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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftgn114.txt


Archive-title: The Boy

Keywords: gay

He was carrying a military bag....I presumed it was filled with his

life's belongings. His hair was short....making his already boyish

face look even younger. His maroon football jersey fit him as if

he wore it throughout highschool and maybe college. It lay on his

shoulders like an old friend. The mesh showed his smooth skin underneath

and since it was only half displayed his flat defined

belly nicely.

He smiled the way that makes you forget everyone else in the same

room...or even the world.

His cutoff jeans were tight on him..making you wonder if he sat in

a tub of water to make them shrink just right.

His legs were smooth and tan. Since it hadn't been sunny in a long

while, you wondered where he had been.

He plopped the bag down. I didn't know what to say. So I hugged him..brini

ng him to me. He hugged like he wanted to be there..and I held him

tighter and tighther the longer we held as if to absorb him.

We kissed neglecting the fact we were standing on the front door plain view. But I didn't care..and apparetnly he didn't


I felt his bare skin as my hands touched his back...and I knew I

wanted to touch him everywhere I could.

He came inside and I shut the door. It made a slight slamming sound

which startled if to say "its the beginning" or "its the end".

I wasn't sure what.

He put his bag in my bedroom without questioning me. He had been

there before..but that was a one night thing.

Today was different.

He pulled his shirt off and stepped out of his cuttoffs and shucked

his shoes and socks.

His naked form looked fresh, delicate and yet manly.

His years of swimming, football, weight lifting had helped develop

his frame and muscles.

I couldn't believe what I saw..he was like some model from a NCAA

calender or poster. I wanted to put speedos on him or a football

uniform or something to see if he really looked like the fantasy

all american boy I had dreamed of for years.

He smiled at me and moved towards me unbuttoning my shirt as soon

as I was within reach.

He licked and kissed as he stripped me.

I nuzzled my balls and armpits....sighing at the time.

I was a much older man....average build and not what I'd call the

kind that turns heads in a bar.

He didn't seem to care....and showed me he wanted me.

We spent the rest of the afternoon that way....he would tire me out

and then seem content to touch, pet and nuzzle me occasionally sucking

my soft dick.

He stated he was making us dinner and I let him...ready to act pleased

no matter what tragedy occurred.

But I ate with surprized reactions of delight.

And he lay next to me on the couch for a potato evening of television

asking if we could shower before bed.

He turned the water on, stepped in and waited for me. His soapy hands

explored me as if it was the first time...he took care of me .. washing

me more thoroughly then I did myself.

I returned the attention and he groaned as I popped my finger inside

him a few times.

We rinsed and dried and kissed.

The bed welcomed us with the warmth that only a goosedown comforter

can. He asked if he could stay.

And I kissed him.


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