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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftgn111.txt


Archive-title: Night Walker

Keywords: gay

It was late one night when I discovered I needed some "must have"

items for the bathroom.

I was in my sweatpants and nothing else...watching tv and didn't

want to I stepped into my topsiders and threw on my leather


It was warmer out then I suspected so I pulled the coat open and

walked thru the streets towards the store.

"Hi" a quiet voice said as another walker said as he approached.

I stopped and looked thinking it was someone I knew. He stopped to.

I realized it wasn't anyone I knew.

"where you headed"

I mumbled something and he asked if I wanted a cool drink since I

looked hot in the leather jacket.

I followed him down two buildings and went into his apartment house

and apartment.

As soon as he close dhis door he turned and reached to my bare chest

and we kissed.

I started to take the jacket off..but he wanted it on.

We rolled on the floor, kissing feeling and gropping. His shorts

allowed easy access to his cock and he had a hold of mine thru my


He was soon naked..and begging me to fuck him.

He pulled the front of my sweats down and put a rubber on me quicker

then it took me to say "ok".

I fucked and fucked...worrying the neighbors would hear him yelling

for more and for me to fuck him harder.

We both came and he cleaned himself up and took the rubber off my

dick and kissed me some more.....and I left.

I got my stuff from the store and walked towards home.

"Got the time?" A bicyclist had stopped and turned to ask me.

I answered and we talked.

He had on a half length tee shirt and bike pants. I was standing

close enough for him to touch my jacket then my bare belly and then

the crotch of my sweatpants.

He walked his bike to my house and came inside.

He started tos trip..but I asked him not to..and we attacked each

other kissing, feeling under each others clothes and begging each

other to fuck each other.

I won and soon he was pivoting his body into me..still wearing his

half length tee shirt and his cock and ball pulled over the top of

his bike pants.

He had pulled my sweatpants off..but left my jacket on...

He pulled out as his cum was shooting all over my bare torso and

my leather jacket. He licked it off.....

It became a dressing for the walk carefully and casually

going thruough different streets to the store.

Sometimes I'd have something important to buy and other times I'd

just pick up anything to justify the trip.

But the walks there and back were always eventful.

As I told a friend of mine, he acknowleged that in my neighborhood

"walking the dog" had become a habit of many..whether they had a

four legged dog or not.

I don't but who cares.


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