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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftg565.txt


Archive-title: Kids

Many years ago, when I was in the second (!) grade in a little town

in Louisiana, I had a rather precocious friend who asked me one day

if I knew what "fuck" meant.  I did not, so he proceeded to demonstrate.

Of course, at that age his ideas were a little naive and all he did

was play with my little dickie.  He did have one little quirk

that might have been more interesting as he got older.  One day he

took off all his clothes, laid down on his belly and wanted me to

piss on him!  This at no more than eight years old!  I have often

wondered who taught him that.

Later, we added two other friends (brothers) to our little "play

with pee pee" sessions.  We would go into the woods and get naked

as often as possible.  Remember this was at age seven...

Then Ernest came into the picture.  He lived across the road from

us with his father and brother.  Ernest was still in the third grade

but was about 14 or 15.  He came across us little boys playing in

the woods and decided to join us....  I well remember that his

dick was so much bigger than any of the rest of us, and that he had

this funny hair growing around it...  After that meeting, Ernest

used to take me into the woods whenever he could.  We would strip

and play with each other awhile, then he would turn me around and

put that big thing in my little asshole.  I used to think that he

was pissing in me, but of course I now know that he was old enough

to cum and was filling me with it...

I still have fond memories of those fragrant pine forests and Ernest's

big cock up my little seven/eight year old asshole.  As I said, Ernest

and I sneaked off in the woods frequently during the next couple

of years, a few times with brother Willie along to add his cum to

his brother's in my little rump

When I was nine, we moved to California.  There were a few lean years,

but in High School there were several guys who used my ass, and during

and after the service, many more.  I was 23 before I sucked my first

cock--but that is another story...


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