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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftgn041.txt


Archive-title: Fun in Los Angeles!

Keywords: gay

San Diego was not the only fun city...

There is a certain theater in LA where I used to spend a lot of

time.  Almost everyone who worked in the place was gay, even though

it was not a porno house.  The projectionist at that time was quite

good looking, in his twenties...  Unfortunately, he was about the

only employee who was not gay...

One day I stopped by the theater during a performance.  I went into

the projection booth, but the operator was not there.  Looking around,

I found him on the roof sunbathing in his shorts.

I could not help admiring his trim body and the oversize bulge in

his shorts...  When he asked me if I would be embarassed if he took

off his shorts, I said, "It has been a long time since I was

embarassed at the sight of a naked man!"

He took off his shorts...  My eyes nearly flew out of their sockets,

and my throat got very dry...  What he had to offer was just short

of incredible...  I began to spend more time in the booth...

I began to lead our conversations to gay sex whenever the opportunity

presented itself.  He seemed to be interested...

One day I walked into the booth and caught him jacking off.  He

was embarassed, but I told him not to worry that I enjoyed it.

While he still had his pants down, I reached over and gave him a

helping hand.  I was quite surprised when he reached for my cock...

Seems he had been waiting for something like that to happen.

We played with each other several times, but the action never really

got started until one day when I was especially horny.  He was

standing with his head out of one of the ports so that he could

hear the sound.  Since he was between the projectors which made

it impossible for anyone to see him from the door if they should

come in, I moved up behind him and reached for his dick with one

hand and started playing with his ass with the other.

To my surprise he began to push his ass against me...  Taking this

as an invitation, I pulled his pants and shorts down and began to

fuck him then and there, with his head poking out into the

audience...  I had a great time!  Apparently he did too.  He got

fucked frequently after that, but never standing up in the

projection booth again...

Too bad.  Somehow knowing that a couple of hundred people could

see his face if they happened to look, coupled with the way he

wiggled his little ass, really turned me on...

That is about as close as I have ever come to having sex in public!


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