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Archive-name: Samesex/alexshow.txt

Archive-author: Mitchell Knight

Archive-title: Alex's Shower Buddy

	Okay, okay, okay!  I will write more homosexual stories.  (Jeez, I

just can't satisfy anyone, can I? :) )  No, but seriously, I have many

stories all clamboring to get out and I will try and vary them to keep as many

people happy as possible.  From now on I will try and alternate between

homosexual and heterosexual so I can write the stories I want to.

	The following tale involves the main character from my story

Babysitting Discovery.  This new story is only one episode, and it's not

intended to go beyond this one post.  It's meant to stand on its own,

meaning it's not necessary for you to have read Babysitting Discovery

because everything that needs to be explained is done within this story.

	This work of fiction may not be published in any form for

commercial purposes without my written consent.  You may distribute it as

you wish with the header intact, but don't change anything.

			  Alex's Shower Buddy

			  By Mitchell Knight

	January in Minnesota is still the dead of winter.  For this reason

my Phy. Ed. class doesn't plan any outside activites for us, which none of

us would disagree with.  So during the month of January we were having our

swimming unit.  

	My school has a fairly large--not quite Olympic size--pool in

which we were to learn basic water safety and some simple swimming

strokes.  I loved this unit especially this year because all of the guys

from my class would have to take showers after being in the pool, so I got

the chance to see them all naked which was a sport I had just recently come

to enjoy.  During the other units we did the guys had a chance to skip out

on the shower because it wasn't always necessary and some of them weren't

into exposing themselves in such a public way.  Our swimming unit didn't

allow for any such bashfulness.  We all had to take a trip into the

showers after coming out of the pool.

	One particular afternoon after finishing up our swim, we all piled

into the showers, stripping off our swim suits once in there and washing

our private parts in the very public atmosphere of the shower room.  

	It was a large one room building just off the door to the swimming

pool.  With only about 25 guys in the class, we could all fit in the room

with a few spigots left over which gives you an idea how large the room was.

	On this particular day I was running my hands lovingly over my

15-year-old body.  I had a tan which I had gotten from my trip to Florida

over Christmas break.  It was lighter than it had been a few weeks ago,

but still noticeable.  I had a nice, average build, standing at 5'6" with

brown hair and blue eyes.  My cock was average size; it was six inches

when erect with a thick mound of brown pubic hair at its base.  My pubic

hair was just growing back now after Steve, the father of this kid I

babysat for, trimmed it during my Christmas vacation.  I had short little

hairs on my balls.  These were also just starting to grow back.

	As I slowly washed myself I glanced surreptitiously around at the

naked boys in the shower with me.  Some of my favorites, like Tim Holzny,

I would come back to more often to watch.  Teasing myself I would first

start looking at their face and then let my eyes travel down their bodies

until I found that special place they rarely revealed to the outside

world.  Of course, if they happened to look over my way I would have to

immediately glance away.  It was expected we would look at one another,

but intense scrutiny like mine wouldn't be looked upon kindly.  I

especially enjoyed watching the guys as they touched themselves.  Sure it

was just an innocent gesture, but it still excited me.

	Tim Holzny was one of the gods of the shower room.  He stood at

5'8" and had short blond hair.  It was almost white blond.  He had a very

light skin tone and the blond hairs on his arms and legs barely stood out

against it.  He was well built since he was on the track team.  He had

very muscular legs and a well defined chest.  He had a hairless chest like

mine with hair under his armpits.  At his crotch there was a thick mound

of dark blond hair just at the base of his penis which was about my size,

but it seemed fuller than mine at the moment as it hung between his

thighs.  I could also see blond hairs on his balls.  He was definitely a

natural blond.

	Slowly the guys started to exit the shower, but I took my time.  I

liked to watch for as long as I could.  I continued to pretend to shower,

running the soap repeatedly over my chest and arms as I watched the firm

white asses parade by as they left the room.  Then my gaze would return to

the other guys in the shower and continue to watch them spread soap over

their bodies.

