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Archive-name: Samesex/


Archive-title: Amber Feeling, The

The white lines sped by faster and faster.  Looking ahead Jeff could

see the well lit highway stretching for miles.  The jeep wagoneer

plowed through the thin, cold air, it's body trembling as it steadily

progressed closer to its destination. It was around 1AM when his

headlights first reflected off the College Park sign, and Jeff relaxed

knowing that soon he would be with Peter.  He had been thinking about

Peter all day.  Sitting in class had been torture.  He ached with

longing to wrap himself around Peter.  He desperately desired him.

Peter had occupied his thoughts completely leaving no room for

responsibilities that Jeff knew he had.  Only one thing was important,

to satisfy himself and to make Peter love him.

Leaving New York City about four hours earlier, Jeff stopped at Ray's

Pizza on 11th Street and 6th Avenue.  Keeping an eye on his car, he

rushed into the crowded pizza parlor and ordered 2 pies.  His body

trembled and he couldn't sit still.  Jeff was thinking about how

irresponsible he was being, blowing off his work for the weekend and

driving down to Philadelphia.  Sure he had two papers to write and a

lot of reading to do.  Jeff wanted to see Peter, however, and the

desire to get high and make love overpowered his sense of

responsibility.  The pies came.  Securing the boxes on the front seat,

the intense smell of pizza quickly filled the car and fogged the

windows.  Luckily Jeff had bought a slice on the side, and as Jeff

began to drive away, Jeff attempted to eat it while driving with one

hand.  Jeff held a can of coke between his thighs, with a straw

protruding through the top.  The constant thoughts of Peter had long

since worked their effects into Jeff's groin.  His never ending hard on

ached with such intensity that it was all he could do to stay on the

road.  The cold from the can of coke pressing against his inner thighs

helped to reduce his aching membrane to something tolerable, but all he

could think about was releasing the pressure in the innards of Peter's


The miles continued to speed by.  Every so often the blip from his

radar detector would cause him to involuntarily ease off the

accelerator, only to floor it again within a few minutes. The miles

passed into the void of blackness that enveloped the road.

The exit quickly approached.  As Jeff slowed to take the curve, he

recognized the gas station across the road.  Jeff had stopped there

with Peter once to fill up his car.  His heart began to beat faster as

he drove the last few miles to campus. Everything was familiar now.

Jeff had been there only about 3 times before, but he only felt really

good about himself when he was with Peter, and so he had memorized

everything about Peter's environment.  There was dip in the road just

after the McDonalds, and his trucks' springs squeaked, telling him to

slow down.  The pressure in his groin had built up to a high again, and

Jeff only responded by speeding up.

In a matter of seconds Jeff came to a curve and a red light. "Fuck it,"

Jeff thought as he sped through it.  It was 1:30AM, the area was

deserted, and no one was going to stop Jeff now. Jeff was on a roll.

Within moments he rolled up to Denton Hall, where Peter lived, and

parked directly in front.  Denton was a red brick building, about 9

stories tall, situated next to a large open parking lot with many tall

lamp posts at even intervals.  It was a cold and damp night.  There was

a moist fog in the air, and the bright flood lights from the parking

lot cast eerie shadows and streaks of light through the wet air.  The

moist air mingled with Jeff's cold sweat and formed a sweet acrid

smell, which excited Jeff.

Inside the large lobby Jeff felt comfortable.  The pizza's he had

bought in New York City were still warm, and he rushed to the

elevators, quickly pressing the fourth floor button.  On the fourth

floor, Jeff turned left, passed through a set of doors and going around

the corner he came quickly to Peter's door.  Standing in front of the

door, Jeff knocked loudly and opened the door, announcing "Pizza

Delivery!", as he entered.

Peter looked up from his couch.  "Holy Shit," he exclaimed leaping up

in surprise.  "What the fuck are you doing here?"

Jeff told him to forget about school for the weekend, and that he was

here to enjoy and help relieve some tension.

"I can't believe you're here," he told Jeff.  "I've missed you so

much!" Jeff couldn't help glancing down at Peter's cock.  He could see

that it was beginning to get hard, and he wanted so desperately to

chuck the pizza's on the floor, grab Peter, strip him naked, and make

passionate love to him all night long.

Glancing around the room, Jeff saw that it was rectangular, about 12

feet by 18 feet.  There were two beds balanced on dressers that were

about 5 feet high.  The beds were at 90 degree angles to each other and

fit snugly into the far corner of the room.

By now Peter had also seen the bulge in Jeff's pants.

