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Archive-name: Samesex/alisusan.ff


Archive-title: Alisa & Susanna

 Alisa and Susanna were excellent swimmers at their school, though they

preferred not to bother with competitions.  Having been friends for years,

they did a lot together - swim, go to the movies, go looking for and

finding boyfriends, etc.

 The two of them sat side by side, dangling their legs in the warm water,

one day, when Alisa came upon an idea.

 "You know what?" she interrupted the temporary silence.  "I have a new

idea for swimming.  Here, take my hand."

 "What do you mean?" Susanna inquired. "I want to show you something."  

Alisa replied.

 Susanna looked down and took Alisa's hand. "Now," Alisa said, raising her

hand, "suppose we could swim together, like this?"

 "That's wierd!" Susanna replied.  "I've never tried that before." 

 "Let's give it a try." Alisa suggested.  "It could be fun."

 "How would we swim?" 

 "Use our legs." Alisa answered, looking at Susanna as if she had no  common

sense.  "You know, like when we're in bed with our boyfriends.."

 "Cut that out!" Susanna laughed, pushing her playfully.  "We're in  public."

 "No one can hear us." 

 "I know, but still.." Susanna flashed an evil grin. "You're right.  The way

I work my boyfriend with my legs, I bet I could swim better with them.."

 "Then let's go!" Alisa suggested.  She slid into the water, and waited

for Susanna.

 Susanna slid in behind her, and they waded to the center of the shallow end.

Then, joining hands, they began swimming towards the deep end.

 After a few goofups and mishaps, it worked, and they were able to swim the

length of the pool, while holding hands.  Others looked and pointed at them

for a while, then went on with their own lives.

 In the women's locker room, Alisa and Susanna dried off, and got ready to

get dressed.

 Alisa was 5'10", blonde, with a well-built body and breasts with light

pink nipples.  Susanna was 5'6", with tan skin, light brown nipples, and  with

a smooth, shaved crotch.  Both were very shapely women, but Alisa seemed

to loom over Susanna, and as Susanna said to Alisa many times, she could

probably take much bigger cocks than Susanna..

 Alisa admired Susanna as they took off their bikinis.  But that was only

momentarily.  She caught herself looking at Susanna's body from behind, and

then went on with her own business.  Susanna never did mind coming in from the

pool, taking off her bikini, exposing her body, drying off, and getting

into fresh, dry clothes, in front of Alisa.  Alisa was the one who would

rather change clothes elsewhere, mostly because her heart seemed to beat

faster when she saw Susanna's naked body.

 "Whoops." Susanna gasped.  "I forgot; my bag tore yesterday.." 

 Alisa heard her whispering to herself.  *Shit,* Alisa thought, *she'd

put her clothes in my bag.  She'll need to come over and get them..*

 She refused to give a voice to the sense of enthusiasm towards the

situation, a voice which knew that Alisa would inadvertently come up close

to Susanna's naked body, either as Susanna came to get her clothes or  Alisa

brought them to Susanna.

 Alisa chose to be considerate and take her bag to Susanna. 

 "Oh, Susanna, your clothes." Alisa said.

 "Thanks." Susanna replied emphatically, turning towards Alisa. Alisa saw

Susanna's luscious, naked beauty, and as she bent over to gently take out  her

girlfriend's skirt and t-shirt, she blushed and her heart beat even faster.

 She realized it as she stood up, but it was too late then, to hide her

flushed chest.

 "Hey, Alisa, you're blushing." Susanna commented.  "What's the matter?"

 Alisa did not expect to actually be *called up* for her blushing!  Susanna's

words caught her by surprise; Alisa opened her mouth to say something, but

couldn't say a thing.

 Finally, after an instant of panic, she stammered, "Well, I, um, I dunno,

Susanna - maybe it's the cold or something.."

 "What's got you spooked?" Susanna inquired, cocking her head to one side

putting her hands on her hips.  "You always blush when you come back from


 *Susanna really is beautiful.* Alisa admitted to herself.  *Damn, I can't

wait to make love to my boyfriend when I get home; I feel hot.*

 "It's nothing," Alisa passed it off.  "Probably just the cold." 

 Susanna also took out the bottle of suntan lotion that they shared.  Alisa

realized that she would be putting that on, before she put on her clothes;

and Alisa would have to wait.

