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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftgn126.txt


Archive-title: Cruzin D Beach (Part 1)

Keywords: gay

      The following story took place last summer, and while

I had originally hesitated to tell the story for obvious

reasons, I have now decided to tell.

      My friend, Bill, and I were walking down Cherry Avenue

an evening last July, just as it was getting dark.  We had

walked some distance on the paved road which extends along

the park. Nearing the Beach Stair-way, which is close to the


but still quite isolated, we came upon a gray van parked

along a clump of trees.  We were going to continue along the

road, back to the other end of the park, when we noticed

that both back doors of the van were wide open.  Stopping

and hesitating a moment, we were not quite sure of what to


      It was then when we heard moaning and gasps coming

from the van.  We inched our way towards the open doors, and

in the faint light of the late evening, we could make out a

pair of hairy legs eagerly sliding back and forth and

someone else's ankles sticking out into the evening air.

Wanting to make sure this was not a rape taking place, we

shone our flashlight onto the entwined couple. (We had

brought our flashlight along, knowing it would be dark when

we returned along the path.)

      When the occupants of the van became aware of the

light, all the action stopped, and there was silence.

Looking upon the twosome, I discovered the girl, whom the

hairy hunk had been drilling, was my first cousin, Marcella.

      "Marcelia," I cried out, "What are you doing?"

      Upon hearing my voice, the poor, frightened girl

slipped out from under the stud, quickly grabbed he clothes,

and was gone in a flash.  I felt very sorry for having

embarrassed her in this position.

      So there we stood, not knowing what to do, not

knowing, what to say.  Finally, anger got the better part of

me, and I started lashing out at the guy that he was fucking

my first cousin, and how dare he do such a thing to my

virtuous kin.  All this while, his cock remained fully

erect, reaching up about ten inches. Seeing I was getting

nowhere, I started making threats, saying

I was going to report him to the police.

      Upon this announcement, his cock quickly lost

altitude, even though it was still copiously dripping pre-

cum.  Now he started to get scared, having taken my threats

seriously.  He then stated he was a minister's son, and

there was no way his father would forgive him for what he

had done.  His father was very strict about premarital sex

and could in no way condone it in any shape or form.

      Seeing his pleading was getting him nowhere, the boy

offered to pay us off to keep quiet.  He didn't know that

money was the furthest thing from our minds.

      With us having the upper hand, we stated we could

probably work something out - if he was willing to go along

with us.  He didn't quite know what to say, not knowing what

we were hinting at.  We then proceeded to tell him that when

one was single and had great carnal desires, there were

other ways to achieve satisfaction without performing

fornication.  This appeared to interest him greatly.

  I then proceeded to slowly move in for the kill.  I moved

near him, grasped his balls

tenderly from underneath and ran my hand up along the bottom

of his cock.  Upon doing this, he let out a loud gasp and

asked me to stop.  Shining the light upon him, we found the

guy was blushing a deep crimson.

      We then proceeded to ask him if he had ever had any

sexual relation with any men, or if when he was growing up,

he had experimented with his friends.  He said he never had,

because his father strongly admonished him against such

promiscuity.  We then asked if he would like to learn about

a sexual alternative, so he

wouldn't have to soil my poor cousin's character anymore.

      He asked if this was the only way for him to not have

his father know what he had been doing.  We, of course,

stated this was the only way out for him.  He then seemed

resigned to the inevitable, and asked if it would hurt.  We

replied that as he was a beginner, we would be gentle with


      To get things started, we asked if it was possible to

close the doors of the van and cover all the windows so no

one could see in.  It was and we did, at the same time

turning the light on in the back of the van.  When we put

the light on, I had to blink several times to believe what

my eyes were beholding.  Here was a stud, about nineteen,

six feet tall, with hairy legs, and a hairless chest.

Whenever he moved, he seemed to flex some muscle in his

frame.  We asked why he had a hairless chest, and he replied

that he worked out with weights and liked to see his muscles

flex.  His circumcised cock was now flaccid, but it was

still stretched out about five inches along one thigh.

      In the corner of the van, I noticed a box and

proceeded to inspect what was in it.  It was a box of thirty-

six rubbers, and not one was used.

      I asked how come he had not been considerate enough to

use one with my cousin.  That question really flustered him.

      "i guess, I guess, well, I always get so horny so

quickly that there just never seems to be the time to put

one on," he said with a voice that sounded remorseful.  Now

I was really mad, and I guess my anger showed for he said

something I found hard to believe, "Listen, I know I was

wrong for doing it to her and for not using them, but I'll

do anything you say just so this stays quiet."

