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Archive-name: Samesex/andrew-7.txt


Archive-title: Andrew - 7

                               CHAPTER 7

        Andrew and I laid there about an hour.  I felt him stir and

woke up.

        "Hello, have a good nap?" I said.

        Andrew, without a word turned over to lay his chest across my

chest and his head on my shoulder.  He began to whimper.  Tears rolled

out of his eyes.  I brought my arms around him hugged him and kissed

him to help ease his pain,

        "Ok, ok, son.  It's ok.  Take it easy." I said.  "What's the

matter, my friend?"

        "I..  I've never done anything like this before." Came the

reply. "You are a new friend, and now you're not going to like me

anymore because I made a mess on your bed."

        It wasn't making sense his reasoning, but I told him that I do

this type of thing too, and a mess can be cleaned up.  We talked a

little more and Andrew calmed down, quickly.  His tears gave way to

smiles, and my penis was beginning to straighten out again.  I wanted

to lie there naked with Andrew on my chest, hugging him forever.

        "Andrew," I said, "did I hear you use the word FUCK today?"

        "Yeah?" He said.

        "Do you know what that means?" I asked.

        "Not really." Andrew said.  "I've heard the older boys at

school talk and make gestures similar to what we just did, but I really

don't know for sure.

        "Would you like to find out?" I asked.

        "Is it as fun as what we just did?" He asked.

        The answer was an instant "YES"!

        I had the remote control for the camera and a small medicine

dropper in the drawer of the night stand next to my bed and I got that

out.  Andrew's hiney was still slick from the hand cream.  I instructed

him to relax, lay on his side for a minute, and I would guide him all

the way.  I took the medicine dropper and inserted it into his little

anus as far as it would go without hurting him.  I could feel his

little shaft getting hard again, and breathing showing excitement in

its' rhythm.  I reached for the hand cream and finger cot again and

turned over on my side to plaster my ass with the cream all over and

into the crevasse.  I then reached down for Andrew's shaft to check the

hardness, stroked it gently, and placed the finger cot on it.  The fit

was perfect.  Andrew's shaft filled the finger cot nicely.

        "What is that?" Andrew asked.

        "It's protection for both of us." I said.  "Trust me."

        I aimed the remote control at the camera and pushed "RECORD"

and turned over on my stomach, adjusted my member to a comfortable

position and began to instruct Andrew again.

        "Now Andrew," I said, "I want you to lie face down directly on

top of me so that you are in line with me.  Put your head on my

shoulder and lay your front end in the crack of my hiney."

        Andrew did as he was told.  He didn't horse around at all.  I

reached under myself with my right hand and clamped my fingers around

my now stiff penis.  I reached back and found Andrew's little hard

shaft with the rubber finger cot on it and guided it further into my

slippery crevasse.  I adjusted myself so that my anus was in position

to receive his little shaft.  Then I guided it in as far as it would

go.  I have had fingers and various objects up my ass, but never a

wiggling, alive, warm, full of energy thirteen year old, 4" long by

1/2" across, cute, wonderful, little shaft.

        I instructed Andrew to move his hips up and down to force his

shaft in and out of my anus.  As he did, I moved my hips synchronizing

his every move.  My nerves were singing.  My shaft was sliding in and

out of my clenched fist and I could feel the pent up energy wanting to

get out of my penis.  It didn't take long before Andrew was breathing

heavy again.  I could feel the tenseness of his shaft in my anus.  He

was pumping as hard as he could.  The crescendo was rising in his

loins, and I took a chance to connect with his senses for the moment.

        "Boom!".....I couldn't stand it.  Andrew couldn't stand it.

The energy was too great.  I sensed his Life Force flowing out of his

glands and into his little shaft.  I felt the same thing happening in

my own body.  With one more powerful down stroke, Andrew released his

Life Force into my ass held back by the protective finger cot.  I

released my Life Force at the same time, into my fist and onto the


        We lay there for some time without moving.  Andrew's breathing

had eased with one sigh of relief.  Andrew was asleep again there on

top of me with his softening little shaft still stuck in my rectum.  I

reached back and pulled the top sheet over us, put the camera in

"STANDBY" and fell back to sleep for about another hour.  I was

completely relaxed and at peace with myself. Full of emotion and love

for Andrew, knowing he now had some love and compassion for me.  This

was going to turn into a beautiful relationship ...ANDREW, I LOVE YOU.


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