 Alisa smiled and turned for a moment, but she could feel Susanna's eyes on

her back.  She felt her heart racing, and her cunt getting wet.  She bit

her lip, trying to find a way to beat those strange feelings back.  She was

a die-hard heterosexual woman with a strong appetite for a skilled male

lover, not a lesbian.  It was an issue between something that claimed to

exist within her, versus a contradictory thing that was a constant reality

in her life.  Finally, the feelings died away, just in time for Susanna to tap

her on the shoulder.

 Alisa whirled about, shocked.  "Huh?!" 

 "Hey," Susanna backed off, "what's up Alisa? You're jumpy and nervous and all."

 "Sorry," Alisa replied sheepishly, taking the bottle of lotion in hand,

"boyfriend troubles."

 "Just last night," Susanna said, "you and him were out trying to find a place

that sold condoms, you two were so damned hot.  What happened between last

night and this morning?"

 Alisa then realized that she was still standing naked in front of Susanna,

who had not yet begun to dress up.  She began rubbing the lotion on

herself, while explaining, "Oh, something wasn't right about it.  Maybe

it's just me, Susanna."

 Susanna stretched slowly while Alisa lotioned herself up, and then began to

get dressed.  Alisa could sense Susanna was looking hard at her, and her

strange feelings returned.  Finally, a vision of Susanna's head bobbing

between her legs, entered her mind on a conscious level.  It was an

enormously pleasureable thought, which made her insides grow hot and wet;

she took a deep breath, and sat, butt naked, on the bench, to take her

weight off of her weakening legs.

 "Alisa? You really look out of it." Susanna said, rubbing her shoulder.

"You did breathe well when we swam, right?"

 "Oh, sure." Alisa reassured her. 

 "Muscle tension?" Susanna suggested.

 "Yeah," Alisa replied, "my legs." 

 *Really?* Susanna thought.  *Then maybe I can massage them.  And then I'll

know for sure if you're really on the fritz because you're thinking of me.

Heaven knows I'm thinking about you.*

 "You know I give good massages." Susanna suggested. 

 *Aw, no!* Alisa screamed in her mind.  *Oh, shit.  Why did I walk into that?*

 "Well, I'm not sure, Susanna -" 

 "Get dressed and come on over." Susanna said.  "I've got free time today."

 Alisa took a deep breath as thoughts of being massaged, gave way to a

split-second thought of Susanna's long, slender fingers working inside her

cunt.  Now, her cunt lips were moist.  She nibbled on one lip as she got up

to dress up.  She knew that fully one half of her enjoyed thinking of

making love to Susanna.

 "Sure," she replied cheerfully. 

 As she dressed up, Alisa slowly began to entertain long-suppressed

thoughts about being loved by Susanna.  She dressed slowly as her mind

wandered into images of Susanna sucking her pussy; fingering her with those

soft, warm fingers; bringing her to a unique and gentler climax than she'd

ever experienced with a man.  For once, she was thinking of being fucked by

someone who was soft, gentle, and who knew a woman's body well enough to

take care of the parts that needed - and did not often receive - attention.

 But she was not a lesbian..

 They arrived at Susanna's apartment a few minutes later, and went into

Susanna's bedroom to drop off their clothes and prepare for the massage.

 "Take off your clothes." Susanna told her. 

 As usual, Alisa stripped.  Before, she did it and did not suspect

anything sexual from Susanna.  That was irrelevant to Susanna's massaging


 Now, she did it partly because she could enjoy Susanna's skilled touch, and

think of more intimate things to do with her.

 "Lay on your back." Susanna added.  "We'll see where the problem on your

legs, is at.."

 *On my back?* Alisa said to herself.  *Oh, shit, I'll get wetter than


 "Okay," she said half-panickedly. 

 She laid back. "You're incredibly beautiful," Susanna said, "did you know 


 Alisa sat upright in a flash.  "What?" 

 Susanna suddenly sucked in her breath.  "Oh, shit..  Sorry, Alisa!"

 Alisa took a deep breath as well.  "*I'M* sorry, Susanna.  I'm making more

out of everything nowadays, than I need to.  I feel so stupid."

 "No," Susanna replied, "I think I'd better be honest.  I don't want to

jeopardize our friendship or anything, but you really are one hell of a

beautiful woman, inside and out, and..  well.."

 "You're attracted to me?" Alisa added, for her. 

 "Well.." Susanna tried in vain to say it in a roundabout way, "yes."

 Susanna looked away for a moment. 

 "Hey," Alisa said, standing up and taking one of Susanna's hands, "I've been

dealing with the same thing for a long time, now.  Damn, Susanna, you're just

too damned irresistible.."

