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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftgn108.txt


Archive-title: Basement Games

Keywords: gay

I kept hearing about our neighbor turning his basement into a game

room and thought they meant one with a pool table etc.

So when I mentioned I'd love to see it, and the others chuckled at

me, I was confused.

I asked my father why they laughed and he said that I didn't want

to see the mans game him.

I snuck over to the mans house one night and peeked into the basement

windows. They were painted I didn't get a view..but finally

found one window in the back of his house which had some scratched

paint..and I could see inside.

I almost cursed out loud...I saw a young guy about my age..which

was nineteen...tied to two posts. His face was partially hidden by

a black mask. But the rest of him was in full view..totally naked.

The neighbor was using a straight razor on his crotch..and the kid

didn't seem to be resisting.

My own cock was rock hard almost immediately..and I stayed there

trying not to make sounds.

The next night I returned and found the scratched window was easier

to see through...and another guy was tied now..his hands over his


The man was floggin him with some kind of of those kinds

you see in old films about pirates.

I heard muffled sounds..but they weren't screams or anything..just

groans and moans...I was surprized when the kid's cock shot its load

while the man was beating him.

I went back often after that...and saw the man sucking the boys,

fucking them, shaving them or putting clothes pins on their nipples

and other areas.

He had dinner at our place a few times...and one time one of the

other men asked him if he finished his new game room. I blushed for

some reason.....

The men kidded him about it. And I asked him if he had ping pong

or a pool table there trying to appear as innocent as I was when

I first heard about it.

That night I snuck over to his house again..and found the window

I had seen through..but it was painted solid black.

"You dissapointed?" his voice made me gasp. I hesitatnly accepted

his invitation to see his game room in person.

He said he knew I had been watching him for weeks now..and he told

me to strip.

I couldn't deny my cock was breathing fantasies

roaring into my consciousness..and soon I was spread eagle between

the two posts...feelign him shave my armpits, chest, stomach and


The cat of nine tails sent shreds of pain and pleasure thru me and

I ached after the fucking he gave me that night.

It was a year or so later and the men were talking and drinking at

our house again. One of the other men said something to Carl (that

was the name of the neighbor) about the stories about his playroom.

Carl looked at me and said "Ask the kid, he knows all about my palyroom"

again I blushed..especially when my own father stared at me in disbelief.

But that didn't stop me from going to my regular appointment in the

playroom...nor did it stop me from moving into Carl's house when

he ordered me to.

And I still serve him there.


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