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Archive-name: Samesex/aftrhrs.txt

Archive-author: A Tiger's Tail

Archive-title: After Hours

.    One boring Friday afternoon at the office you receive a letter in the

mail.  Nothing interesting really from the looks of it.  But as you read on,

you soon realize that you are, again, being invited to another fun filled

weekend at your friend's place, and your mind starts wandering.

.    A big grin comes over face, and a bulge begins to form in your pants while

remembering some past parties. Those blond beauties, prancing around everywhere

practically in the nude. Almost every man with a gorgeous bod was there that

night. Some snuggling, some smooching some groping, and others doing anything

else imaginable.

.    As you continue day-dreaming, I walk into the office in need of you to

sign something. You are so suddenly startled that you blush and try to muddle

yourself out of your predicament.  Noticing how red your face just got, I

notice something else out of place. It's your piece of meat hanging out of your

pants dripping with excitement.  Caught by surprise, I say something stupid

like, "Am I interrupting something?  Or am I in time for lunch?"  You give me a

quick look-over and see the outline of my hard cock straining against my jeans

then give me a knowing nod. I turn around to lock the door then move towards


.    I don't quite make it because you have stood up to meet me half way.  "Wow

look at the size of that thing, it's huge!", I manage to gasp as you french

kiss me to a frenzy. As we're kissing you slowly unbutton my jeans while my

hand works your foreskin back and forth until you're spilling puddles of precum

all over the place. You push me down on my knees and I am confronted with that

big monster between your thighs.  So tempted, I start to lick on the head and

you shudder when my lips touch it. "Oh that feels so good, yeah lick it, suck

it.", you groan. And I'm glad to oblige.

.    You start moaning even louder while my hot mouth works on sucking the tip,

licking it like a lollipop until it's big and red.  You get more excited and

wrap your hands around my head and force that rock hard meat down my throat. I

don't expect it, and almost choke. But you continue to pump your hips back and

forth, fucking my face.  Meanwhile I'm pulling on my own meat trying to catch

up with your pumping, when suddenly you stop.

.    "We're going to my place." and you start to get dressed.  I didn't know

what to expect next but watching you stuffing your dripping cock into your

pants almost made me come so I figured it might be fun, so why not...It was

quitting time anyway.  By the time we got to his house, we had been feeling

each other up for over an hour in the car.

.     After I settle down on your comfortable couch, you ask me if I would like

a drink -"Sure".  You dash off and return in a flash with 2 glasses of wine.

Soon we both finish our drinks.  Why is the room spinning?  I've drank before

and never have been this drunk so soon.  Everything seemingly stops turning and

I pass out, hearing a chuckle, "Haha!  I knew that stuff would work..."

.     I feel so light headed.  Wow, what a wonderful feeling.  Seems like I can

float endlessly.  That's peculiar, I'm undressed--where am I?  God I feel

horny. Damn my hardon is beginning to get the best of me.  I can't help but

shut my eyes and give in and start playing with it.  Aww it feels so good.  I'm

rubbing myself, stroking my hard stick back and forth--slicking it with spit,

still pulling--flogging my piece of meat--dripping with precum.  My whole body

is tingling with excitement.  A sudden new wave of feelings shoot though my

body when I feel a hand grab my tit and start rubbing my ass with the other.

Instinctively I open my eyes to behold a breath takingsight.  This beautiful

look blonde stud is standing over me.  He took his finger and rammed it into my

tight ass.  I moan and buck at the feeling.  His tool was over 8 inches long

and 2 inches wide--man I was dying to get a hold of it.  I got my wish, he took

that huge rammer and stuffed in down my throat, I tried to resist and make him

slow down, but he stopped only momentarily to pull and pinch my nipple.  But

wanted so much to shoot that I kept bucking and bucking.  He then suddenly

slapped me on the face, then again and again, I was so turned on I hoped that

he would never stop.

.     I wake's dark but it's not, something's covering my eyes.

Stirring suddenly to get up, I find that something's in my mouth and I can't

move.  Still slightly disorientated, I feel my arms outstretched on what seems

to be a table, and my legs tied to the legs of it.  I hear a rustling sound.

Then a cool breeze carresses me followed by a swift blow across my buttocks.

My screams are muffled by what ever is in my mouth. Shit I was still hard as an

iron spike having not come earlier.  I feel something strange in my ass, but

from the spanking, I couldn't tell.  We both know that I'm under your complete


.     As you continue to tan my hide, I can feel my ass turn beet red.  You

finally stop, but I sort of miss the feeling.  What next?!  I'm left alone for

what seems like an eternity.  I finally hear footsteps again, but heavy ones.

I feel some cord around my balls and I feel it getting tighter around them.

Your thumb flicks the head of my cock, wiping the precum juices that have

spewed from my cock.  My stomach seemed to turn.  "I see that you're enjoying

yourself..Now listen punk, if you scream like a little girl, you'll wind up

with more than just a gag in your mouth.  And your pretty little ass won't be

worth more than a cow that's being whipped.  UNDERSTAND?!"   I nod in agreement

as my cock seems to stretch bigger and harder.