 Susanna turned and looked up at Alisa.  "I'm sorry if I'm causing you to

feel uneasy.  It's wrong for me to drag you into this."

 "I'm not really sure about that." Alisa replied.  "I was having some

thoughts of my own.  The thing is, it felt better to endure them, than to

keep shoving them into oblivion.  And I was having some good thoughts.

It's just that I'm not..  you know.."

 "A lesbian?" Susanna blurted. "Well, yeah." 

 "Hey," Susanna took one of Alisa's hands in both of her own, "you don't have

to be.  Everyone knows you love men.  It's called bisexuality.  Some of us

enjoy men and women.  Maybe you need something a little softer and gentler,

every now and then?"

 Alisa felt herself opening up in ways she'd cringe from, just a few

minutes before.  It felt good to be able to express things out in the open,

to Susanna, and it felt good to think freely about making love to her.

 "Well, maybe you're right." she replied with a squeak. 

 "Then let's try it." Susanna suggested.  "If it's too much for you, we'll

stop.  I don't want to force myself on you, and most of all, I still want

to be friends with you."

 "Oh, that's no problem." Alisa almost gasped.  "If I'm going to have sex

with a woman, it would have to be you.  I trust you - but of course, you

know that.."

 "Okay," Susanna said, "I'll let you think this out for a while.  I don't want

you to jump into this because I want it, and then you come back hurt and


 "What about the massage?" Alisa inquired.  "I need it now, more than ever.."

 When the next weekend came, Alisa and Susanna went swimming again. 

 When they left to get dried and go home, Alisa and Susanna both remembered

their conversation as they stood naked.  While drying off, they were both

bent over; their eyes met as they stood up, still half wet.

 Alisa took a deep breath.  "I want to do it, Susanna." 

 "Let's get some privacy first." Susanna suggested.

 Alisa's sudden surrender to her feelings, made her feel better.  And

bolder.  "Okay, but I hope you don't mind if I imagine a little.."

 "Go right ahead." Susanna laughed. 

 Alisa wanted to finger herself, but getting dressed was a priority.  She

imagined Susanna sucking her off, thrusting soft, slender fingers into her

cunt, and working her breasts with the other hand.  She also thought of what

it would be like to nestle her head between Susanna's legs, and give Susanna

an orgasm.  Suddenly, the idea of working Susanna's cunt, was pleasurable,

rather than repulsive.

 "Mmmmm," she moaned out loud, as she slowly slid on her skirt. 

 Susanna looked back.  "Enjoying?"

 "Oh, yeah," Alisa replied. 

 Susanna came over and gently slid a finger up her skirt from behind.  Alisa

stood still as Susanna pushed her panties aside, and slid a finger up into her

slit.  Then, Alisa pushed back on Susanna's hand, as Susanna gently stroked

Alisa's labia, and then pushed up into her vagina.

 "Oooh, Alisa," Susanna said, "you're hot and wet already." 

 "Ohhhh, Susanna.." Alisa moaned.  "That feels good."

 Susanna began to work two fingers in.  Then, she took them out, and stroked

Alisa's swollen clitoris.

 "Make me come." Alisa moaned.  "No one will see -" 

 Then, Susanna withdrew. "Let's get home."

 "Aw, Susanna -" 

 "Not here!" Susanna whispered, squeezing one cheek of her rear end.  "Not

here, Alisa.  I like it private, and I think it'll be better for you, too."

 "Okay." Frustrated, Alisa agreed, and got fully dressed.

 That day, Susanna used her car.  The shorter the trip once Alisa had decided

to come home with her, the better.

 "The problem is," Susanna explained, "that when a totally straight woman

opens up to any desire for a relationship with a woman, the experience

itself may be wonderful.  But then, there's the hangover effect: when she

wakes up the next morning and realizes what she did..."

 Alisa gasped.  "Are you a psyche major or what?" 

 "I prefer to understand and define all the problems and factual constants

of a problem," Susanna turned and replied, "before trying to start solving it.

Especially when the problem is directly relevant to my life or that of my


 "Gee, Susanna," Alisa said, her voice trailing off, "I guess I should have

noticed.  You *do* get pretty deep, at times..."

