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Archive-name: Samesex/amanda2.ff

Archive-author: Phiber Optik

Archive-title: AMANDA -2- Confessions of a Teenage Nymphomaniac

PART II: Fondling Friends

It seemed that I spent every free moment pleasing myself.  From the

time I had gotten sex on my mind, it was all I could think about.

My head swam with fantasies of myself and other naked girls in sweaty

orgies of licking, and sucking, and touching.  I was so consumed with

orgasm that I would lay in my bed and masturbate until I was exhausted,

then fall asleep.  My dreams were so erotic that I often woke with my

hand on my already wet pussy, and start to play with myself again.

All I could think of was that I had to try it with another girl.  I wanted

desperately to know the feeling of a wet tongue on my nipples, and the

taste of another's pussy.  It wasn't long before I had my chance...

My parents went out of town for a weekend, and left me with my brother.

He told me that I could have a friend over to spend Saturday night,

because he was going to a party and probably wouldn't come home.  So,

I called my friend Kristen, and she came over at 5:00.

I had always thought she was pretty, and now this "new me"  thought she

was so pretty and luscious!

She was about an inch taller than me, with long, curly, light brown hair,

brown eyes, and sweetly curved lips that glistened wetly.  Her body was

tight and round in all the right places.  I couldn't take my eyes off of

her as we ate a pizza and watched TV--waiting for my brother to leave.

I was dying to know the shape and color of her nipples, the softness of

her pussy, and the taste of her juices.

When my brother left at 8:00, I got very excited.  My panties started

getting wet in my jeans.  How was I going to tell her that I wanted to

have sex with her?

"Kristen," I started.  "Have you ever had an orgasm?"

We were sitting on my bed and she was reading a Hit Parade.  "No,"

she said, "have you?"

I smiled and nodded.

"Oh really? With who?" she said, sitting up straight and looking

interested.  It was a good sign, and I pressed on.  "I did it with


"Really?" she said.  "How did it feel?"

"It was the best thing I've ever felt," I said.  I was getting really

horny thinking that this might work out, and I told her the whole story,

which only got me hotter.

When I was done describing it she asked me if I could teach her how,

and I knew I was home free.  After she'd gone as far as to masturbate

with me, she'd do anything else I asked.

I told her to take off all her clothes, and she did without a word.

I took mine off as well, and almost stopped a few times because I was

so excited watching her.  Her body was smooth and flawless, her pussy

was the color of her hair, and her nipples were red and rounded like

little breasts on her breasts. I yearned to suck them!

There was something electric about being naked on the bed with her--so

much untapped pleasure.  I told her to lay back with her legs apart and

do what I did.  I got on my knees by her side, spread my own legs, and

began to rub my hard clit.  She did the same, and soon her eyes widened

as the pleasure began to build.  Her nipples were now as hard as mine,

and I told her to rub them too.

We watched each other like this in silence, and I could see that

she was exploring my body with her eyes.  After being so horny all

afternoon, I was close to popping when we started.  I closed my eyes

and shuddered--coming in a wash of wet ecstasy.

I opened my eyes and she was watching me intently, and licking her lips.

I knew she was almost ready too.  I started rubbing myself again with my

left hand as I licked my juice off my right.  Kristen brought her legs

up as she tensed for the release, and bit her lip, letting out a little

squeak.  She was tightly clutching her right breast with her left hand,

and my lust took over at the sight of her pleasure.  I leaned forward

and grabbed her other tit with my wet right hand, squeezing and feeling.

We were very close at that moment, and looking into each other's eyes.I

knew that I was going to come again and hoped we came together.  Suddenly,

she gasped and squenched her eyes shut.  I bucked my hips wildly, trying

to reach my peak.  I boiled at the core, and we came as one.

We stayed like that panting together for a few moments, then I let go

of her breast and gently rubbed my own.

"Taste yourself, lick your finger," I suggested to her.  She slowly

sucking the come off of her fingers--savoring the taste of sex.

"Oh, that was SO incredible," she said finally, with a look of utter

peace on her face.  Her hand strayed to her pussy again, and she fingered

herself languidly for a moment, then sucked off some more juice.

"It was fantastic," I said, "but I know ways it can be even better."

"Oh Amanda, how could it get any better?" she said, "you've got to

show me!"

"Are you sure? I don't want to start something and then have you turn

chicken on me," I said, looking at her seriously.

"Oh, if is anything at all like what I just did, I'll do that and more,

please show," she said with a serious look.

It was all the invitation I needed.  I held my hair back, leaned over

her, and kissed her.  Both of our lips were wet, and clung together like

the lovers that we would soon be.  She responded with enthusiasm kissing

me back, giving herself totally over to pleasure, and her lips parted.

The warm wetness of her mouth was mine, and mine hers.  Our tongues met

and danced in slow circles.

She arched her body into mine, and we fell into a writhing tangle of

arms and legs.  Her breasts were pressed to mine, and I could feel those

hard round nipples brushing my own.  I was fully on top of her now, with

my right leg between hers so that my thigh rubbed her pussy.  Likewise,

her right thigh rubbed my pussy, and the strong curve of her calf crossed

over my own.  The total effect of hot sensation sent shivers through me.

I moved from the kiss to licking her face and neck, then back to another

wet kiss.  Kristen ran her hands down my back and grabbed my firm ass,

while my own searching hands felt down her sides to her hips.  My right

hand continued down her left thigh, and she brought her leg up so that

her calf rested on my ass.  After a few more minutes of kissing and making

out like this, my tongue found it's way down her neck and to her chest is

slow circles.  I licked the soft white sideswell and undercurve of her

right breast, then put my mouth over one of those luscious nipples and

sucked gently.  She moaned softly as I moved my tongue in slow circles,

and ran my left hand to her wet pussy.  I lightly probed her pussy with

my middle finger, and moved my mouth to the other breast.

She began slowly bucking her hips in ecstasy, and I moved quickly.

I licked down to her navel, and worked around so that I was between her

legs with legs over my shoulders.  Her heels pressed into the small

of my back.  I licked her inner thighs, then the lips of her pussy.

Her juice was fantastic, and I plunged my tongue deep into her, and made

slow circles around her clit.

The sensation was more than she could take, and she peaked instantly,

washing my lips and chin with come.  I lapped it up, and after a short

rest and some reassuring talk that what we were doing way okay, she did

all of the same things to me.

We fell asleep in each other's arms, and woke at 11:43 as horny as

ever before.  I went and got the magazine of the two girls making love,

and we tried Sixty-nine.  It was too good to be true, as we could get

each other off at the same time.  I loved the way my nipples brushed

her belly as I lay on top of her.  Neither of us had ever had so much

ecstasy and fun, and we kept it up until we were too tired to move again.

Sometime around 5:00 in the morning, we made out in the shower, and we

tried fucking each other's tits.  That was fun.  I got over her chest

and spread my pubic lips apart while she rubbed her erect nipple around

my clit.  I came and licked my juice off her tit.

When we were clean, and dry, and tired beyond belief, we went to bed

and slept until my brother knocked on the door at 10:00.  He said that

Kristen's mother had called and said that she had to go home.

She got ready to leave, and after we had a long wet kiss and some really

hard hugs, she said that we'd have to get together like this more often.

I was elated!  That night I masturbated myself to sleep thinking of the

things we'd do.


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