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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftgn008.txt


Archive-title: Straight theater

Keywords: straight?

I had a similar experience the first (and only) time that I was in

a straight porno theater.  I went for the same reason as the previous

post, I had never seen porn on a big screen.  The theater was fairly

well lit.  It was easy to see the people around me but not bright

enough to read...

As my eyes adjusted, I could see all sorts of strange things going

on.  There were a couple of older men siting in the back who were

quite obviously beating off.  There was a young Latin who kept taking

other guys to the restroom, which was to one side of the screen.

A very handsome young man was sitting directly in front of me.  During

a particularly hot part of the film he quite openly pulled out his

cock and started playing with it.  A short time later, a real stud

in a leather jacket came into the theater.  He looked around a bit,

then sat near the kid in front of me.  It was not long before the

stud had taken over the chores and was playing with the kid.  A few

minutes of this, and the kid put has hand on the studs neck and pushed

him down...

Frankly, I was a bit amazed.  On the screen were two guys and two

gals doing a pretty hot number, while directly in front of me, in

full view of at least a half dozen other men, a stud in a leather

jacket was sucking cock.

Later I talked about it to the owner of the theater who was a friend

of mine.  He said that what I saw was not unusual.  He also said

that different things happened on different nights.  The night before

I was there some woman took off all of her clothes, stretched out

on the floor in front of the screen and invited everyone "in".

He also said that sex between men was very common in the audience.

One of the strangest things that he mentioned was that even though

gay sex in the audience was common, and that Lesbian sex on the

screen was also common, the one time that the owner tried running

a short gay film, the audience actually complained!

Strange is the world of the so-called straights!


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