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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftgn136.txt


Archive-title: The Gift

Keywords: gay

He tossed and turned in the night. The quiet of the house seemed

odd to him..since a few hours earlier it was full of the party sounds

he and his roommates had created.

It was Christmas eve and he was horny...he stroked his cock and thought

of men he had been flirting with that evening.

But as he floated into the sexual limbo that preceeded his usually

animalistic orgasms, he thought of two men.

They had befreiended him only a few weeks ago in a bar and he liked

them. They weren't his usual pickups..both in their forties and he

usually like men his own age.

But the three had danced together with wild abandon and he felt sexy

dancing with the two men...their shirts off and their sweaty bodies

beackoning them together.

He had dined and gone to films now and then with them. But he had

politely avoided the invitation to spend the night with them.

It wasn't that he was coy, conservative or didn't like treesomes.

He was a sexual twenty five year old gay man..and his cock seemed

to always need attention.

Too, he was versatile...loveing to fuck and get fucked, suck and

get sucked...spank and get spanked..and he liked a few other things

he had experimented with as well. Light bondage, role playing and

body shaving all had been part of his sexual games now and then.

And he tought of Thom and Marty. They said they were into all kinds

of fun and games too.

He remember that conversation at a nearby Mexican restaurant one

night. His cock had gotten so hard he had to linger at his dessert

rather then stand and display his excitement. But that evening too

he had made up some excuse why he couldn't accompany the two men

to their home.

Their home was in the hillsaway from the noisy highways and streets

of West Hollywood. It was small, but had a pool, jacuzzi, partial

few and a playroom.

He recalled the first time he had seen the playroom. It was dark

and had a kind of table in the center which rotated. There was a

cabint on one wall which was painted black and had a lock on it.

Thom opened it and the group kidded him at the display of chains,

leather toys and other things neatly arranged there.

Again his cock had gotten hard as hell..but fortunately there were

several men there for a dinner party and he could escaped being noticed

or enticed to stay.

Thom had gotten him alone during that evening and he remembered feeling

the mans tongue slide down his throat..and begin to seduce him. His

shirt and pants were unbuttoned within seconds and he felt the mands

hands exploring him.....and he felt himself sinking into the man's


But somehow he had regained composure and pulled himself together.

The look of disappointment in Thom's face was vivid.

He knew he wanted to accept...and he knew he wanted to belong to

the two men to use in that playroom or anywhere else they wanted.

But they were older then he was...and well, he was afraid of what

he really wanted he guessed.

He was sweating as if in a steam room. He slipped out of the sheets

and stood at the toilet letting the liquid escape from his cock..though


He laughed at himself and knew what he must do.

THe night air was cool..surprizing him since only minutes ago he

was naked and sweating in his bed.

The drive was a short one and he saw the house was dark. Thom and

Marty's car was in the driveway so he knew they were home..probably

in bed.

He parked and waited for a moment...waiting for a sign they were

still awake..or perhaps waiting for him to make up his mind.

The house sat there like a cat waiting for him to make a move. The

moonlight blinked in its windows and the front walk stretched out

towards him like an inviting tongue.

He locked the car and walked...tip toeing as if afraid to awaken

the neighborhood.

He shivered as he heard the doorbell ring. His finger looked as if

it belonged to someone else.

The light appeared in the window..and the curtain stireed. ONe of

the men had looked and seen him.

For some reason, he didn't know why, he pulled off his shirt...shivering

in the night air.

Th edoor opened and Marty stood there smiling. He opened the door

and kissed him.

Marty took his hand and led him into the bedroom. Thom looked up

and smiled muttering something.

Thom got out of the bed. He was naked. The two men began to undress

him asking if he wanted something to drink..but he said no.

And they led him to the bed where they shared in his lust, needs

and offerings.

He was theirs throughout the night. He kissed, sucked, snuggled and

touched each of them.

His balls, cock and butt was explored, pulled, held, sucked and fucked.

Neither men got enough of him and he didn't seem to have enough of


The morning found the three still silent, enjoying each other in

bed, in the shower and a bareass dip in the heated pool.

He shook a bit as they shaved him smooth...and his cock responded

as they put the wide black leather collar on him..leading him to

the playroom.

As he felt the chains put into place keepign him on the round table

he knew that he would be Christmas Dinner.

They said they had friends coming over for the Dinner and he knew

he would serve many that day.

"Sirs" he finally talked to the two men.

Thom and Marty turned before leaving the room.

"Merry Christmas" he said and smiled.

They smiled too and began to eat early.....

He was now theirs.


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