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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftgn038.txt


Archive-title: It was a strange town!

Keywords: gay

San Diego in the late 40's and 50's was indeed a strange place to be...

Some years ago I was doing some electrical work in the Army/Navy

YMCA in San Diego--sometimes known as the French Embassy...  Anyway,

the job was finished, so I went into one of the washrooms to clean

up a bit and, not incidentally, to look over the crop ...

As I was washing my face and hands, I could not help but stare at the

magnificient specimen just two basins away...  He was wearing Marine

green shorts and nothing else.  The shorts left no doubt that what

they partially concealed was magnificient as well...  Naturally

he became aware of my looking at him.  He looked my way, smiled and

said, "Don't cruise me girl, I've got a great big one waiting in my


I have thought of that encounter for years and dreamed of what might

have been...


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