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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftgn139.txt


Archive-title: Felix

Keywords: gay

        c #1109

        The doorbell rung twice and Terry went to answer the door.

It was Felix the guy that had moved next door about two weeks ago.

"Hi! I am Felix"

"HI there" Terry answered. He could not help but stare at that hunk.

He had a tight pair of levis 501's on and just a tank top. His flesh

was rather dark form the sun, and Terry could tell with certainty

that he had been working at the gym. His biceps were strong and readily

defined He had black hair short almost crue cut, and a pair of borwn

almond-shaped eyes. He said that he has some trouble with his computer.

"It was working perfect, and now it won't boot up. I noticed that

you had a computer, and I am wondering if you have a couple of minutes

to take a look at it" Felix said and his eyes were looking dispaired.

He told him he had to make a presentation for work, and he was lsot

without the comuter.

"Well why don't we take a look at it" Terry said cheerfuly. It seemed

rather strange though to him that Felix knew he had a computer. Was

he picking through the window? He had never come to his house before,

and they had only briefly talked the second day. At either rate Felix

was too cute for Terry to be bothering his head with that kind of

details at that moment.

        They entered the condo, and they went upstairs where Felix

had his office. He had a new computer and Terry thought that it should

not have been giving him the rouble it had been.

"Look do you have a back-up of your boot-up directory?"

"I forgot to tell you that I do not know too much about computers"

Felix laughed

"Ok., well I will make this puppy up and running in just a few minutes

let me go get my disks" Terry said and he got out of the room. He

thought he had seen Felix's basket getting bigger but he did not

pay any attention. "COme over to check out my computer" was not a

come-on by any standards or at least that was what Terry had thought

up to that day.

When he came back he started loading the computer with his files,

and the machine was up and running in a matter of seconds as Terry

had said. Felix came into the room with two hot cups of coffee and

he laid one of them next to Terry's arm. Touching him at the shoulder

he said

"Here a fix us some coffee"

"Thanks Felix he did not have to"

"Oh, No I want you to know that I really appriciate all your help"

Felix said and he touched him at the shoulder once again. Terry felt

a throbbing cock rubbing his back. His started to respond at once,

and as he turned to the corver of his eyes he saw what he was feeling.

Felix was standing right behind him and he was rubbing his crotch

against his back. Terry moved a bit to see if that was just an accident

or an intensional move. Sure enough Felix's crotch was again rubbing

his back. Terry was starting to hurt form his own erection.

"Felix, can you tell me what your password is?"

'Yeah, let me type it for you" Felix said and he leaned over Terry's

head to write his password. He stopped a moment and he turned his

head to Terry. Their faces were only inches away, and as their lips

got nearer a hot passionate kiss came as a natural result of the

distance or better lack thereof.

Felix invaded Terry's mouth with his tongue and Terry was oon moaning.

He rubbed Felix's back with his hands, and then he caressed his scalp.

Felix made him stand up form the chair, and then both of them fall

on the floor.

"You are a sexy guy you know that?" Felix asked Terry

"I do , please keep kissing me" Terry said looking for Felix's full

of fire lips. Felix started unbuttoning Terry's shirt. He exposed

his nibbles which were erect and tender to the touch. He worked them

up with both hands using his thumbs and his index finger. He was

rubbing them with his fingertips, and then he was pinching them with

both fingers. Terry was going crazy. He took on of Felix's hands

and he started sucking on his fingers.

"I have a better uses for your mouth" Felix said. He stood up on

his knees, and he put Terry's hand on his crotch which by that time

was screaming for some room in those tight jeans. Terry lowered his

face to his crotch and he licked the fainted denim. He opend his

mouth and he couped with his lips Felix's manhood. Felix put his

hand and slowly took his zipper down. Terry could smell the precum

from the boxers shorts. Felix with one move slid his shorts to his

ankles and his huge dick over 8" appeared. Pre-cum was dripping form

his piss-slit already, and Terry could wait till he got that prck

in his waiting mouth. He worked some saliva up and then he licked

Felix's scrotum, His big balls were fuul of cum and Terry took special

care of them by putting them one by one in his mouth. Then Terry

kissed Felix's dick across its length.

"I cannot wait any more, just open your mouth and let me get in"

Felix said almost as if he was ordering Terry

Terry opened his mouth and he teased the prick with his tongue.

Felix grabbed by the hair and he gave a big push with his hips till

his dick was burried way down Terry's throat. Terry gasped for air,

byt Felix would not take his prick out. He knew when it would be

toolate, and at exactly tha moment he pulled his dick a bit out,

so he can let Terry breathe a little. Then he pushed him by the shoulders

till his back was on the ground. He out his legs aside Terry's chest

and he hold his hands against the wall. He started with a frenzy

fucking Terry's throat. Terry loved it. His own muscles were jerking

the ock in and out millking him, and his tongue was teasing Felix's

cock's piss-slit.

'You like that whore don't you I knew you were a good cock sucker

exactly what I needed today" Felix kept repeating and he was making

his thrusts more violent, more forceful, and more often. Terry could

not make a sound he was only looking that man obviously out of control

straight in the eyes and he loved every moement of it.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Good Good drink it all don't even let a drop out

I want you to drink it all" Felix said and his cock started shooting

hot, salty, tasty cum into Terry's throat.


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