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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftgn082.txt


Archive-title: Mailroom Job

Keywords: gay

It was a drag job. The guys were mostly fuckoff types who didn't

care what kind of job they did. I was more ambitious using the opportunity

 to make contacts in the hopes that a better job would happen for


My supervisor kept calling me a kissass and giving me the shit shifts

so I had little opportunity to meet some of the executives int he

company, but I was determined to make it work.


It was one night shift that gave me that opportunity. I had cleaned

up the mail room and was touring the offices to restock all the xerox

supplies when I saw a light on in an office.


I made sure I stopped by and saw one of the managers working at his

desk. We made a little conversation at first and I offered to get

him some coffee and sandwich from down the street. He was pleasant

and offered to buy me a sandwich too.

I went back to the mail room and stripped off my tee shirt and underwear

and put my jeans and shirt back on. While I was anxious to move up

in the company, I was horny too and this guy was a turn on.

He was beefy, curly hair, clean shaven, wore glasses to read, deep

voice and his eyes...god those eyes.

During our chatting, his eyes kept looking me over and lingered on

my crotch. I wished I hadn't worn underwear that night so I could

see if he was really interested.

I put the bags of food on his desk and his smile welcomed me. We

decided to go to the office next door where it was more comfortable,

he said.

It was his bosses office. The couch and coffee table were perfect

for relaxing..and other things I thought.

I busied myself putting the food out on the table, reaching across

him..and holding myself from falling by putting my hand on his leg.

His hand patted my back and stayed there for a moment as I did these


We laughed about certain personalities in the company. He asked me

why he hadn't seen me around before and I lamented the night shifts

but then said I was glad I worked the late or else we

might not have met.

He was silent.

Then he reached over and opened my shirt the rest of the way. I didn't

move. My cock , which was half hard anyway, hardened to its full


I reached over and unbuttoned his chest too..and reached inside to

touch his smooth and developed chest.

His fingers on the top button of my jeans made me hold my breath

knowing we were about to do what I fantasized about while I went

to get us the sandwiches.

I stood and let him unbutton them the rest of the way..and push my

jeans down my legs.

I let my unbuttoned shirt fall off my shoulders and stepped out of

my sneakers.

I stood there naked.

His hands slid over my legs and hips.

I knelt and unzipped his trousers...surprized to see he wore no underwear

either..or perhaps he took his off while I was gone.

His cock tasted wonderful.

I looked up to see he had taken his shirt off and my mouth traveled

up his stomach to his nipples.

We lay on the couch for what seemed like hours kissing, touching,

and sucking.

He led me back to his office..and I sat on his desk. He lifted my

legs and assaulted me with his tongue..then his cock.

I kept working the late shift and my supervisor asked me why I didn't

complain. I just smiled.

It was a long affair. When I quit the job, he cried. But the weekend

we spent in a motel at the beach made up for my absence he said.

It was my last time seeing him. He talked about his wife and kids

and his need to get back to his life.

I cried.

We made love.

And we moved on.


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