 "I just want to help you make an open-eyed, informed decision about this,

Alisa." Susanna said caringly, to her.  "I really do care about your

feelings.  Really - it would be really crummy to make love to a woman who's

still scared of the whole thing, and then I'd feel crummy afterwards if she

felt ashamed of the experience, because I could have helped her avoid it,

or at least deal with most of it beforehand.  I like my lover to be sure of

herself and our relationship, as well as willing to come back, not just

someone I can grab and fuck.  That's the way *men* fuck."

 Alisa thought about it for a second, then laughed.  Then, after a moment

of silence, she said, just as they pulled up to Susanna's apartment,  "Thanks,

Susanna.  I really am sure I want to go through with this."

 Susanna took Alisa's hand when the got out of the car, and led her into her

apartment.  When they got inside, Susanna held Alisa's hand up, and looked at

her sweaty palms.  "You're sweating like crazy, Alisa."

 "I know." Alisa whispered back. 

 Susanna drew her close and, holding her gently in her arms, she kissed Alisa

gently.  They closed their eyes and Alisa tipped her head down, to press

against Susanna's lips.  Susanna wanted to escalate the nature of their kiss, so

when they disengaged temporarily, she sucked her own tongue dry; if Alisa

accepted a French kiss, Susanna figured, it would be better to make it as dry

as possible - not so wet in the beginning.  Then, as they kissed again,

Susanna gently urged Alisa's mouth to open.  When Alisa obliged, Susanna slowly

pushed her tongue into Alisa's nervous mouth.  At first, she just touched

Alisa's tongue, then slid over it, and then, when she judged that Alisa

wouldn't jump back or be offended, she slowly entwined her tongue with

Alisa's.  Her lover's tight, tense embrace, relaxed to a soft hold; she

began stroking Susanna's back slowly, and their tongues became wetter, as did

their cunts.

 Then, Susanna urged Alisa to disengage.  Gently, they did. 

 "How do you feel?" Susanna asked with a laugh of pleasure.

 "Okay." Alisa replied, looking down as she smiled. 

 Susanna could tell that Alisa was accidentally looking at her breasts.  She

unclasped her bikini bra, and let it drop.  Alisa snapped back when she

realized she was looking at Susanna's breasts and tan-brown nipples.  But as

Susanna began breathing deeper, Alisa admired Susanna's breasts as they heaved

rhythmically, slightly lifting and spreading apart as her lungs expanded

with each inhale.

 Alisa, following her hormones, removed her bra as well.  Then, she

breathed deeply and slowly, both to help herself, and to give Susanna

something to watch.

 "Oh, Alisa," Susanna gasped, "you're so beautiful." 

 Alisa moved up against Susanna, and slid her hand into her panties.  Susanna

was wet and her panties moist with arousal; her cunt was even wetter to the

touch.  But it didn't matter to Alisa.  Susanna's legs became rubbery as she

felt Susanna stroke her cunt with her hand, inside her panties.  She felt

juices escaping her cunt, and her insides contracted gently with pleasure.

Her clit peeked out of its hiding place, and Alisa's hand-stroking,

stimulated it just right.

 Susanna moved her hands down. 

 "Don't take your panties off..." Alisa requested.

 "Mmmmm, okay." Susanna replied, opening and closing her eyes as she lost and

regained control of her senses.  She moved her hand into her panties,

positioning it over Alisa's hand, and let the movement of Alisa's hand,

dictate hers as well.  The fire inside her, raged like an inferno, as her

contractions grew stronger, and her cunt grew wetter.

 "Are you almost there?" Alisa asked. 

 "Yes." Susanna stared into Alisa's eyes, and urged her hand to continue

stroking her.  Her breath came in louder and louder gasps, as her

contractions multiplied in strength.  The pleasure inside Susanna, was like

an explosion building in megatonnage, waiting impatiently to happen.

 When Alisa slipped a finger inside Susanna's cunt lips, Susanna cried out

softly, and began to buck her hips.  Her orgasm was racing its way through

her, about to express itself physically, as Alisa removed her finger, and

began stroking Susanna's cunt with her hand again.

 Susanna screamed out when she came, clenching Alisa's hand between her legs.

Her inner thighs grew wet as she orgasmed, and then Susanna realized that she

was flooding Alisa's hand.  She pulled her hand away, and knelt on the

floor for the rest of her orgasm.  As her vaginal muscles contracted with

pleasure, she leaned forward, gasped out loud, and then leaned back as the

contraction ended.  She did it all in perfect rhythm, as her orgasm was

very rhythmic.  Juices squirted out of her pussy, and ran down her thighs,

making her panties useless.

