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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftg562.txt


Archive-title: 1ST

I was a soph in college. Pitching softball one day, the batter lined

one back at me and I caught it but not after it had hit me right

in the balls. Wearing no cup, I was in agony. I was escorted to the

campus clinic where I was told to lie down in a room 

on a clinical exam table. The doc came in. He was Asian, slight and

not too much older than I. He told me to lower my pants and shorts

and lie back. I did so lying there all exposed. He proceede to check

out the strawberry red bruise in my left inner thigh and my balls.

He was inspecting all when I started to get a hardon. He played dumb

and continued to massage my balls for any malfunction I guess. He

said he'd get some ointment and return in a moment. He came back

and my hardon was subsiding. That is until he stared to massage my

sore areas. As he rubbed my cock grew and grew. He said I'll massage

all your stiffness if you 'd let me. I said sure. He grabbed hold

of my 7 incher and stroked it until I came all over my face. belly

and I think the wall behind me. He said I'd be fine, to dress and

come back tomorrow. Waiy'll I tell you about tomorrow. Ciao 4 now.


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