	As the boys left it became quieter and quieter in the room as the

shower nozzels were turned off and the chatter from the various people was

taken out into the locker room which was just around the corner from the

showers.  Soon I could hear just two shower nozzels still spraying out

water.  I glanced over to Tim and saw that he was still in the shower room

with me.  We were alone.  As I took another glance at his crotch, I

noticed that it seemed to have gotten a little longer and thicker, but I

couldn't be sure if that was just my imagination.  He stood under the

stream of water with his face to it, eyes closed, letting the water spray

into his face.

	I continued to stare at his cock and felt a little stirring in my

groin as I stared with complete freedom at his penis.  As I watched it

gave a little jerk and grew a little longer.  Immediately my cock

responded, growing to its full length.  There I was, in the shower with

Tim with an erection.  Just at that moment Tim chose to open his eyes and

look at me.

	"Got a little excited, huh?" he asked.

	I blushed and turned away from him.  "Uh, yeah," I mumbled.

	Tim chuckled.  "Hey, dude, it's okay.  Turn around."

	I just turned my head and saw that Tim had grasped his organ and

was running a finger over the head of his cock.  It was slowly elongating.

	"Let me look at ya," he urged.

	I turned around, the butterflied in my stomach beginning to circle

as my heart raced.  What was going on here?  

	"That's a nice one," Tim said.  "You like to look at guys pricks

in the shower, don't ya?"

	"No," I protested vehemently.

	"I do.  Why do you think I'm on track?  I get to see all kinds of

guys in the buff.  It's great.  You should join."

	"I don't--"

	"Come here.  Why are we talking all the way across the room?"

	I shut off my spigot reluctantly and walked over to him.  He moved

over a little bit and let me share in the water.  He lathered his hands

and brought the right one over onto my shoulder.  He slowly ran it down

over my chest, pinching and rolling my left nipple as he went.

	"I want you to fuck me," he said.  "Do you want to do that?"

	"Sure," I answered casually, trying to hide my growing excitement

even though it was plainly displayed between my legs.

	"Have you fucked a guy before?" he asked.


	"Good, then you know what to do.  Don't be gentle.  I like it

quick and rough," he told me.


	"We've gotta be quick about it too, class ends soon, and we can't

get caught."

	He turned around and bent over, handing me the soap.  I took it

and lathered up his anus which was lightly dusted with short blond hairs. 

I stuck my index finger all the way up him really quick and found it went

in easily.  He had good control over those important muscles.  

	I spread the soap over my erection and then put my hands on his

waist.  I lined up and shoved forward quickly, thrusting my full length

in.  It caught about halfway and I had to readjust slightly before I was

completely inserted.

	"Okay, fuck me.  Hurry up," Tim said.

	I followed his orders, getting into a quick rhythm right away,

concerned only with getting caught.  I didn't really have time to enjoy

it, but apparently Tim was liking it a lot.  He was stroking his meat for

all his worth as I pumped into him.

	This high velocity thrusting was driving me to an orgasm really

quickly.  I came, spurting my juices into his hot little asshole.  I

removed my organ soon after and moved away from him as he continued to

jack off.

	He turned around with his engorged memeber in hand and continued

pumping on it with his hand.  I watched him, his eyes closed to mere slits

in his face, and his face screwed up in an expression of what looked like

intense pain, but I knew better. 

	Biting down on his lip, he let out a sharp, quick groan and

released his supply of semen.  It shot out in large white globs, a couple

of which hit me. 

	"Ahhh, that was great, Alex," he said, breathing hard, his cock

slowly growing limp as he stood under the shower head. 

	"I liked it too," I answered, scrubbing his semen off my body. 

	"Maybe we can do that again some time.  Like at my place or yours,"

Tim suggested. 

	"Sure," I answered. 

	Suddenly the bell rang, signalling the end of class.  We rushed

out into the locker room, got dressed, and just barely made it to our next


	I decided I had to join the track team. 

The End


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