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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftgn033.txt


Archive-title: A marine...

Keywords: gay

One night in San Diego I was visiting a friend in an area cut off

from the rest of the world by freeway construction, which left

only one way in and out of his neighborhood.  As I was driving

out, I was hailed by a pedestrian in Marine uniform who asked

directions.  Since I was heading towards the same destination,

I offered a lift.  He accepted.

We chatted about nothing in particular until I reached the corner

of Pacific Highway and Ash Street, then a very busy intersection,

to let him out.  As he got out of the car, he thanked me and I

told him he was welcome...  He then surprised me by asking if I

were sure.  I asked what he meant.  He replied, "I just wondered

if I were really welcome!"

"That is a funny thing to say."

"Well, I just wondered if I were really welcome.  Why did you

pick me up?"

"Just being helpful.  Were you expecting to be propositioned"

"That is what you wanted isn't it?  Why didn't you ask?"

I told him it just had not seemed appropriate.  He acted as if

he had somehow been rejected and resented it.  At that point

he said, "How much do you like?"  "What?"  "How much do you

like?  Is this enough for you?"

With that he opened his fly and pulled out one of the biggest

cocks I had ever seen!  Standing along side my car on a busy


I said, "Get in, let's go to my apartment."

He refused.  "Right here, or forget it!"

I decided to forget it, and drove off....

Later, I was heading North on the highway and spotted the same

man, walking backward along the highway, waving his thumb.  I

pulled up, and he got back in my car.  His demeanor was so

different that I was not sure he was, in fact, the same man...

When I was sure he was the same man, I asked again if he wanted

to go back to my apartment.  Again he refused, but suggested

that I might play with it a bit...

No sooner had a reached for the goodies, than he suddenly said,

"God, I hate this uniform!" and proceeded to strip completely...

There I was, driving along the Pacific Coast Highway, ten in the

evening, with a naked Marine alongside me...

He repeated his invitation, suggesting that I play with it a

bit.  I tried once again to get him to go back to my apartment,

but he still refused, so we continued our way North along the


At the first opportunity I pulled off the highway into a secluded

area and took good care of his obvious problem...  Since he was

stationed at San Onofre, some 60 miles from San Diego, I had

ample opportunity to stop twice more to take the starch out of

his pole.  After the third stop, he got dressed and I left him

at his base...

A most interesting evening...


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