 Alisa stepped back in shock as Susanna cried and gasped from the force of

her orgasm.  When it was over, there was a large wet spot on the carpet

under Susanna's cunt, where she came uninhibitedly.  Susanna looked up at Alisa

with a look of intense, surprised satisfaction, and embarrassment.

 "I'm sorry..." Susanna laughed uneasily.  "I needed that." 

 "Wow." Alisa gasped.  "I never enjoyed sex *that* well."

 "Not with a fucking man." Susanna replied, fighting back her embarrassment

with a mix of disdain on one end, and intense desire, on the other.  "I can

help you enjoy sex just as much as I just did."

 They both laughed as Alisa helped her up on her feet, and into her bedroom.

 "It's your turn now." Susanna said, laying Alisa on her back, on the bed.

"I should have done you first - I sort of think it's the right thing to do

with a woman who's experiencing another woman for the first time, but

that's just my opinion..."

 "I don't really mind." Alisa said. 

 "Let me take off your panties."

 Susanna pulled Alisa's knees up, and lifted her rear end.  Then, she cupped

Alisa's rear in her hands, and gently pulled her panties off, pulling them

up her thighs, then down her legs.  Then, she laid them on the floor next

to the bed.

 Then, she grabbed Alisa's legs, and spread them apart slowly, exposing

her cunt slowly and gently.  She started by stroking the inside of her

legs.  She wanted to get Alisa as hot and ready as possible, with the

lighter stuff, before getting into the heavy stuff, including tongue work.

 When Alisa slipped out of her tense state, then Susanna began kissing the

insides of her legs, beginning at her knees, working down between her

thighs, moving her slender body between Alisa's luscious legs.  She loved

being between a woman's spread legs as she pleasured her; to be right there

between her legs as her body undulated, gyrated, and orgasmed.  It was as

sensuous as lying between satin sheets.

 "Alisa." she called softly. "Yes, Susanna?" 

 "Do you think you can move your thighs and rub them against me while I'm

making love to you?" she asked.  "It would feel so good, for me, if you


 "I'll try..." 

 "Thanks." With that, Susanna moved deep between her thighs, and brought her

face against Alisa's cunt lips.

 She thrust her tongue into Alisa's cunt, and gasped.  She tasted sweet,

and her scent was wonderful.  She was wet, and hot.

 Alisa's pelvis bucked tensely, as Susanna introduced her cunt to a woman's

tongue, for the first time in her life.  "Oh, Susanna..."

 "Mmmmmm," Susanna moaned, as if she was in the throes of sexual passion,


 Alisa wrapped her legs tightly around Susanna's head, stroking her gently

with the insides of her thighs.  It actually made Alisa even hotter.  She

moaned her lover's name in a way which made Susanna move her own hips against

the bed.  And finally, Alisa gripped and fondled her breasts, as she felt

her own pleasure building up within her.

 Susanna stroked her lover's thighs as she ran her tongue up and down Alisa's

slit.  She brought out her love button early, and occasionally, made slow,

gentle love to it with her tongue, before going back and checking to see

how wet and aroused Alisa had become, between her pussy lips.

 After several minutes of simple, gentle tongue work, Alisa moaned, "Susanna,

I want to come."

 "No problem." Susanna said, looking up from her oral work site. 

 Susanna began to lick and suck Alisa even harder and faster, wagging her

head from side to side and up and down, as she worked her lover's pussy.

 "Ugnnnn!" Alisa groaned, bucking her hips.  She wrapped them tightly

around Susanna's head, and clamped.

 Susanna instinctively opened her mouth over Alisa's pussy, and kept her

tongue on her clit, as Alisa launched into her orgasm.  Alisa's orgasm

made her incredibly wet, and Susanna could feel juices seeping down her

tongue, when she moved it down to work her inner labia.

 Then, Susanna came.  She buried her face in Alisa's crotch, and proceeded to

have her second orgasm, which contributed to Alisa's.

 When it was finally over, the two of them laid in each other's arms. 

 "Stay here, Alisa." Susanna suggested.  "I want to continue this when you're

ready again..."

 "Oh, great." Alisa smiled.  "I feel so relieved...  I want to do it again

when I get my strength back.  And Susanna..."

 "Mmm hmm?" 

 "I love you.  Thank you so much." "Oh, Alisa." Then, they pulled close 

and kissed.

 The next day, found them at Alisa's apartment. 

 "Are you sure I can take that thing?" Alisa asked Susanna as they entered

her home.

