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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftgn127.txt


Archive-title: Cruzin D Beach (Part 2)

Keywords: gay

      The minister's son was now twitching back and forth,

trying to get all of his cock into Bill.  At the same time,

he was riding my cock up his ass.  Bill then started to lift

up and down on Jamie's dick, being just inches from where I

was driving my cock in and out of Jamie's ass.

      The boy was now begging, "Fuck me! Please fuck me!

Harder, harder ... all the way up."  Sweat was oozing down

the sides of his smooth chest, and his whole body gleamed.

In a moment, he lifted his hands into the air and started

raising his chest off the floor, shouting, "Take me.  Take

me.  Make me come!" He was able to do this with just the

strength of his abdominal muscles. As I pounded in his ass,

I could see that Jamie's balls had tightened, and one ball

almost seemed drawn into his body.  When he shouted out, his

cock spasmed into Bill's ass.

      I stopped in mid-thrust, enjoying the scene before me.

Bill quickly withdrew, leaving a puddle of semen on Jamie's

lower groin, and as he straddled Jamie's chest, more jism

came out of Bill's ass, looking like a string of shiny, thin

rope.  Bill

flexed his cheeks until all the cream had dripped out of

his ass. It took five Kleenexes to clean up the cum that

Jamie had shot.

 It was now my turn to come.  I proceeded to deep-dick

Jamie, and he squirmed beneath me, begging me to fuck him

good.  I continued

to answer his request.  Sensing I was near the point of no

return, I ran my cock in and out, using sharp thrusts.  As I

pushed forth, Jamie lifted his whole lower body, trying to

get as much of it in as he could.  With one final deep

thrust, my cock started shooting string after string of

juice into his oiled ass, bringing Jamie to the height of


      After I had cooled down, I withdrew my cock from his

ass and tried to clean up a bit.  As the action appeared to

be over, Jamie looked from me to Bill, wondering what would

come next.  Jamie's chest was still heaving from the workout

he had gotten, his chest muscles rising and falling as

though he were flexing slabs of meat.

      After I had slightly cleaned my cock, I said to Jamie,

"I think this needs a better cleaning than I'm able to give

it; perhaps you can clean it better."

      He grimaced, but gave in, turning on his belly as I

ordered him.  I then knelt in front of him and slowly eased

my cock in his mouth.  Bill positioned himself between

Jamie's outstretched thighs and again reached for the K-Y.

 In no time, Bill was inserting his cock into Jamie's ass,

while I was deepthroating him from the front.  I could look

down to see Jamie's ass cheeks flexing each time Bill thrust

his cock into Jamie's ass.  The muscles on Jamie's back

flexed each time I went down his throat, and his arm muscles

flexed each time he tried to pull me deeper into his throat.

He even grabbed me around my thighs.  Shortly, we both came,

sending profuse loads down either end of Jamie.  He almost

seemed thankful for each spurt we were able to give him.

  Well, before we left Jamie, I advised him to find another

solution to satisfy his needs besides using Marcelia.  He

wholeheartedly agreed, but said that they would still be


      About a week later, I got a call from Jamie, telling

      me he

still had his pent-up desires and could find no way of

release.  I told him to come to my apartment, and we could

talk about it.  He came in a pair of tight jeans, which

almost looked too small, and a cream colored tank top.  His

muscles were bulging out of the Sleeve openings.  In no

time, Jamie blurted out that he had no one else to help him

release his desires.  Would I be willing to help him? Lucky

for me, I had just -purchased several tubes of K-Y the day


      Faster than greased lightening, Jamie had his clothes

off. Lying on the floor with his heavy thighs sticking up in

the air, his asshole seemed to wink at me each time I looked

at it.

      We now meet every three days at my apartment.  Jamie

will deep throat me for about twenty minutes, and then I

proceed to fuck him.  If I can hold off long enough, say

about an hour, he usually comes when I come, especially if I

use long strokes.  If not, I wrap both hands about his cock

and jack him off as I shoot into him.  Needless to say,

Jamie and I have become great friends.


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