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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftgn034.txt


Archive-title: The Wild One...

Keywords: gay

Back when I was young, San Diego was teeming with young, handsome

and horny Sailors and Marines.  Many were only too happy to drop

their pants on request.  Some did not even wait to be asked....

One evening I was returning from a party in El Cajon.  I had only

gone a short distance, when I picked up a hitching Sailor who was

heading into San Diego.  He had hardly gotten into the car when he

sort of slid down on the seat in a way that made his crouch plainly

visible.  It was obvious that he had a hardon.  When I did not react

at once, he began to rub the bulge.  I was wondering how far he would

go, so I continued to ignore the obvious invitation...

Finally, he asked me if I knew where he could get some sex...  ANY

kind of sex...  When I asked him what he liked, his answer was a

flat, "ANYTHING!"  With that, I groped myself and asked, "Do you

want this?"

Without a word he reached for my basket, opened my fly and fell

across the seat and started to suck...  (Did you ever try to drive

on a crowded city street with someone sucking your dick?)

I managed to drive another few miles without an accident and drove

into my garage.  I found that I had a wild man on my hands.  He did

not want to take the time to go into the apartment, but did not want

to stop sucking.  After pointing out that there were a few more things

possible inside the apartment we finally went inside and stripped

for action.

That boy was the most voracious cocksucker I have ever met...  I

truly thought that he was going to suck my balls out through my

dick!  It turned out to be quite a night...

The nice thing about the whole encounter was that he continued to

come visit me on a regular basis for a couple of years...  As our

relationship developed, he discovered that I liked to get fucked...

So, our evenings usually went the same way, first he would fuck me

silly, then while I was still dazed ram my dick down his throat and

spend hours (really!) with his face between my legs...

Is it any wonder that I appreciated the fact that San Diego had such

a lousy bus system?

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