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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftgn085.txt


Archive-title: A Love Story

Keywords: gay

  The beer tasted good.  I'd been stuck in traffic

for over an hour, and even with the air conditioner,

had built up quite a thirst.  I still couldn't

believe traffic had been so bad at noon on Saturday,

even heading toward the beach on this hot day.  I

looked around the bar, and was surprised, though I

shouldn't have been, by the fact there were no women

in the bar.  Ever since my girlfriend had been back

visiting her family I had tried to build up the

courage to fulfill my fantasy of being with a man.

Now here I was.

   I began to feel a little uncomfortable, as the

men were checking me out, trying to be nonchalant,

knowing that they wanted my young looking body, to

have their way with me.  Yet, I had no desire to be

with any of them.  I was beginning to think this had

been a mistake.  I figured I'd just finish my beer

and head home.  It was then that he walked into the

bar.  It was strange.  I'd fantasized about being

with a man, a faceless man.  No one I'd ever seen had

brought sensations that would make me want to make

love to them. He was different.

    He walked in quietly and sat down three stools

over, and ordered a Heineken.  As he poured the beer

into his glass, I watched him out of the corner of my

eye.  He was close to six feet tall, nicely built,

not muscular, about 40.  His dark brown hair had been

dried casually, still a little damp, laying about in

soft curls.  He either lived by the beach or came

here ofthe tan demonstrated against the

shorts,hite tank top he wore.  I had never seen

a man whom I thought was truly physically attractve

to me.  M

white Reebocks, moved their way up his defined

calves, to his strong thighs.  His legs, like his

arms, had only a thin, light, coat of straightar for his glass, I

nd his chiseled arm, his chest through

the arm hole of his shirt. I could see the nipple,

dark brown, large, flat, with jd over at me and smiled.  The light in

the bar made his smooth face shine.  I smiled

sheepishly back, nervous, excited.  For about ten

minutes we sat there.  I would try to see what was

between his legs, not being able to tell, as his

shorts bunched together from sitting down, if he was

really that large, or if it was just material.  His

hand dwarfed the glass, his long manicured finger

rubbing the rim.  He would catch me looking at him,

and smile, as though he understood exactly what I was

feeling, thinking.  As though he knew what I wanted,

but did not want to emhen ld look

straight ahead, I could see him out of the corner of

my eye, watching me.  Not hungrily, but somehow


 I finally built uurage, He thanked me, and we started small talk.  He

suggested we move to a booth, which we did, across

from the bar.  As we talked I became so comfotable.

Looking into his blue eyes, as he would laugh about

something just said, reach over to touch my arm.  I

moved my bare leg to be in contact with his.  We

ordered another beer and continued talking.  About

what we did for a living, what books we had read.  He

said he had only come in here for a beer, and didn't

particularly care for bars.  But, was thirsty and

wasn't ready to walk back home. I told him that I had

never been in a gay bar before, and embarrasinly told

him about never having been with a man either. He

smiled knowingly.

     I told him the whole story about having

fantasized all my life about being with a man.  But

never feeling quite right about it. It was like

talking to a counselor.  He told me that, like me, he

had never been true to his feelings until he was 33.

Having lead a straight life, with children, and now

an ex-wife, he was ready for a loving, gay

relationship.  He had had a few male lovers, but the

situations had left him empty.  He offered to cook me

dinner.  I paid for the beers, as we left he put his

hand behind my head and brushed the back of my hair.

     As we were driving my car up the hill towards

his home, I reached out and put my hand over his.  He

grabbed my hand and squeezed it gently, looking into

my eyes, smiling.  We pulled into the driveway and

walked up the sidewalk into his home.  I sat down on

the couch as he went to get us a couple of beers.  He

came back in and sat down right next to me, laying

his arm across the back of the sofa.  I reached down

and put my hand on his thigh and looked over at him.

His head moved towards mine, I moved my hand to his

side pulling him close to me, as we kissed.  Deeply,

lovingly, not yet passionately.  He stood up, and

took my hand, walking towards the back of the house.

He lead me into his bedroom.

