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Archive-name: Samesex/2ladies.txt

Archive-author: Anonymous

Archive-title: A Tale of Two Ladies 

    Gina was rolling her head from side to side on the

pillow.  Her jet black hair  was sprayed out in all directions. 

She was using her hands to guide Di's tongue to just he right

spot.  SOOOOOH God yes Di!!!!, she screamed as Di's tongue

danced across her clit.  Di drove harder at Gina's soaking

pussy. As she licked up and down the lips and around that

swollen little clitty she  thought to herself that Gina was

really enjoying her first orgasm from a girl. And what a prize

Gina was.  At eighteen Gina was still a virgin.  Her hair  hung

straight down reaching the very top of her 35 inch hips.  Di

ever so  gently started to rub her finger around that little

puckered rosebud. Gina cried out, SOOOH! OOOH! OOOH! Di I never

knew.  That feels so good.   OOOH! Don't stop, I feel so tingly.

Di moved her other hand up to take those  raspberry sized

nipples into her fingers and roll them around.  All the while 

she was gently licking those swollen lips getting all of that

sweet nectar she  could.  

    Her finger began to probe Di's tight little hole.  She

wanted to give Di a very good cum.  Powerful.  When she was done

it would be her turn to be worked  over and she wanted Di to

have plenty of ideas of what to do.  Di's nipples  stuck out

like very ripe berries and were so hard, sitting atop soft

mounds of  creamy alabaster.  Gina had never seen a woman with

38 inch C cup breasts  that stuck straight out like Di's. Gina

was starting to buck her hips and press against Di's finger as

it worked its way into her asshole.  Di started to move it in

and out slowly half twisting it with each stroke.  Shoving her

face hard against Di's wet pussy she took that swollen clit into

her lips and gently  pulled it.  Sucking hard and then light.

She pinched first one nipple then the other.  SAAAAAAAAH!!! 

OOH, I feel so hot. I'm going to do it!  


blurted out. She was arching  her hips to Gina's mouth. Bucking

all over the bed. Gina buried her face into  Di's pussy and

sucked hard, lapping up all the cum juices. She shoved her 

finger deep into Di's ass.

    As Di slowly returned to earth Gina withdrew her face

and finger.  She moved  up Di's hard flat stomach licking and

nipping.  As she reached her face she  leaned forward and

covered Di's mouth with her own, parting the lips and  tonguing

deep into her mouth.  Di responded with her tongue battling back

and  nipping lightly. Now Di, I want you to give me the same

pleasures I have given you.  Don't be afraid.  You won't hurt

me.  Just take your time and lick and  suck me all over, Gina

told her, looking into those large brown eyes.  Di  reached up

and started to cup a breast.  She ran her thumb over the nipple 

which instantly sprang out hard and round.  As Di began to rub

and lick on  Gina, Gina let her mind start to wander again.  She

would do just what she  wanted.  And when Di gave her that

orgasm with her mouth and tongue she would  give her just what

she had promised.  A shower.  A long hot screamingly  exciting

Golden Shower. Not what Di was expecting, but she wanted to

introduce her to all the great varieties of sexual activities.

She would love it, just  like Gina did.


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