I stated that it was about time he learned a lesson the hard

way. I shouted to him to get on his back and to lift his

legs in the air while I ripped my shorts and T-shirt off.  I

didn't have any jockey shorts on, so I wasted no time.  I

grabbed a condom and started to roll it on my cock which had

seemed to get harder the madder I got.  Bill then handed me

the tube of K-Y he had, because this was not exactly just an

evening stroll we had been taking.

      Jamie, his name was Jamie, looked at my cock with

frightened eyes, but was too scared to protest.  While I was

easing on the condom, Bill was slowly removing his sparse

clothing while eyeing Jamie's ample cock with greedy eyes.

Having adequately secured the rubber on my cock, I then

applied a thick layer of K-Y and gooed my fingers, which I

then stuck up his ass.

 Despite my anger with Jamie, I was still considerate of the

pain I might cause him.  I told him to relax as I aimed my

cockhead at his puckered opening, and that it helped if he

held his ankles near the side of his head.  With that advice

shared, I began my journey up his back door.

      Bill, meanwhile, started rubbing Jamie's nipples and

holding his chest down at the same time so he wouldn't move.

My cockhead was now in, and I felt this was going to be

seventh heaven.  I wondered if this had something to do with

his being a minister's son. By this time, Jamie was trying

to edge away from my not so gentle thrusts up his rear end,

and Bill was desperately trying to hold him in one place.

His vocal protestations were getting louder the deeper I


"No, please stop, I'll do anything but this.  It hurts too

much," he cried out.  His face started to flush and an

occasional tear came out of his eyes.

      "You're doing good, boy," I said.  "Just take a deep

breath each time you feel me pushing into you."  In spite of

my words of encouragement, Jamie was still trying to back

away from my invading cock.  I then advised Bill there was

only one thing to do. He had to straddle Jamie's chest and

have Jamie service him orally at the same time.  Each time

Bill presented his fully bloated cock, Jamie turned his

mouth away.

      "I've never done this before, and before I eat

something, I always wash it before I put it in my mouth,"

Jamie protested.

"No   problem,"   countered   Bill. "Just lick your tongue

up and

down my cock.  That's as good a washing as it needs."

      Jamie couldn't see the logic of this, but apparently

gave up, and slowing and gingerly edged his tongue towards

Bill's eager cock.

      About this time, I sharply jabbed my cockhead inside

his ass.  The suddenness caused Jamie to scream out.  And

when he opened his mouth, Bill thrust his cock down his

throat.  Now besides being unable to move, our boy would be

nice and quiet.  He still tried to talk and move about, but

he realized that as he tried to talk he only was moving his

tongue around Bill's cock. And when he tried to struggle

away, I just kept still, making his churning appear like he

was rocking back and forth on my cock.

      The feelings just kept getting better, and I kept

stroking in, out, and all the way in.  Bill was now into the

full swing of things as his ass flexed forward and back and

his cock deep throated old Jamie.  It was at this time that

Jamie started to get an erection.  A silken string of pre-

cum oozed out of his cockhead and landed sensuously on his


I drew my head down and placed my mouth over his cockhead to


away his honey-dew.  The sensation of my mouth on his cock

was apparently too much for him.  He raised his whole body

up, lifting both me and Bill along with him.  I now knew the

muscles on his one-hundred-ninety-five pound frame could

exert a lot of force. His cock throbbed once, and I withdrew

my mouth, fearing I would bring him off at this inopportune


      He eased on down, and I proceeded to thrust in, out,

in, out.  My cock got hotter with each insertion.  About

this time, Bill started groaning, moaning, and flexing his

cock faster in and out of Jamie's mouth.  In a moment, Bill

pushed forward with one last desperate shove, all the way

down Jamie's throat, and he held it there.  I knew he had

reached orgasm.

      I was still a little ways from that and decided to

hold off, because I wanted to be sure that this lesson for

Jamie would go down well.  Bill then slowly withdrew his

spent cock from Jamie's mouth and backed his body onto

Jamie's smooth chest.  As he did this, Jamie's erection

touched Bill's ass.  Bill turned around to see what was at

his back and exclaimed, "Oh, my God! Where did that come


 Without a word, he reached over for the tube of K-Y and

proceeded to grease Jamie's cock and his own ass.  Bill then

reached behind and backed his body against Jamie's cock.

Jamie started to groan and moan with the thrill of having

his cock go up Bill's ass.  In no time, Bill had backed up

on half of Jamie's cock, while he watched the look of

ecstasy on Jamie's face.



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