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Archive-name: Samesex/andrew-9.txt


Archive-title: Andrew - 9

                               CHAPTER 9

        Andrew and I had many "back rub" sessions at my house. I was

filling up a six hour videotape of our activities. We did other things

too. You know, brotherly things. Things an older brother would do for

his younger one. The zoo or science museum, etc.

        Andrew gradually had me accepted into his family. He was a

crafty little bugger, where I was pictured as a fill-in to them when

his dad was out of town on business. His dad didn't mind either,

because he was so wrapped up in his work. Andrew's mother was a nice

lady too. She had a nursing job at the local hospital with all the

stress they put nurses under. Andrew's little brother was at the baby

sitters house in the neighborhood. That left Andrew home alone quite a

bit. School hadn't started up for the year yet, and his family welcomed

someone to help keep Andrew out of trouble. Although thirteen year old

kids don't actually need a baby sitter, mothers' being mothers', feel a

bit more secure knowing their son's time is spent wisely.

        I had said many times, that I was going to connect to Andrew's

hearing for a two-way path, so tonight, I was going to try. It needed

to be done. For Andrew had many friends like James Birdsong and others

that I wanted to see naked. There was the possibility that some of them

would like to be taught by Andrew what "FUCK" meant. Maybe I could get

Andrew to play doctor and patient with his friends. I know, I know, you

are saying that is juvenile, but what the hey? It's a start. We all

started that way sometime in our life.

        It was Friday night again, so I went out to relax. I was going

to see Andrew Saturday, to go to the science museum. So I got home

early to get some rest. I wasn't quite sure how to approach Andrew with

a voice out of the air. I could use the "Conscience", or I

could use the "Guardian Angel" bit ... no ... I Know, The "Imaginary

playmate" thing. Yes, that would work. Cell helped me to disguise my

voice and I was ready to try.

        "Ok Cell, connect two-way hearing," I said.

        "Done," said Cell.

        I could hear the gentle hum of the air conditioner at Andrew's

house. I could hear him breathing in that angelic pattern. I hated to

wake him up.

        "Andrew... Andrew... ANDREW!" I said audibly. "Wake up!"

        He shot bolt upright in his bed.

        "What?... What?" Andrew said.

        It seemed so real to him.

        I had him lower his pajamas to below his knees and pull them

the rest of the way off. He was lying there in just his t-shirt.

        "Andrew, I need help." I said in my fake voice.

        He quickly put on his pajamas again.

        "Who are you? Where are you? DADDY, MAMA! There's somebody in

here!" Andrew said with fear.

        He was really scared. Andrew's parents came rushing in to his

room to console him. Andrew's dad had a .45 pistol. His mother took him

to her breast and soothed the hair on his head. Andrew's dad searched

the house and Andrew's mother calmed him down with the "It's just a


        That was awful cruel to Andrew to do this. I would have to be

satisfied with the mind control and observations. How could I get out

of this. He wasn't crazy, and I didn't want him thinking so. I resolved

myself to using this talent only in the case of an emergency.

        "Don't do that again, please Andrew." I made him hear. "You are

not going crazy. You were too young to remember, but you had an

imaginary playmate when you were small. When you learned the ABC's and

went to school I was put in the back of your mind. Now I need to get

out from you and go on to other worlds. So help me, please. You have

Charles now. I am not needed. Release me Andrew.

        "How?" He said.

        "It is as simple as saying "GO! I do not have an imaginary

playmate." I said in the fake voice.

        This was silly as shit, but I had to get out of this situation.

It would have driven him over the edge. He would have told someone that

he was hearing voices somewhere along the way and would have had more

attention than he wanted, or I wanted. Andrew did as he was told and I

did not make the two-way connection again to his hearing. They say,

"live and learn."....I did.

        Saturday came and I picked up Andrew at his house and took off

for the science museum. Afterwards, we stopped by the park to feed the

critters and talk a little bit about our future relationship when he

started back in school. I stressed that his schoolwork was important

and not to burden himself with his new found knowledge. I would see him

from time to time on weekends. I did not tell him that I could connect

to him at any time to help him with his schoolwork and other projects.

Andrew agreed with that and promised not to let me down. We ran out of

tidbits for the animals and started to head back home. I was a little

tired and had not thought of taking on Andrew this evening, but it was

a suggestion from him, that made me change my mind. Andrew did not want

to go to his home tonight. Not being one to pry, I carefully danced

around the situation, only to find out that he felt uncomfortable at

home because his parents were not exactly getting along.

        Andrew asked me if I would mind if he stayed at my house

tonight. I thought about it for a minute or two and said that I

wouldn't mind. However we had to stop at the grocery store to get a few

supplies, and the video store to get a couple of tapes we would both

enjoy. Also, he had to call his mother and tell her he was going to

stay over with me. That was a must.

        Andrew liked adventure stories, but we hardly had gotten into

them before he asked to see the other "FUCK" tapes I had. We both got

naked to watch them. Also, he hadn't seen the tape I had been making of

our sessions together and he wanted to see that too.

