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Archive-name: Samesex/2girls.txt

Archive-author: crewmember USS Paegan, NCC-1755

Archive-title: Another 2 Girl Story

     Shirll spread  her  legs  and  reclined on her bed.  The

music pulsed deeply, going into her very essence, causing her

erotic mood to become highly sensorial.   Her  fingers traced

the smooth lines of her body.  Using a knife to  cut away her

panties seemed more   erotically   stimulating   that  simply

removing them or masturbating through  the soaked cloth.  She

arched her back  and tried to rip open her bra  by  thrusting

her enormous breasts  forward.   Through  the material of her

bra you could see her enormous  tits  and  the dark subcircle

around them.  They  were  very wet from her secretions.  Then

she massages her  breasts with her left hand, while her right

hand is lying gently and unmoving  upon her thigh.  Under the

smooth caresses and fondling, her elegant breasts  dilate  as

she sighs and smiles, she is beginning to come.  Her bosom is

so awe inspiring  through  her  bra  that one wonders how one

could bear it if seen unclad!   Suddenly  the  door opens and

her roommate walks  in....  and  stares.   Shirll   makes  no

attempt to cover  herself  whatsoever.   She  spread her legs

further apart and gently touched her fingers to her genitalia

and brought some of the flowing juices up to her tongue.  "Hi

Tanis", she said, and arched her  back  with a scream of pain

and ripped open  her  bra!  The things stood almost  straight

out, rare for  someone who has 'em that enormous.  And on the

end of those immense nipples there  was a clear fluid seeping

that somewhat resembled   semen.    Tanis   was   gaping   in

astonishment, partly because  she had never seen her stripped

before, and the other reason being that of the alien fire she

felt racing through  her  body.   Unconsciously  she  touched

herself through her  jeans,  as she always did  whenever  she

felt like it  --  she  had  done  so  in front of Shirll many

times, and had even got off  when  Shirll  was  in  the  room

watching, however nothing ever developed beyond watching each

other masturbate through their cloths.  Now,  however  it was

looking like that  might  change.  Tanis closed the door, and

walked over to Shirll, and stood by her.  They looked at each

other a long time, and finally  Tanis  pulled off her t-shirt

to reveal her  own  chest.  She never wore any  support  even

though she was  fully developed (ripe?).  She sat on the edge

of the bed and leaned over next  to  Shrill,  and  could feel

heat from her, and smell her seductive bodily  scent.  Shirll

started masturbating herself  again, this time more directly,

with the back of her index finger  against her slit, pointing

up while her  second  finger was inside her vagina  searching

for perhaps the  famed  Graffenburg  Spot(1), while the other

fingers were stroking  her  labia   and  inner  thighs.   She

reached out and  brushed  her  hands across Tanis's  nipples,

eliciting a cry  of  something  best  described  as a frantic

purr!  Tanis stood up and ripped off her jeans, showing off a

drenched pair of red silk panties.   As  she  quickly exposed

the remaining parts of her she revealed that she  was not new

to the world  of  orgasmic  pleasures.   The flesh around her

cunt was very enlarged and distended, one would like to think

from thousands of   hours   of   personal   self   pleasuring

activities.  She climbed  onto  the bed and kneeled  next  to

Shrill, and spread her thighs.  Then she took several fingers

of both hands  and  unfolded  the  lips of her (words fail me

here), and you could see the innermost parts of her vagina...

talk about pink!  Suddenly they  were  in  each other's arms,

laughing and crying  at  the same time.  Their  breasts  were

matched, nipple to   nipple,  and  were  pressed  and  rubbed

together with the  natural lubrication  supplied  by  Shirll.

The size of  their  cunt's was very helpful in  getting  good

contact, and soon they were reaching an orgasm together.  Now

that the initial  built  up tension was released, they calmed

down to talking and masturbating each other. They would laugh

when one of them would be talking  and  would drift off for a

minute when one of them got off by the others hand.  As their

"operations" got more bold, Tanis told of how  she  had  laid

with her older  sister  for  many years while growing up, and

how they would go to sleep, nude,  and  in each other's arms,

often with their fingers inside the other one's  slit.  Tanis

and Shirll finally got up the courage and the passion let the

other one lick  them  off.  There is something to be said for

the salty sweet taste of a girl  when  she comes while having

the hell licked  out  of  her by another girl,  as  you  know

usually only a  woman knows how to please another women where

it counts...

(1)Will we ever know if it really  exists,  wish I was a girl

(not really), then maybe I'd know.


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