        By the side of bed we embraced, as my hands

gripped his back, and our toungues, probed each

others mouthes.  I could feel his strong hands,

massaging my ass, working their way down the back of

my thighs, as my hands slid under his shirt, rubbing

his stomach, then his chest, lightly pinching his

hardening nipples.  I could feel his hardening cock,

pressing against mine.  I felt like I was on fire, I

wanted all of this man.  He broke the kiss, and

started to unbutton my shirt, then leaned forward and

started nibbling on my ear, as he continued with my

shirt.  I could feel his soft lips, moving down my

neck, as his toungue left a trail of saliva, working

toward my nipples.  He pulled my nipple into his

mouth, coating it with his toungue, as I continued to

run my hands over his chest and back.

    I pulled his shirt over his head, as I dropped

mine to the floor, embracing, feeling our strong

bodies, against the other, hot, soft.  I reached

down, ondoing the button on his shorts, and pulling

the zipper down.  I slid my hand down, causing his

shorts to drop to the floor. I found his cock in my

hand, as I rolled his balls around in my other hand,

now kissing passionately.  He pulled my own shorts

down.  Then reached into my silk boxers and started

pulling on my hardening dick. I moved my tongue down

his neck, to his nipples, going back and forth

between the two, then working a trail down his

stomach, until my chin was resting on his seven inch,

pink headed cock.  I pulled back, and licked the

precum oozing from his slit onto my tongue.

        With my mouth fool of saliva I slowly took his

cock into my mouth, which was only about half way. I

Continued to do this, making loving to his tool, as

my hands rubbed his ass cheeks, and his hands ran

through my hair.  I wanted him so badly.  I pulled

away, resting the side of my face against his thigh,

and whispered "please, make love to me." He went into

the bathroom, and came back with some vaseline.  He

guided me to the bed, and I lay on my stomach.  I

could feel his toungue, starting at my shoulder,

working down my back, circling my cheeks.  Then

working the crack of my ass, as he slatherd my

asshole with saliva, probing it with his tongue, me

pushing up into his face, as his hand massaged my

cock and balls.

        I looked over my shoulder, to see him take a

handfull of vaseline, smearing it over his swollen

member, then take two coated fingers, and insert them

gently in my ass.  I lifted my hips up, keeping my

head on the bed, as he guided his shining, slippery

cock to enter my ass.  I could feel his cockhead,

pressing against my asshole, as I pressed back

gently, his strong hands on my hips and ass, pulling

me onto him, softly. As his head entered me, the pain

was sharp, yet the loving way he held my hips, caused

me to relax, as he continued to push gently, his cock

into me.

      Slowly, he pulled me all the way onto him. I

could feel his balls touching mine, as I reached

behind under my legs to massage us both.  He pulled

out almost all the way, and then would gently push

his cock all the way back in to the hilt, as I

squeezed his cock with my ass cheeks.  Then he pulled

all the way out and moved me onto my back.  Taking my

cock, all the way in his mouth, sucking softly,

wetly, until I was about to cum.  He stopped, lifing

my legs over his shoulders, and again I felt the head

of his cock against my hole, begging entry.  I

relaxed as he slipped inside me, the pain much less

this time.  He pushed himself all the way in and lay

on top of me, my dick pressed hard against his

stomach, we kissed probing each others mouths, as he

starts moving in small strokes, causing his stomach

to stroke my slick cock.  He pulls his mouth away

from me, and moves it to my ear, whispering "you feel

so good, I've never felt like this"...I respond

"please, cum, I want to feel you fill me up...oh you

feel so hard....oh yes...please make love

to it in...oh yeah....oh yeah...."

      I could feel his cock start to twitch and feel

my own orgasm building inside of me, as his stomach

pressed harder and harder against my cock and my

balls.  He lengthened his strokes, pumping harder.

As my orgasm overcame me I bit into his shoulder,

driving his cock into me, pulling his ass down.  He

yells out, slamming his dick all the way in, I could

feel it pulsating, dumping his cum deep inside of me.

I ran my hands all over his body, as we fell into our

mutual orgasm, and kissed passionately.

   All this happened four months ago.  We have been

living and loving together for the past month.  I

never knew love could be like this.


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