 "Sure you can." Susanna responded.  "But I brought two, just in case."

 When they got to Alisa's bedroom, Susanna took two dildo's out of her bag  

- one, a very long and wide vibrator, which she used to satisfy her spacious

pussy - and another strap-on cock one half its size, which she figured

would fit Alisa in case the first was too big.

 The moment Alisa saw the toys in Susanna's hands, she gasped.  She hadn't

really considered or studied up close, those two dildo's.  The only

comforting thing about it, was that Susanna was wielding them, and she cared

as much for Alisa as she did for her own sexual needs.  She was safe with

Susanna, in any case.

 Alisa laid down on the bed beside Susanna, and took off her clothes.  Then,

she turned towards her now-naked lover, and spread her legs.

 Susanna moved between Alisa's legs, pulled her luxurious thighs up, and

buried her head in her moist crotch.

 Susanna began lapping at her warm pussy, spreading her lips so she could

explore deeper into Alisa's cunt.  Then, she pushed harder against her

warm crotch, and began licking deep into her pussy, tasting the entrance to

her inner lips and love tunnel, and the juices slowly seeping from Alisa's


 Alisa slowly rotated her hips as Susanna held her rear end in one hand, and

massaged her breast and tweaked her erect nipple with the other.  Then,

Alisa turned on her side, and Susanna sucked her delicious pussy in that

position, until Alisa gasped, twitched, then came in Susanna's willing mouth.

 Susanna licked her lover through her orgasm, and then moved up and kissed

Alisa slowly.  Alisa, not minding the taste of her own wetness on her

lover's tongue, eagerly sucked her tongue into her mouth.

 "Thanks, honey." Alisa whispered to her. 

 "Let's see if you can take my toy." Susanna said, kissing her again.

 Susanna started with the small dildo, strapping it on and kneeling so that

Alisa could sit in front of it, and begin sucking it.  She coated it with

saliva and generally sucked it like she could a man's cock; she cuddled up

to it and became lost in giving the fake penis a long, drawn-out blowjob.

 Finally, Susanna urged her to let go of it.  Alisa looked up at her

girlfriend with a broad smile, and then laid on her back as Susanna got up on

top of her.  Then, as she pressed the strap-on cock against her crotch,

Alisa gripped it in her fingers, and drew it into her pussy.

 The dildo slid into her with ease, and as Susanna pulled her into her loving

arms for a kiss, she began thrusting into her love tunnel.  Alisa closed

her eyes as the thick cock stroked back and forth in her clutching pussy,

its wide, ribbed shaft touching and pleasing millions of nerves inside her.

 "Ohhh," Alisa gasped, "it feels good. Fuck me faster." 

 Susanna thrust faster and faster with the strap-on cock, kissing Alisa

passionately as she fucked her.  Finally, when she could hear Alisa's

pussy slurping on her toy, she propped herself up over her lover, and

slowly withdrew from her.

 "Let's see if you can handle the big one." Susanna said. 

 She took the bigger one, the vibrator, and as Alisa gaped at it, her

breasts heaving with heavy breaths, Susanna pressed it against her entrance.

Surprisingly enough, the head of vibrator made it inside Alisa's pussy,

and the shaft followed.

 Just as Susanna had said before, all but the base of this massive vibrator,

disappeared into Alisa's pussy.

 Alisa took hold of it and held it deep in her cunt, and began to milk it.

Her pussy made incredible squishing sounds as she milked and lubricated the

thing.  Then, Susanna turned the vibrator knob to low power.

 The vibrator whirred with a deep, bass purr, inside Alisa's hot, wet pussy.

 "Fuck!" Alisa said.  "That thing feels good!  Turn it up some!" 

 "Okay.." Susanna said, shocked by how much Alisa was taking.

 She turned it up to half power, and then Alisa began moaning and rotating

her hips slowly.  Then, Alisa took Susanna's hands off of the vibrator, laid

back, and laid still with the vibrator running, deep in her pussy.  Susanna

fingered her dripping pussy while Alisa massaged her breasts, allowing her

pussy to churn and slurp the pleasure device in her cunt.

 "Ohh," she moaned, "it feels so good, just letting it run like this.."

 Susanna took the smaller dildo, licked Alisa's creamy lubrication off of it,

and proceeded to mount it.  The latex cock slid so deep into her hungry

pussy, she could have shoved it all the way in, had it not been for the

crotch piece and straps.  As she pumped it in and out of her wet, slurping

pussy, she stroked her clit, and moaned softly, as she started to bring

herself off.

