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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftgn035.txt


Archive-title: The Drunk One...

Keywords: gay

I have thought of putting together a collection of short stories,

but who would publish such a thing?  The Advocate?

I try for the humorous touch most of the time, although I have

had some tender--very tender--moments that I could tell about...

One night I was heading South on the main highway between San Diego

and the South Bay with Tijuana at the end.  I very nearly ran over

a very young Marine hitchhiking.  I stopped and to give him a lecture

and a lift.  He turned out to be very drunk, and said he was on

his way to T Town.  I told him that in his condition he would be

arrested at the border (true) and that I was afraid to let him out

on the highway because he might get hit.  Finally I told him that

the only reasonable solution was to take him to my apartment and

let him sleep it off...

He then asked me if I would try to seduce him...  I said, "Not unless

that is what you want."

He began talking about sex and how I would treat him, sounding very

scared.  Finally it came to me that what he was afraid of was that

I would take him home, give him a fast blow job, then throw him

out like a used paper napkin.  Although I reassured him that that

was not my intention, he was terribly afraid of the possibility

that that was what would happen...

We we got to my apartment he was on the point of passing out from

booze and fear so I helped him undress and put him to bed.  I followed

him to bed and put my arm around him, pulling him close and just

held him.

As he began to relax, he snuggled closer, then put his face in

the hollow of my neck, and began to cry.  I held him and comforted

him as well as I could until he cried himself to sleep.  In the

morning I took him to his base...  There had been no sex, and I

felt good about the experience...


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