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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftgn036.txt


Archive-title: More San Diego...

Keywords: gay

Once long ago, two friends and I went to a New Years Eve party in

Carlsbad, Calif.  The two friends were lovers, I was odd man.  When

we got to the party, we all got a shock.  There were about 25 women

there, and only two men.  They were lovers also and I was still odd


Later, one of the women, a former Army Major, was kidding me about

being odd man.  I told her that if I had my own car I would make

a trip over to the highway and see what I could pick up...

She handed me her car keys...

I drove the mile or so over to the old Pacific Coast Highway, made

a left turn toward San Diego and there was a young handsome Marine

waving his thumb...  I picked him up...

"Would you like to go to a New Years party?" I asked.

"Are there any women?", he asked.

"Of course, lots of them, but they are all queer.  I am queer too.

If you come to the party, you are my date!"

"You are kidding!"

"No, I am not..."

"Any booze?"

"Lots of it..."

"Let's go!"

So, within ten minutes I was back at the party, with the best looking

man there as my date...  AND, he spent the rest of his pass with


Oh, yes...  He proved to be most cooperative in bed...


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