.     "I've been watching you lately, always running around with a hardon you

can't seem to hide.  Yeah, I see you staring at my crotch every chance you get.

You're a worthless piece of shit, thinking that you can get me -when it will be

me that will get what I want! " with that you remove the gag and replace it

with another before I get a chance to yell (Like I was going to even try?

No...)  I feel something being draped overhead and you stomping off to find

something else.  Meanwhile, a warm steady stream of liquid is beginning to come

out through the gag.  It tastesreally salty.  The more I try stopping it, the

more it flows.  I have little choice but to swallow what was given me.  Hmmm..

I like the taste. And I feel myself getting even harder so I keep sucking at

it, thirstily drinking all of it.

.     "You learn quick."  And I feel the gag being removed.  Then all of a

sudden I feel as if something were suddenly rammed into my ass, but it wasn't.

I felt the shit-water fly from my ass --so that's why I've been feeling this

way.  The blindfold was next to go.  I see myself in the mirror in front of me.

The room is filled with chains and leather all over the place.  I am tied down

to a table, spread eagle. Two enema bags hang on a hook above me, of which, one

is connected to the gag.  And noticing under the table on the floor is an open

can of crisco.

.     Behind me stands you, my captor.  I'm a bit awed by seeing you in a

policeman's uniform.  Tight uniform showing off your throbbing boner, the

shirt, half open, revealing your hairy chest and suck me nipples down to those

black leather boots.  I so much want that tool between your thick muscular

thighs.  "You want this piece of meat don't you" you growl.  "Yes, SIR" I

reply.  You slowly massage the hardon you're hiding under your pants.  A dime

spot of precum on the front slowly gets bigger and you finally drop your pants.

You continue to slowly jack yourself off as you reach around to play with your

ass.  I am completely caught off guard when I see your billy club coming out of

your ass and back in. You give it one more thrust and take it out.  You bend

over to get some crisco to grease the stick and up my vulnerable ass.  My

entire body goes rigid.

.     "You're not getting off that easily.."  My ass was in pain from you

ramming the lube up my ass.  But not as painful as you shoving that hard stick

up my dirt road.  You keep pushing it, ramming it in to the hilt.  But soon I'm

trying to buck back and fuck the stick.  "Please, SIR, Harder, harder,

harder.."  You are all too willing to oblige.  "Shit, I'm cummming....Awgh umph

" I yell as waves of cum splash all over the floor.  Jet after jet of my cum

flying in all directions.  You're still pumping me with the stick and I'm still

hard as a rock.

.     You finally remove the stick in one jerk and shove a dirty jockstrap

doused with poppers under my nose.  It smells so good, sweat and cum along with

the poppers.  Soon I'm as high as a kite.  You get behind me with your rammer

on my puckered ring and shove.  I'm gritting my teeth taking that huge fucker

up my ass.  I thought my ass would split because it was so wide.  But soon i

get use to it and again start bucking like a wild stalion.  "Take that fucking

cock, punk, that's it, take it...."  you slap my ass a few times and keep on

thrusting harder while pulling down on the cord tied to my balls, rubbing my

crotch while you continue to pump my ass.  I'm so fucking turned on by being

fucked by this "cop" that I can just about shoot.  You keep pumping and ramming

it home, hitting my joy spot.. making me sweat with anticipation.  Then it

finally happens you start cumming.  "Take it bitch, take my hot load in your

juicy ass.  Awww"  You give two more real deep thrusts impaling me with your

rod, then start cumming deep inside me, I can feel it.  "Fill me with your hot

cock, Sir.. Harder that's it..come inside me SIR, I want you to SIR yes yes

yes.."  You keep thrusting and cumming setting my rocks off...spurting again

and again like a fountain.  Finally we both stop cumming and you stay there for

a few minutes.  You start pissing inside me, then pull out to soak my entire

body with your piss.  Finally reaching my mouth, you pry it open and shove that

shaft inside and piss down my throat, making me clean off your cock after

fucking me.  I suck it clean, from the tip to the underside of your cock.

.     While doing this, you get hard again and grab the back of my head and

push the whole shaft down my throat...choking me with the scent of your crotch.

It didn't take that long before you shot a huge load past my tonsils.  I

thought I might drown.  You then go back to my ass and rim me.  Trying hard to

suck your load and piss out of my ass.  It feels so good.  After a little

while, you get what you wanted.

.     "Thank you, SIR".. He got up and picked up something off the floor.  It

is a collar with a chain attached to it.  "You're going to be my slave.  You do

what I tell you to do and when.. got it boy?!"  You give me a good hard slap

across the face.  "YES SIR!..."   "Good. I'm going to a party and you're going

to be my personal little piss boy" you say while untieing me.  As soon as I'm

free, I get down on my knees and start licking your boots.  "Get up, we're both

taking a shower and then getting dressed --well not too dressed.... we'll save

what you're doing now for later.."

.     After we get out, I find out it is Saturday evening, already.  Gee, I

guess dreams do cum true.  And we both leave for the party.  Upon arriving, I

get down on my hands and knees and you put the collar around my neck. "That's a

good boy."  And the rest of the evening I'll tell about some other time.


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