"Don't worry," Peter exclaimed, "my roommate is out for the night with

this girl he likes.  I missed you so much."

Jeff sat the pizza's down on a chair and they embraced.  The warmth of

their bodies penetrated their clothes and filled them with longing and

love.  Glancing at Peter's face, Jeff took in the warm and happy

expression which he saw.  Peter was a short guy, about 5'10".  He had

brown hair, brown eyes, and a slight build.  He wasn't that handsome,

but it didn't matter.  Jeff felt accepted and Jeff was happy to be


They took one of the still warm pizza's out of its box and harshly

began to eat it.  Jeff couldn't take his eyes off Peter, and fantasized

about how he was going to undress him.  The pizza grease dripped freely

all over Jeff's face.  They smiled.  They were done, and ready.

Without saying a word, Peter put the pizza boxes aside, and sat next to

Jeff. Reaching around Jeff's shoulders, he began to lightly caress

Jeff's hair.

Looking into Peter's eyes, Jeff saw a glow.  The glow was hot and Jeff

was tranced.  Slowly Jeff leaned into Peter, his lips pressing tightly

against Peter's lips.  There tongues met inside Peter's mouth, and it

was all Jeff could do to swallow every drop of Peter's saliva.

Their bodies pressed more tightly together, and Jeff felt his aching

cock press against Peter's thigh.  Jeff reached softly inside Peter's

shirt and pressed his cold hands against the warmth of Peter's flesh.

Peter responded the same way.

Jeff couldn't stand it any longer.  He got up, climbed onto the bed,

and ripped off his shirt.  Peter followed.  They embraced, their hot

sweaty bodies entwining and sinking into the cool sheets.  Jeff's

stomach was pressed tightly against Peter's. The smooth skin of Peter's

arms were wrapped tightly around Jeff's body.  They continued making

out, their tongues playing a game of hide and seek in each others


Pushing away slightly, Jeff caressed Peter's chest hair and tenderly

caressed his way to Peter's crotch.  Peter's pants were already undone

and it was easy for Jeff to remove them.  Jeff then quickly and

savagely tore off his own pants.  Peter's hands groped around Jeff, and

their bodies once more completely entwined.  Jeff was on top, and could

feel Peter's hands penetrating his underwear and squeezing the

corpulent muscles of his ass.  Jeff's hard on was unbearable, tearing

at the lips of his underwear.  Jeff could feel the head of his penis

breaking through his underwear and pressing warmly against Peter's

lower abdomen.

Jeff removed his underwear.  Reaching gently into Peter's underwear,

Jeff squeezed his supple penis.  It was very hard, and Jeff couldn't

wait to feel it deep within his mouth.  Removing Peter's underwear,

Jeff fondled Peter's penis.  He couldn't wait another second.  Placing

his head right over Peter's penis, he took his entire cock deep into

his mouth.  It tasted wonderful. It filled his mouth with warmth and

love.  Rhythmically moving his head up and down on Peter's cock, Jeff

was in ecstasy.

Peter came.  The shower of come spurted all over Jeff's face and neck.

He lovingly lapped up as much of it as he could. Rolling over, Peter

begged Jeff to enter him.  Jeff, who felt as if the head of his penis

would explode, gratefully  obliged.  The tight walls of Peter's rectum

accepted Jeff's hot, hard, penis, and Peter cried out as Jeff forced

his thick stick deep within Peter's asshole.  Jeff's stomach was now

pressed securely against Peter's back.  His hands had groped under

Peter for his tits, and he began squeezing them.  He worked his pulsing

cock in and out of Peter anus.  The cushion of Peter's rear felt cool

against the heat of Jeff's crotch.  Jeff didn't have to wait long.  He

could feel his cock exploding within the depths of Peter's body, just

as he had fantasized about in the car a few hours earlier.

Gently removing his cock from Peter's asshole, he rolled over, clasping

Peter tightly, their legs entwined, their feet pressed together.  They

kissed, caressed, nuzzled, and loved.

Peter was on top now, and the cadence of their bodies were in unison.

As Peter exhaled, Jeff inhaled, and vice versa.  More than the sex,

Jeff thought, the warmth of being close to Peter and holding him was

what he enjoyed most.  It was late now.  Peter fell asleep, snoring as

usual.  For some reason the snoring didn't bother Jeff, for he loved

everything about Peter.  Glancing around the dark room, Jeff saw that

it had begun to rain outside, as dark and small drops petaled against

the window.  Sighing in relief and ecstacy, Jeff dropped off into a

long and uninterrupted sleep.


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