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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftgn081.txt


Archive-title: Redheads

Keywords: gay

Ever since my summer with my cousin in North Carolina, I have had

a special attraction to redheads.

At the time, he was a has brown hair and a pot belly

and been married twice...oh well.

Anyway it was one of those "I'll show you mine if you show me yours"

friendships and we did. Even shared a sleeping bag during a camping


It got so every other redhead we saw, we'd talk about him..wondering

if he were furry or smooth, had bright red pubes or browish like

my cousin's, and of course how big his cock was.

One afternoon I was biking into the shopping area to get some postcards

to mail back home. Bobby was working with his Dad so I was left to

my own devices.

I hung around the had a soda fountain which was the

main hang out for kids. As I drank my second cherry coke (back then

it was coca cola and cherry syrup mixed) a tall redhead came in.

His shirt was open and his sweaty smooth chest made me bite my lip.

The fashion in the south was to wear ones jeans around your hips..and

his were as low as he dared wear them in public. I was mesmorized

by the line of redish hair that ran from his belly button down into

his jeans. For some reason I wanted to lick that line of hair. I

think it was the first time I thought about oral sex.

My cock  was harder then usual....

Fate allowed our eyes to meet and I smiled (and blushed). He smiled

back and came over.

"You're Bobby's cousin from up north aren't you?" I said something

stupid..I don't remember..but I do remember him asking if he could


We talked and drank more cokes (no wonder I had acne problems). He

then said something that made me almost choke.

"Sooo, you like us redheads huh?"

I don't know what shade of red my face was at the time, but it got

worse and he laughed.

"Shit yankee (my nickname then) don't let it bother you. I'm flattered"

He was seventeen, a senior in the local high school. And he enticed

me to share a smoke with him in the tool shed behind his house.

We smoked, I choked a few times but he didn't make fun of me.

"Is your hair that red all over?" I asked

He stood up and unzipped his jeans and showed me the answer.

But I wasn't paying attention to the hair anymore. His cock was cut,

and getting hard. It had a beautifully shapped mushroom head that

matched my own. And his balls were smooth.

"See red all least where I have hair"

Somehow he got me to drop my pants. I really don't remember how except

he seemed to know that I had a big mushroom head like he did. Bobby

and he had talked allot.

He put my cock into his mouth to show me what it was like. I didn't

know what to do standing there watching his bright redhead bob on

my teenage dick.

"Let me try it" somehow came out of my mouth and soon I was sucking

my very first dick.

"So I heard you met Alan" Bobby said that night as we were stroking

our dicks in the bed we shared.

And I learned more about Bobby's talents that night then I ever knew

about before.

Alan, Bobby and I got together a couple of times that summer. But

next summer when I moved to the town, Alan had long since left town

to go into the service.

SO it was just Bobby and me. And his red hair had started to get



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