 Meanwhile, Alisa played with her luscious breasts while watching her

pussy juices flowing down the giant shaft vibrating in her love tunnel.

She gasped and bucked her hips, her nipples stood out like miniature

bullets, and she sweated profusely, as the monster cock fucked her on its

own. She laid on her side, began thrusting the thing in and out of her at a

rapid pace, and took the final plunge towards a devastating orgasm. She

groaned and was completely unable to articulate words, as her contractions

grew exponentially in strength.  Her pussy slurped the fake cock so loudly

that Susanna could hear it from where she was laying.

 Finally, Alisa couldn't take anymore, and to signal the onslaught of her

orgasm, she thrust her hips forward and her inner muscles, contracting

strongly on the vibrator, began pushing it out.

 Right then, Susanna turned on her side, the dildo still buried in her pussy,

and helped the vibrator out of Alisa's sopping wet pussy, after which

Alisa turned on her stomach, and planted her cum-flowing cunt in her

lover's face.

 "Cum for me, baby!" Susanna said, her voice muffled in her lover's hot, wet


 Alisa gripped the bed sheets and both pillows, and curled up until she

was sitting on her knees, still straddling Susanna's face.  Then, she screamed

out, and fell into the throes of her orgasm.

 Her vagina spasmed, and as she looked down at her lover, she saw her hot,

creamy juice as it flooded Susanna's mouth and overflowed and ran down her

cheeks.  The sight of her exploding all over her lover, made her sigh

softly, as her orgasm became that much more intense.  Then she bucked, she

spilled her second and last load all over Susanna's neck and breasts.

Fireworks went off in her head as tremendous contractions of sexual joy

rocked her body, making her stomach muscles spasm and her breaths come

incredibly short.

 Finally, Susanna brought her back and sucked her pussy furiously, keeping

Alisa at her peak, for a long while.  Then, she licked her gently,

bringing her lover back down, until Alisa could lay on her side, exhausted

by her tremendous release.

 After a few moments, Susanna, again manipulating the dildo in her pussy with

one hand, moved over to face Alisa.  Then, she smiled at her.  "Your cum

is sweet. And copious."

 Her lover exhaled deeply, and buried her face in the pillow, after seeing

Susanna's cum-slickened breasts.  Susanna spread her girlfriend's cum all over

her upper body, after which she laid back and worked her dildo in her

pussy. As Alisa recuperated, Susanna orgasmed strongly.  The lubrication from

her love tunnel, seeped out along the sides of her dildo, as her inner

spasms rocked her and brought her off.

 When she took the latex cock out of her vagina, her juices followed,

creating a wet spot on the bed, as she licked the cum off of both vibrators.

 Then, she joined Alisa, pulling her head out of the pillow, and kissing

her passionately.

 "Did you cum?" Alisa asked her weakly. 

 "Sure." Susanna responded.  "I even licked the vibrators clean for you."

 "Oh, shit." Alisa groaned.  "I never EVER came like that before in my

whole fucking life.  Where is that monster cock.."

 "Here.." Susanna said, handing it to her.  "It's the most wonderful companion

I've ever had, especially during the hard times."

 "Can I take it home?" she asked. 

 "Sure." Susanna replied.  "Just don't let it get lost up there."

 "Aw!" Alisa laughed, whacking at her girlfriend with a pillow, before

they curled up into each others arms for a nap.

 Next week, the two of them arrived at the pool again, this time with their

sex toys in a duffel bag.  They came in at a time when there were few

others, and that day, there wasn't anyone.  They went to the smaller, more

private-looking pool, and jumped in.

 "Are you sure this is going to work?" Alisa laughed to Susanna.

 "I'm sure, Alisa." she replied, slapping her leg.  "Just provide me cover!"

 "Sure thing, honey."

 Alisa got out of the pool, stood around and looked towards the office,

blocking the view as Susanna took the two vibrators and snook it into the


 "Ready." Susanna said.

 Alisa gave the area a final sweep with her eyes, and then she got in with

her girlfriend.

 When she got in, she kissed her gently, then hurriedly spread her legs and

pulled the fabric of her bikini panties aside.  Then, Susanna grabbed the

bigger vibrator.

 Susanna and Alisa laughed briefly, before Susanna, sitting next to her in the

small pool, began working the vibrator into her cunt from below.  To avoid

looking suspicious, Alisa took over, and worked it into herself, once the

head was firmly inside her.

