money?"  he said a few minutes


    "Doing what?" I replied.

    "Giving me  a wank" he replied after a pause. I thought about this

for a few moments. It didn't seem an unreasonable request. After all I

had performed this service on several occasions for school-friends and

at the  time I  was interested  to discover  that a  person of his age

still indulged in this pursuit.

    "How much?" I asked.

    "A pound"  he answered. This seemed a considerable sum of money to

a person  of my age. It was about equal to half my weekly pocket money

at the time and would provide a welcome boost in spending power.

    "Okay" I answered. "Where?"

    "Let's have  a look upstairs" he said. We made our way through the

disused office  building until  we found  a staircase  and headed  up-

stairs. He  lead the  way into a room which remained relatively intact

and still had a desk and some rickety chairs in it. "This will do." He

sat down  on the  floor with his back to the front of the desk. "Okay,

go ahead" he said.

    I wasn't  sure exactly  what he  meant at  this point, he was just

sitting there on the floor looking up at me. "Well, what are you wait-

ing for? Get on with it!" he barked.

    It seemed  that he wanted me to work for my money and initiate the

process, so I knelt down beside him and reached for his belt. As I was

undoing it  I noticed  the bulge in his jeans growing rapidly. I undid

the buttons and pulled down the zipper of his flies. I pulled open the

top of  his jeans  and eased  them down his thighs a bit. His cock was

now rock-hard  and the  tip was  sticking up  over the  top of  his Y-


    A strange  musky smell  that I had never really noticed before hit

me at  this point. I pulled his pants down over his balls and suddenly

his cock  was released.  It was  by far the largest I had ever seen at

that time. Far larger than my own or any of my friends that I had seen

erect. I took it in my hand and began to wank it slowly.

    "How would  you like to double your money?" he said suddenly a few

moments later. "How about sucking me off?"

    I had  never tried  anything like  that before  and although I was

tempted to accept I didn't quite like the idea and declined the offer.

By this  time I  was fairly excited myself and my cock was quite stiff

inside my  trousers. I  noticed him  eying my crotch as I knelt beside


    "Okay," he  said, "Never  mind that.  I'll make  it a fiver if you

take off your clothes and let me fuck your arse."

    I thought  about it again. I couldn't resist the money offered and

by this time I really felt quite randy and could have done with a wank


    "Okay," I said. "What do you want me to do?"

    He took  my hand off his still stiff cock and stood up. Taking off

his jacket  he laid  it on  the floor  where he had been sitting. "Sit

down there and take off your shoes" he ordered.

    I did  as I  was told  and he knelt down beside me. He took off my

jacket and  placed his  hands under  my shirt. He ran his hands up and

down my  body, pausing as he reached my nipples. I felt my cock twitch

as he  massaged them with his thumbs. Slowly he undid my shirt buttons

and removed  my shirt.  His head  moved towards  my chest and he began

sucking my  nipples gently. I felt my cock getting even stiffer, still

trapped in my trousers.

    "Put your hand on my balls and keep wanking me slowly" he ordered.

    I obeyed  his command.  His hand moved towards the waistband of my

trousers and  he undid  my belt. He slipped his hand down the front of

my trousers  and felt  my cock  through the fabric of my underpants. I

nearly came  there and then but I somehow managed to hold back. He un-

did my  trousers and  lifting my  bum and legs slid them off. He again

ran his  hands up and down my body this time stopping at my crotch and

tracing the  line of my arse through my pants. He stood up, kicked off

his shoes and removed his jeans and Y fronts. His cock looked enormous

as I viewed it from my position on the floor.

    "You done anything like this before?" he asked.

    "No" I replied truthfully.

    He walked  over and  closed the  room door. I could still hear the

rain battering down outside.

    "Okay," he said. "It may hurt slightly at first, but you should be


    He came  back and  sat down  beside me. He placed his hands on the

waistband of  my underpants  and pulled them off. My cock sprang free.

It seemed  bigger than  I remembered  it but still small compared with

his. He  put his  hand on  my balls  and started massaging them slowly

while the finger of his other hand explored my arse.

    "You've a  nice body,"  he said,  looking over  my now-naked form.

"How old are you anyway?"

    "Fourteen" I replied.

    "Oh!" he  said. "I  thought you were older. Never mind, we've gone

this far now anyway." Suddenly his mouth went for my stiff cock and as

it totally disappeared into his throat I let out a gasp.

    He stopped. "Too much for you - eh?" he said.

    "Yes," I replied. "I nearly came there."

    "Okay," he said. "We'll keep it for later.

    His finger  continued to  explore my arse and suddenly he stuck it

up my arsehole. My sphincter closed around it immediately, gripping it


    "Tight!" he  said. "Relax a bit and It'll be much easier. Lets see

if I've  got anything  to lubricate it with." He reached underneath me

into his  jacket pocket and brought out a small jar of Vaseline. "This

was for  future use"  he grinned. "I don't usually carry it about with

me, but  we may  as well make use of it now." He stuck his finger into

the jar  and smeared  its contents  around my  arse. He again slid his

finger into my hole. This time it went much more easily.

    "Better" he  said, slowly  sliding two  fingers into  my arse.  He

knelt in  front of  me and  coated his  cock with Vaseline. "Okay," he

said. "You ready?"

    "Go ahead" I said.

    He eased  himself between  my legs and taking my feet in his hands

pushed them apart and back, exposing my arsehole to his stiff cock. He

guided his  cock towards my arse, I felt its tip against the cheeks of

my bum  and then  he slowly  slid it  into my  hole. I felt my muscles

tighten as they resisted the attempt but slowly he pushed harder until

his cock was almost fully in. He started moving backwards and forwards

gently, I could feel his cock inside me and slowly that familiar feel-

ing, previously only experienced by wanking, came over me. I came sud-

denly, shooting  sperm all over my chest. It seemed to go on for ever.

My cock  just kept pumping away. At about the same moment he let out a

moan and I felt a warmth in my arse. He too had come, the movement had

been too much for both of us.

    "I see  you've shot  your load"  he said.  "Pity to waste it." and

proceeded to  lick the come off my chest. The rain had stopped outside

and the  sun was coming out from behind the clouds. "I'd better be go-

ing," he said, picking up his clothes. "Here's your money."

    I accepted the offered note and began dressing.

    "You looked  as if  you were  enjoying that," he said. "You should

come up to my place and meet my kid brother sometime. He must be about

your age. You might just be able to have some fun together."

    "I might  take you  up on that," I said. "Perhaps see you tomorrow

after I finish school - at the park gates."

    "Okay," he said. "Maybe see you then. Bye for now."

                           To be continued?


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