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Archive-name: Samesex/andrew-8.txt


Archive-title: Andrew - 8

                               CHAPTER 8

        Andrew stirred and woke me up.  He was still on top of me.  I

looked at the clock and most of the afternoon had gone.  Holy shit, it

was after 6:00 O'Clock.

	"Andrew, are you awake?" I said.  "Andrew?"

	"Huh, what, yeah, I'm awake," he said.

        "Does anyone know where you are? I asked.  "What time are you

expected back home for dinner or something? It's a little after 6:00

P.M.  Your parents may be worried about you.  After all, your bike is

there and you are not."

        "Yeah, I guess you are right." He said.  "They weren't there

when I left, but I can call them from here."

	"You still have to explain where you were," I said.

        "Well I did go to the mall," he said..".I could say I walked if

there is any question and that I went to a movie and fell asleep

there...Sound ok?"

        "Sounds ok to me, I said, but I don't want you to get in the

habit of lying to your parents.  They love you too and it would hurt

them if they found you out.  You can't tell them about this, obviously,

but don't be sneaky.  I don't think you were raised that way.  Ok?"

        It made sense to Andrew.  He made the call and I let the

subject drop.  I went into the bathroom and started the water for a

shower.  Both Andrew and I needed one badly.  We both had the hand

cream, Life Force, and sweat all over us.  To save time and water,

Andrew and I showered together.  When we finished, we dried off and put

our clothes back on.  We left the house, got in the car and headed for

Andrew's house.  I hope he doesn't get in trouble for being so late.

        I stopped at the corner near Andrew's house, extended my hand

to shake his, and said,

        "Thanks Andrew.  I enjoyed this afternoon and I hope you did

too. Take care of yourself and call me any time.  Maybe we can do this

again sometime...I love you, Andrew."

        "OK!' He said with glee, "I'd like that very much.....and I

love you too, Charles....I'll call you.

        Andrew got out of the car and I watched him go down the street

to his house.  I went back home after that, got naked again, put the

tape I had just made of this afternoon's activities into the VCR,

pushed "REWIND & PLAY", put some hand cream in my right hand, placed it

around my now stiff member, and pumped my fist hard, while watching the

tape, over, and over, and over, again.


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