        I moved the T.V. into the bed room again and put on the tape.

We both climbed into my bed naked, both with raging hard, stiff,

members. I got out the hand cream to smooth on Andrew's butt and stiff

4 inch shaft. An idea crossed my mind. Since I have seen this tape many

times, I would sit Andrew up on me, and I would get underneath him. My

member was too big for Andrew's little hiney hole, so I had him lie

back onto my chest with his butt level to my shaft. I started the tape

and gently put his buns around my shaft. I just laid it in the deep

crevasse and had him slide slightly up and down along the length of my

shaft. When he did that, the tip of my penis brushed across his little

anus. I reached around his abdomen and took his shining little member

in the fingers of my right hand. As he moved up and down on me, his

little penis moved in and out of my fingers. In essence, Andrew was

acting out the scene on the tape.

        It didn't take long for things to happen. My prick was

screaming to have the Life Force let out. I could feel Andrew's getting

ready to fly too. I didn't dare connect to him. I remember the last

time I did that. It damn near took me out. Just a few more strokes. I

felt Andrew's buns tighten around my wanting member. That was it. I

tightened my grip on his little shaft. One...two..three. Our respective

shafts exploded with me shooting my hot Life Force into his crack, and

Andrew's shooting into the air onto his abdomen and chest. Perfect

timing. A scene had ended on the tape too.

        We laid there for a while to get our wind and talked a bit

about what we had just done. Andrew was still hot for more of tape, so

we got up and took a shower together and went back to the bed to watch

more of the tape. We snuggled up together for warmth and pulled the

sheet up over us so we wouldn't take a chill. I put my finger into

Andrew's little hiney hole and cradled his little limp shaft and

testicles in my hand to keep them warm. I had seen the tape so many

times that I knew every step in it. Andrew reacted differently. I could

feel his shaft vary in hardness from scene to scene. The tape was a

little over 5 hours long. Afterwards, we talked a little more. This

time, the conversation centered around his friends.

        I am a big brother to Andrew and wouldn't destroy that

relationship for anything, but I have seen, through Andrew's eyes, his

friend James. I was interested in whether Andrew had told his friend

about any of this. I didn't connect to him all the time, so I don't

know. I didn't need too many people knowing of our special


        "Andrew," I said. "Do you think any of your friends take an

interest in their body as you do? Have they ever told you about messing

up their pajamas in the middle of the night or anything like that?

        "Yes, My friend, James and I talked about it one day." He said.

        "And what did you tell him?" I said.

        "I was a little embarrassed at first, but I said that Mr.

Nichols in science class said, at our age, our body is changing

quickly. Things happen that we can't explain just yet, so accept them.

Nothing is wrong with you. I didn't tell him about what we do. He would

have quit being my friend for sure Anyway we talked about our front

ends getting stiff when we touched it, or our rear end..and sometimes,

just thinking about getting naked."

        "Do you think he touches himself in the bath tub like you said

you do?" I asked.

        "I've never asked him about it," he replied, "but I would guess


        "Have you ever seen him naked?" I asked.

        I knew the answer to this one.

        "Yeah, all this summer at Overhill Lake. In the bath house."

came the reply.

        "What does he look like naked?" I asked.

        It was hard for Andrew to answer that, because to him, they

were so much alike.

        "I don't know," he said. His front end is about as long as mine

and his rear end is a little different shape.

        "Have you ever been naked together privately, like in the bath

tub together?" I said.

        "No," Andrew replied, "why?

        "Just wondering," I said. "If he is your best friend, you might

want to help him out learning about himself as I did with you. You

can't keep all this knowledge locked up inside you. Help your fellow

man. You both have seen each other naked, so there no problem there.

        "I guess not," he said. "I don't want him to think I am weird

or something. How do I get him to do it?"

        "Just tell him the truth." I said. "Tell him the only way he is

going to learn, is with practice. Take him into your confidence and

tell him the things you have discovered about yourself on your own, not

with me, and what a pleasure it is. Start to take your clothes off and

ask him to follow. He's not a blabber mouth is he?"

        "Naw, James and I share secrets about each other," He said. "We

talk about this all the time.

        "Fine," I said.

        I let the subject drop. I had planted the idea seed. Soon James

and Andrew would be naked together in the tub. Naked together in bed.

Their fingers, sometimes laden with hand cream, exploring every facet

of their respective bodies. And through Andrew's senses, I can

experience it too.

        I was getting a little hungry, so Andrew and I put some clothes

on, and went into the kitchen to fix something to eat. Afterwards we

went up to Friendly's for ice cream and talked about everything else

but sex.

        From there, we went back home, got naked again, and went to

bed. I put Andrew on my left and had him turn his butt into me. I

rested my semi-hard shaft deep into his buns to keep it warm, and

reached around his abdomen to cradle his cute little 4" by 1/2" front

end, testicles and all, in my right hand. I put my left arm under his

shoulders and pulled him close, to hug him and kiss him. We fell into a

long and blissful sleep, entwined as one.

        Good night Andrew, I LOVE YOU!


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