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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftgn037.txt


Archive-title: San Diego, once more...

Keywords: gay

I have picked up many sailors and marines in my checkered youth.

It really used to surprise me just how many were ready to drop

their pants at the slightest invitation.  Another thing that always

surprised me is the ease with which Marines got their legs in the

air.  I can't remember ever having a marine in my bed who did not

get fucked...  One that I knew would come two or three times while

I fucked his ass...  He had a wife and two children at home at the


One night in a pouring rain I picked up a sailor hitching.  He seemed

an obnoxious little bastard so I decided to shut him up.  With no

warning at all, I reached for his crotch and said, "I want this!"

He said, "I don't care, take it!"  So I took him to my apartment.

Once we got there and undressed, his whole attitude changed.  He

suddenly became very pleasant, quite affectionate, and most

cooperative,   We sucked and fucked all night.

In the morning, as I was getting ready to take him to his base,

he suddenly grabbed me, kissed me, and said, "I sure surprised you,

didn't I?"  He certainly had...

As you might gather from these later stories, I was not all sweetness

and light.  SEX did rear its ugly head now and then...  Even then

though, I like to think that I treated my guests as something more

than playthings...

There was a short section of the (then) Cabrillo Freeway where a

great many Sailors and Marines gathered hitching rides to their bases.

This section was often referred to as the "Snack Bar".

One evening I picked up a young Marine there and took him home for the

night.  We spent a most pleasant evening and night together, but as he

was shipping out soon I did not see him again...

About a year later my phone rang and a voice said, "I will bet you don't

remember me!"

"Talk some more..."

"Well, you met me at a place you called the Snack Bar!"

"You sound like .....  ....."

I had called him by name after only the amount of conversation quoted

here.  He was extremely flattered.  For the next several weeks we

spent a lot of time together, until his discharge from the Marines...

Like I said, more than playthings....

I was and am proud of the fact that quite a number of the Marines and

Sailors that I picked up here and there became friends as well as sex

partners.  Some for years...


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