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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftgn144.txt


Archive-title: One for the bi's ....

Keywords: gay

"Oh, man, suck my cock.... Yeah!  Feels great!"

I was stretched out on my king size bed, one hand propping up my

head, the other pulling Pete's head down on my throbbing meat.  It

was such a turn on, watching Pete's head with the long, dirty blonde

hair, bobbing up and down on my dick.  We were both 28, both gymaholics,

both 6'1".  His body was smooth.  Mine was covered with a light coat

of hair.  His dick was a sturdy, solid 7".  Mine was a fat, semi-cut

nine inch monster that he loved to suck on.  He was gay.  I was married

to a woman, but treasured our monthly session together when my wife

was out of town on business.

RIght now, Pete was giving me one incredible blow job. His lips tightly

wrapped around my cock as his head moved up and down, while his tongue

flicked back and forth on the underside of my cock.  I could feel

his hot breath as he exahaled from his nose, blowing on my brown

pubes.  I spread my legs further apart and leaned back closing my

eyes, lost in the ecstasy.

"Jesus, Bill, what the hell is going on here!"

My eyes opened like a shot.  Pete pulled his mouth of my dick, and

it made a "thwack" as it snapped against my stomach.  My wife stood

in the doorway.  Oh, fuck!

"Honey, I can explain..."

She shook her head.  "You don't have to.  Apparently I don't satisfy

you ..."

I started to protest.  She was great in bed, but the truth was it

wasn't enough.  She looked at Pete.  "My husband doesn't like the

way I suck his cock.  Maybe you could give me a few pointers."

Pete looked at her, surprised.  I didn't know what to say.  My wife

dropped her bag, pulled off her coat, kicked off her shoes and sat

down on the bed.  "I'm serious," she said.  "Show me how to make

my husband happy."

Pete laughed and said, "Okay, watch carefully."  And then he started

to suck my cock again.  Incredibly, my wife watched with intense

interest.  I felt awkward, but only for a moment. Then I leaned back

and enjoyed Pete's expert work.  He pulled off my dick and turned

to my wife.  "Now you try."

She smiled, and leaned down, pulling my throbbing cock into her mouth.

 She did her best to imitate Pete's technique.

"No, no," he said, pulling her off.  "Wrap your lips around it as

tight as you can, like you're sucking a popsicle"  He demonstrated

for her.  My balls tightened.  GOD, it felt great.

My wife tried again.  Soon, she and Pete were taking turns, suckng

and stroking my hard dick.  I could see she was really getting into

this, and soon pulled off her dress.  Pete eyed her body with interest

as she leaned over me in her bra and panties.  He looked at me, as

if asking permission.  I leaned back and gave him a "What the fuck!"




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