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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftgn042.txt


Archive-title: Sometimes you can't help yourself!

Keywords: gay

Once upon a time I worked in a medical clinic as a phebotomist (blood

sucker to you!).  One day my client was an extremely good looking

young Black man, just 18...  He must have made a decision about me

because he asked me if I ever dated clients.  I told him that we

were not permitted to date clients, so he said, "OK, I will date

you."  I was not sure what he meant until that evening after work.

I went to my car, and there he was, sitting in the passenger seat...

What could I do besides taking him home with me...

When we got to the house, he almost at once headed for the bedroom...

We stripped and got into bed.  Before I could react at all, my legs

were in the air and his HUGE cock was up my ass!  He fucked like

a young animal, and I was in Heaven...

We got dressed and went out to dinner.  Almost as soon as we got

back to the house, I was naked on my bed, legs up, and that black

log up my ass again...  God, I love the staying power of an 18 year

old...  The next morning he demonstrated his prowess once more.

That was the pattern for the next week...  Every evening he would

be waiting at my car, and every evening he fucked me silly, with

a morning encore...  I LOVED it!

I suppose things would have gone on indefinitly, but his father got

into the act and insisted that he start spending his nights at home...

I never saw him again...

The events described here happened 12 or 13 years ago, but I still dream

of laying back, legs up, and that wonderful big, young cock sending

me straight to Heaven!

Oh! Did I happen to mention that his father was a preacher?


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