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Archive-name: Samesex/


Archive-title: Andrew


 I met Andrew last night; although, I almost passed him up

mistaking him for a member of the opposite sex.  He was gorgeous:

decked out in high heels, a tight leather miniskirt and a mid-

riff.  We walked back to my apartment together and I carried him

over the threshold.  Once inside, I reached up his miniskirt and

fondled his penis until he relented and removed the miniskirt for

me.  I turned him around and gave him a firm spanking followed by

a french kiss to his butt hole.  I picked him up around the waist

and carried him to the couch where I bent over and deftly sucked

his penis until he came all inside my mouth.  Holding it in I

slid my body against his and we french kissed allowing the cum to

slide back into him to be swallowed.


 "Paddle me, till I am bright red," he pleaded.


 "Get into the bedroom young lady or you'll regret it!"


 "No," he wailed.


 I walked into my bedroom and returned calmly with a

wooden paddle .  In one swift motion I had him over my knees and I

delivered the first paddle .  When I was satisfied from his yelp

that it had hurt, I delivered another.  Enjoying the pleasure of

controlling him by not delivering the blows hard enough or fre-

quently enough for him.  I shoved him off my knees onto the floor

and ordered him to go to the bedroom.  He refused.  I picked him

up again and this time I meant business.  I was going to make his

butt sting so much he wouldn't be able to sit down for a few



 Whack, whack.  whack.  He screamed, and kicked pleading

for me to let him go.  But I knew he wanted it.  ___WHACK___ I

smacked him so hard he couldn't even scream.  Andrew was crying

now, just wait till I fuck him later, I thought as I delivered a

fifth blow.  I decided to hit him fifty times more before I would

let him go, regardless of how hard he screamed and wailed.

Whack.  His butt would be so tender WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK that

he wouldn't be able to stand.  WHACK whack whACK whACK whacK

WHACK WHACK His screams went unaided as I delivered WHACK blows

ruthlessly WHACK WHACK increasing their force with every cry for

help WHACK WHACK.  His buttocks had already turned a bright red

and he was crying WHACK WHACK whaCK whACK whacK so hard that you

could no longer hear his sobs.  WHACK WHACK WHACK __WHACK__

__WHACK__ __WHACK__ with three last blows I decided to stop.  I

forced him off me so his front rested on the coffee table.

Dropping my pants, I shoved my hard cock into his butt hole.

Forcing my body against his sore buttocks.  He screamed.  I

shoved harder.  He screamed louder.  I climaxed inside him.  He

screamed even louder and I withdrew.


 Crying and screaming he crawled his way to the bathroom,

too sore to stand and knowing that more blows were not far away.

When he shut the door to the bathroom.  I pulled my pants back up

and carried the paddle into the bedroom with me.  When he came

out of the bathroom a half hour later he climbed into bed with me

naked.  And kissed me lightly on the lips saying, "Your pretty

good at that."  I delivered another paddle to his already sore

buttocks and he yelped then kissed me.  I laid the paddle to rest

and we slept together.


 Every night, I paddle Andrew.  We have been going togeth-

er for about four months now, I still have never paddled him the

full fifty times I want to because I become too intent on fucking

him after about the thirtieth paddle .  But I try each night...


 "Young lady, get in bed now!"...




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