 Then, once she got it buried in her pussy, she turned the knob on, and let

it vibrate in her vagina as she bobbed up and down in the water.

 She sat against the edge next to Susanna, closed her eyes, and tried to

remain still, while her insides got used to the vibrator. 

 Meanwhile, Susanna stuffed the other dildo, independent of the strap-on

apparatus, into her pussy, leaving very little of it outside.  Only the

fake balls on the base of the latex toy, kept it from being sucked in

completely.  Then, she pushed out into the center of the pool, and reached

out to Alisa.

 "You kidding me?"

 "You can't move yet?" Susanna said.  "Okay, I'll wait 'till you get used to


 "FUCK.." Alisa groaned.  "It's too big for me to think about moving."

 "Suit yourself." Susanna said, twirling about in the water.

 "You wanna try it?" Alisa laughed, turning her hips slightly as the

vibrator fucked her insides from underwater.

 "Wouldn't even think of it." Susanna replied.  Her feet hit the shallow

bottom, at the deep end, and she began bouncing off the pool floor.

 "Okay, then." Alisa nodded, now giggling.

 Then, after she pulled her bikini panties over the protruding part of her

dildo, Susanna began to swim slowly, moaning softly as the dildo, worked by

her vaginal and leg muscles, fucked her insides on its own.

 "I wonder if they'll mind us cumming in their pool." Alisa said with surprise.

 "No more than they did when one of the female administrators was taking 

two guys at once, in this same pool." Susanna responded.  "Remember that?"

 "You still think she was being screwed?" Alisa said.

 "You could see it plain as day." Susanna replied.  "I mean, she had her bra

on, but she was all on one guy, and then she was all on the other.  I came

over to dip in after they dragged their tired asses out of here, and I

could see some of somebody's load, floating -"

 "Oh, please!" Alisa cried.

 "I'm serious!" she said.  "And they cleaned it up and never went after

those guys."

 Alisa laughed and turned her head, stifling an outburst.  Then, she

gasped, turned back around, and reached down under the water.

 "What's wrong?" Susanna inquired, pulling up in front of her.

 "I'm gonna cum.." Alisa said, breathing hard.  She turned the vibrator a

little past half strength, and then laid back, gripping the edge of the

pool, as her hips bucked.

 "Try not to scream.." Susanna cautioned her.

 "FUCK." Alisa replied.  She clenched her teeth and thrashed about in the

water for several seconds, beating the edge of the pool with her fists,

before finally relaxing and sighing deeply. Her shoulders sagged, and her

breaths became more controlled.  Then, she gingerly removed the vibrating

lover from her satisfied pussy, and handed it to Susanna.

 "Here, let's switch." Susanna said.

 "Okay," Alisa replied.  "Turn your back to me and pull up close."

 Susanna took the smaller dildo out of her cunt, and handed it to Alisa, and

they switched - Alisa filled her cunt with the smaller one, and Susanna

filled her yet unsatisfied pussy with the bigger vibrator.  Then, she

backed up towards Alisa, and as Alisa worked the smaller dildo in her

pussy with one hand, she began thrusting the vibrator up and down inside of

Susanna's pussy.

 Alisa turned the power on, and began thrusting harder into her smaller

girlfriend's vagina; Susanna started to bounce up and down in reaction to the

pleasure inside her.  Ignorant of any observers, Susanna began gasping,

twisting about, and squeezing her breasts through her bikini top, as the

vibrator, with the help of Alisa's hand, fucked her furiously.

 Then, she gripped her thighs and arched her back, and had her orgasm. She

could barely keep herself from crying out, as her incredible contractions

rocked her body.

 When it was over, she turned around, the vibrator still working inside

her, and floated on her back.  Alisa, suddenly alert, moved towards her,

and eased the exposed monster cock from her pussy.  Susanna's juices spilled

out along with the device, into the water, as she twitched strongly from

the withdrawal of the vibrator.

 Then, she flipped up and hugged Alisa.  "Do you still have that little

toy in your pussy?"

 "Sure do." Alisa replied.  She pulled it out.  "Want to guard me?"


 Susanna weakly got up and stood at the edge, as Alisa hurriedly stuffed the

toys into the duffel bag.  Then, they got up and headed out.

 However, as they passed the nearby office, Alisa noticed a man and a

woman in the office, groping at each other.  She elbowed Susanna and pointed

at the office.  The two of them giggled and rushed on by.


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